Becky Ch. 05

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Becky woke rolling over in bed, looking at the clock on her nightstand. It read 8:22 on a Saturday morning. She lay there gathering herself, recalling. She’d heard her father come in somewhere after one in the morning. It was the first time she could ever recall his coming home that late when he obviously wasn’t working. The fact that he had, pissed her off a little. The fact she was bound by an idiotic curfew, especially at her age, and about to graduate in less than a week now, seemed totally unfair. Starting off the day in a bad mood wasn’t ideal, but she found the situation hypocritical and annoying. But admittedly she was curious too. Just where had her father been all evening long anyway? Becky headed off into the bathroom to pee, hearing her father bustling about downstairs, the smell of bacon in the air, but even more interesting, she could hear him whistling.

“What the fuck?” She asked herself, even more annoyed now than she had been. It was rare that he cooked breakfast any more, and rarer still to hear her father whistling. Whatever he’d done last night had put him in a good mood, and here she was, in a shitty one. Becky threw on what had once been her mother’s robe wearing nothing else, and headed downstairs. Her father just then dishing up a plate of bacon and eggs for her, two slices of toast, dark…just the way she liked it. But it wasn’t that so much that had again put her off guard as the large box sitting on one end of the table.

“What’s this?” She asked taking a seat as her dad carried his own plate over sitting it down across from her.

“I got you your own computer,” he said nonchalantly, making no mention of the reason why, though the reason why was obvious. “I thought it was about time you had one of your own, especially with starting school again in the fall.” he reasoned. Becky was admittedly surprised, seeing that, along with what also appeared to be a webcam as an accessory. She almost smiled, wondering if he had done that on purpose, or if it had simply been a part of the package when he’d purchased it. “Was he in fact condoning what she’d been caught doing?” She again wondered.

“Ok, ah…thanks,” she said still a bit confused at this unexpected generosity, though she just as quickly surmised this was perhaps his way of telling her to keep off his computer. It was obvious he wasn’t about to explain, or justify what she’d obviously found, no more than he was going to ask her about what she’d been doing in the first place when he had walked in on her. “So I can set this up in my own room right?” William took a bite of food, simply nodding his head. “Ok if I call one of my friends to have them come over and help me set it all up later?”

“Sure, no problem,” her father stated. “I’m going to be gone for most of the afternoon, and evening anyway, so that shouldn’t really be a problem. Hope its ok,” he added trying to smile politely at her as he did. Becky reached for the small box containing the web-cam itself, seemingly curious about it, but wanting to see her father’s reaction upon doing so. She was curious if he’d even say anything about it one way or the other. He didn’t though, continuing to eat as she sat back in her chair, pretending to read the back of the box, which is also when she happened to glance down at herself. The front of her robe had parted, revealing a significant amount of cleavage, all she had to do was lean forward just a bit more, and she knew her left breast would be all but exposed. It wasn’t as though Becky had any thoughts about her father, because she didn’t. The very thought of something like that almost turning her stomach, but she was getting a bit of a sadistic kick in wondering if he was in fact some sort of a deviant pervert. After what she had seen and discovered him looking at, and then finding her doing what she had been without saying anything to her about it, and now all this…she amused herself when considering his reaction to her. She leaned forward, replacing the small box back on the table, purposely fumbling with it, tipping it over as though it had accidentally fallen out of her grasp. Sure enough, she could feel the material of her robe part even further, and just for a moment, the coolness of the air in the room as it bathed her bare breast. Becky pretended not to notice it was actually hanging out for a moment. And then to her surprise, her father mentioned it.

“Becky, you might want to cover up there, your boob’s hanging out.”

Ok, THAT was a surprise, though she quickly readjusted herself, actually feigning embarrassment as she hurriedly tucked her tit back inside the robe, re-cinching it tightly. Her father now concentrating, and obviously looking at his plate full of food, rather than on her while she did that.

“So you’ll be out for the day then?” She asked making small talk, a little unnerved now by all this. And even more curious by this sudden change of attitude and demeanor than she was used to seeing in him.

“Yeah, probably. Meeting a friend later at Chili’s for dinner, then perhaps a movie after that, so I may bahis firmaları be home a bit late again,” he confessed without going into any more detail.

“Anyone I know?” She asked inquisitively.

“No, just someone I work with,” he offered and nothing else, now standing clearing away his dishes taking them to the sink.

“Don’t bother washing them,” she said. “I’ll do up yours along with mine,” she offered trying to sound nice, though she was even more irritated now that she had been. Obviously her father was dating, seeing someone, and he wasn’t about to tell her who either. And for whatever reason, the thought of that now pissed her off. “So I’m on my own for dinner then right?”

“Right,” he agreed, turning, fishing out his wallet however as he did that, placing a pair of twenties on the table. “Since you’re planning on having someone come over later to help you set up your new PC, thought maybe you’d enjoy ordering in this evening, since I’ll be out anyway.” He was again being uncharacteristically sweet to her, or so she imagined, though quickly pocketing the money he’d just given her, taking delight in her robe parting once again as she did that. She quickly glanced up, just in time to see her father avert his gaze. She had in fact caught him looking. “So maybe he is still a pervert after all,” she mused to herself. “Enjoys looking at his daughters tits does he?” But then asking herself, “And who else’s tits is he currently looking at these days too?” She was now bound and determined to find out. And she now had a pretty good idea of where and when she could do it too.

“Ok, well…I’m off. Have a few errands to run, and then like I said, I’ll be out for the rest of the afternoon and evening most likely. So have fun getting set up,” he told her, and then truly shocked her when he leaned over, kissing her forehead before turning and walking out.

“That son of a bitch is getting some!” She said aloud after he had gone. And now for sure, she wanted to know just who in the hell her father was fucking!


Becky sat on her bed picking up her cell phone, wondering if Bobby would even answer it when he saw who was actually calling. To her surprise, he picked up almost immediately, the tone of his voice both cautious and surprised.


“Yeah, bet you’re surprised to be hearing from me aren’t you?”

“Well yeah, sort of,” he hesitated, and then held his hand over the phone speaking to someone standing next to him, though she was unable to make out what was being said. “So…why are you calling me anyway?” He asked. “After what you said…”

“Because I reacted too quickly,” she told him, obviously throwing him off guard. “And I’ve changed my mind, reconsidered a few things. But, not going to lie to you either,” she added to that. “I’ve since learned a few things about myself, that I have no intention of changing either. For one…let me ask this, have you spoken to Larry at all yet?” She had to stifle a chuckle as she again heard Bobby trying to mute his phone, speaking to someone, which she now began to suspect WAS Larry.

“As a matter of fact, he just barely got here,” Bobby lamely responded.

“Ah huh,” she replied in kind. “So did he tell you anything about what happened last night?” She asked.

“He was just about to,” Bobby lied once again.

“Well in that case, I’ll let him fill you in on all the horny little details. And just so you know, whatever he tells you is true, it did happen. And if you don’t believe him, you can ask me when you get here.”

“And why would I be coming over?” He asked trying to sound a bit indignant.

“Because the two of you are going to help me set up my new computer, that’s why. And I’ll pay the two of you for doing that, with a nice messy blow-job, how’s that sound?”

There was a momentary pause, once again almost making Becky laugh.

“What about your dad?”

“Don’t worry about him, he won’t be home until way late tonight. But that does bring up another favor I need to ask of you too.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“I’ll tell you about that AFTER we’ve set up my computer, and AFTER I’ve given you both a blow-job. Now…when can you be here?”

“We’re leaving now,” Bobby answered. Becky clicked off, smiling, and then went in to take a quick shower and find something sexy and enticing to wear before they got there.


William was a little nervous at meeting both Mellissa and Grace at the park. Mellissa had called him earlier that morning to let him know how her conversation had gone with Grace, especially after filling her in with all the details. Which she stated Grace had asked her specifically about. After which, it had been at her suggestion that the three of them meet later, to iron out any questions anyone might have, getting everything out in the open as it where. He felt a little strange when agreeing to do that, especially as he had, had a brief conversation with the woman before, when dealing with Becky. This however, was on a whole different level from that.

William kaçak iddaa pulled into the park immediately spotting their cars parked side-by-side as he pulled in alongside them. Noticing when he did, they were already sitting at a nearby picnic table waiting on him as he got out and began walking towards them. To his surprise, Mellissa greeted him with a kiss, though he was fairly confident she would have given Grace a kiss as well had she likewise just gotten there. And no doubt, already had.

“Nice to see you again,” Grace smiled, chuckling a bit, making him relax when she did even shaking his hand. “Though I daresay, we’re here to be discussing something a bit more on the personal side of things aren’t we?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” William replied in kind.

“I told Mellissa after she called me to let me know how things went with the two of you last night, that it might be a good idea to get together like this, so that we could openly discuss any questions or concerns that anyone might have. For one, it’s imperative that whatever takes place, remains just between the three of us, and no one else, for obvious reasons. Will you agree to do that?”

“No problem,” William assured her. “I won’t mention any of this to anyone.”

“Good. And secondly, you’re obviously aware that I’m a lesbian. I have no desire to do anything, or get involved with you myself. However…”

Even Mellissa seemed to raise her eyebrows in surprise when she heard that one. “However?”

“Yeah,” Grace smiled, leaning over to kiss Mellissa on the cheek. “However…I also think it’s important that we all understand one another in the intimate sense of the word, so that we have a greater appreciation for one another, and for what we’re feeling. And the only way I can think of to do that, is to occasionally be together, on an intimate basis. So what I’m saying is this, from time to time, I think it will be appropriate, and reasonable to suggest that we all three be together when we’re fooling around. Certainly not all the time mind you. But also, just so you know William, even when we are, I have no intention of being with you, or doing anything to you in any way. I will be interested yes in seeing how the two of you are together, and in joining you during certain moments, when the two of us pleasure Mellissa here together. As long as you’re ok with that. I just think that will go a long way in eliminating any doubts, fears or concerns any of us might have with regards to one another. So…I guess my question to both of you is, can you live with that?”

Mellissa was indeed truly surprised by this, hearing it for the first time no doubt, though they both looked at one another, and then shook heads in agreement. William was surprised when he realized he was becoming aroused as they sat there and continued on with their intimate little chat.


Becky had purposely chosen to go without a bra, putting on a very tight, form-fitting tank top, which was also low cut. She hadn’t put on any panties either, slipping into a pair of cut-off jeans, standing now looking at herself in the mirror. Her nipples seem to be standing out a mile long, which is exactly what she wanted them to be doing when the boys got there. The sound of the door-bell just then alerting her, that indeed they were. She gave each of her nipples another tweak just for good measure, and then went downstairs to open the door.

Both boys were looking a bit sheepish when she invited them in. “So, Larry fill you in?” She asked, knowing damn well that he had.

“Yeah. Still can’t believe you actually did that!” Bobby replied trying to again sound hurt, put out and indignant. But Becky wasn’t about to put up with that.

“Get over it,” she scolded. “It happened, and I enjoyed it, so either deal with it, or don’t. Your choice. But if you’re going to stand there and pout all afternoon long because of it, then you can just turn around and go home. I’m sure Larry won’t mind staying and helping me out with this, nor turn down another world-class blow job either, would you Larry?” Becky turned towards him, licking her lips, simultaneously reaching up to finger her hard extended nipples again right there in front of them both.

“I didn’t say that!” Bobby suddenly exclaimed, back-peddling more than just a little, his eyeballs glued to her tits now as she continued to stand there fingering her nipples. “I’m just sorry I wasn’t there,” he said a bit more contritely, which actually amused Becky a great deal.

“That’s what I thought,” she grinned, and then had them quickly follow her back up the stairs to her bedroom.

They had her set up and working in no time at all, including her new web-cam, though she would try that a bit later, when she was all alone. “Hey, maybe you and I can cam together sometime,” Bobby asked hopefully.

“Why? Especially when you can come over here and see it for real any time you like,” Becky teased. Bobby looked at her.

“Really? Any time?”

“That’s what I just said isn’t it? Although…I guess when kaçak bahis it’s late at night, and we’re both bored and horny, we can still do that too,” she informed him.

“What about me?” Larry asked.

“Sure why not…might be fun having a late-night web-cam threesome. And speaking of which,” she then grinned bringing up a particular web-site she had found. “Look at this!”

They spent the better part of an hour looking at photos and short video clips of various threesomes, most of which were two men and one woman together. Though Becky was saving the best for last, wanting to ensure both boys were worked up, and horny enough to go along with her brand new idea. At the end of the hour, she was pretty sure they were. Their conversation getting dirty, nasty, the boys openly joking around, talking about wishing they could do this or that. It was time.

“Check this out!” Becky grinned bringing up another video clip. “This one’s my favorite,” she told them. And then they all watched, as a “BBW” as she’d discovered, who looked a lot like she did, took on two guys, one slipping his cock up inside her pussy, while the other one slipped it to her in the ass. “Ever think about doing something like that?”

“Would you?” Bobby asked. “I thought you were still a virgin, and had to remain one,” he asked incredulously, that she’d even be considering that.

“Yes, I still am. And will remain so for quite some time yet. However…being a cunt virgin, and an ass virgin are two different things. There’s nothing written down anywhere that says I can’t enjoy what it feels like to have a cock up inside my ass. So…any takers?”

Bobby and Larry stood looking at one another, smiling. “You want to?” Bobby asked.

“Hell yes!” Larry responded, as long as Becky’s willing, I certainly am!”

“You sure?” Bobby asked again, though she responded by taking her top off, and then her cut off jeans.

The guys once again looking at one another with a bit of uncertainty until she returned to them flipping a coin up into the air. “Call it!”

“Heads!” Larry immediately responded as they all watched the coin hit the floor, rolling for a moment, before finally landing on its side. They all looked.

“Tails,” Becky said. Smiling at Bobby. “Which means, tails, you get my ass first Bobby. And heads…well since I can’t fuck you both, not yet anyway…I’ll suck the other one off instead, how’s that sound Larry? You can fuck my face, while Bobby here fucks my ass. And then after that, if you’re both still up for it, we can wash up, and do it all over again.”

The boys soon stripped, no longer nervous about seeing one another, too horny and excited to care at this point, realizing they were both about to fuck a girl in the ass for the first time in their lives. “Just make sure you use plenty of that baby oil on yourselves,” she said pouring a liberal amount on Bobby’s dick, and the applying some to herself as well. Stripping back the blankets on her bed, she climbed on, kneeling on all fours as it were, with her large heavy pendulous breasts hanging down. Both boys grinning as they stood there looking at her like that.

“Well come on Bobby, get up here and behind me, but be careful when you first put it in. Remember, I’m a virgin there too ya know!” She reminded him. “And then after he is Larry, you can get up here and feed me your cock while I’m fucking him,” she sighed happily, excitedly, and yes…a bit anxiously too.


Becky was amazed. It wasn’t as nearly as uncomfortable as she thought it would be, let alone being virtually painless. It perhaps helped that Bobby had a fairly slim cock, and that he didn’t have one of those really large bulbous heads capping it either. Well lubricated, just as she was, she felt him press, cautioning him again to go slowly at first, which he did. And then the sudden ‘give’ she felt as the head of his penis suddenly popped through the tight puckered ring of her anus. And then just like that, he was in!

Within a few short moments as he slowly withdrew, and then pushed in again, she had gotten used to it. But not only that, she was immediately filled with surprise at just how good it actually felt too. She could feel her cunt actually being stimulated, even though he wasn’t inside her there. And yet, her clit tingled with the erotic aspect of it perhaps, her pussy convulsing, almost wishing that it had a nice hard companion of its own. Bobby had soon established a nice, slow easy going rhythm as he worked his cock in and out of her tight ass, holding on to her cheeks, even slapping them when she called out for him to begin doing so.

“Alright…bring it here Larry,” she moaned. “Put me on the spit!” They all laughed at that, though Larry was soon in a zone of his own as Becky began swallowing his cock. He was soon face-fucking her, Becky holding still, just letting Larry shove his cock in and out of her mouth, while Bobby was doing the same thing to her from behind, in her behind,” she thought…giggling through it, though the sensation he was creating as he actually fucked her, made her think, wonder…and now wish that she wasn’t having to save her pussy virginity. As good as this felt, she had a pretty good idea, that actually fucking, being fucked, would feel even better.

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