Apocalypse Menage

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Five years after the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world was a very different place. Who knew, when we were all complaining about social distancing and having to wear masks on the bus, that the coronavirus would mutate so dramatically.

If it weren’t for 3-man recon team that rescued me from being attacked by a couple of drooling infected that had cornered me in a looted supermarket, I wouldn’t be here now.

As it was, my three military rescuers, who introduced themselves as Jax, Sawyer and Ethan, took me back to their base and my solitary existence changed from barely surviving to positively thriving.

As we got to know each other better, we got closer, and the frisson of sexual tension became palpable. Innocent games of poker with matchsticks for chips turned into a wholly more exciting games. Bets were made with clothing and promises of touches and kisses. Such teasing touches were very exciting, but all four of us were in such an agitated state of frustration, that no amount of fevered masturbation under the covers at night when the other women had gone to sleep, was working.

We were all tired, cranky and had a perpetual state of blue balls, or whatever the equivalent is for women (blue bean?) Finally it was time to face the elephant in the room. I knew that I had to be the one to take the plunge as my guys were too respectful to push the issue.

It had been sweltering hot all day and most people had rushed to take their showers at the start of the hour, when water was heated and plentiful. Me and my guys had been for a twilight walk to cool off, but we were all damp and sweaty by the time we reached the shower block, which was deserted by then.

Taking a deep breath for courage, I took Sawyer and Jax by the hands and locked eyes with Ethan as I led them inside and said ‘God, I’m so hot and sticky. We may only have casino oyna cold water left and I don’t want to shiver in there by myself. If anyone can make me hot, it’s you three.’ And to seal the deal, I faced them all and peeled off my clothes, throwing them in a heap by their dusty boots.

The look on their faces was priceless – hot, hungry and disbelieving, as though I might disappear at any moment. I’d never felt more desirable, despite being disheveled, sweaty and desperately in need of a full body wax.

In a flurry of activity, the boys wrestled their clothing off, revealing sculpted muscles and three impressive, straining manhoods.

My poor innocent eyes didn’t know where to look first, but, like a parched woman at an oasis, I greedily drank my fill.

With the last of my bravery sapped by my shameless gesture, I now looked to the guys to take this to the next level. Ethan was a very ‘take charge’ kinda guy, so it was him who took hold of my upper arms and pulled me to his big, hard body, kissing me forcefully to make any second thoughts fly from my head.

Before I knew it, I was spun away and pushed face first against the shower wall, my hands slamming out to catch myself just before impact. He pulled my hips back and roughly pushed my ankles apart with his foot, allowing him room to rub his iron-hard cock against my pillowy ass as the water streamed down our skin, aiding the sensual slip and slide of flesh against flesh, which was dripping wet with more than just water.

Without any further foreplay, he thrust hard into my tender channel, making me cry out in shock at the too-sudden invasion. Gentling me with a thumb on my clit, he held himself still for a few beats to allow me to acclimatise to his considerable size. Once I started tentative movements of my own he began a steady slide in and out, quickly picking slot oyna up speed as he felt me responding, until he was fucking me with little restraint.

I braced my head on my arms, folded against the tiles, as I bent lower, his big hands spanning my hips giving him greater purchase against my slippery skin.

The sensations from his restless thumb and the battering to my g-spot were joined by the insistent tweaking and pinching of my nipples by Jax and Sawyer who had abandoned their voyeuristic stroking to join in.

With a coordinated pinch to both nipples and clit, I shattered in an intense orgasm, and only Ethan’s firm grip on my hips was keeping me from sliding to the floor.

Instead, he gently pulled out, gleaming with my honey and still fully erect, and held me to him as Sawyer quickly laid towels along a dry bench and laid back on it, stroking his impressive member.

Ethan lifted my still-quivering form easily and lowered me over Sawyer’s prone form, impaling me on his pierced cock. I moaned as I felt the metal ball work its way down the front wall of my well-fucked canal and butt up against my g spot.

Sawyer eased me down to lie on his chest as I felt a new pair of hands eagerly clasp, then spread, my creamy ass. Jax’s groan of appreciation as he feasted his eyes on my most forbidden hole did little to ease my nerves, and when he ran a calloused finger down my cleft to test my untried entrance, I struggled in Sawyer’s arms, trying to get up.

‘Shh, sweetheart, I’m going to prepare you so good, you’re going to love being filled by both of us’.

I had my doubts, but when I heard the click of a bottle cap, the cool, silky liquid dripping between my cheeks and the return of the insistent finger testing my resistance, all I could do was moan. With increased pressure, Jax’s thick finger breached my last defences canlı casino siteleri and wormed its way to the knuckle, testing and plunging as I tried to relax against the unfamiliar burn.

Soon, he was forcing a second in there, making me buck and writhe against Sawyer’s cock, earning a rough growl in my ear.

‘Easy princess, or I’ll go off like a rocket before we’ve even begun ‘.

As Jake scissored his fingers to stretch me in preparation for his throbbing cock, which I could feel heavy against my thigh, Ethan, moved to my shoulder and I was mesmerised by the strong, steady stroking of his unsatisfied cock, coated as it was in my glistening juices.

‘OK, Kate. Are you ready to take more? Take all of us into your body?’

Far from sure and unable to vocalise more than a whimper, Jax took this as an affirmative and started to press his hot, bulbous head against my stretched rosebud. His dick was way thicker than two fingers and the burn as I tried to accommodate so much man-meat in so little space was intense. I opened my mouth in a silent scream, only to have it promptly filled with Ethan’s eager shaft.

‘Jesus, Kate. To see my dick swallowed between your soft lips as you take Jax and Sawyer so beautifully is one of the hottest things I have ever seen.’

I couldn’t answer, but allowed myself to ride the thrusts of all three men as Sawyer’s piercing rubbed me unrelentingly and my swollen clit ground against his rough hair.

It didn’t take long for their thrusts to become uncoordinated as they started to lose control. Ethan went over first, emptying ropes of thick, bitter cum down my throat. All I could do was swallow around his softening cock as Jax jerked and emptied deep in my ass.

As they withdrew, I could soley focus on the pleasure I was receiving from Sawyer’s powerful thrusts as he slammed me up and down on his hips, bringing me to a violent climax just as he shot his load into my spasming channel.

Collapsing on Sawyer’s heaving chest, I could hear Ethan rumble ‘God, she’s perfect. And now, she’s ours.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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