April and Derrick

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April and Derrick

– – in – –

“When Dreams Collide

By; Deana Bard

It’s early evening when April is getting ready to go out for a few hours. Freshly showered and sweet-smelling, she puts on tight pair of jeans that enhance her firm thighs. The center seam separates and molds her two round ass cheeks but also tends to accentuate the lips of her pouting pussy. For a top, she chooses a light-colored silk blouse, sans a bra as usual, with the top three buttons undone to show some cleavage and sheer enough to just make out the darkness of her nipples.

To her husband, Derrick, all of this preparation just for a night out with ‘the girls’ at one of the local nightclubs seems a bit over the top. But he keeps those thoughts to himself.

As she’s about to open the door to leave, she looks over her shoulder with a twinkle in her eye and says, “Be showered by the time I get home.”

Enamored by her beauty, Derrick steps over to her to give her a goodbye kiss. While doing so, his hand cups one of her breasts. She returns his gesture by putting her arms around him pulling him close. She opens her mouth, sticking her long wet tongue past his parting lips and deep into his hot mouth.

The silk covering her soft but firm breast can not hide the erect state of her nipples. She lets out a soft moan when he gives the little brown pebble a pinch.

Suddenly she breaks the kiss, takes her arms from around him, and gives her husband a punishing look.

Stunned, he asks, “What’s the matter, Babe?”

“You’re always too tired any other time,” she snaps. “So why do you wait until I have people waiting for me? I’m about to be late?”

“Hey, my head wants it often,” he says defensively. “I can’t help it if my libido and this head…, “pointing to his crotch, “can’t keep up with you.”

She comes close to him again, grabs the slight bulge forming in the front of his pants, and says, “Well, just make sure that you’re clean and ready by the time I get home. Maybe then…”

“I think I can manage that,” he says, enjoying this game they sometimes play.

“If you only THINK you can manage that then,” she says in mock seriousness, “I might THINK about not coming home until morning.” He’s heard that before. It’s all part of their game. April smiles a wicked smile and says, “Don’t forget, there are all these men who buy us drinks all night. Each hoping that they’ll get lucky with us. Maybe I’ll just have to let one of them serve my needs.”

“My mistake, Madame,” he responds in playful homage. “I promise to be ready to service your every need upon your return, whenever that might be.”

“That’s more like it.” She says with a gleam in her eye while giving his balls a good squeeze. With a quick peck on the cheek, she turns and goes out the door.

Through the front window, he watches as she saunters down the walk to her car. As she is about to get in, she turns towards the house. Looking right at him, she pulls at the opening of her loosely buttoned blouse and flashes a lovely tit at him, then gets in the car and drives away.

He sits down to watch the evening news, but he can’t keep his mind on what he’s watching. His thoughts keep drifting to what April might have in mind when she gets home.

Aside from normal, run-of-the-mill sex, from time to time, they had played other games. It could be based on a theme, such as ‘The Seductive College Nympho.’ ‘The Barber’ (where one of them gets a pubic trim or even a shave). ‘Hot Fudge Sundae’ (while helplessly bound and laying naked on a plastic sheet, ice-cold ice cream is scooped onto very select and sensitive spots of the body. This is followed by drizzling hot fudge on his or her naked body. That is only half the fun because the other gets to take their time licking it all up.)

They had even dabbled a little bit in ‘Water Sports’ (they had peed on each other in the shower several times. And when out camping one time, after drinking way too much, they held a pissing contest to see which one could pee the furthest, longest, and hardest. April won on all counts.) Once, after washing his hair, April rinsed the lather from his scalp by pissing on his head.

But one form of role-playing they regularly come back to is ‘Mistress and Servant.’ At any other time, the responsibilities and chores of daily life are shared equally between them. But in the bedroom, something just clicks when they play these “dom” and “sub” roles. Interestingly, after several sessions with Derrick playing The Master to her role of The Servant, it became apparent that the results were never as satisfying as when April played The Master. With April’s more expressive imagination, it became only natural for Derick to assume the role of Servant. This arrangement just worked for them both.

After about an hour of glancing at the television and checking some porn on his phone, Derrick headed upstairs to take that shower.

While the water is getting hot, he is almanbahis yeni giriş thinking about that pussy of hers. Leaking the honeydew that he loves to lick and lap.

When April gets going, the cunt oil flows so heavily that it rolls down her legs and between her ass cheeks. The sweet aroma and taste never fail to get Derrick so excited that he’ll lick the entire slice between her legs, including around her dusty rosebud. All of which drives her to greater heights of pleasure and makes those juices flow heavier.

He returns his attention to her big pink pussy, licking and sucking harder. Her cunt is opening and closing, and her hips start rocking up and down as if inviting the first hard cock to come along to slide in as far as it can go. She will still beg for more.

Getting lathered up, Mr. Happy is rock hard and begging to be grasped firmly for a good stroking. As tempting as that is, Derrick resists the urge, instead making sure to clean every square inch, from head to toe and front to back, before rinsing off.

Still dripping wet, his erection bobbing from side to side, he nakedly paces the house. Eventually, he plops himself onto the bed to finish air-drying in the warm summer breeze coming in through the open window.

The orange, dusky sky of summer following a sunset gave the bedroom a dim, warm glow.

Derrick soon drifted off to sleep dreaming about his sexy wife. His rock-hard cock laying across the flat of his belly — all five inches of it.

He dreamed of her full breasts capped with those sensitive nipples that he so loved to suck and nibble on. This always brought on the sweet nectar that then flowed so abundantly from her beautiful pussy.

Someday, he is going to get up the nerve to order one of those strap-on dildos he’s seen promoted on adult websites. Designed especially to fit over a less than adequate male member.

If years of internet porn have taught him anything, it’s that he didn’t come equipped with the best hardware. But an artificial phallus should make up for those shortcomings. And won’t April be surprised when he puts that on! Then he can fuck her like he’s never been able to fuck her before. The way a woman’s cunt was intended to be fucked!

Derrick so desperatly wanted to see the blissful expression on his wife’s face the first time he slides that lifelike cock into her. Like watching his very own porno movie, he has had visions of what it would look like from various angles. Watching this larger dong gliding in and out of the only pussy he has ever had the pleasure of knowing so intimately.

An additional bonus of using a strap-on would be, he’ll never again have to worry about cumming too soon. Whether he has an erection or not, the dildo never goes soft. That’s when he’ll be able fuck her juicy cunt much longer than he ever could otherwise. They will fuck until they can’t fuck any longer.

But she will want more. She always wants more!

His dream soon takes on a life all its own. The cock he sees plowing in and out of April’s pussy is suddenly not his own. Nor is it the strap-on dildo. Like an outsider looking in, he is watching his darling wife impatiently, imploringly urging some stranger to fuck her. To fuck her HARD! To fuck her like her husband can’t.

That remark draws Derrick’s attention from his wife’s face to the massive cock taking long and steady strokes as it penetrates regions of April’s interior that Derrick has never come close to reaching. Derrick is mesmerized by the ability of his wife’s cunt to welcome such a massive piece of man-meat without any signs of pain. Only the sounds of extreme pleasure fill the room and Derrick’s ears.

Strangely, this passion play doesn’t stir Derrick from his sleep. Instead, he is entranced by the erotic scene playing out before him as this faceless stranger ravages the love of his life, taking her to all new sexual heights. It is both heart-rending and exciting at the same time.

The rhythm of the conjoined lovers increases along with the lustful grunts and moans with the approaching climax.

Derrick knows he should try putting a stop to this before she ends up with a belly full of a stranger’s baby-batter. But then again, he is just as excited to witness the expression on his wife’s face when massive quantities of cum explode into the deepest recesses of her insides.

Just as the lovers were reaching a manic crescendo of lust, Derrick felt a tickling sensation on his belly. That’s when reality began to drag him from dreamland. Warm lips were suctioning up the puddle of pre-cum that lay on his belly.

Derrick cracked open his eyelids. Outside the window, it is now completely dark. Inside, only by the dim light from a lit candle on the headboard of their bed can he make out that April is completely naked, kneeling beside him.

April’s firm tits hardly dangle or sway. Her heavenly ass floats temptingly in mid-air. Eager to return the favor, Derrick can hardly wait to taste his wife’s succulent pussy. Ever so slowly, almanbahis giriş he slides himself down until he can maneuver her lower end over his head.

Bringing his hands around the backs of her legs, his fingertips discover her trimmed but thick bush is matted with moisture.

A spontaneous thought flashes through his mind; What if this dampness is the result of his darling wife already having had wild, sweaty, and wanton sex? With a stranger?!

It was said in jest. But April had warned of that possibility.

Even that possibility could not dissuade him. No matter what, Derrick would not be denied the opportunity to get his tongue into his wife’s pussy.

Dare he look first for confirming evidence? Or should he just close his eyes, take the deep dive and let the chips fall where they may?

His fingertips fought against the sliminess that coated her pussy lips to spread them wide. Only then would the truth be exposed.

As it turned out, there was not a single visible trace that April had been with another man.

A sense of relief came over Derrick that his wife had remained faithful to him and their wedding vows. Resting his head back down for a moment, Derrick watched as a few rivulets of her honey seeped out of her love hole and rolled down the length of her ever-enlarging pink gash. It rolls down the clit, which is getting longer and harder by the moment. Droplets of sensual oils formed on her clit then drip down into his hungry mouth, which he savors and then swallows.

Another thought occurred to him. What if they used a condom? Evidence of any dalliance on April’s part wouldn’t be visible. There was only one way to be sure.

The smell and taste of latex and lube would provide all the evidence needed.

Curiosity took over. Raising his head, he inhales deeply, then without waiting for the results of the sniff test, he takes one long lick of her gash.

Nothing unusual here. Everything tastes and smells just a perfect as it always had.

Reassured in his wife’s fidelity, he sticks his tongue out further and deeper into her inflamed crack, circling and lapping faster and faster. Laying on his back always helped to ensure little of her honey would go anywhere but into his mouth. Using his tongue, he tries to dig out more and more of her musky cream. Derrick may enjoy this even more than April does.

What Derrick had no way of knowing, that April was having her own incidental thoughts. “If only he could lick and fuck at the same time. Oh, god! What a nasty thought. Having a tongue lapping at my pussy while a cock is plowing my pussy. Now that would be heaven.”

As April is having these thoughts, she is busily attending to his throbbing manhood. Teasingly only sucking on the round head. Artfully swirling her tongue around the tip then across the little lips of the piss hole, swabbing out the steady stream of pre-cum. After a while, changing to long, deep bobs of her head. Devouring the entire shaft. Of course, Derrick’s dick is only long enough for just the mushroom to reach and be tightly surrounded by her throat. At the same time, she cups, rolls, and squeezes his ball sack.

“I wish…,” April thinks to herself. “I wish I could trade in Derrick’s dick for something more substantial. The length is passable. But why does it have to be as skinny as a broomstick?” she laments. “I love him to pieces. But if I could change just one thing, it would be for him to have a thicker cock.”

This train of thought is interrupted when she senses that he is getting too worked up, too soon. She doesn’t want him cumming yet. And not into her mouth! She has other plans.

Releasing his pulsing dick from her lips, she inserts her index finger into her mouth and coats it good with spit. Now, while lightly kissing and licking his dick down to the base, she slowly begins tickling and teasing the puckered rim of his asshole. From between her legs, she hears Derrick softly moan.

Slowly, very slowly, she pushes her fingertip past his sphincter. Deeper and deeper.

She watches as his dick bobs and throbs, bouncing off his belly as it strains to get larger and harder. With her finger fully planted in his anus, she begins massaging his prostate gland. Doing this causes even heavier and thicker pre-cum to flow out of his swollen erection, which she is all too happy to lick up and swallow.

April has never been a fan of having cum in her mouth. But Derrick’s pre-cum is the sweetest she’s ever tasted.

She feels Derrick’s hands on her tits as he softly kneads them. She can feel his tongue darting in and out of her pussy, just slightly opening the membranes of her love hole. She knows her juices are flowing, and she contracts her kegel muscles hoping to squeeze out larger quantities into his waiting mouth.

But this is torture, for what she really wants right now is a cock. A big, thick cock! And, what the heck, a longer one too. The kind she’s seen on her own porn searches.

This is not the first time to have these thoughts. almanbahis güvenilirmi But it is the first while in the midst of a sexual romp with her husband. At least once, she’d like to know what it feels like to have that kind of fullness. To get fucked in ways she has never been able to experience with her husband. Something only a much bigger cock could accomplish.

But would something that large actually fit?

She’d be willing to try. How exciting it would be to feel something that large and meaty pushing against the opening of her pussy. As if making sure it can fit. After all, her cunt has only had a real cock of half the size this faceless lover is packing.

The longer April’s mind thinks about it, the hornier she is getting. And as horny as she is right now, she’s sure she could take it to the hilt!

Suddenly it pushes through, and she can feel her soft pink membranes being stretched like never before. With each stroke, the oversized rod goes a little deeper, like a sword, piercing its way into realms thus far never explored. As it does, she senses only the slightest discomfort. But this is instantly followed by intense pleasure.

Finally, it is almost all the way in. April has never known such sensations. Then the large shaft is drawn out until only the tip is still parting the lips. The sudden loss of fullness is almost unbearable. Then, suddenly, with one final lunge, the stranger shoves his massive cock is all the way into her hot cunt.

Who is fucking who? With each mighty thrust, she rises up to greet it. She is fucking that man-meat with total abandon. With each thrust, she can feel it pushing on her cervix. She is moaning and groaning with delight. It feels as though the cock is getting even harder, and better yet, bigger! Suddenly the cock explodes with lots of cum! It’s like white-hot lava filling her insides in ways she has never felt before. There is so much cum; it’s pushing its way through her cervix and filling her womb.

That did it. April’s entire body is overtaken by a rocking orgasm. She is almost screaming with pleasure as she presses her pussy firmly onto her husband’s gaping mouth and talented tongue. Spraying and smearing her juices all over his face.

As she is regaining her senses, she realizes it was all due to her fantasy. She lies there a few moments longer, relaxes, and thinks, “WOW! That was great. I need to use that fantasy more often.”

Rising up and off Derrick’s chest, she notices he is still in need of relief. Her dreaming had caused her to ignore her husband’s needy dick. Removing herself from Derrick’s still attentive mouth, she turns and bends down to give him a kiss on the lips. His face is covered with her juices, thick and sticky from her orgasm. This causes her to momentarily wonder what pussy juice tastes like, first hand, direct from the source. Rather than second hand, either from his lips or off her fingers. This triggers another thought. A very devious idea pops into April’s head. She immediately proceeds with a plan.

Turning her back to him, she maneuvers herself until she is straddling his waiting hard-on. Holding his erection upright, she lines it up with her vagina, and, as if trying to puncture something deep inside her, she drops down on it with all of her weight.

They start rocking together. Derrick loves this position because he can watch his rod going in and out of her dripping pussy. He is so turned on by the sight of this that he must use every bit of control to delay cumming. To assist in delaying the inevitable, he lays still. Letting his wife do all the work. This is a method they had worked out and used many times before.

Still, April is being much more assertive than usual. An indication that she is more turned on than she has been in some time. Normally, she would use this position to help prolong their session. However, that doesn’t seem to be her objective this time.

Once again, she has shoved her index finger deep into Derrick’s anus and stroking his prostate gland.

At the same time, she is working so hard on his now well-oiled staff. Pumping faster and squeezing harder. Rather than trying to delay his orgasm, she seems to be trying to intensify it. As if she is desperate to feel an excess of hot jism squirting inside her. And it’s working.

Unable to hold back any longer, Derrick is rocked by one of the most powerful orgasms he’s had in a long time, possibly ever. He can feel big gobs of his cream flowing through his cock and into the confines of April’s hungry cunt. And she is milking it out of him for all she’s worth. Wringing out his balls and pressing firmly against his prostate while still holding tightly to his cock with the constricted membranes of her cunt.

Derrick’s heart is pounding. He closes his eyes for a moment to catch his breath and make the room stop spinning.

Finally, once April is sure his dick has spit out the last of his semen, she lifts herself off him. Without looking, he is aware when his limping prick being released from her snatch and drops to his stomach.

After a moment or two, Derrick groggily reopens his eyes. As he does, he is greeted with her pussy hovering directly over his mouth, white cream oozing from it. The exact scene he had expected to see when April first came home.

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