Barbie’s PrickTease PlayDates Ch. 11

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Dan was simply stunned by Barbie’s complimentary text message about Suzi; it was very exciting but it was also full of implications, because he had no idea how she had seen that Suzi was dressed differently now. But it was clear that Barbie was somehow aware that Suzi had changed into her sexy miniskirt and high heels, and if she knew about that, maybe she had also seen Dan “checking her out.”

He knew he should respond promptly to Barbie’s comment, but it was a little tricky deciding exactly what to say. He also knew it would be best to agree with her; he certainly concurred that Suzi looked sexier because of the way she was dressed now, and yes, Suzi’s legs definitely looked fantastic. Still, it felt odd to be talking to his date about how pretty another girl was.

So instead of saying something specific about Suzi’s legs or whatever, he kept it kinda general, and his heart pounded as he nervously replied simply, “Yes, she’s very pretty.”

But then another message came in, and he started to become more concerned when he read it. “And how ’bout that busty blonde! She’s gorgeous, right?”

Dan really didn’t know what to say to that, and he was beginning to panic a bit at the thought of exactly what Barbie had seen him doing. She had definitely seen the blonde, and she was openly encouraging him to agree with her statement about how gorgeous she was, but he also felt there was a bit of a challenging tone in her choice of words, and it worried him. So he simply wrote back, “Yeah”.

After a minute or so, during which time his nervousness continued to escalate, her response came back.

“You know, Daniel…judging by the way you’ve been staring at her, I think you might like her more than you like ME. So maybe I should just dump you right now, and you can go ask her out instead. Good luck with that, I hear she’s kind of a maneater…”

Dan hadn’t even finished reading her message before his heart sank and a wave of coldness swept through his body. Barbie had totally busted him for ogling this other gorgeous blonde; it was clear she had seen him watching the other girl, and she didn’t like it – or at least, she acted like she didn’t like it…

He was completely ashamed of himself, feeling like he had blown it with his gorgeous dreamgirl, but for some reason he knew exactly how to express himself to her at that point. So out it came in a hastily typed text – his apology, his attempt at an explanation, and his confession…

“Oh Barbie, no please! Please, I’m so sorry, yes she’s very sexy, but I don’t know her, it’s YOU I want! Please, ever since we met I can’t stop thinking about you! Please don’t leave me!!”

He really didn’t mind saying those things to her; expressing his adoration of her, and even begging for her forgiveness felt very natural and normal. And who knows…maybe she liked it! Anyway, he hit send, and there was a noticeable pause before her reply came in.

“Well…I suppose I can’t blame you too much, she really is very sexy. Besides, watching you staring at those pretty girls prancing around in their miniskirts and high heels gives me an idea about how to dress for you – IF I decide to ever let you see me again! I have nice legs too, you know…”

Again, he was typing a response before he even finished reading her message, because it seemed like maybe there was a glimmer of hope for him with her, so he just laid it all out on the line. It felt very natural to pour out his heart to her, to tell her everything he was feeling inside…

“Oh god, I’d love to see you dressed like that! Yes, Barbie, please let me see! You’re so amazing, you’re so gorgeous, I’ve never met any girl like you! And the way you’ve been enticing me and teasing me, I just love it! I’m so sorry, Goddess, please, please take me!”

There were twinges of nervousness as he read his message before sending it and thought about whether he should confess his desires for her so openly. But she really had him on the defensive and she literally seemed to be coaxing him to do it, so he just went for it.

Hitting send again, Dan’s fear of her abandoning him was slowly subsiding; she just seemed a bit hurt by seeing him paying so much attention to another girl. And when her message back came in, it was clearly coaxing him further along, encouraging him to express himself to her even more. He felt a little more optimistic as he read it.

“Hmm…not bad, sugar, not bad at all. You got anything else to say?”

And that was it. He just came out and said it. “Yes, Barbie, I do. I want you to know, I’ve never felt this way about any other girl, ever! I think…I mean…I know it’s really early but I can’t help it, I just gotta say it…”

He hit send and didn’t wait for a response, instead continuing with the next message to tell her exactly what he wanted her to know. Instantly he began typing it up with a fluidity in his fingers like he had never felt before, and he hit send without a second of hesitation.

“I’m falling ostim escort in love with you!!”

Sending her that message felt like the most pivotal moment in Dan’s life! It was like she literally held his fate in the palm of her hand, and it was either going to be acceptance or rejection, togetherness or abandonment, pleasure or pain. And as nervous as it made him feel, it also felt very natural to serve himself up for her like that and let her decide to do whatever she wanted to do with him.

After all, her expertly administered teasing games were clearly being done to elicit a response from him, and he hoped she would want it to be an emotional one along with the more predictable, base-level sexual one.

It made sense, because on one hand he knew that there were distinct elements of so-called “gentle” female domination in much of her behavior, along with an obvious desire to control him sexually in there as well. That was the sexual side of things, the “kinky” side of things.

But at the same time, it clearly seemed personal for her too. She had been dishing out her enticing seduction game in a very nice kind of way, and there was a level of intimacy and a one-on-one boyfriend/girlfriend vibe to it too. So given all that, he figured she might like the idea of him being totally infatuated with her…

But no matter what, he felt a wonderful sense of fulfillment after confessing his feelings for her like that, and yet he was still unsure and quite terrified of what was going to happen next. He had no idea what she was going to do or how she was going to react, but he was incredibly excited to find out!

And right then, very suddenly, he felt two hands reach around from behind him, clamping gently over his eyes. Barbie’s voice cooed sweetly, right into his ear, “Awwww…is that what’s happening to you, Daniel? Is my sweetums falling in LOVE with me?”

Dan replied without thinking, feeling a tremendous sense of relief at the sound of her presence. Suddenly she was close to him again with her warm, soft hands touching him! And since her response seemed to indicate that she liked the idea of him being totally smitten with her, he said those same two familiar words that had become so natural to say to her at that point, “Yes, Goddess!”

His cock responded instantly to her presence as well; its aroused state had subsided a bit as they exchanged text messages over the last couple of minutes, but now it swelled up into a nice big erection pretty much instantly. Then her voice went to his other ear, telling him enticingly, “Good boy! Now Daniel, I have a little secret to tell you. You wanna know what it is?”

Dan nodded like crazy, practically bursting with excitement as he said, “Yes! YES!!”

Suddenly her voice switched back to his other ear, telling him more quietly, “All right, sugar, here it is. I know it’s naughty, but I can’t help it – I like hearing guys beg for my charms…and I like making them do it for me!”

Then her voice went back to his other ear, and she planted a soft kiss right on his earlobe as she added, “So go ahead honey, beg for me, beg your Goddess to stay with you tonight! It’s what you want, right? You want me to stay with you??”

Dan had to literally restrain himself, and the words flowed out from his mouth very naturally as he apologized again and blurted, “Oh my god, yes Barbie, I’m so sorry! Yes, please, please stay with me, don’t leave me, please!”

She answered him with a little nibble on his ear, coaxing him on, “Awww! Is that what you want? ‘Cuz I was thinking about walking out on you earlier when I saw you ogling those other girls, but now maybe I’ll stay…would you like that? Answer me a little louder this time, sweetie…”

Again Dan was all too happy to play along, and he practically wailed, “Oh god, yes, YES! Please Barbie, please stay with me, please, please, PLEASE!”

It occurred to him that other people in the restaurant could probably hear what he was saying, but he didn’t care. Barbie was stringing him along so wonderfully; she was clearly toying with him and testing him to see how far he would go for her. But nothing else mattered to him then, all he wanted was to prove himself to her and do anything she said, just so she would take him and let him be with her!

Her warm hands stayed covering his eyes and she said softly with a soothing tone of voice, right in his ear, “Oooo! Verrry good!! All right, all right, it’s okay baby, just one more thing and then maybe I’ll stay. You ready?”

Again Dan nodded his head wildly, so much so that Barbie had to clamp her fingers down harder over his eyes so he couldn’t see. It didn’t matter, though, because he had them closed anyway…

Then her soft voice cooed right in his ear again, with a tone of finality that suggested that this was the end of the naughty game for now, “Tell me you’re in love with me again; I wanna hear you say it, and then maybe you’ll be off the hook…for now…”

So ankara otele gelen escort he did it. It felt wonderful to say it out loud, and he exclaimed it very naturally and without hesitation, doing it in a way that was all about proving it to her.

“Yes, Barbie, it’s true! Yes, yes, I’m in love with you, YES!!”

He was dying to know what she would say in response, but instead of saying anything at all, she did something else entirely. He had barely finished speaking when she took her hands away, and he opened his eyes.

And there, standing right in front of him were both the gorgeous blonde that had been visiting all the tables and Suzi too! They were both posing very matter-of-factly, with their hands on their hips, looking right at him with big toothy grins on their faces. As he looked up at them, he thought, ‘Wait, have they been standing there the whole time, watching me beg Barbie to stay with me?’

His face turned beet red when he saw them, and he was further shocked when he noticed that a group of half a dozen or so other ladies had gotten up from their tables and were standing on either side of Suzi and the blonde, all of them facing him too. They were positioned in a semi-circle, each one only a few feet from his table, and he assumed they had all been observing the spectacle of him begging for Barbie’s charms and telling her he was in love with her.

Immediately they all erupted in applause and laughter, some of them even whooping and cheering their approval of his performance. Dan had never been so mortified in his entire life! He had no idea how to react; I mean what could he do, other than just sit there with his face blushing and let the girls enjoy the moment…

Barbie walked triumphantly around from behind him to the other side of the table, turning to face him and joining the other girls. They all made room for her, right in the center, and she just stood there with them all on either side of her, surrounding him. It felt very much like they were all ganging up on him!

As all the girls gave him a standing ovation, Barbie posed with her hands on her hips in the same triumphant, supremely confident and almost regal way as Suzi and the other blonde. She was clearly quite proud of herself for demonstrating her power over him in front of the other ladies, and she was just loving the way he was reacting too, now that the cat was out of the bag, so to speak.

Dan was immensely turned on, and his cock continued to pulse and throb in his pants as the girls’ applause and laughter slowly subsided. It was still sticking straight up from when he had repositioned it earlier, and it was much more comfortable that way (quite pleasurable, in fact), but he was very fearful of any of them seeing him in that particular condition…

Even though he was happy that his behavior seemed to please Barbie, he thought he was expressing himself for her more privately, so he was incredibly embarrassed at being set up and outed like that. He was fine with telling her he was falling in love with her, but he had no idea it would be such fodder for entertainment for the other women!

The sudden shock of how it all happened was still sinking in, causing considerable feelings of self-consciousness at having his total surrender to his teasergirl being displayed so publicly. And of course he was feeling confused as well, because his embarrassment was mixed in with such a heightened level of sexual arousal, and those two things seemed to be very much in conflict with each other.

But as he watched the girls’ applause slowly abating, he started observing their overall demeanor more closely. He saw that there was a lighthearted energy to their excited praise that was soothing for him in a way, even though they were unquestionably mocking him and making fun of him at the same time.

There were clearly some strong indications that they genuinely approved of his obedience though, and even more so of Barbie’s masterful display of control over his emotions and behavior. He didn’t mind feeling like she was the star of the show and he was in a supporting role, and having them all praise him for his performance (or was it a demonstration?) was wonderfully appealing to him somehow. In any case, the acceptance of all that was such that it slowly began to overtake his embarrassment.

He glanced briefly at each girl as they all smiled at him and clapped for him, and some of them even winked enticingly at him or blew him a kiss of approval. Despite the discomfort caused by the deceptive little way they had set him up, they all seemed to be responding to him so warmly at that point that it made him much more comfortable with what was happening to him.

And because of that, he was more willing to accept the consequences of their little games because it pleased them and gained their approval. Besides, maybe it was not such a bad price to pay for getting to watch all the showing off that Suzi and that ankara rus escort luscious blonde had been doing!

Anyway, as things began to quiet down, none of the girls had said anything to him or to each other just yet; it seemed like they were making sure to let him fully absorb the situation he had been put in first, just so they could all fully enjoy every moment of their ‘big reveal’.

But then some of them began whispering things to each other, telling little secrets to their friends who giggled in response, while others offered complimentary comments to Barbie. A few of them even complimented Dan directly for being such a willing subject in their little experiment and performing so well for his girlfriend.

Finally, Barbie announced, “All right, Daniel, seeing as how you’re all in love with me and everything, just like you’re supposed to be, I’ve made up my mind. I told you I’ve been looking for a new loveslave to toy with, and now I’ve decided – it’s gonna be YOU!”

She pointed at him with an outstretched finger as she said the word “you”, and some of the other girls giggled and whispered more things to each other as they watched her verbally take him and claim him as belonging only to HER now! It was one of those moments that immediately burned itself into Dan’s submissive mindset, and it was quite probably the most erotic moment of his life…so far, that is…

He could feel his emotions building, with the desire to completely surrender and give himself to this fabulously tempting dreamgirl completely overwhelming him. There were tears welling up in his eyes as he briefly glanced at each of the pretty ladies watching him, and somehow it felt like he was in exactly the place he had always wanted to be. But at the same time, he simply couldn’t bear to look at any of them anymore.

So without thinking about it, he laid his head down on the table, putting his forehead right down on it, feeling like an ostrich who wanted to stick his head in the sand. This of course caused several of the girls to comment on this particularly symbolic act of surrender, and he heard them saying things like “Awwww, he’s shy,” and “Poor baaaaby, it’s okay!”

Again they were mocking him a bit, but the tones of their voices also seemed to be showing genuine empathy and concern for his feelings somehow. They clearly knew how intimidating the situation must have been for him, but for them, seeing him accept his own helplessness and embrace his identity as a submissive male clearly created sympathetic feelings for him on their part.

And as he kept his head down on the table, suddenly he felt their soft, warm hands all over him; they were all patting his head, rubbing around the edges of his face and neck and moving down over his back as their soothing comments continued. It felt like every single girl there was pawing at him, and it was incredibly stimulating to have literally a dozen female hands all over him!

But his ordeal wasn’t quite over, not yet, and he knew it when all their hands suddenly ceased caressing him, and Barbie said to him sweetly but commandingly, “Well don’t just hide there, Daniel, stand up, stand up and take a bow! It seems like all my friends here liked your performance, so that’s what you should do for them, right?”

He knew not to question it, so he did it without hesitating. He also knew that the bulge in his pants was quite obvious; his cock was sticking straight up in there and it was hard as a rock. But again, as embarrassing as it was, he was willing to obey his Goddess, wanting to do pretty much anything she said just to gain and keep her approval.

So, as all the girls watched, Dan stood up and theatrically bowed, once to the group of girls on Barbie’s left, once again to the girls on the right, and once more to Barbie herself. Of course, for her he did it even more dramatically, bending all the way forward and staying bent over for a few seconds.

Again each group of girls applauded his behavior as if he was on Broadway or something! But when he stood up straight again, he immediately became uneasy when he noticed several of them looking at the bulge in his pants. A few of them whispered things to their friends again, and some even made comments out loud about how much it seemed like he actually enjoyed being treated this way…

Suddenly one of the girls pointed at his crotch and said to her friend, “See, Charlene? I told you he was, um, straightening himself out earlier!” Dan recognized her as one of the girls at the other table who the blonde had first greeted, the same ones who had clearly seen him adjusting his hardon in his pants.

The girl she was talking to looked right at his bulge, observing how it was so clearly sticking straight up. Then she snickered mischievously as she answered, “Yup, it seems you were right, I stand corrected! And he is, shall we say, standing up too, isn’t he!!”

This caused several of the other ladies to giggle and snicker at poor Dan, making it clear that all of them were now fully aware of his sexual arousal. Barbie couldn’t resist joining the fun at that point, and she bent forward with her hands on the table, focusing her eyes on his obvious hardon, the appearance of which fully revealed the position and condition of his cock.

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