Assisting Mr. Anderson

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This is the story of a single young woman that is frustrated with younger men and finds what she needs in an older, powerful man.

Leigh was frustrated with the life she was living. She stuck living a mundane existence; compromising on her life on a daily basis. She was consumed in business and social gatherings, with her hidden and very private desires going unfulfilled. She was raised a good girl and she remained true to the mores she’d grown up with. She was virtuous; just as she’d been taught to be. But, being virtuous and hard working seemed to do nothing to cool down her libido. In fact, it seemed to fuel it even more.

She had dated a few boys in high school but never enjoyed having to deal with their immaturity. In college she was courted by more than her share of what she thought of as boys… But, they always disappointed. “They are all so needy and insecure,” she’d say to herself each time she came home after a date, and she’d always promise herself that never again would she date a boy in college. But, each time she’d end up relenting and agree to a date and each time she’d be disappointed all over again.

Leigh graduated with a degree in finance and after her graduation she met a young man at the first brokerage firm she went to work for and she thought she’d fallen in love until she found out that he wanted her to be more of a mommy than a wife. From Leigh’s point of view, the young men her age were just like they were back in college; needy, lacking confidence, and completely self absorbed.

None of them were able to treat her the way she truly desired and they all seemed incapable of penetrating the good girl veneer she had erected to hide her hidden and kinky desires…. Leigh wanted to be led by a man that understood her needs better than she ever could herself. She wanted a man that could instruct her in the ways of eroticism while loving her for who she was…. She wanted a man full of confidence and a desire to dominate her. Eventually, Leigh determined that she would only find this in an older man and she gave up dating men her age and turned each of them down that asked.

She kept the naughty things that ran through her mind to herself. But, they were there and they found an increasingly prominent position in her mind as she grew from a barely mature young woman out on her own, into a 28 year old confident woman with a career and opinions and sexual desires that sharpened and matured with each passing year.

Leigh took a job in a well known brokerage and found it well to her liking. She moved up fast and soon found herself in a group of technical assistants to a team of high end income producers. Almost every one of these ‘high earners’ were men and almost every one of them was in their 40’s or 50’s. The Alpha male of the group was Mr. Anderson. The other men deferred to him and the team of technical assistants, of which Leigh was a part, worked hard for him and gave his projects a high priority.

Leigh was enthralled with him from the very first time she met him.

It’s so hard to figure myself out, she’d often say to herself. And, looking in the mirror that final time each morning before she headed off to work, dressed immaculately, coiffed in high businesswoman style, every hair in place and make up (although she didn’t need any) done perfectly…. She would be thinking of how much she wanted Mr. Anderson to undress her.

Yes, Leigh would think of Mr. Anderson each morning as she left her apartment. And, as she drove into the city she would repeat to herself, “This is so silly. I’m thirty years old and he’s twice my age. What am I doing?”

But, every time she was around him she did things without thinking of the consequences; as if she were a young teenager with her very first crush on the football star. When around him, she felt more alive; more energized and more comfortable being who she really was. She wore stockings for him because he wanted to see her in them. At least, she thought he did. He certainly took a long look at her legs two months ago on the day she first wore them to work and made sure to give him several opportunities to see up her skirt. When he took advantage of her ‘accidentally on purpose’ upskirts, she swooned in her seat.

Yes, Leigh was infatuated with her tall, tanned and very handsome late fifty something boss. And, it was obvious to the other girls she worked with. One of them, Estella Williams, was particularly interested in the attraction because she had wanted Mr. Anderson to notice her for a long, long time and without an ounce of luck. Knowing that Leigh worked closely with Mr. Anderson, she’d watched her very intently. And on the day that Leigh had first worn the stockings Estella had noticed them even before Mr. Anderson had.

She saw how Leigh’s skirt was a little bit shorter than normal and she watched how Leigh’s hemline rode way up her legs when she sat at her desk, just across from Mr. Anderson’s and within his natural line of sight as he worked bahis siteleri diligently to make money for the brokerage firm. Estella kept her eye on Leigh that day and saw her opening up her legs on purpose and keeping her gaze down so that Mr. Anderson would be able to look up her skirt without getting caught looking.

“Little bitch,” Estella whispered each time Leigh exposed herself to him.

Estella noticed Mr. Anderson looking and by the end of the day she had seen enough. She wasn’t sure if she was mad at Leigh for brazenly showing off, or at herself for never having the courage to have done it herself. Either way, she was determined to do something about it and she approached Leigh’s desk late in the afternoon.

“Oh, hello Estella,” Leigh said as she turned around and saw her standing beside her.

“Hmmph!” Estella replied with her hands on her hips and her jaw pushed out. Telling Leigh off is going to be fun, Estella thought to herself, then lifted her hand and pointed her finger and opened her mouth to begin extracting the kind of revenge she needed from this little hussy named Leigh.

Estella was the only woman in the office Leigh was afraid of. She was terrified of her and she didn’t know why, but she was. Just before she could say her first word Mr. Anderson came round the corner and stood before them both. “Estella,” he said.

“Yes, Mr. Anderson?” she replied.

“Good news, Estella!” he said.


“Yes. I’ve arranged for your transfer to the Valley Office, effective tomorrow. Isn’t that awesome? You’ll get that pay raise you’ve been wanting and your drive to work will be half what it is today,” Mr. Anderson announced joyously.

“I…. Uhhh….I ahhh….That’s great news, Mr. Anderson,” Estella replied and lowered her finger and pulled her jaw back in and felt too off her game to even think of telling Leigh off.

With Estella still trying to figure out what had just happened, Mr. Anderson looked at Leigh and said, “Leigh isn’t it great that Estella is transferring to the Valley Office and getting her pay raise?”

“It’s great news!” Leigh replied. And she felt so good and happy that Estella was being transferred and she wondered if it had anything to do with him protecting her from Estella. “Gosh, I hope so,” she said to herself and then congratulated Estella on her promotion and held out her hand to shake Estella’s.

“Why thank you dear,” Estella replied and said to herself that Leigh was a lucky little bitch and Estella shook Mr. Anderson’s hand and thanked him for the confidence he had in her to do a good job and then she turned and walked back to her desk to gather up her things.

Once Estella was out of range Mr. Anderson smiled at Leigh and told her, “She won’t be able to bother you anymore, Leigh.”

Leigh didn’t say a word back. But, her big bright smile said everything for her. She pumped out her chest, now so full of pride that the man she was infatuated with had come to her rescue. “Jealous old biddy,” she whispered as she stacked papers on her desk.

“What’s that? Mr. Anderson said, apparently hearing Leigh’s comment.

“Oh ahhhh… I said ‘Too bad it’s four fifty’ Mr. Anderson. Almost time to go home.” Leigh skillfully replied.

Mr. Anderson just smiled and continued on his way to his desk and Leigh smiled back and sat down with her legs slightly open so that Mr. Anderson could see up her dress all the way to the tops of her stockings as he finished the day’s work. She eagerly showed herself to him and each time he looked, she smiled and opened her legs up just a little bit further and she was so proud that he enjoyed looking, and from that day on she wore stockings every day to work and a dress that was short enough for him to be able to enjoy them.

It wasn’t long after that day that Mr. Anderson was made President of the brokerage and Leigh was thrilled that he wanted her as his assistant and of course she said yes. She was a top notch technical analyst and becoming his personal assistant would open a great many doors for her.

He had a huge office, and it was furnished as you’d expect a President’s office to be furnished; lots of hardwood paneling and bookcases and big comfortable high-back chairs and a desk the size of a skyscraper. One of the perks of a President’s office suite was an adjoining lavishly decorated executive bedroom where Mr. Anderson could catch up on sleep before big meetings or when he worked very late, which was more often that he wanted.

Leigh’s desk was in an entry room to the President’s office suite. Between her desk and Mr. Anderson’s office were two large double doors that Mr. Anderson kept open unless he was having an important meeting. On the other side of her desk was the entrance to the conference room and two large double doors the exact same size as those leading to Mr. Anderson’s office were there to open up the conference room for important meetings.

Mr. Anderson kept the doors to his office open so he could canlı bahis siteleri see Leigh sitting behind her desk. Leigh liked everything set up this way because she liked Mr. Anderson looking at her all day and she made the most of it each time she dressed for work.

She loved the way he complimented her on her on each new pair of high heels. “Why thank you, sir.” she’d say and point her toe and pivot her foot on her heels as if modeling them for him.

She loved the way he complimented her on her new skirts. “Oh, Mr. Anderson. That’s so kind of you. Do you really like it?” she’d say and if she was standing at time, she would twirl in it and if she was sitting she would lift the hem up. Either way, she’d show off for him and enjoy his reaction.

Occasionally, he would compliment her on her stockings. Especially, when she wore fishnet stockings or ones with designs. “You are so sweet, Mr. Anderson.” Leigh would say and always lift her skirt way up, almost to the point of exposing her panties and ask if he liked the design at the top. He’d always grin and then go back to making lots of money for the brokerage.

She’d been his assistant for a few months when, as she sat at her desk her direct line from Mr. Anderson chimed. “Yes, Mr. Anderson,” she answered.

“Leigh, how many are waiting to see me?” he asked.

Leigh looked over her left shoulder and through the double doors that were wide open, into Mr. Anderson’s office to see him with the phone to his ear, staring at her. She looked across her desk at the two gentlemen waiting impatiently to discuss business with him.

She replied, “There’s Mr. Gupta, waiting to discuss the Southeast Asia project and Mr. Riley is here to discuss the policy in regards to the foreign based trans-nationals.”

“Leigh, look at me,” he said into her ear. Leigh turned her head and again looked into his office. “Do you trust me, Leigh?”

She looked him in the eye across the 20 feet of office between her desk and his. “Yes,” she replied.

“Good. Are you wearing panties?” he asked. He quickly added, “Don’t reply. Just nod your head yes or no.”

Leigh’s pussy moistened as a tingle ran through her thighs and she nodded her head up and down.

“Lift your skirt and show them to me,” he instructed her.

Each morning when she dressed, she’d look into the mirror as she slipped into her panties and each morning she’d hope Mr. Anderson would get a chance to see them. She wore them for him and now he was asking her to show them to him.

Leigh’s heartbeat quickened and while she continued to stare through his office doors, she reached down with her left hand and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up her leg until it was resting above her waist, revealing the red panties she’d put on that morning to match her skirt.

She looked up at Mr. Anderson and smiled.

“Good girl,” he complimented her. “Red looks good on you, Leigh.”

“Thank you, sir!” She exclaimed loudly enough to be heard by the men sitting across the room, waiting impatiently to see him. They both looked up and smiled the kind of smile you give to a powerful man’s assistant as you hope your turn to see him has finally arrived.

“Now, I’m going to give you an assignment. I’ll be doing this from time to time and I expect you to complete them promptly and completely,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“Leigh, without attracting the attention of Mr. Gupta or Mr. Riley… wiggle out of your panties and bring them to me.”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir,” she replied nervously.

Leigh pulled her lower lip tight against her teeth as she repeated what he’d said in her mind and thought of how she was going to pull this off. There was no question she was going to complete the assignment. And, she was determined to complete it promptly and completely.

Her desk was made of oak and it had a panel across the front that hid her legs so that the only thing visible from the two men’s perspective was her lower calf’s and feet. Leigh worried that one of them would stand up without warning. If that happened, they’d be able to see her waist and hips, but otherwise, as long as she was very careful she thought she could wiggle out of her panties without them seeing a thing.

She uncrossed her legs, grabbed the hem of her short skirt between her thumb and forefinger, looked up to make sure the two men weren’t watching her every move, lifted up ever so slightly to take the pressure off her hips, pulled her skirt up, reached underneath and quickly wiggled her panties down her thighs.

With her panties midway to her knees Mr. Gupta got up from his chair.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed to herself and pulled her skirt back down. Was she busted!?

“Do you know how long will it be?” he asked and stood in front of her desk.

Leigh looked over her left shoulder into Mr. Anderson’s office and saw him staring at her. “Oh, it shouldn’t be much longer,” she replied with canlı bahis a wet pussy and her panties across her thighs. Gupta grumbled a bit and returned to his seat.

Now free to finish this part of her assignment she carefully lifted each leg and slipped completely out of her red panties and placed them in her lap. She grabbed a file folder from the desk drawer to use as a cover and placed her panties in it. “I’ll check with Mr. Anderson,” she said to Gupta, pushed back from her desk, stood and walked into his office.

Mr. Anderson was looking at his computer monitor and with a proud smile she walked to the front of his desk and said, “I hope I completed my assignment to your satisfaction, Sir.”

Mr. Anderson didn’t even look at her. “Place them here on my desk and tell Mr. Gupta to come in.”

Leigh put them on the desk in front of him, and walked out, proudly swinging her hips as she left his office. “Mr. Anderson will see you now,” she said to Gupta and nestled back into her cushioned chair, nervous that Mr. Gupta would see her panties lying on Mr. Anderson’s desk. A half hour later, Gupta left; giving her a smile as he walked past.

For the next two weeks, Leigh showed up for work each day hoping for a new assignment. But, she was disappointed each day because none came and Mr. Anderson never gave her back her red panties and she was left wondering if Mr. Gupta saw them during his meeting.

The third week after her first assignment, Mr. Anderson called Leigh into his office.

“Leigh, I need three things from you. And, I need all three completed before the Foreign Investment conference.”

“Yes, sir. Whatever you need,” she replied, knowing the conference was only ten days away.

“I need a complete analysis of Riley’s proposal on the foreign trans nationals.”

“Yes sir,” she replied with the excitement of having such an important analytical assignment thrust upon her shoulders. This deal was going to be a major money maker for the brokerage and the analysis of the deal was critical to its success.

“Next, I need you to redecorate my executive bedroom. The previous president’s tastes are not to my liking. And, I want it done within ten days.”

“Yes, sir.” She replied. “I’ll contact an interior decorator right away.”

“No, I want you to do it yourself. I don’t want some decorator that I don’t even know to redecorate my bedroom,” he said as he looked through the open door leading to the executive bedroom that adjoined his office. “I want it looking completely different. I don’t like the modern look it has now. Get it into a more provincial look. Lots of cherry or oak; something that would look like a bedroom in my own home. I want it to be comfortable.”

Leigh paused a moment before responding. She was given two assignments that required completely different skill sets. One analytical and the other one creative. And, both to be done within ten days. The thought of the amount of work left her with mixed feelings. She was so proud to be given such important assignments, but scared she might not complete them on time or to Mr. Anderson’s satisfaction.

“Yes, Sir Mr. Anderson. Thank you for your trust in me,” she replied.

“I want a place to unwind during the conference. It’s going to be long days of work stretching into the evening hours and I plan to spend several nights here at the office.”

“I’ll have it ready for you, sir.” She promised. “And, the third assignment?”

During your shopping for the bedroom furniture you are to expose yourself to a group of at least two men. They are to see your pussy and tits. Bring me a picture of it as proof of the completion of your assignment.”

Energy swept through her body as he described her third assignment. “Oh my!” she exclaimed out loud. “I ahhhh, I…..”

Mr. Anderson interrupted her reply. “That’ll be all, Leigh. If you need help with any of this let me know.”

Leigh walked slowly out of his office, her legs feeling a bit numb as the thought of exposing her pussy to a group of strange men took over her thoughts.

At home that night, Leigh… ever industrious and organized, planned out her next ten days. She decided to work on the analysis of the transnational proposal each day until 3 o’clock. Then, she would do design work on Mr. Anderson’s executive bedroom from three to four. Then, off she would head out shopping for furniture, carpeting and accessories.

It was all very exciting and each morning her eyes would pop open without the alarm and she would shower and dress; each day hoping Mr. Anderson would approve of how she looked and she would get into the car for the drive into the city and that’s when she would worry about how she was going to pull off her third assignment.

She’d talk to herself about it in the car. “How am I going to expose myself to several men and get a picture of it as proof?” Four days went by without an answer, then five and then six.

The first two assignments were coming along nicely. The analysis was complete and waiting for review. The bedroom decor had been selected, purchased and was awaiting delivery. Everything would be done by the afternoon of the ninth day. Everything except her exposure.

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