Another Plumber Story

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‘Name’s Ted, but because I am a Scouser down in London, you have guessed it, my followers call me Scouse. A plumber on building sites. The same followers say that I am built like a shithouse door! With the ‘Vacant’ notice written on my forehead. really I’m six feet tall with a broad hairy chest, hair which I had transferred from my head downwards. Yes, Madame, right down. Talking about right down you will be wondering what size of cavity I keep my brains in? A lady graciously measured it for me last time I had it out and she said it was eight and three quarter inches when it was awesomely angry. It was directly after she scraped it’s full length with her teeth and she had had her stinky finger in my ass two and a half knuckles deep.

Building sites all over Britain, probably the World are the same. You have an able body of men who are craftsmen in their own right and women prey on us like wanton eagles. Their men-folk, if they have such a thing are either too lazy or to busy womanising or pub crawling to bother about things what go wrong in the household. And so, if anything goes wrong, what do they say?, ‘I know I will go and ask one of the guys at that building site down the road.’

‘Scouse, there’s a woman asking for you at the gate, Mate.’

‘Right, Chippy, I will go and see what she wants? Take five Jerry, cover for me if the gaffer comes snooping around, tell him I have gone for a shit or something.’

She was a sight for Scouse’s sore eyes. Just the average tallish blonde with the average drop dead gorgeous legs up to her ass which had His Nibs looking for trouser space. Being an ass-man-extraordinaire encouraged my handsome features to take on an appreciation of her womanhood look. Leering? Whose leering?

‘Yes, Love, what can I do for you?’

Her eyes had clocked my male normal reaction to her sexy body she gradually cranked her head back up to notice that my eyes were canlı bahis brown and full of Chippies saw-dust and were now clocking her voluptuous tits. Her very low cut floral dress revealed the depths one could sink into when one was looking for bosom snugness or just a place to rest ones weary head. His Nibs twitched to remind me to tell you that he likes what he commonly calls tit-rolls. I am sure you ladies have another name for the practice. I only know it makes me feel content and very happy.

‘Are you Scouse, the Plumber?’

‘Yes, is this important, Love?’

‘I live next door to the site and something has gone wrong with my water, can you find the stop-cock for me and turn it off?’

‘I will have a look, Darling. Lead on.’

I strolled nonchalantly along behind her to check out her bum waggle. She was doing her impersonation of a pregnant eiderdown duck. His Nibs was now making a bell-tent out of my best bib-and-brace overalls. She turned into the first gateway and the curtains from adjacent neighbours suddenly needed the occupants attention in their particular form of draping.

I followed into her back kitchen to have her throw her arms around my neck and kiss me smack on my aghast lips. Her tongue speared. My tongue beat the retreat. There was nothing wrong with the boiler in her pussy because His Nibs was nicely warmed when he snuggled in real close.

My size ten hands gripped her ample buttocks and she moaned into my mouth and thrust her womb hard against my now extremely uncomfortable cock.

She whispered in my ear, ‘You will have to remove my knickers before you will be able to find the leakage, Scouse.’

By this time I had rolled up the back of her dress and was inside the elasticated top of her knickers. My stinky finger was already feeling for cracks and holes in the bodywork. She was a very intelligent woman because she stood on her tip-toes to aid and bahis siteleri abet my anal foraging finger. Her anal reflexes were superb. Suction and muscle contractions were A1 too. She farted when my finger displaced some air. So her pressure relief valve was okay.

‘Oh! You have found it! That’s where the leak is, Scouse. Can you fix it for me?’

‘Well, I don’t have my tool-bag with me, but we could improvise. I do have my diploma for back-doors and the appendage attached is quite lengthy. I will need some lubricant as an aid to further the internal Pipe-way-In-depth Inspection. The ins and outs of it is, yes, I think if we work hard together I should be able to fix things to your satisfaction, Madam.

‘Does that mean you will fuck me in my ass, then?’

I whipped down my trousers and boxers to allow her to look at my prize tattoo above my pubic hair. For the lay-reader it is a picture of crossed cocks and balls and the words below saying, ” We always aim to please.”

Of course she had to move His Nibs out of the way by popping a reasonable proportion into her mouth. It’s nice to have a quiet busy woman around. She was a craftswoman, an artiste, a real professional cock sucker of unique talents. I leaned over her and returned my finger to her anal folds having scooped up a dollop of margarine out of the margarine dish which was reclining on the kitchen table. I have my boy-scouts badge for getting in and out of tight spots. The way she was waggling her bum, she was enjoying the less-caloric spread fingered into her asshole.

My balls climbed up my cock-shaft and hit the alarm bell telling me my one woman congregation was about to dine on the sacred sperm. I stepped back smartly and there was a popping sound as if I had pulled a cork out of My Ladies bottle.

‘Sorry, Love. You were about to drink my fillers designed for your kind of leak stopping. Right! Let’s press onwards bahis şirketleri and upwards. Turn round and bend over the table and step out of your knickers as I lower them for you. This young handsome plumber has a great need to fuck you up your delectable arsehole. However, not before I have tasted the nectar oozing out of your golden shrine. You are some fuck, Baby!’

I paid homage by kneeling and using my skilled hands to part her cheekiness. The Margarine was glistening out of her bum and white juices from her succulent cunt and I was undecided which to guzzle first. I started by sucking the nub of her clitoris in between my teeth and nibbling it which made her buck like an excitable mule. She also squirted secretions over my face and neck which made me smell like a toilet seat in a brothel. Don’t ask! No I have not sniffed a toilet seat in a brothel.

Next, I went for a slurping good time into her dripping pussy with tongue and pursed lips. I didn’t know I was so thirsty, the more I sucked the more she rewarded me with her love juices. Her fucking motions on my tongue was great fun. By this time my nose was having intercourse with her anus and the margarine spread. Which reminded His Nibs why he was stowed between my legs and no one elses. I stood up laboriously and lined up on the job ahead.

I slapped her thigh hard and she yelled out ‘Ouch!’ and I pressed home my attack. There I go, boasting again. It was His Nibs and her hungry bum, they got it together without my help. She sucked in and my cock whistled into full depth like a dip-stick. My balls kissed her pussy, ‘Hello, Pussy!’

For the rest of the fuck I behaved like a rag-doll being shunted in and out under total control of the pair of them. I must admit though by the time the fantastic feeling registered in my Corgi registered brain I realised I was having a fucking lovely time. My bollocks felt as if they had been dehydrated by a vacuum-cleaner. I returned to the building site praying that Madam, next time would need an electrician or a joiner, maybe? To crown it all my mates asked me why I was walking bow-legged? I said, ‘It was a secret.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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