Aquata Cove Ch. 14

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Chapter 14: A New World

Adam stashed a couple of sandwiches into his backpack before slinging it over his shoulder, and walk out of the kitchen.

“ADAM! JAMAL! COME ON OUT HERE!!” Yuri yelled out from outside.

“Urrrrgggggghhhhhh” The black male groaned as he held his head, sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee, trying to get over a hangover from working last night, wearing nothing but his boxershorts, “What she on about now?”

“I don’t know, lets just check it out,” Adam said as he exited the house, with a groggy Jamal following behind.

“Dayum,” Jamal said as he shielded his eyes from the sunlight, “Yo YURI! Where are ya, gurl???” He asked.

“OUT BACK, GUYS!” They walked around, and over to the back of the house. Adam’s eyes went wide as he looked at his Japanese roommate, wearing a captain’s hat, and waving at them from a large, white motorboat, “Hello booooooys!” She called out, smiling wide at them.

“No WAY!” Adam said as he approached the boat.

“Ho shit, Yuri!” Jamal exclaimed, “Where dah HECK did you get a boat?!”

“Hahaha, it’s my Dad’s!” She replied as she walked over to the end of the boat, and pointed at the name of the boat, which was in hiragana and kanji.

“Your old man gave you a BOAT?!” Jamal asked, his eyes bulging as he ran up to it, putting his hands on it. Yuri laughed excitedly.

“Nope! Mom and Dad are on the plane to Japan for a couple of weeks for vacation, and they said I can barrow his boat while they’re gone!”

“Do you know how to ride it??” Adam asked, chucking excitedly.

“Sure do!” She said, “How bout we go fishing sometime this week, huh? Right on this boat??”

“Hellz yeah, Yuri!!” Jamal said.

“This is awesome, Yuri,” Adam said, grinning, “Anyway, I gotta go.” He said.

“This early in the morning? Where to?” She asked curiously.

“It’s been six months. My boyfriend might be back.”

“Ooh!” Yuri said as she pat her hand on the boat, “Can I give you a lift?” She said, smiling.

“Nah, that’s ok.”

“Oh come oooonnn!” She begged, “I REALLY wanna take it out for a spin, Adam!”

“It’s not that far, it’s over by Aquata Cove, that’s all.” He said.

“So? Come on, Adam! Don’t ya wanna surprise your boyfriend in style?” Adam couldn’t help but smirk and nod.

-20 Minutes Later-

“Thanks for the ride, Yuri!” Adam called out as he waved to the boat from the shore.

“Have fun, Adam!” Yuri called back.

“TELL HIM WE SAID ‘HI’, YO!” Jamal called out too. Adam watched as the boat turned around, and zoomed away.

Adam chuckled as he turned, and tread on the sand, climbing on the rocks in order to get to the top, huffing as he broke a light sweat from the heat. Adam made his way over to the familiar waterfall sound. He walked his sandals onto the dusty rocky ground before seeing the welcoming rainbow sheen, and saw Merrick over by a large rock, sitting and waiting for him!

“Hah,” Adam raised an eyebrow, “This is new,” He said to himself. “Hey, babe!” He called out, “YOU’RE early today! WAAAY early~” The blonde looked up at Adam as he trotted over to him.

“Adam, wait!” Merrick called back. He stopped in his tracks.


“Don’t come any closer!” Adam’s smile faded away.

“Merrick, what’s wrong?”

“Just…” Merrick sighed, and looked back up, “Just wait… Don’t come to me…”

“Merrick… What’s the matter…” Adam asked, now concerned. The blonde male took a deep breath, and put his hand onto a rock, and grunted as he pushed down on it, and moved.

Adam gasped lightly as he watched Merrick’s feet press flat onto the stone, his knees bending as Merrick put his weight against them. Adam looked on as Merrick grunted, and shakily rose up, huffing as he pushed down on the rock, his legs gradually straightening, before Merrick finally stood up, on his own two legs, and taking his hand off of the rock.

“Merrick…” Adam smiled happily, and took a step.

“Adam, wait!” Merrick said, holding out his hand. Adam stopped again, staring at his naked boyfriend.

Merrick looked down on his feet, and put his hand back onto the rock for support. He bent his knee, and raised his leg up. His foot moved, and rotated, before going back onto the stone. He gradually moved his foot forward, and pressed it down onto the rock. He swerved a little, trying to find his balance, and then moving his other foot from its original position, to a few inches in front of the other.

Adam stared in shock as he watched Merrick, his merman, stand on his own two legs for the first time! “Merrick… You’re… You’re walking! You’re walking, Merrick!!” He said, smiling and laughing happily. Merrick held his arms out to try and keep his balance as he watched his feet move, trying to familiarize himself with the feel of using his legs. He grunted and irked as he has difficulty deciding how and where to shift his weight into each leg.

Almost too stunned to believe it, Adam held his arms open as he stood, like a parent watch 1xbet yeni giriş his child take his first steps, “Come on…” He said, “You’re half way there, Merrick…” He said. Merrick looked up, nodding as he continued to make his way to the human. With as much trouble he’s having now, Merrick can’t imagine how Adam does this without constantly looking at his feet!

“Whoa!” The merman slipped his footing, and fell onto the rock! He grunted and growled, grimacing from hitting the hard, hot ground.

“Merrick!” Adam took a couple of steps to run to him, but the merman called out to him.

“No, Adam! Just… Let me do this…!” Adam stopped, and looked, feeling a bit helpless as the merman struggled. Merrick bit his lower lip, and grunted deeply as clenched his eyes shut, and pushed his hands down, and planted his right foot down onto the ground, and pushed his leg muscles into lifting him up. He swerved and wobbled, shaking a little as he sloppily regained his balance.

The blonde irked as he moved closer and closer to his human. It’s so hard to keep his balance on the uneven, rocky surface, especially with the rock’s temperature heating up with each step. Adam can see the discomfort in Merrick’s face, hissing and groaning as he felt the hot of the rock bite at his feet.

He whined and grunted as he moved. When he was a couple of feet away from Adam, he gasped as he tripped again. This time, Adam caught him by his arms. Merrick looked up with those beautiful blue eyes, managing an awkward smile and a hopeful chuckle. Adam laughed as he helped Merrick stand back straight up, and hugged his warmed body lovingly.

He moved back a little, and smiled in wonder at his lover, “Merrick… Since when?”

“Since… Today…” He said with a smile, “This time, I wanted to come to you…”

“But… You always told me that merfolk wouldn’t even know how to work their legs. It’s always a foreign matter to them, how…” Adam laughed in disbelief, “How’d you learn all by yourself?”

“I don’t know!” Merrick said, laughing with joy, before he whined as he moved his foot, but suddenly dropped, but Adam caught him.

“Oh oh oh! Hang on, I got you!” He said, quickly putting his arm under Merrick’s knees, and hoisted him up. “O-K! Next stop: The cove!” He said as he took one step.

“No! Adam, wait!” The blonde said quickly.

“Huh? What’s the matter now, sweetie?”

“Not… Not the cove, this time…” He said, hesitantly. Adam looked at Merrick curiously.

“Huh? Why not? Something wrong?”

“No, I just… I’m curious about… Where humans dwell in… You said before humans tend to stay in one place instead of migrating like pods do… If it’s alright, I wanna see where you dwell in…”

“What… You mean, you want to come to my house?” Adam asked, his eyebrows rose. He smiled as Merrick nodded, “What’s up with you, Merrick? First the walking, and now you want to visit my home? You’ve always been too scared to go further than the cove.”

“I’m curious, Adam…” He said, “And… You always wait for me, and always come to me…” The merman then put his arms around Adam’s neck, and nuzzled his chest, “I want to do it for you, this time…”

“Are you sure about this, Merrick? It’s ok if you wanna stay here.”

“Mhm…” Merrick said as he nodded, “I trust you, Adam… I trust you can protect me…” Adam smiled happily before his kissed Merrick’s forehead.

“Alright, sweetheart,” Adam then turned around, and carried Merrick into the woods, “But I better do the walking here. I don’t think you’re ready for a forest yet.” As they walked, Merrick turned his head, looking over at the sea. He turned back, and faced the newer world.

Adam strolled into the forest, holding his adorable boyfriend in his arms. Merrick looked with eyes filled with wonder and awe as he looked up to the sunny canopy, looking around at the foreign world around him.

“Ooh! Adam, what’re those!” Merrick said as he pointed to a few, shiny, fluttering blue insects.

“Those are butterflies, Merrick,” Adam said, “Morpho Butterflies, to be specific.” One of the brown/blue butterflies fluttered and bounced along the air as Merrick held out his hand. He smiled and giggled as he felt the prickly legs land on him. He turned his hand and fingers as he looked at the blue sheen reflecting off of the butterfly’s wings.

“It’s so… Strange and beautiful…” Merrick said before the butterfly flicked off of his hand, and fluttered away.

They moved through the woods, with Merrick pointing out and wanting to observe things here and there, until Adam finally came to his beach house, fenced around with large logs of driftwood, and a short walk away from the beach.

“And here we are, babe,” Adam said, “That’s my house.”

“Woooow…” Merrick looked at the building, looking so weird and welcoming at the same time, “Is this what all humans live?”

“Most of them do. This house actually belongs to my grandparents, but they moved to Germany, and I’m paying it off little by little. 1xbet giriş I’ve been living here ever since we first met.” He explained as the gravel crunched under his sandals.

The door opened, and Adam called in, “Jamal! Yuri?! I’m home!” There came no answer, “Huh. I guess they’re not home. Probably taking the boat for a spin… Ok…” He said as he carried Merrick over the threshold, and closed the door, “Ok, Merrick, I’m gonna put you down now… You should have an easier time walking here.” Merrick nodded as Adam lowered down, and aimed his feet onto the carpet. He gently placed his lover onto his feet, and backed away, to let Merrick familiarize himself with the flat surface.

The merman chuckled and took a few stops, somehow feeling more at ease about walking around. He looked up at the ceiling, and around at the house, looking at the very strange objects, all around him. He’s arrived to a new would. “Wow… This is nice…” He smiled excitedly as he wiggled his toes against the fabric of the floor. Adam watched, grinning as he set down his backpack, and crossing his arms, thinking how adorable Merrick’s being right now.

He went over to the kitchen, and the table, taking in everything, “This is the kitchen,” Adam said, “It’s were humans prepare the food.” Adam said as he showed Merrick the cabinets and opened the freezer and refrigerator.

“You mean… This is where humans hunt?” Adam laughed softly.

“No, actually, we don’t hunt. There are humans out there who hunt for their food, but me, and my roommates don’t. It’s complicated, but we get food elsewhere.”

“And… What’s THIS area?” Merrick asked as he strolled into the room – he’s really getting the hang of walking on two legs.

“That’s the Living Room. It’s where humans hang out, entertain other humans, play video games, watch TV, and-“

“Rrrrwarrr!” Merrick gasped as he turned around, seeing a small, orange, fluffy creature, “Ttthhhrrrrwwwrrr!”

“Wha-What??” The animal approached him, and nearly touched him. Merrick gasped and yelped as he stepped back, but topple backwards onto his butt, “Ahhh! What is this thing?! What’s it doing?!” He pushed himself backward, and panicked as he pressed his back against the wall. He whimpered in fear as the fuzzy creature came up to him, and pawed at his legs.

“Hahaha, it’s ok, Merrick, it’s just Roxas,” Adam said as he uncrossed his arms and walked towards Merrick.

“AhhhHH! What do you mean?! What’s a Roxas?!” He panted and moaned as he looked fearfully at the animal, which has came up to him, its paws on his stomach, and sniffing at him, feeling a few tiny, sharp points from under its paws, “ADAM! Get it away from me, please!” Adam chuckled as he bent over, and picked up the strange creature.

“Relax, baby, heeey,” Adam said as he rubbed Merrick’s shoulder, “He’s just a little kitty~” The merman stared at the animal on Adam’s arm, panting as he shook with fear, “It’s ok, alright, here…” He then held the cat up for Merrick to see. He gasped and pulled away more, flinching from the feline, “Look, I got him, ok? Just calm down, he’s not gonna hurt you.” He said, smiling as those blue eyes darted around at the feline, “This is Roxas. He’s our pet cat. Lots of humans have cats. They’re pets, we keep them in our houses, they’re completely harmless.” Adam gently put Roxas down, and the cat approached Merrick, making the merman quiver and gasped.

“Shh shh shh, it’s ok, Merrick, I’m right here… It’s ok…” Adam stroked his hand along the cat’s back as the furry animal approached the blonde closely again, “See? He’s ok. I think he likes you…” Merrick hesitantly moved his hand up, and put it close to the feline’s face. It sniffed at his fingers, and brushed his face against his hand. Merrick chuckled nervously as he moved his hand along Roxas’s fur.

“A… Roxas…” Adam chuckled as he shook his head.

“No, babe. Roxas is his name. He’s a cat. Just a domestic animal that humans like to own, that’s all.” He explained. Merrick calmed down as he ran his hand into Roxas’s soft fur. He heard the animal’s throat rattle as the cat mewed.

“What’s that noise it’s making?”

“That’s called purring. Cats make that sound when it’s happy.” Merrick smiled as he pets Roxas a little more, “Yeah, that’s it.” He chuckled as Merrick giggled when Roxas licked his palms a little, appearing as if the cat’s tongue wiped a little bit of the peach-color off of Merrick’s skin, as the moisture made that spot turn blue, “Heh heh heh… Typical~ Cats like fish.”

Adam then got up, and walked off, and then Roxas ran off, “Come over here, Merrick,” He said as he walked to the couch, and sat down. Merrick looked, and huffed as he pushed his legs up to stand up again, before walking over to where Adam is sitting. He had a little trouble on getting onto the couch, and ended up just dropping onto the sofa. He gasped, and fell onto the cushioned furniture, giggling as he pulled himself back up.

“Hehehe, is this what humans sit on?” He asked as he felt the soft cushion press 1xbet güvenilirmi on his butt.

“Yep. It’s also a good place to relax, rest, sleep, watch TV…” Adam said as he scooted closer to Merrick, “Cuddle with adorable guys~” Merrick smiled as he scooted closer to Adam.

“Yeah?” He said with a cute grin, “What else do they do~”

“Well,” He put his arm and Merrick, and pulled him closer, smiling widely, “It’s also a good place to do this…” He then gently pushed his lips against Merrick’s and kissed him. Merrick lapped his lips around with Adam, nibbling on his upper lip, and licking deftly along his lower lip. Adam felt his member stirring in his trunks as he kissed his lover tenderly.

“Here…” Adam then moved to the side, and laid himself down onto the couch, putting his head onto the arm of the couch, and helped Merrick slide onto him. The merman climbed onto Adam, and ground himself onto Adam, pressing his mouth onto the other once again.

“Mmmmmllllhhhh~” Adam closed his eyes as he licked his tongue into Merrick’s mouth, feeling their tongues dance around each other, lapping and savoring each other’s taste. Adam’s hand rubbed along Merrick’s smooth back, roaming his light flesh, and moving to rub and cup one of Merrick’s flawless buttcheeks.

Merrick broke the kiss, and laying soft, gentle smooches off the corner of his mouth, down that coarse stubble, and along Adam’s neck. Adam tilted his head, closing his eyes, opening his mouth, and letting out a long, calm, quiet sigh as his boyfriend nibbled and kissed his throat. Merrick kissed his way along Adam’s chest, licked down his fuzzy abs and looked up, smiling playfully as he pulled at Adam’s trunks, giggling as he felt the tent in his shorts.

Adam bit his lip, and put his thumb into his trunks, and pulled them lower before his cock flopped out of his trunks. Merrick rubbed his shaft, and slowly took his throbbing manhood into his mouth. Adam gasped, and huffed a sigh as he laid his head back, “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” He put his hand onto Merrick’s blonde hair as he felt his penis engulf in warm, wet bliss. The man flexed his dick inside his lover’s mouth as he bobbed up and down on his dick.

“Ooohhh yeah… That feel’s good, babe…” He said in a hushed tone. Adam looked down, and felt himself spurt a glob of pre as Merrick’s blue eyes looked up at him, “Ohhh, baby…” Merrick popped his mouth off of Adam’s cock, and stroked the top of it while kissing and licking the base of his hard penis, grinning as he licked up his shaft, and took in his dick again. Adam moaned as Merrick sucked his cock up and down.

“Look, I don’t care how many times you try to rationalize it,” Adam’s eyes bugged out as he heard Yuri’s voice, “We are NOT getting a dog!”

“Aw, come on, Yuri! Don’t play me like dat!”

“Shit! It’s my roommates!” Adam said. Merrick gasped as he backed off of Adam, who is now stashing his still-hard member into his trunks. The door opened to Yuri coming in.

“ONE dog, Yuri! C’mon! I’ll get a puppy!”

“Jamal, for the last time, that’s not gonna work- AH!” Yuri screamed and jumped at the sight of Merrick. Merrick gasped and shook as his hand seized Adam’s wrist, looking very terrified at the arrival of a new human, one he’s never met!

“What’chu screamin about now- WHOA!” Jamal said as he starred at Merrick too.

“A-Adam,” Yuri said as she turned her head, and held her hand up to cover up the naked male, “Are we um… Interrupting?”

“Looks like it,” Jamal said with a grin, looking at the hard-on between Merrick’s legs.

“Um, look, can I just talk to you guys a minute??” Adam said as got up, but realized Merrick is holding a very tight grip on him, “Merrick, could you wait here?” Merrick shook his head quickly, looking very terrified.

“No! Adam, please don’t leave! I don’t-”

“It’s ok, Merrick, I’ll be right back, I swear!” He said as he had Merrick let go of him, and walked to Yuri and Jamal, “You two, outside, please.” He and his two roommates then walked them out the front door, and closed it behind him.

“Ok, Adam, I-I-I am very, VERY sorry,” Yuri stammered, “We- uh- um- uh We thought you weren’t gonna be home all day as usual-“

“Trust me, so did I,” Adam said, “I’m sorry, I forgot the text you guys, but um… He wanted to come over and see where I live.”

“So, that’s him? That’s your boyfriend?” Yuri asked, her face still flushed from the ordeal.

“Yeah, and… Listen, there’s something I didn’t tell you about him,” Adam said, having had rehearsed this moment several times, “Merrick is a Nudist.” Jamal raised his eyebrows, and grinned.

“Aw sweet!”

“Down, boy.”

“Down, boy.”

Adam and Yuri said simultaneously.

“Wait, a Nudist? Is that one of those people who… Basically walk around naked for their whole lives?” Yuri asked.



Adam and Jamal said simultaneously. Adam and Yuri gave Jamal a look, before pausing.

“So,” Jamal said, “Was he buggin or something? He looked kinda scared at us when we came in.”

“Er, yeah, he is. Like I said before, he’s not very social. He’s… Well, he’s really afraid of meeting people. He’s had a lot of therapy about it, but he’s still very shaky around new people.”

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