Anything for Lindsay Ch. 04

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Lindsay slowly waked up to Jason, who was sitting alone on the couch.

“Jason, I know you’re mad at me, but this is not the time to show off,” Lindsay said to him as her hand slid into his bathing suit and slowly began to massage his cock. “You are going to get your one and only chance to redeem yourself for earlier,” She continued.

“What I did earlier?” Jason asked.

Lindsay’s hand, along with her breasts busting out of her little black top, worked quickly on him. His cock was now rock hard and the overwhelming need to cum was once again beginning to fill his body and mind.

“Yes, you know, when you jacked off, without my permission. Yes, technically you didn’t finish, but you would have if I hadn’t stopped you,” Lindsay answered.

“Tom and Brett are gone, my dad is passed out. To show me your sorry, you have to eat out all 3 of my friends here. Not only will doing this makeup for your mistake, but if you do this, I will also give you gift number two tonight. ” Lindsay said.

Jason’s immediate thought was the punishment wasn’t so bad. He would gladly do anything for Cindy, and he liked eating pussy as a whole. He then remembered the little sex party that went down 20 minutes ago, and that 3 of the 4 girls had a dick in them less then a half hour ago.

Normally he would of told her to fuck off, but he was hard as a rock now, and he honestly believed he would do anything in the world that Lindsay asked him. His cock controlled his brain, and she controlled his cock. He was powerless.

“Ok,” Jason meekly replied back to her. It was even easier then Lindsay thought.

“Great, get some pillows and lie on the floor, I’m going to go get the girls,” Lindsay jumped up in excitement, leaving his cock to tent up in his bathing suit.

Jason was lying on the floor as the girls walked in and sat on the surrounding couches. “Girls, I have told you all about Jason’s amazing oral skills, well tonight, all of you will get to see and feel exactly what I have been bragging about. Holly, since you are the only one here who has sucked his dick, or fucked him, you’re first,” Lindsay announced to the group.

Holly wasted no time in jumping up, dropping her underwear, and straddling Jason’s face. Jason could only think about how 20 minutes ago he had walked in on Brett and his huge penis pounding the shit out of this now abused pussy. It was the worst tasting thing that had ever been shoved into his mouth. He was slow to lick at first.

“Lindsay! He’s not even licking,” Holly whined to her friend.

Jason now felt as if he would be in trouble if he didn’t do his best job, and immediately went to work. He almost gagged as the first traces of Brett’s cum leaked into his mouth.

“Oh my god…oh…ohhhhhhh,” Holly moaned out as she started to really get into Jason’s mouth sucking hard at her clit. “Wow, you trained this boy well Lins,” Holly complemented Lindsay as if she had trained a dog.

“Shove your tongue deep in there baby, really clean her out,” Lindsay instructed Jason in a very sweet and sexy tone.

Jason did as told and stuck his tongue as far up her as he could, tasting even more of Brett’s salty discharge. In the background he heard the girls laughing and teasing him. He had never been so embarrassed and humiliated in his life.

“FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK….oooooooooooo,” Holly shouted as a river of her juices exploded onto Jason’s face. “That was incredible, your going to have to make him do that for me more often Lins,” Holly announced before pulling up her underwear and taking a seat on the couch.

“OK, Cindy, your next,” Lindsay said to her beautiful step mom.

Cindy stood up, her magnificent body gleaming with sweat from the hard fucking she had just received. Her breasts looked amazing, and her fresh tan caused her to look as sexy as any girl Jason had ever seen. She stood over Jason’s face and looked down at him laying there on the floor. Her stare was so intense and sexy it almost made Jason cum on the spot. She slowly licked her lips in an extremely sexy manor, before hooking her thumbs into her thong bathing suit and slowly sliding it down.

Her pussy was spectacular. It honestly looked perfect, with a thin strap of hair leading its way down to her clit. Before Jason could even finish taking in the scene that was her naked half body, she was lowering herself onto his face.

Jason quickly went to work, determined to give her the most intense pleasure she had ever received. He sucked her clit into his mouth and used his tongue and lips to stimulate it as much as possible. Cindy grabbed a handful of his hair and sunk her body down further onto his face.

“Suck my clit hard, you little dick loser,” Cindy said to Jason.

Jason had never heard Cindy talk like that and was shocked to hear her call him a loser. The comment itself only made Jason want to please her further. Jason’s mouth and tongue became a blur as he did his best to get Cindy off.

Without any warning at all, Jason felt his bathing suit being ripped away from his body. He tried to bahis firmaları stop the girls, but there were too many of them and with Cindy on his face, he couldn’t even see what was going on.

Laughter filled the room as Jason now hit an all new high in embarrassment. His little penis was as hard as it could possibly be, bouncing around in front of four beautiful girls. It didn’t take long for a pair of hands or two to stroke and tease his cock and balls. These girls were expert cock teasers and within minutes had Jason’s body humping mid air.

“Wow, I can’t believe you went from Brett to this Lins,” Holly said to Lindsay. It feels even smaller then I remember, but that is probably cause I just had Brett’s ten inch cock inside me,” she finished.

“Yeah baby…yeah…o yeah, suck my clit hard, I’m close,” Cindy shouted as the girls continued to tease his penis.

Jason did his best to suck her clit, although his mouth was tiring out from all this work it had been doing. He sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed it back out, repeating this process as fast as possible. Suddenly Jason felt, what seemed like a puddle of water, gush onto his face as Cindy screamed out in pleasure.

“HAHAHAHA, oh my god Lindsay, I didn’t know your step mom was a squirter,” Katrina exclaimed.

“Me either, o well, too funny,” Lindsay responded. “Well, that just leaves you Katrina. Better get him a towel first though,” Lindsay continued.

Cindy got up without saying a word and immediately headed up stairs. She looked as if her body was so relaxed she would fall asleep any second. Holly took this opportunity to say goodbye too and left the house.

“Baby, my mouth is really tired, can’t I just do Katrina later,” Jason asked as he cleaned Cindy’s pussy juice off his face.

“Yeah, that’s fine sweetheart, we can just do this next weekend, but…that means you don’t get gift number 2 until next weekend…and you don’t get to cum till then either,” Lindsay giggled as she started to walk Katrina out.

“NOOOO, please stay Katrina!” Jason screamed at them as he hopped up to stop Katrina from leaving. His 5 inch dick bobbing up and down in front of him.

“OK needle dick, I’ll stay, but under one condition,” Katrina responded. “You have to jerk off for 5 minutes, without coming. I love to see guys jack off, but I know Lindsay doesn’t want you cuming yet, so we’ll save the fireworks for another time,” Katrina explained to him.

Jason just stood there in awe. It had been days since he had last cum, and today had been one of the most sexually stimulating days of his life. How he would be able to masturbate for 5 minutes without cumming seemed to escape him.

Just as he was about to call the request impossible, Lindsay walked back into the room with a piece of yarn and tied it tightly around Jason’s nut sack.

“Have fun Jay,” Lindsay said to him. She had the smile on her face that made Jason cringe.

Jason put his hand around his dick and began to jerk it. The pleasure was still so great, as he was so built up. He was really starting to get into it and felt as if he would cum any minute. The pressure just built up more and more though. He NEEDED to release.

“Faster, beat off boy,” Katrina yelled at him as he approached his final minute.

His hand was now flying up and down his tiny shaft. He actually hoped he would be able to achieve an orgasm with the string on. The pressure he felt on his balls and penis was so strong, he would do anything in the world to cum.

“OK, enough fun for you Jason, lay down and clean her pussy out,” Lindsay said to him.

Jason let go of his now beat red penis and took his spot back on the floor. Katrina just sat on his face with her bathing suit still on, simply pulling the fabric to the side in an effort to expose her vagina to only his mouth.

“Suck every drop of Tom’s cum out of my pussy,” she said to Jason. “I don’t even care about cumming, just clean me out. He is a real man with a real, big, thick, cock. A small dick boy like you, should eat the cum of a man like him,” Katrina finished.

Jason once again did as told and sucked the cum out of her pussy. There was three times as much cum in her as there was in Cindy and Holly combined. It was like Katrina had tried her best to keep it all inside her, as if she knew this was coming.

After 4 or 5 minutes though, it seemed as if the globs of cum had stopped leaking from her vagina. She then grinded her torso so hard onto Jason’s face it almost hurt. She was really smothering him. Jason was almost having trouble breathing. Then she stood up.

“That was really fun. For some reason, it turns me on a lot to dominate you and your little dick,” Katrina commented.

“I know, me too!” Lindsay said. “I had no idea how much I would enjoy it,” she continued.

What happened next shocked Jason. Katrina stood over Jason’s rock hard dick and began to lower herself onto it, very slowly. Just as the head began to sink into her, she quickly stood back up, leaving the head of his penis nice and shiny kaçak iddaa with her juices.

“HAHA, you wish,” Katrina said.

“OK, enough fun for now Kate, be at least a little nice to him, he is my boyfriend after all,” Lindsay said. “Jason, go wait in my room, I am going to walk Katie out,” Lindsay added.

Jason was so happy to hear Lindsay stand up for him, he gladly hopped up and made his way to her room. As he laid there on Lindsay’s bed, his hard on began to subside and he realized how tired the days events had made him. Just as he was beginning to drift off, Lindsay came back into the room.

“Wake up silly boy. You still need to get your second gift and your chance to blow your load,” Lindsay said. “Unless that is, you don’t want it anymore?” Lindsay asked.

“NO!, Of coarse I do,” Jason responded.

“Good, I am going into the bathroom to shower, get changed, and to grab your gift. When I come out, that little penis of yours better be rock hard though. If it’s not, your going home with blue balls and the cage on,” she informed Jason, before disappearing into the bathroom.

Jason took advantage of this time and started to look through some of Lindsay’s drawers. He wanted to find a bra, and see exactly how big her glorious breasts were. After opening and closing a few drawers, Jason came upon a little wooden box that caught his eye.

He opened the box and inside found a large vibrating dildo and a scrap book filled with pictures. Jason quickly scanned through the book, and his heart sank to his nuts. The entire book was filled with pictures of guys with HUGE penises. The first five or so were of guys from magazines, but the last ten were pictures Lindsay had taken her self. What was worse, Jason knew a few of them, including Brett. These guys had dicks that looked more like a work of art, then a penis. Jason became insanely jealous as he stared at the pictures, but soon heard the shower turn off. He quickly put everything back and returned to the bed.

Jason spent the next 10 minutes casually stroking his cock. It wasn’t that difficult to keep it hard; he was as horny as he had ever been in his life. Finally, Lindsay opened the door and came out of the bathroom.

She was dressed in a tight white lace bra that left very little to the imagination, and a matching ankle length white skirt that puffed out a good amount. She looked absolutely amazing. Even after a day of being abused, he felt like the luckiest guy in the world, being able to call her, his girlfriend.

Without saying a word, the goddess dressed in white went down on her knees in front of him and took his 5 inch boner into her mouth. Jason’s knees went so weak he almost hit the floor. He had been waiting months for a moment just like this one.

Lindsay didn’t really suck Jason’s dick, she just let it sit in her mouth, letting the saliva wash over it, gently sucking now and then. Even this caused Jason’s eyes to roll to the back of his head and his legs to tremble. When it seemed as if he couldn’t take any more, she stopped and looked up at him.

“Don’t you love the power you feel with me here on my knees in front of you, sucking your dick?” Lindsay asked. Without even waiting for a response, she continued “I have never felt that power before, and I really thought a guy as sweet as you would allow me that feeling,” Lindsay said.

“I would…I will…you know I would do anything for you baby,” Jason said, as if Lindsay had written down the words for him to say.

“Great, get down on your knees and prove it to me. If you do, I promise, I will give you the best blowjob of your life,” Lindsay said, as she stood back up.

Jason was unsure of what was happening, but knelt in front of Lindsay. All that was on his mind right now was the blowjob she just spoke of.

The smile Jason often feared began to show itself on Lindsay’s amazing face. His heart began to race, as she reached to the belt on her skirt and unbuckled it, letting the skirt fall to the floor.

Jason’s mouth dropped as he saw what gift number two was. Below Lindsay’s gorgeous Tits and perfectly flat stomach, was an extremely large and realistic, strap on dick. It even had the veins and skin color of a real penis.

“Now I know you’re not gay, but this isn’t about being gay, this is about power, and control. I need you to suck my dick, the way you want me to suck yours. Only then can I blow you, knowing you would truly do the same for me,” Lindsay explained as if it were something every girlfriend asked their boyfriend to do.

Jason was horrified. He didn’t know what to say. Thoughts ran through his head. He wanted to cum so badly…Lindsay was finally going to blow him…he couldn’t do this…he wouldn’t.

Lindsay saw the fear in his eyes, and knew she couldn’t give him a chance to say no. She lightly guided the back of his head towards the large fake penis, pressing it against his lips.

“Go ahead baby. Doing this is the first step to us really being able to open up our relationship sexually. Afterwards you’ll get a nice blowjob, kaçak bahis soon enough you will be able to play with and suck on my breasts, and not too long after, we can have sex,” Lindsay explained to him.

Jason parted his lips slowly as she fed him the plastic dick. He was now sucking it. He started to bob his head back and forth, sucking the strap on much the way he would like to be sucked.

This isn’t so bad, Jason thought to himself. It’s not like it’s a real penis…and how can doing anything with this gorgeous girl be considered gay. He was actually starting to get into it a little. He looked up at Lindsay and saw the biggest smile yet across her face.

“Good boy, suck my dick,” she cooed to him, as she rubbed the side of his head, encouraging him further. “Its kind of funny, you are sucking twice the dick that I will be sucking. Your little guy is barely half the size of this beautiful fake penis,” she continued.

Lindsay started shoving more of the fake cock into his mouth, grabbing the back of his head and really getting into it. Jason finally gagged and Lindsay backed off.

“Good job my little cock sucker. Now it is your turn. Lie down,” Lindsay said to him in a very demeaning tone.

Jason couldn’t care less what her tone was, he was about to get a blowjob to completion from his dream girl. Jason had jerked off thinking about this very moment, at least 500 times.

He took his position on the bed and watched as Lindsay crawled in between his legs. She still had her top on, as well as the strap on. Jason would have preferred she taken both off, but at this point he thought arguing would have been a horrible idea.

Unlike the last time, Lindsay was slow getting to the point, she licked all around the head of his penis, causing his whole body to shiver. She licked his balls and slowly up the shaft. Finally after 5 full minutes of teasing she swallowed Jason’s small cock whole. Jason lost his breath, but amazingly enough did not cum.

Lindsay slowly sucked at Jason’s dick, keeping him on the edge of orgasm, almost in a state of Euphoria. He loved the head he was getting, but needed to cum already. Lindsay sensed this from him and as usual stopped completely.

“You know…Cindy was saying how she would really love to see your little dick squirt. I also know that you love big Tits,” Lindsay explained. “This idea just came to me. You have been around our big breasts all day. Why don’t I call Cindy in here and she can watch the explosion. I think if you did that for her, she would take her top off for you,” Lindsay finished.

The thought of getting to see Cindy’s amazing rack really intrigued Jason, but he wasn’t sure if it was worth passing up the chance at getting to blow his load, with Lindsay’s mouth wrapped around his dick. Before Jason even got to decide though, Lindsay screamed across the house for her step mom.

“Cinddyyyyyyy….come to my room!,” Lindsay shouted.

Minutes later Cindy opened the door. She was wearing a robe, it appeared as if she had just gotten out of the shower. She took in the sight in front of her. Jason laying there with his cock rock hard, dripping in Lindsay’s saliva. Lindsay laying next to him with a huge strap on cock attached to her waist. She couldn’t help but begin to laugh.

“How can I help you kids?” She asked.

“Well I know you have said you wanted to see Jason cum and I know he is dieing to see some Tit. After all, he still hasn’t even seen my tits. I thought this made for a pretty good trade,” Lindsay explained.

“Hahaha, OK, I guess it could be fun, but Jason has to agree not to shoot off until I’m ready. I’m not going to get naked for a 5 second show,” Cindy replied.

They both looked over at Jason…”Uhh yeah, I guess that is ok,” Jason answered, even though their was nothing that sounded worse then another 5-10 minutes of not being able to cum.

“Great!” Cindy responded as she dropped her robe to the ground.

Jason’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. She was now standing in front of him completely naked. Her body was amazing. Her breasts were HUGE. Her nipples were also large, and very pink. Jason was now glad he made the deal.

“Ok, start stroking your little cock, sweetie,” Cindy said to him.

Jason stood up in front of them and began to slowly jerk off. He really couldn’t go too fast, he was already on the edge.

“Faster mini man, really jerk it,” Cindy shouted at him.

“I can’t go much faster, If I do I am going to cum and I thought you wanted a little show,” Jason answered.

“Oh my god Lindsay, this guy is pathetic, he has a 5 inch cock and the stamina of a 13 year old,” Cindy said.

“That’s not true…Its just that its been,” Jason started to explain before Cindy cut him off.

“Ok little guy, lets make a bet. Come back next weekend and we will try this again. If you can last 3 minutes of me jerking you off then you win a full threesome with Lindsay and I…no rules,” Cindy explained.

Jason was still slowly stroking his cock during this conversation. He knew better then to stop. To his delight, Lindsay came up behind him and took a hold of his penis. She wasted no time in immediately whacking away at full speed. He knew he only had another 5 seconds till explosion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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