Becoming a Slave Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — The Seed is Planted


This is the first chapter in the story of how I became a slave. Not in the traditional sense of the word of course, as I have a normal life with a job, a girlfriend, hobbies; I am certainly free in that sense. But unknown to my family and friends, I have sworn myself to serve a single master at his whim. Whenever he calls, I have to go to him and follow his orders, which are the same every single time. “Suck my cock, bitch”. Yes, I am a cock slave. But let’s start at the beginning.

My name is Bruce, and as this is a based on a true story, I won’t bother with my last name. Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, I was a typical All-American kid, a bit shorter than average but with a good build and quite athletic. Blue eyes, light brown hair, strong jaw and broad shoulders kept me popular with the girls. I didn’t even know what gay was until I went to university and met a friend who confessed his sexuality to me one night. I didn’t think anything of it and Steve and I remained pals throughout school. During that time, I never considered him anything other than a drinking buddy, and he never saw me as a potential target. In fact, it was great hanging out with him because when we met a couple of co-eds at a bar, I would get my choice while he played wingman, pretending to be interested in the soon-to-be disappointed friend.

After graduation, I moved to New York City for a job on Wall Street and lost touch with Steve. The first two years at the firm were brutal; long days and longer nights which left me tired and hungover most of the time and prevented me from establishing any sort of serious relationship. I had my conquests of course, but they were mostly booze-fuelled hookups that ended the next morning without even a promise to call. New York women are just as driven as the men and there was no disappointment from either party, we were each just notches on the other’s bedpost.

Just after the start of my third year, we hired an intern about to enter his senior year of college. His name was Drew, a tall kid with dark brown hair. When I was introduced to him, his light green eyes widened noticeably as he shook my hand and I immediately pegged him as gay and interested in me. As we were quite close in age, we soon started hanging out after work, where he told me that he was engaged to his high-school sweetheart. So much for my first impression.

Drew and I became good friends, but I couldn’t forget his initial reaction when we met. The more we hung out together, the more I thought he was into me. It is hard to describe why, but the things he said and the way he looked at me were just a little bit off. What amazed me though was that I started to find myself becoming attracted to him. I had never had thoughts like that before and had no idea what to do. One evening I was jerking off as usual when I found my mind wandering to Drew. Instead of picturing myself being blown by a gorgeous blond, I saw Drew on his knees. I tugged on my dick furiously and exploded, imagining my cum entering Drew’s mouth. As I slowly receded from the high, I was stunned. I had just masturbated to getting a blow job from a guy. Shit, was I turning gay?

This was the start of my homosexual fantasy binge. Every night I was lying in bed with my dick in my hand, imagining Drew in there with me. My fantasies were getting progressively more detailed, and I found myself picturing an entire encounter.

The fantasy began with Drew and I on a business trip. After dinner, I’d invite him to my room to raid the mini-bar. I’d complain about my neck hurting or something and he would offer a massage. I’d accept and take off my shirt and lay on the bed while he rubbed my back. As his hands moved down my back, I’d get a boner and when he turned me over, he would notice it. “Let me suck that” he would whisper and I would comply. Drew would take off his clothes, revealing a huge hard cock, and get down on his knees to give me a blow job. As time passed, my fantasy went further. I started thinking of Drew crawling into the bed with me and pushing his cock toward my mouth where I would eagerly suck it. For the first time, I jerked off thinking of giving another guy head and the orgasm I had was unbelievable. I started to obsess about sucking Drew’s dick, and every fantasy ended the same way: with me servicing Drew to completion and swallowing his load. I wanted to please him like nothing else. I was so confused, I had never thought of guys like this but I had a crush on Drew and wanted him in my mouth so badly.

Drew’s summer at the firm was ending and he was returning to college, but he had been offered a job with us starting in just 8 months, so I had to figure out what was going on in my head. On the weekend before he returned to school, I invited him over to my place to watch a ball game. He turned red, shaking his head saying that would be “too dangerous”. I didn’t ask what was dangerous about my apartment, probably because I knew what he was thinking. Drew was closeted bi and realized that I was thinking of the same thing, but he didn’t want to cheat on his fiancee.

I figured that I would get another canlı bahis chance when Drew returned the following year but he ended up rejecting our offer, doubtless because of our unspoken attraction. I never saw him again but the seed had been planted. Now it just had to grow into reality.


A few weeks after Drew left, I met Janine, a lovely young trader who lived just a few blocks away from me. We started sharing cabs to work and I found myself leaving early to match her schedule, so that we could share a cab back home. Eventually I invited her over for a weekend dinner and made my move that evening, a resounding success. We soon became an item and I forgot about Drew and my fantasy, falling in love with Janine.

We eventually moved in together and it began to look quite serious. I was still jerking off on occasion, but my fantasies were more along the lines of a threesome with Janine and another woman.

I was starting to consider a marriage proposal when the company dropped a bombshell. They wanted to transfer me overseas, to Hong Kong. It was part of a fast-track program and I had been identified as someone with managerial potential which could be honed in a foreign office. It was only for two years, and Janine agreed that it was best for my career. She didn’t want to give up her job so we agreed to try a long-distance relationship.

Janine accompanied me to JFK where I boarded a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. I kissed her goodbye and went through security, looking forward to my first foreign posting. I should have realized that my excitement for this opportunity had left Janine feeling hurt, but I was too selfish to think much beyond the huge salary and perks I would be receiving for the next two years.

My first few days in Hong Kong were a whirlwind — meeting my new staff, getting over the jet lag, and trying to figure out how to get around this incredibly energetic city. Weekends were spent looking for a place to live. The 12-hour time difference did not allow Janine and myself much time to chat by phone but I still sent her email on a daily basis. I was staying in a five star hotel but work kept me in the office until 9 or 10 every night, so I had little chance to relax until my third weekend, when I finally had a day to myself.

After sleeping in, I spent the afternoon in bed, just relaxing. I jerked off, thinking about Janine. Surprisingly, I wasn’t lonely and didn’t really miss her that much. I was so busy getting settled that I didn’t have time for such emotions. I didn’t know it at the time, but she didn’t miss me that much either.

With nothing else to do, I turned on the TV and flipped around but there wasn’t anything interesting on. I decided to have a look at the adult offerings and chose a feature called “Suck-cessful Businessman”. It featured a guy in a suit interviewing hot busty girls. It was incredibly corny, the guy would say “if you want the job, you should show me what kind of job you can do”. The girl would smile demurely, take off her top, get down on her knees, pull out his gigantic member, and suck it until he came on her face. Then she would leave and another “candidate” would enter. Despite the rather poor quality, I found myself stroking to the action on screen, and for the first time in months, my thoughts went back to Drew. I started to focus on the cock on the screen, watching how the woman would suck it with apparent passion. I found myself wondering what it would be like to do that. The dormat fantasy had awoken and I jerked off imaging that it was me sucking that huge dick.


After a month in the hotel, I moved into my new place just a few minutes from the office. I was offered a cleaning lady but I refused, preferring my privacy. The job had also returned to some level of normalcy, allowing me to get home by 7:00 most nights. The company did not have much of a social circle, so I usually would order some takeout on the way back and sit around my apartment. With no girlfriend nearby, I spent most evenings jerking off to internet porn. I had developed an addiction to watching blow job videos and spent hours watching girls suck dick after dick while I edged myself, saving my load for an enormous orgasm after a couple of hours.

Afterwards, as I lay in bed, I found myself thinking more and more about cock. I would start to jerk off again, coming up with more and more elaborate fantasies. In each one, I would end up on my knees, servicing a man, sucking his dick, licking his balls, and swallowing the result. Every time I came, I moaned so loudly I figured the neighbours could hear it. I realized that I had to do something about this obsession but I had no idea where to start.

The next evening I found an adult hookup site and began to browse. Men seeking men in Hong Kong was surprisingly busy with many expats like myself. I looked at a few profiles but as I hadn’t registered, I couldn’t send an email. I didn’t have the courage to pay for this yet, so instead I proceeded to jerk off to a beautiful cock pic, dreaming of putting it in my mouth.

The next few days I revisited the site, but each time I couldn’t muster the courage to register, preferring to lurk bahis siteleri and study the other guys. So many were bi and looking for something on the side, and it was comforting to know that I wasn’t alone. Finally after about a week of procrastinating, I added a free profile, including a dick shot, using the headline “Curious first timer”. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but the constant thought of cock had become too much for me.

The next day I hurried home after work to see if I had received any messages. A couple of guys had “flirted” but nobody had sent me anything meaningful. I knew I was being stupid, but I was disappointed. The site had some chat rooms, but there was nothing in Hong Kong that was interesting. I decided to step in up a notch and bought a 1-month membership. This allowed me to send messages to any other member. The question was whether I could actually hit the send button.


After a few more days of lurking and getting not a single message, I finally mustered the guts to respond to an ad. His handle was BiForHK but he was another white guy from the States here for work. From his description, he sounded like the sort of person I had been thinking about: young, but not too young, and not pushy — just a guy looking for some fun. In the message, I told him my situation and how I was looking for someone to guide me into the world of man-to-man sex. When I checked my mail the next day, he had answered — a polite but inviting reply. I gulped — suddenly I realized that this could go places I had only imagined.

I sent him a detailed description of myself and my interests, wondering if it would turn him off. Instead, he replied with a picture of his hairy chest and I knew that he was for real. I sent him my phone number and waited for him to call.

After three agonizing days of waiting, he phoned one evening. His voice was exactly how I imagined. We chatted, and I was so nervous, wondering where things would lead. When the conversation turned to our interests in the bedroom, I got incredibly hard. I told him I felt that I was ready to give my first blow job. He was happy to hear that and we made plans to meet the next evening. The following day at work, I was so nervous I couldn’t concentrate. How would I react to seeing a man who knew what I wanted and who wanted the same thing? When I checked my mail to see where and when we were to meet, I was disappointed to find that he had cancelled, as work was running over. But he was still interested in meeting, so I didn’t give up just yet.

I replied asking if he was free to meet on the weekend and he agreed. This time, there would be no backing out. He told me his address and asked me to come over early Sunday evening. I spent the weekend thinking of nothing else. About an hour before the appointed time, I hailed a taxi which took me to his place much faster than I expected. I had to kill 30 minutes outside, trying to hide my erection from passersby. I had a coffee in a nearby mall, and I was sure that everyone there knew that I was about to suck my first dick.

I finished my coffee and made my way outside, walking up a flight of stairs to reach his apartment complex. I buzzed from the lobby and the door opened, without him using the intercom. I stepped inside, aware that this was my last chance to be anonymous. I took the elevator to the 19th floor and knocked on his door. He opened it quickly and I was stunned. He was tall, short brown hair, good looking, and beaming with a sexual confidence that immediately got my attention. He was wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants. I shook his hand nervously, introducing myself. He smiled back knowingly and told me his name was Matt.

He showed me in, following behind and slightly touching my back as I entered. I shivered at his touch, realizing that my most secret fantasies were about to come true. He took me to his living room and I sat on the black leather couch while he got some drinks. He came back with two beers, and sat right beside me. I could smell his cologne and was surprised to realize that it was turning me on. I was clearly anxious, sittting motionless, clueless of how to proceed. He sensed my reluctance, and told me not to worry. He moved closer, putting his hand on my shoulder and massaging it briefly.

He started asking questions about my time in Hong Kong, getting my mind off the reason I was there. As I sipped the beer and answered his questions, I began to relax. He asked about my situation with Janine, and I explained the long-distance thing. He then deftly moved the subject to how I became interested in guys and I told him about Drew and how meeting him had planted the seed that had taken me to his apartment. He then told me about some of this early experiences and how it was so liberating for him. I mentioned how I had started watching blow job porn but I had never seen another guy’s hard cock in person. Matt must have anticipated this because while I was talking, he had slipped his gorgeous 8-inch member through the fly in his pajama pants and was slowly stroking it. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was sitting next to a guy with a massive hard-on and he wanted me to suck it.

Without a moment’s bahis şirketleri hesiation, I lowered my head and put his cock in my mouth. I was now officially a cocksucker. He was surprised at my eagerness as my tongue explored his head and shaft. I removed my mouth and looked at his cock, amazed at what I had just done. I put my hand on it and felt the pulsing warmth. “Did you enjoy that?” Matt asked. I could only nod.

I got off the couch and onto my knees, my face right in front of his cock. I stared at it for a few seconds, admiring it’s thickness and the beauty of the head, and then noticing the precum that had formed on the tip. Without thinking, my tongue darted out to taste it. He moaned, placing his hands on my head encouraging me to go further, and I knew it was time. I opened my mouth again and slid his dick inside, and began to slowly suck it, up and down, concentrating on making sure my teeth didn’t scrape the skin.

Matt’s balls were big and shaved and I cupped them with one hand while continuing to suck this incredible cock. It was everything I had imagined. Warm and wet, and so very hard. I loved the taste and his musky smell. My hand stroked his balls slowly. He moaned loudly, telling me to suck it harder. It was my first blow job and I was in heaven.

I continued to move my mouth up and down his pole, his hand guiding my inexperienced head. I kept him in my mouth as long as possible, my tongue licking his tip and his shaft over and over again as I continued to suck, stronger and faster. It was incredible to feel this man weaken in my grip. I left his cock and moved down to his balls, licking and sucking them, making him hotter than ever. It was the first time I had put balls in my mouth and the feeling was unreal. After a minute or two of working down below, I returned my mouth to his cock, revelling in this great new sensation. I could feel him tensing when he suddenly removed himself from my mouth.

He sat down on the couch, and asked me to get up beside him. I tried to go back for more, but he wanted me now. I obliged by removing my remaining clothes and showing him my 7-inch cock. His eyes opened wide and he forced me onto my back, moving his head quickly to my raging hard-on, immediately taking my entire length into his mouth. His tongue massaged the tip of my cock as his head bobbed up and down, sucking hard and fast. I could not believe how good he was — clearly, this was not his first experience. He slowed and began to take his time on my dick, alternating between licking it and my balls, occasionally moving back to the head to taste some of my juices. It was true ecstasy and I couldn’t bear to be the only recipient.

Matt realized this too. Without his head leaving my cock, he manoeuvred his body around so that his dick was back in my face. I hungrily placed it in my mouth and began to suck, swallowing the delicious pre-cum that had accumulated. For what seemed like hours, we went at each other, both greedy for as much cock as we could handle. Although this was my first experience with a cock in my mouth, I was loving every bit of it, quite literally.

Suddenly, Matt stopped sucking me and asked me to do the same. Then he told me he wanted to swallow everything I had. I couldn’t say no, and he went back down, licking and sucking me so perfectly that within a minute I was ready to burst. He looked up and smiled, and told me to let it go. I finally exploded, shooting my load into his mouth, spurting time and again in pure pleasure. He made sure to swallow every little bit, slowly licking my cock as I continued to shudder in ecstasy.

Although I had finished, I knew that things weren’t over yet. A glance at his massive member told me that it was my turn to eat. I was worried about my first time swallowing a hot wad of man-juice, but after what he had done for me, I knew that I had no other option but to try. He stood up and I went down on my knees as I had seen girls do in so many movies. His cock was so wet and hard as I placed my mouth over it and began to suck, trying to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. I tried to deep throat him, but my novice mouth couldn’t manage his whole rock-hard dick at once. But it didn’t matter to him. I knew that he was excited at being the first to mouth-fuck me, and so I went back to just sucking and licking him, trying to bring him to orgasm and with it, my first real taste of another man.

As I continued to work on him, I could feel the pressure building in his cock, working towards a massive release. My hand went back to his sack and I could feel his balls readying to unleash their steaming contents. I went harder and faster, and could hear his moaning increasing its pace as well. I knew he was getting close and then suddenly he screamed and my mouth was filled with a shot of his love juice. I was shocked and immediately swallowed it, not even tasting it before he spurted another and then another and yet another. I couldn’t keep up with the barrage and some of his cum went over my lips and rolled down my chin. I tried to eat what I could, gulping as soon as each wad entered my mouth and by the time he finished his full load, I had caught up. I slowly licked his cock once more, paying special attention to its juicy tip before standing up next to him. He noticed his cum on my face and wiped it off, offering the rest to me. I greedily sucked it from his fingers, completing the job.

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