Assigned Seating

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“Pick up your seating assignment at the front table, please,” said the young man in the white shirt and black slacks. The badge on his chest proclaimed his name to be Chad. Hazel was sure his nickname in high school was probably “Pizza Face” or something similar. The poor guy really needed a dermatologist, or one of those miracle creams they sell on television for severe acne. As Hazel approached the table, Chad smiled brightly at her. “Very nice to see you again, Ms. Scott,” he said, beaming. “You’re a bit early for dinner. It doesn’t start for another half hour or so.” Hazel nodded at him. He had helped her find the first session of the convention this morning after she had overslept. The guy had nearly tripped over his own feet when she asked him for directions. There weren’t many people their age at the convention, so Hazel expected he thought she was fair game to flirt with.

“Thanks,” said Hazel distractedly, as she looked through the double doors to the ballroom. Chad was right; there weren’t many people arriving yet. Hazel perused the list on the front table and found her name. Hazel Scott – Table F, Seat 3. Assigned seating for dinner, Hazel mused. You will owe me one, Dad, she fumed silently, You and mom are enjoying the beach in Hawaii and I’m spending part of my precious summer vacation at a convention with assigned dinner seating. She didn’t really begrudge her parents. They were on their second honeymoon. But assigned seating? Hazel wondered who she’d have to sit with for dinner. Hazel idly gazed at the sparse crowd in the dining room. Her spirits sank and she wondered if her father would be too upset with her if she went back up to her room and ordered a pizza.

“You’ll have fun, Peanut,” he had said, “you’ll meet some fascinating people.” Fascinating was right. Hazel was attending a Philanthropy Convention. The attendees were a unique lot. These were the people in society who had more money than they knew what to do with. Of course, most of them donated large amounts of it to help others and Hazel was appreciative of their gifts and kind hearted efforts, but some of them were damned eccentric! Her father ran a prominent foundation that helped to build community resources in areas where they were lacking, so she understood the need for the Foundation to have a representative at the conference. Some of the sessions had been informative and the networking opportunities were plentiful. It really did boil down to who you knew in the world of money.

Hazel picked her way around the tables, studying the elegant placards and place settings. Table F was on the far left of the room, almost in the corner. Hazel was grateful that she wouldn’t be in the middle of the room where all the entertainment would be located, but she was dismayed as well, wondering if seat placement gave an indication of rank or prestige. She hated to think that her father’s foundation wasn’t viewed as important or significant. She would ask him about it when she returned home.

Hazel considered her table for the evening. It was set for eight and there were three people already seated. A man and woman were seated next to each other across the table in seats 6 and 7, and next to her assigned seat, in seat 2, was a woman with long silver hair that fell midway down her back. She appeared to be in her 40s and had a very shapely figure. Maybe assigned seating wouldn’t be so terrible after all, Hazel thought, her eyes twinkling.

Hazel politely approached the couple and introduced herself. She received pleasant but curt nods and the couple returned to their own private conversation. Hazel walked around the table to her seat. Tucking a short lock of her golden brown hair behind her ear, she smiled her most charming and flirtatious smile, “My name is Hazel. May I have the pleasure of your name?”

The woman looked up at Hazel and held her gaze for a moment. Her eyes were a brilliant green, framed with jet black eyebrows and long dark lashes. The hint of a smile played at the corner of her mouth. She took her gaze from Hazel’s face and let it play over Hazel from head to foot, as if drinking her in. All of this took mere seconds, but Hazel watched the woman scrutinizing her with curiosity and amusement. The game, as it were, seemed to be on.

“You may have the pleasure,” the silver haired woman said finally, her emphasis implying she was giving Hazel permission. Her voice was rich and lilting. She spoke deliberately, as if she were tasting each syllable of the word playing across her lips. She waved her hand towards Hazel’s seat. Hazel sat down but her eyes were still fixed on the woman. Her radiant locks, almost gleaming despite the low lighting, were swept back into pearl combs. “You look just like your father, Hazel. He is a very handsome man.” Hazel blinked and blushed. She wasn’t used to being complimented on her looks. She brushed her hands absently down her black slacks.

“You know my father?” Hazel wracked her brain for a memory she could not grasp. bahis firmaları She had encountered people she recognized from her father’s foundation in the sessions earlier today, but this woman was so striking, she was sure she would have remembered if she had met her before. There was something vaguely familiar about her face, but no memory responded to Hazel’s frantic summons.

“Of course. I admire his passion for helping others. I am a patron of his foundation. My name is Diana Argent.” Hazel swallowed hard. She knew this woman. Well, she knew of her anyway. Hazel had heard her father talking about the Argent family and their support of his work for as long as she could remember.

“I also know all about you, young Hazel Scott,” Diana continued quietly in her rich, deliberate voice. “The last time I saw you, you were still a scrappy young thing, all elbows and skinned knees. I believe that was 6 or 7 years ago now.” Diana paused and thought. “You’re what, 20 now? In college … but I can’t remember what you’re studying.”

Hazel’s flirtatious bravado deflated instantly and she began to examine the place setting before her. She had been an ungainly and awkward teenager. Luckily, Mother Nature had been kind in the end and Hazel had filled out her curves quite nicely. But to be reminded of that phase of life, and even worse, to have this beautiful lady’s memory of her to be during that embarrassing period, was simply too much. Hazel nodded, rather stupidly, in response to Diana’s question. “I just celebrated my 21st birthday, ma’am,” she murmured, defaulting awkwardly to her childhood manners.

“No,” Diana said firmly. She reached over and ran a finger gently yet insistently against Hazel’s cheek, turning her head so she was gazing into Hazel’s hazel eyes. “You will not refer to me as ma’am again tonight. Do I make myself clear?” Diana’s green eyes sparkled. Hazel held her gaze for a moment, but still embarrassed, cast her eyes downwards involuntarily. Diana was wearing a silver gown with a deep V-cut neckline and close cut waist. Her cleavage was ample but elegant. The pale curves of her breasts were clearly visible as Diana leaned forward and her voice dropped into a low purr, “You do take after your father.” Her finger slid under Hazel’s chin and lifted it. Again those green eyes bore into Hazel’s. “My name is Diana. Not ma’am and not Ms. Argent. Diana. Are we clear?”

Hazel nodded once and Diana smiled and sat back in her chair. “Good. Now that that’s settled, tell me again what it is you are studying in college.”

Hazel took a deep breath. She had been unsettled both by this woman’s blunt manner and none the least by her exquisite beauty. Diana was still gazing steadily at her, expectantly. “I am still deciding what I want to major in,” began Hazel slowly. “I’m torn between studying design and writing. I want to appreciate beauty in all of its forms, but the University doesn’t offer a class in that.” Hazel paused for a beat and a smile started to curl her lips. She could not let this opportunity pass. This woman was too intriguing not to engage and Hazel was determined to set aside her embarrassment and enjoy this dinner. Flirting with Diana Argent was exactly what she needed tonight. Hazel leveled her eyes directly at Diana, “Perhaps you might consider teaching one.”

Diana arched an eyebrow but the corner of her lips again turned up in the hint of a smile as her eyes darkened. “And would you take my class if I were to offer one?” Diana asked quietly. Her eyes never left Hazel’s as she waited for an answer.

Hazel leaned forward so she would not be overheard by the other people now sitting down around them, “If you are as brilliant as you are beautiful, I would be the first student on the roster.”


The dining room filled up quickly and the emcee tapped the microphone. Unobtrusive servers appeared around the edges of the room with trays as he thanked everyone for attending the conference and for their contributions to society. The food smelled wonderful and Hazel’s appetite was glad she wasn’t sitting alone in her room eating pizza in her pajamas. Dinner was a gourmet meal served in four courses. Hazel’s tablemates were a mix of different community foundation representatives, donors, and like minded members of society. Some of them had met her father through different conferences or business engagements and they were politely curious about his daughter. Diana, however, seemed to know each of them personally. Hazel observed Diana throughout the meal. When Diana turned her attention to someone at the table, it was as if the rest of the world fell away and they were the only two people in the room. Hazel caught herself gazing at the older woman as she spoke and as Hazel looked around the table, she noticed most everyone else within earshot doing the same. Hazel learned a lot about her dining companions through the conversations but found she still knew very little about Diana.

The key speaker mounted kaçak iddaa the stage while desert was being served. It was a cinnamon spiced apple pastry and Hazel tucked into it with relish, an appreciative mmmm escaping her throat as she took the first bite. She grinned as she caught Diana watching her. “It’s good,” Hazel whispered, holding up a forkful of spiced flaky crust as the crowd laughed at one of the speaker’s jokes. Diana speared a piece of crust and held it out invitingly towards Hazel. Hazel quickly looked around but everyone was paying attention to the speaker or their own dessert. Hazel shook her head, trying not to laugh. “No. You eat it,” Hazel whispered. Diana brought the fork back towards herself and examined it. A small corner of the crust, heavy with the spiced apple filling, threatened to fall away. Diana deliberately licked the morsel free, her eyes still locked on Hazel’s. “Yes,” Diana agreed, “it is quite good.” Hazel swallowed hard and nodded. Diana had a penetrating gaze and Hazel felt captivated by it every time Diana levelled it her way. Hazel couldn’t tear her eyes away as Diana wrapped her lips around the fork and savored the pastry. Diana never took her eyes off of Hazel’s and the spell was only broken by the crowd breaking into applause for the conclusion of the speaker’s remarks.

After the emcee thanked the speaker, he encouraged the dinner guests to enjoy the rest of the evening listening to the music, dancing, or continuing their conversations. As their tablemates engaged in conversation or got up to mingle with other attendees, Diana looked at Hazel.”So, appreciation of beauty, is it?”

Hazel smiled, “Is class in session then?” Diana ignored her question and continued in her slow, deliberate manner.

“Beauty, like power, is defined by those who perceive it,” explained Diana.

“So, are you saying that something cannot be inherently powerful or beautiful?” asked Hazel. “I don’t know if I can agree with that.”

“Think of a painting. Is it inherently beautiful or does someone critique it and thereby deem it beautiful?” Diana asked.

“But what about natural objects? A tree or a sunset can be beautiful, whether or not someone notices it or paints a picture of it,” retorted Hazel. “Inherent beauty exists. And what about a waterfall? The power in the water is inherent, is it not?”

“Again, unless that power is perceived, recognized, and utilized, how can you define it as power?” asked Diana.

Hazel paused thoughtfully for a moment to consider Diana’s words. Quietly she continued, “I still contend that there is a concept of inherent beauty. Proof of it sits directly in front of me, so you may have a difficult time convincing me otherwise.”

Diana closed her eyes and smiled, “Beauty which you have defined and pronounced.” Diana sighed quietly. “I think this chapter of the evening has come to a close,” Diana said gently, rising from her seat.

Hazel looked around and realized it was late. She didn’t want the evening to be over. She was enjoying talking to and flirting with Diana. “I’d like to see you tomorrow if you aren’t busy,” Hazel ventured. She had no idea if Diana would be open to accepting her offer, but she knew if she didn’t ask now, this woman might disappear into the night and out of her life forever. Hazel knew her quip earlier in the evening had been flirtation, but Diana truly was as brilliant as she was beautiful.

“I am not sure what my plans are for tomorrow. However, my evening is not quite complete.” Diana picked up her wrap and evening purse. She strode a few steps towards the door and looked back at Hazel. “Walk with me.”

Hazel grabbed her bag and followed Diana out of the ballroom and into the hallway. Hazel naturally fell into step behind the older woman as Diana strode purposefully away from the double doors. Diana’s skirt hugged the curve of her hips and the slit running up the back to mid-thigh showed off her strong, muscular legs. Classic black Louboutins with silver studs clicked along the mosaic tile floor; each step giving Hazel a peek of the red soles. Diana stopped, pushed the elevator button, and turned to face Hazel.

“Class is in session,” she murmured, “and you my dear, are my student for the evening.”

Like all of the upper floor rooms, Diana’s hotel suite was spacious and luxurious. Diana walked in and set her evening purse on the walnut writing desk to the right of the door and draped her sheer wrap over the back of the desk chair. Hazel set her bag down next to Diana’s and closed the door behind her. Her pulse was racing as she drank in the room. Through a door to the left, Hazel could see a large king sized bed dressed with a white down duvet and large pillows. She watched Diana walk across the room to the grey tufted divan by the french doors leading out to the balcony. Diana sat down on the edge and beckoned Hazel over to her. “Come over here, my lovely student.”

Hazel obeyed the command and sank down to her kaçak bahis knees in front of the divan, taking Diana’s hands in her own. She gazed up into Diana’s green eyes.

Hazel was not a virgin. She’d had her share of lovers, both men and women, and Hazel definitely preferred women. None of her relationships had been serious. They were casual affairs with friends and classmates, and once or twice, she had dabbled in light bondage and role play; but on the whole, Hazel avoided sex with lots of rules or expectations. This woman, however, exuded a confidence and authority to which Hazel was eager to respond.

“You wanted a class in appreciating beauty in all of its forms,” Diana said gently, looking at Hazel intently. “Tonight’s subject is appreciation of the female form.” Hazel opened her mouth to respond but Diana placed a finger over her lips. “You have used enough of that charm and wit tonight, dear one. Never fear; I find you to be quite clever and an adorable flirt.” With that, she leaned forward and kissed Hazel full on the mouth.

Diana’s lips pressed into Hazel’s gently at first and then parted. Her lips were warm and soft but when a low moan escaped Hazel’s throat, Diana’s kiss became hungry and insistent. Diana ran a fingertip along Hazel’s jawline and tilted her face up. Hazel breathed in the scent and taste of the older woman. Diana was an intoxicating combination of jasmine and sandalwood, lipstick, and the lingering cinnamon spice from dessert. Diana broke the kiss after several minutes and sat back on the divan. Hazel’s heart was racing and her breath was ragged. She leaned forward, kicked her shoes off and settled back on her heels, gazing up at the woman who had quite literally taken her breath away.

Diana, however, appeared quite composed. She lifted her left leg and gently placed the red Louboutin sole against the front of Hazel’s right shoulder. The heel dug in slightly but Diana kept the pressure gentle. Hazel licked her lips involuntarily as she watched Diana draw the skirt of her gown up and let it pool between her legs. A sheer thigh high stocking encased Diana’s well sculpted leg.

“Please remove my stockings,” Diana directed, her voice low and sultry. “Roll them down gently… and take your time. Remember, your lesson is in the appreciation of form.”

Hazel leaned forward into the pressure of the heel. She ran her fingertips lightly around the thick elastic band of the stocking. Hazel caressed the creamy firm flesh of Diana’s thigh around the edges and slid her fingers under the band to roll the top down. Once she had a bead started, Hazel flattened her palms against Diana’s thigh and firmly but slowly stroked the stocking down towards her. The persistent pressure from the heel prevented Hazel from leaning forward to follow the path of her hands with her mouth. When Hazel got the stocking down to Diana’s ankle, Diana lifted her foot and allowed Hazel to remove both the elegant heel and the stocking.

As Hazel took the opportunity to brush her lips across the high arch of Diana’s bare foot, she felt the sharp pressure of Diana’s right heel press into her left shoulder. Hazel’s cheeks were flushed and she looked up to see Diana watching her intently. Diana licked her parted lips deliberately and Hazel felt the heat from her cheeks travel down her body and into her core. She knew Diana was in control of this situation and that excited Hazel even more.

“Undo the buttons on your blouse,” Diana commanded. Hazel’s hands trembled only slightly as she undid the jewel green buttons and let the emerald top fall open, revealing her cream lace bra. She followed Diana’s gaze down to the tops of her own flushed breasts. Diana’s bare toes caressed Hazel’s breasts through the cream lace. She shivered as Diana circled a hardened nipple and then traced her toes down Hazel’s abdomen. Diana tickled her toes gently against the waistband of Hazel’s slacks, then stroked her foot purposefully down the zipper. Hazel’s hips lifted to the contact but she was pushed back by the pressure of Diana’s right heel, still pressing into her shoulder.

“My stocking,” Diana purred, reminding Hazel of her task. Hazel repeated the procedure with Diana’s right stocking and shoe, admiring her well toned, muscular leg and elegant flexed foot. Hazel wanted to kiss Diana again. This maddeningly slow pace was driving Hazel crazy but she found it terribly erotic as well. Diana’s bare feet pressed Hazel back into a kneeling position as Hazel removed Diana’s right stocking and placed the heel gently on the carpeted floor. Hazel leaned into the pressure and steadied her gaze on Diana’s green eyes. Hazel’s lips parted as if to ask a question or murmur an invocation; She didn’t know which.

“Shhh,” breathed Diana, “no words. I need you to use that talented tongue of yours in another way.” Diana drew the skirt of her dress up over her hips revealing delicate lavender silk panties. Hazel took another deep breath when she realized there was a noticeably darker patch of lavender visible, betraying Diana’s desire behind her cool exterior. Hazel reached forward to slip her fingers beneath the silky straps and Diana pushed her back with her feet.

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