Becoming Julie’s Governess Ch. 03

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[This story will benefit from your reading the previous chapters but it also can be read separately. It contains spanking and also a good deal about bodily functions of all kinds, so if any of these subjects offends you, do not read further. All characters are 18 or over.]

Susan kept in close touch with her two colleagues who had formed Not Your Usual Nannies. All three had accepted positions in which they were responsible for charges who were older than they were.

Susan was in her mid-20s and she had been asked by Julie, the mother of the girls for whom she had been serving as a governess to take charge of Julie now that the girls were over 18 and off to college. Lori, about 30, had been recruited by a fiftyish woman, Deborah, to supervise her both personally and with respect to getting the household, where Deborah had lived alone since her husband’s death, in order. Lastly, Helene, in her late 20s, was hired by Jeannette to take control and supervise 34-year-old Robert, Jeannette’s son, who lived at home because his part-time job paid too little for him to support himself.

Helene’s task had proved to be the most challenging. Robert resented having the younger woman put in charge and empowered to discipline him. When she first was introduced to him, he behaved badly, and Helene realized that Jeannette expected her to spank him then and there. She did and she also quickly gave him some sharp strokes with her little rod when he resisted having his temperature taken rectally when the three governesses and their charges met for tea.

Later at that event, Susan caned him for his rebellion against Helene’s orders. Over the next weeks, Helene found that Robert had stopped showing signs of annoyance at her and her authority. Jeannette even commented to her that he seemed to have improved his behavior. But when Helene caught him in her bathroom, which Jeannette had given her when she took up her position, she understood that Robert was now fixated on her as a woman. He had been sniffing the panties she had worn the previous day.

Helene decided that she would try something different. She felt that Robert was immature in many ways. He did not relate to people well which was likely why he had been unable to obtain a good job. She also suspected that he was nervous around women and had never, or rarely, had sex.

She did not scold him when she found him sniffing her panty crotch but instead told him to come into her adjoining bedroom. Robert figured he was in for a spanking, so he did not protest or show any sign of resistance. Helene sat on the bed, pointed to where Robert should stand, and flipped her skirt up, exposing her pale blue hicut panties.

“Do you find these panties attractive on me?” she asked, with a smile.

Robert wondered if this was a trap of some sort but recalled that Helene had never been devious in her supervision of him.

“Yes,” he answered. “You are very attractive yourself, Helene.”

She smiled and thanked him for the compliment.

“Would you like to see what I’m like under these panties?” she asked, totally calmly.

Robert was now truly befuddled and could not understand why this assured woman could be coming on to him. After all, no woman had ever given him the slightest notice despite his having a large, eight-inch cock (which they didn’t see, of course, unless they happened to notice a bulge in his pants).

He was barely able to nod affirmatively, he was so excited by her question.

Without any ceremony, Helene slipped the panties down her shapely legs and off. Then she pulled her blouse up so she was visibly bare from above the waist down and spread her legs, displaying her nicely-trimmed reddish-auburn bush and the neat, tight pussy lips below it.

“Come closer and look at my pussy,” Helene said sweetly. “It won’t bite—if you’re a good boy.”

Robert bent down and stared into her crotch, torn between his wild-eyed curiosity and his resentment of her referring to him as a boy.

As he came closer and inhaled the enticing scent of her excitement emanating from her vulva, Helene said, “You can kiss me on my lips down there if you’d like to.”

This was all unbelievable to Robert. In his 34 years he had never come this close to any female pudenda. He had sniffed his mother’s panties and even become accustomed to seeing and smelling the stains she often left in them, from her toilet use and her period. He kissed his governess’s labia softly and lovingly.

Helene felt that this was going quite well, and she was intent on maximizing this experience for him, especially since his mother was away for a few days and she had free reign of the house.

“Now I want you to pull down your short pants and underpants for me,” Helene said, more as a suggestion than an order.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?” Robert asked fearfully. “You’re not going to spank me, are you?”

“Actually, Robert, you were caught sniffing my soiled panties,” Helene responded, but not in an accusatory escort ankara tone. “However, I’m not going to punish you. Instead, I’m hoping to show you how to show a woman that you both respect her and are very fond of her.”

“Now, if you’re inclined to follow along with what I tell you, you can get down between my legs and lick me right in there between my lips, which are called my labia,” she explained.

Robert was definitely disposed to do what his governess was suggesting. So far this was all highly exciting. He even began to think that she had no ulterior motive that would result in his being disciplined. He did what she said, bending down on his knees now and moving his face between her legs to lick her delicious-smelling and tasting pussy.

This was the first pussy he had been up close to. He had sometimes gotten a glimpse of Jeannette’s very hairy spot between her legs when she changed outfits in front of him, but he never dared to stare at her that way.

He couldn’t believe that the severe governess he had so resented and feared was now allowing him the liberty of licking her pussy. She seemed to like it because he felt her responding to his licking by moving her bottom in a kind of rhythm. He also felt that he was getting very excited, so he concentrated on not thinking about her pussy and trying to keep from spurting in his pants.

Helene told him he was doing very well and that he needed to know that women took longer to get excited and ready for sex than men did.

“You probably are hard in your pants now, aren’t you, Robert?” she asked with a smile.

He nodded yes to her and she leaned over and kissed him on his mouth as he kept licking her split.

She now told him he should unbuckle his belt and take off his pants and his underpants. He proceeded to disrobe below the waist with alacrity. When he stood before her, his erection pointing right at her face, she bent down and took it in her mouth. He felt her tongue licking his shaft and it was a marvelous feeling of pleasure for him.

She would stop every so often to keep him from spurting and losing his erection too soon. She also played with letting her teeth press on his cock but never very hard.

Now she was feeling quite randy herself, as she had not gone out with a man for some time. This was the downside of the governess trade, she thought sardonically.

When he seemed ready to explode in her mouth, she moved away and back onto the bed where she lay back, legs spread invitingly. Helene was quite attractive in her late 20s, with a fresh, pretty face and long reddish-auburn hair, and a nice figure, making the most of her 34B breasts and curves below. She kept her pubes nicely trimmed.

She carefully helped Robert to mount her, showing him how to support himself on his arms without crushing her, and then reaching down to place his cock at the entrance to her vagina. She told him to push it into her channel gently and he did so. It felt great, she thought, to have a nice, big cock inside her for the first time in ages.

She said he should remain still for a little while so that he didn’t cum right away.

“I know that you’re excited,” she whispered in his ear, “but you need to keep calm so this keeps going longer than if you let yourself explode inside me right away.”

Gradually she had him start to move his cock in and out of her slowly, with his motion not yet being a thrusting one but one that stimulated her and made her realize she was close to cumming herself.

She thought that she would not have been likely to pick Robert out as a date at first sight, but that his cock made him quite desirable in bed, once she had been able to train him.

Suddenly she felt her insides take control of her. She began to press her inner vaginal muscles on his cock and then the surge overcame her, and she began to orgasm, contracting and somehow managing not to scream out from the sheer pleasure. She knew that if she reacted very loudly, she would scare him, and he might either cum or lose his erection.

Instead, she had a series of orgasms, probably brought on by her lengthy period of abstinence. She now reached down and teased him by running her fingernail from under his ball sac up his shaft. This was all the stimulation he needed to cum and cum hard inside her. She sensed his rhythmic pulsing from his scrotum to his glans and withdrew her hand and let him plunge in and out of her now wide-open pussy.

Finally, they both let out sighs of exhaustion and Robert’s cock began to shrink and move out of Helene’s vagina.

“You may kiss me, sweetie,” she said coyly but sweetly. “You have the makings of a fine lover.”

Robert was exhilarated. He had never experienced this kind of high when he masturbated in his bed, often using a soiled pair of his mother’s panties. He wasn’t about to admit to Helene that he had just lost his virginity, since his retaining it for so long had been a matter of shame for him.

Helene thought escort mersin he had responded well to her directions. She even mused as to whether he had indeed made love to a woman before and was following her lead because she was an authority figure who could punish him for almost any reason.

He had never even let his thoughts go so far as to imagining that Helene would let him fuck her, so this was both a surprise and an incredible gift, but one which he had to be very careful in showing his appreciation. He spontaneously kissed her and nuzzled up to her face.

For her part, she hoped that this had given him some added confidence in himself that he would apply to his life overall. She would now work with him to maximize whatever skills he might have so he could find a decent-paying job and move out of his mother’s house.

After they had had a chance to clean up and get dressed, Helene invited him to have a beer together in the kitchen. She said that she hoped he had learned from the previous hour as well as gotten pleasure, which she said that she had.

“Robert,” she now stated, “I intend to help you get your life together, which includes getting you work that you enjoy and are good at. I think it’s time you were on your own and escaped from this kind of existence. Then I will have performed what I came here for.”

This pleased Robert. He had treasured her compliment regarding his lovemaking, especially given his total lack of experience in that art. He also made himself return to earth and accept the fact that it would be enough if Helene helped him find his way to a job that suited him. He figured that this afternoon had been a one-off, yes, a wonderful one-off but a one-off all the same.


Meanwhile, Lori forced herself to consider how she was doing with reorienting Deborah. The 50-year-old had let herself go, with her hair graying and somewhat unkempt at times, and her wardrobe lacked brightness. She hadn’t bought a new outfit in years. It seemed that after her husband had died, she had given up on her appearance and on meeting people.

Lori sensed that Deborah was waiting for her to take the lead. So, the pert 30-ish governess sat down with Deborah in the living room and asked her if she was willing to make some changes. Lori told her that she could be an attractive woman, that 50 wasn’t old anymore, and that she could make new friends, both male and female, if she wanted to.

“I’m here to help you do all this,” she said, “so I hope you’ll work with me. I know you have a strong submissive side, so my discipline will be focused on getting you to do what you need to do, and if you get some jollies from it, so much the better.”

Lori then looked Deborah in the eye and asked her if her comments about her bowel habits had embarrassed her.

“Yes,” Deborah responded, “I did feel ashamed when you said you would alter my diet so that movements would be firmer. And of course, using that potty to make doody in front of everyone was awful. But yes, Lori, it did turn me on. I don’t know why, but so did being spanked by Susan.”

“We are going to change what you eat and drink, Deb,” Lori rejoined, “because I want you to start looking good. I’m going to take you shopping for new outfits and especially, new underwear, even though at first it will be you who feels better seeing it on you. We also will get you a new hairstyle.”

She stopped for a moment to let all this sink in.

“How does all this strike you?” Lori now inquired.

“I’m excited, Lori,” Deborah answered with a smile, “because you’re making me do what I have needed to do for a long time. I don’t even mind when you spank me because I had wanted my husband to do that for ages, but he wasn’t into it.”

Lori moved on, deciding to see if she could find out how far Deborah’s kinkiness went.

“Deb,” Lori began, “I plan to spank you, sometimes because you need it to keep you focused on what you need to do, and sometimes because I will reward you for doing just that, since you like that kind of spanking. Besides the shame you said you felt, were you turned on at all by using the potty in front of everyone?”

“Yes, I was afraid you would see that I had become very excited and was quite wet down there,” Deborah replied, grinning. “Lori, I hope this doesn’t turn you off, but I would love to be able to see you use the toilet sometime. You are so lovely, and it would excite me.”

Lori smiled and reached out to take Deborah in her arms and hug her.

“I was hoping that this would be something you enjoyed,” she said sweetly. “It will be a special reward, Deb, for when you are a good girl and do what your governess tells you.”

“Do I get a gold star?” Deborah asked playfully.

“Yes, but watch out that you don’t get a naughty mark when you are a bad girl,” Lori said with a giggle.

“Let’s get started here and now,” Lori suggested. “We’re going to go shopping today and get you some nice undies and a couple of smart outfits. I’ve made an izle appointment for you to have your hair done, too.

“But first,” she added, “we have some business to attend to. You did not hang up your clothes last night, Debbie, and I did see some stains in your panties. In fact, let’s have you lift your skirt and pull them down for me right now.”

Deborah looked fearful but she complied with the directions Lori had issued. Lori looked down at the lowered panties and saw a maxipad in the crotch with a large brown-red blood stain and a couple of large clots on it.

“Did you get your period?” she asked, needlessly in face of the visible evidence.

“Yes,” Deborah answered, “I got it last night but managed to put a pad in before I stained.”

“Good girl,” Lori declared, “but you are supposed to tell me when you get it. I don’t expect you to wake me, but you should have told me this morning.”

Deborah looked abashed. She still had trouble accepting that this young woman now exercised control over everything in her life, including something so personal as her period. But she made herself recognize that when Lori had made her do her business in the potty in front of everyone, telling her that she had gotten her period was hardly worth trying to keep private.

“Since we are now discussing your period,” Lori said matter-of-factly, “is there a reason why you do not use tampons?” She didn’t bother to mention the newer forms of menstrual protection like cups and period underpants. Deborah was 50 and most women never changed the way they dealt with their periods. She chuckled to herself that she might have expected Deb to still have a sanitary belt.

Deborah’s face flushed, as she still felt very embarrassed to be discussing her menses.

“I never felt right about sticking something in there,” she said in a quiet voice. “I know that it’s ridiculous, but I never really gave it much thought. My husband didn’t come near me when I was on, and I never needed to use a tampon because I wasn’t particularly athletic.”

“How would you feel about giving it a try?” Lori said, in a non-threatening tone.

Deborah made herself think on this and realized she should be more open to new ways, even about something as personal as her period.

“Sure,” she said, somewhat unenthusiastically.

Lori took her by the hand and led her to her bathroom, where she had a box of various sizes of Tampax.

She had Deborah sit down on the toilet and again lower her panties. Then she told her to take them off completely, which Deborah did.

“The easiest way is to lift one leg and put it on or against something like the tub,” she said, helping Deb to adopt this position.

“You probably know how these work,” Lori said calmly, and Deborah nodded, “but since you likely have never used one, watch what we do.”

She took out a regular-sized tampon, ripped open the paper wrapper, and positioned the tampon at the entrance to Deborah’s vagina.

“Now, watch,” she said, “we hold it with your finger on the end and holding the outer tube up here. Then push the plunger and the tampon will slide up into your vagina. If you start with it right inside, it should end up in the right place. When it’s there, you won’t feel it. Do you feel it?”

Deborah said that it felt strange but not uncomfortable.

“We’ll have you wear a clean maxi just to make sure that it’s in the right place and you don’t have an accident,” Lori reassured her. Deborah reached over to the shelf and took out a maxipad and placed it into her panty crotch.

Then she pulled up her panties and let her skirt down. She looked into Lori’s eyes and smiled.

“Thank you, Lori,” she said, “for taking the time to help this person to change and enter the modern world. Now I can feel that I’m not in my mother’s orbit any more, after all these years.”

Lori’s heart went out to this woman. She had not thought this would have such an impact. So, she pressed on.

“Deb, do you want to watch me use the toilet now?” she asked plainly.

Deborah took a deep breath and managed to stammer that she did.

Lori now flipped up her skirt, pulled her own panties down

Deborah had become aware of the usefulness of a new piece of equipment that was a kind of shelf set on the floor at the front of the toilet. It could be pushed out so that the person sitting on the toilet could put her feet up on it. This had the effect of making your rectal canal straighter so that it would be easier to defecate without straining. She laughed at herself since she realized that hitting 50 meant she was more likely to be constipated.

Lori put her feet up on the shelf device, because it raised her vulva as well as having the effect of making defecating easier. This way Deborah would have a better view of her excretion.

She let her pee stream fly and Deborah could actually see it emerge from Lori’s urethra and land in the bowl. As Lori nodded her assent, Deborah moved in front of her and put her hand in the pee stream. It seemed so dirty yet so erotic to Deborah as well as Lori. Then Deborah cupped her hand and lifted it to pour a handful of Lori’s light-yellow pee into her own mouth. It tasted salty but fresh.

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