Babes With Balls

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It was back last year in the middle of summer when me and the wife went on a vacation to an all-adult resort. Their was men and women, she males, gays, lesbians, bull dykes, queers and in general just a bunch of kinky people. This complex was on a 1000-acre ranch and one of the rules was that you must always have your cock or pussy showing no street clothes only sexy kinky outfits. Every night there was a gathering where everybody performed different sex acts on different people. Everybody has been tested for AIDS and other sexual diseases so know body has to use a condom.

Well the wife and I got checked into our cottage. These cottages had mirrors on the ceiling and walls, big screen TVs with all the porno tapes you could imagine of every sexual act on the planet. In the bedroom there was whips and chains, Dildo’s and Butt-Plugs, handcuffs and all kinks of leather harnesses and leather items. In the bathroom there was an enema room, that was another rule after a shit you had to have a enema or before a sex party you had to have one. I was so horny looking around the cottage my wife called room service and told them to sent me up a she male to service me.

There was a knock on the door and I opened it and there was the prettiest she male I have ever seen she came inside and said her name was Katie, I said Katie I am real horny and I need to suck a she male cock. Katie was wearing a real short skirt, she lifted it up and I got down on my knees and started sucking her cock. I could get the head of her cock to pop past my tonsils and into the base of my throat while I licked the underside of her cock with my tongue. So I started fucking her cock with my tonsils as I sucked and licked with the rest of my mouth. I know Katie was enjoying herself because her cock was as hard as a rock I could feel the veins in her cock with my mouth. Katie pulled her cock out of my mouth and said she has a friend in the next room by the name of Karen that if I wanted she would have her come over and they would both suck and fuck me at the same time.

I was so horny I bahis siteleri ask my wife if it would be Ok, and she told Katie to go get her. When Katie came back there was another beautiful she male with her. She came in and introduced herself to me and the wife. Katie said Karen was an expert in anal sex and wanted to no if she could fuck him in the ass; my wife said that would be kinky and that she wanted Katie to fuck his mouth at the same time. The she males got in position Karen behind me and Katie in front Karen eased her cock between my ass cheeks and started sticking the end of her cock in my asshole it was hurting like hell. I started to moan loudly when Katie stuck her cock back down my throat. I looked around and my wife was filming all of this on the camcorder.

After Karen was fucking me for a while I wanted her to fill my ass with her warm she male cum, but she wouldn’t and I didn’t know why. I kept squeezing my sphincter on her cock to help her out but she kept stalling. I could tell Katie was going to cum pretty soon her cock was swelling up and pre-cum was flowing down my throat. Then I could feel the cock in my ass really starting to swell but this time Karen didn’t seem to be stopping; she must have been waiting for Katie to cum. Then I could feel her cock start to pulse as she drove it deep into my ass, and I could then feel the warm cum filling my ass with each thrust. As she was pounding me my wife was telling her to “fuck his ass hard”, “you own his fucking ass”, and “fill that little bitch with your load”. She had her dick so deep in me that instead of just feeling it pulse just inside my ass, I could feel it pulse half way through my body, it was the most unbelievable feeling.

I was kneeling there wondering what was next as I could feel the cum running from my asshole all the way down my ass crack, balls and shaft and dripping off the head of my cock onto the floor. About that time Katie filled my mouth with the best tasting she male cum I have ever tasted. I swallowed all of the she male cream and cleaned her cock and balls off with canlı bahis siteleri my tongue. As I was cleaning off her cock it started to grow hard again. Katie said keep sucking it and I will get just as hard as I was before, I will just last longer, do you mind if me and Karen fuck and suck your wife?

I said it would be all right with me. I got up and my wife told me I had made a mess in the floor and to get down there and suck up the cum that had dripped out of my asshole onto the floor. As I was cleaning up the mess, she male Karen got behind my wife and was sticking her cock in my wife’s ass, the cock in her ass was going in and out from balls to head, with Karen occasionally pulling the thickest part of the head all the way out and then back in. After a couple minutes the cock and balls of Katie was starting to get stiff. I started to suck her balls while my wife worked her cock with her mouth. I could then feel the pulsing in her she male cock and balls as she began to cum. I then began to lick her cum from her shaft and balls as it ran out of my wife’s ass. I continued to lick the cum until her cock shrank and fell from my wife’s asshole.

I then licked all the cum as it dripped from her ass and cleaned Karen’s limp cock with my tongue. I got up and stuck my now hard cock into my wife’s hot asshole I could feel some of the cum that Karen had left in there. I thought I would blow my load quick when I got behind her but her asshole was so loose from Karen’s big cock that my cock kept falling out of her ass. About that time Katie filled my wife’s mouth with she male cream. I couldn’t stay in her ass because it was so loose. So I asked my wife if I could have permission to fuck her pussy she said go ahead and stick your worthless cock in my pussy.

It felt like velvet, most of the time when I get to fuck her cunt somebody else has already fucked it and I get sloppy seconds so it didn’t take long for me to shoot a big load of sperm in her pussy. She quickly dismounts my cock and squats over my face and orders me to lick her clean. I lick and canlı bahis suck her, swallowing my own cum and her juices, until she is clean. The she-males thanked us for a good time and they left, my wife looked over at me and said; you were very naughty with the she males, slut.

Very naughty, and very good.” She smiled, as she pinched my nipple and I gasped, I came so many times, watching you get fucked and sucked you exhausted me! So now, I’m going to return the favor. She reached over to the dresser, grabbed a bottle of lube, and squeezed some out onto her hands. She then began to slowly stroke my cock.

“I’m going to do to you what you did to me. I’m going to make you cum until you can’t cum anymore. She laughed wickedly, “You probably think that sounds like fun, don’t you? Well, I’ve done it to other sluts like you, and they say it’s maddening. She was stroking faster, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. You can come whenever you want and as many times you want. You don’t need to ask me for permission, just do it. At that, I moaned, and cum erupted out of my cock. She smiled again, “But you’re going to keep doing it until I milk your cock dry, slut. She spent hours with me, making me cum over and over again.

She used the clamps, the suction devices, something she called a milker, vibrators, butt-plugs and dildos to keep me going. I lost count of the orgasms after the fifth one. I was begging and pleading with her to please stop, but she just kept on going. My speech became incoherent, as my entire being focused on the sensations in my cock. Finally, with a yell, tears streaming down my face, an orgasm ripped through me, and nothing erupted from my cock. My wife said well it looks like your balls are empty of cum. She said you must be dehydrated and for the first time in my life my she straddled my face, and said, “Open wide, slut,” and sent a stream of piss all over my face. I cleaned her with my tongue then she had me lick all the dried cum off the sheets She then had me get all the sex toys she used on my ass and clean them up real good. She then allowed me to take a shower, and she cleaned my cock and balls real good. After we showered we cuddled up in bed and went to sleep.

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To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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