Best For Last

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I’d known Antony online for a little under a year, and had met him once in person. His intellect and quick wit had lured me in from the beginning. Cunning men were always a great conquest for me. It wasn’t that I enjoyed counting the notches on my bedpost, but winning the attention of a man with a PhD drove me wild. Maybe it was the writer in him, or his fine taste. Hell, perhaps it was simply the way he paid attention to me with such a sensitive intuition. It had made the last few months of late-night phone conversations such stimulating goodnight lullabies.

Antony was amazingly exciting and predictably unpredictable, yet there was a ritualistic nature to the way our calls went. First, I’d meet him online, usually by coincidence, though some nights I was more thrilled to see him chatting than others. We’d exchange a few minutes of inane banter, and then he’d tell me how tired he was, how he really should get to bed. I’d concur, but somehow convince him that he’d sleep easier if he called me first. Then I’d log off the computer without giving him a chance to answer, run to the bathroom to fill the tub, and light my three vanilla candles to set that familiar sensual ambiance.

Finally, with just a few moments to spare, I’d slip into the tub and stroke myself while I waited for him to call. Sometimes I was sure he purposefully took his time in dialing just to see if I could stand the torment of waiting. Often I couldn’t. There were several occasions that the soft candlelight and warm water were enough to convince me to bring myself off before he called. Once we were on the phone, we’d make idle polite chitchat. At the first hint of my quickened breath, though, Antony would sigh deeply and begin taunting me with a most deliciously naughty parade of words. Oh, how I loved being caught! On rare occasion, the whole scenario would be reversed, and it was he who found himself convincing me to call.

I was used to being in total control before meeting Antony. Few men excited me as he did. His voice and wit melted away any trace of coy manipulation I attempted to cling to. It was his spoken fantasies, not mine, that brought me through climax after trembling climax. I didn’t dare fathom what he might do to me in person. For all it might matter, his libidinous voice could tell me to take out the trash and I’d be moist with pleasure.

The last time we spoke on the phone was even more electric than usual. Antony had recently visited an internet chat channel that my friends and I frequent. Immediately, Antony had noticed an advertisement for a party that was billed, tongue-in-cheek, as an orgy. I positively did not want him there. I guessed that at first he probably had no desire to even make a short guest appearance, though when I reacted with a nearly violent aversion to the thought of him showing up, he ran with the idea. I learned quickly that Antony took great pleasure in teasing me, and he also knew that I took even greater pleasure in being teased. We had never crossed this line before, though, the line between fantasy and reality. Because I thought it was safe, I’d made mention of several of the friends that would be there this weekend. He knew my thoughts on each one, how they secretly turned me on in their own ways, and several experiences I’d had with a few of them.

I remember all the self-talk I did in the first part of our conversation. He won’t show. Nah, he was just bluffing. I tried to put all of Antony’s comments about the party out of mind and just enjoy myself. The tension made it even more pleasurable than usual, as I stroked my clit to the sound of his determined voice.

Then out of the blue, after we’d both orgasmed into oblivion, as we were both reaching to hang up, I heard him say, “See you Saturday, Felicia.” Click!

II I begged him not to come to the first party. Yes, I begged. It infuriated me that I had stooped to that level, especially in vain, but I’d done it and there was no taking it back.

He was fully aware of what he’d done. Oh yes, he knew. God-damn him, arriving just a little later than I thought he’d dare show. First, he took his time to make a drink and greet the others. Then he found me and gave me a barely passable hello hug. Antony, you’re an ass, I thought to myself.

Fuck him. He wanted me to wonder, wait, simmer, get pissed off – and his mission was indeed splendidly accomplished. I could have had my pick of any number of the drunken imbeciles at the gathering, but three-fourths of them, even sober, were merely entertaining at best. Yes, I could even have taken home the women, save three or four of my close friends.

He didn’t smile, only adorned himself with a coy little half smirk when he looked at me. I could see it through the back of his head as he kneeled between Maya’s legs and lapped behind her knee during some silly drinking game. He knew full well how I adored her legs.


Several times I’d told him on the phone how delicious Kara was. So, of course she was next to make his acquaintance. He took her hand and led her out of view from the ankarada yeni escortlar rest of the gatherers for an intense toe suckling session. I knew Kara well. I could make her cum if I played the back of her neck just right. Yes . . . and I loved to watch her go down on Erik. She was such a little cock hog, bringing him closer and closer to an infernal explosion while I’d toy with his nipples like they were forbidden buttons. Then his stubby little fingernails would bulldoze into my back as he climaxed. Ahh, my Kara, so shy and pristine in the common world, but behind her bedroom door she meant business. She always swallowed every drop.

I remembered snuggling up to Jadrian that night. He was a good friend, and great for the ego. He threw his arms around me in an affectionate embrace. I could tell that the alcohol had lowered his inhibitions, because he was talking much more than usual and was stealing delicate little nibbles from my ear lobes between his bouts of chatter. His demeanor tonight was the polar opposite to his usual, nearly-stoic composure.

Worry and doubt became my next companions. I remember fretting over whether or not I really did excite Antony, or if he was just playing the same game with me on the phone that I did with most other men. As he put it, even a remarkable shared orgasm on the phone compares shamefully to a well-placed kiss in person. I thought longingly about the conversations we shared late at night, while I lounged in my old claw-foot tub.

“I’m leaving,” I told him, and tossed a half-hearted courtesy smile in his direction, one even less assuring than those the tired supermarket checkers gave me late at night on Sundays.

“So soon?” Antony questioned, his eyes flickering with an reflection from the fuck-me eyes of his last harlot.

“Yeah, I’m tired, and I’ve been here too long already,” I stammered.

“You weren’t waiting for me, were you Felicia?” Antony probed me again with an arrogant sarcasm that nearly had me throttling his neck.

“Hell no, who do you think you are, John Fucking Kennedy?” I lunged at him with a defensive tone that wrung out any drip of truth in my reply.

“Well, I guess you’ll be leaving, then, won’t you?” Antony retorted, completely unaffected by my spite. Then he slithered his arms around me as I turned to leave, finishing his hug with a quick tug of my short red hair – another cheap act that only a well-informed lover could have pulled on me.

Defenseless. I was already rendered defenseless to his ways. With as much as this man knew about my stimulants, he might as well have stripped me naked right there.

“Felicia.” He called my name again, like he had so many times in the wee hours of the morning. “Felicia, the reason I aimed all my affections on your friends was only to tease you. Well, perhaps myself too, a bit. It didn’t excite you, did it?” He paused briefly, waiting for a response.

“You know what’s truly amazing, Felicia?” Antony cupped my chin in his hand and looked into my eyes, half expecting me to answer. “The thing I find truly amazing is that I can feel your body heat through not one but TWO layers of clothing. Dear, what’s gotten you so excited this evening? I know you haven’t had anything to drink.”

“What do you think, Einstein?” I swung back, regaining my composure.

“Oh, Felicia, you’re cute when you’re angered. You do know I always save the best for last, don’t you? Besides, who was it that got me off so explosively last night? It wasn’t any of your cute little friends at this party.” Antony said this last with a patronizing lilt.

“Look, Antony, spare me the clichés, okay?” Before I could get another word out, his lips were pursed to mine in magnetic liplock. The rest of our bodies strained in similar attraction as we kissed. There was no time for sensuous bathing tonight, no candlelight, no waiting for him to call. Antony was right there in the flesh, sharing all the same unbridled sexual energy that was coursing through my veins. As much as I wanted to fight it, he knew my resistance was wearing thin.

“Felicia,” I heard another voice call my name. “Felicia, Jadrian is looking for you. He says he’s ready to go. You’re not leaving, are you?

“Dawnya, when did you show up? I haven’t seen you all night!” I exclaimed, and threw my arms around her.

“I told you that I had to work late, silly.” She giggled and continued the hug, finishing with a flirtatious peck on the cheek.

She was a mysterious girl at first. I’d met Dawnya in the college cafeteria. I was new to the area with few friends to talk to, and very eager to strike up a conversation. If it weren’t for my anxious desire to meet someone new, I might never have spoken to her at all. She was a raven-haired beauty with locks so long and shiny, it almost seemed like she’d stolen them from a porcelain doll. She spoke about as often as a doll, too. She’d looked so out of place there, eating a ham-and-cheese sandwich in the cafeteria.

Dancing was the common interest that sealed my friendship with Dawnya. bayan escort ankara We both loved the smoke filled claustrophobic atmosphere of a hormone filled club. It was on those late Friday and Saturday evenings that I got to know Dawnya best. Often we’d press together on the dance floor and seek out a man to tease with out moves. We both knew it wasn’t just the lonely drunken fools being excited, but neither of us had ever been inebriated enough or daring enough to brush against the other except on the dance floor.

“So, who’s your friend?” Dawnya asked me, eyeing Antony up and down.

“Oh, him? That’s Antony. I’ve told you a little bit about him. We met online, remember?” I answered her as if he weren’t even within earshot of the conversation.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dawnya.” Antony extended his hand and took hers for a quick kiss on the back of her knuckles. I could tell he was doing more than just tormenting me by engaging with this new friend. Dawnya had a way of infatuating people very quickly. I certainly wasn’t immune.

“Well, I’m going to go find a drink and let you guys get back to chatting. It was nice meeting you, Antony.” Dawnya frolicked off and I soon followed her. Certainly, Antony could find some other woman to entertain himself with. I caught up with her as she was pouring a Jack-and-Coke.

I shouted gleefully at her, “Dawnya, you have to help me!”

“Um, how’s that?” she queried, baffled by my exuberance.

“Antony has been yanking my chain all night, teasing all my friends, and he’s barely given me the time of day. His eye is on you. This could prove exciting for all three of us if you’re willing to play along.”

“So, basically, you’re jealous, heh!” Dawnya chuckled at the simple honesty of the statement.

“Of course I am, silly. Now help me get him back, will ya?”

“Sure, he’s cute enough. Just let me finish this drink first,” Dawnya chuckled again at my schoolgirl ploy.

“Okay, let me see if I can pull him inside the house. Come find us in ten minutes or so, and give me the freshest kiss you can stir up from within that innocent little mouth of yours.”

“Heh, whatever, Felicia. I’ll see you in a few.”

It took no effort to lure Antony to a secluded spot. He was already on the couch seducing Kara with one of his famous foot massages. I plopped down in the chair beside them, fully aware of how intrusive my presence was. Kara soon sensed the awkwardness and left the house to go back outside to the center of the party. I tried not to smile as the door closed behind her.

“I really am truly sorry if I teased you too much, Felicia, but was that really necessary?” Antony scowled.

“Her boyfriend might think so,” I piped back.

Antony sarcastically threw his hands in the air. “Ah well, such is my luck.” He paused. “Come here, Felicia.”

Before I could scramble over to the couch to see what Antony had in store for me, Dawnya had come in and sat down in my lap with a second drink in hand. She looked over at Antony, then kissed me fully, with bourbon-flavored lips.

Antony squirmed, obviously, before repeating himself. “Come here, Felicia.”

I giggled under my breath before sliding next to our frustrated victim on the couch.

“Now tell me if I’m doing this correctly, Dawnya,” Antony chortled before kissing me full on the lips.

“No!” I shouted at him, playfully tapping his face.

“No? But I didn’t ask you Felicia. It was Dawnya I consulted.”

“No!” I repeated firmly. “You’ve given me a large enough dose of teasing these last few weeks, not the least of which in the last few hours.”

Without hesitation, I rolled Antony over onto his back and let my thick warm body hover on top of his. Not pausing for a reaction, I quickly stripped us both of every stitch of fabric we were wearing and looked at him with a confident smile, dripping with sex.

Dawnya stared bashfully from halfway across the room. For a fleeting moment, I’d forgotten that she was there, but remembering her vision was upon us excited me. I know it flipped Antony’s switch, too.

I decided that Dawnya was well on her way to being intoxicated, and probably under the impression that this was merely a game for me. With that in mind, I took a more dauntless approach to the situation at hand.

“Come here, Dawnya,” I summoned her.

“Nah, I…I think I’ll just watch right now, Felicia,” she answered bashfully.

“No, there’s no room for timidity now, m’dear. You’ve been toying with me far longer than Antony has. Come here!”

Dawnya stayed in place, her legs pulled up to her chest and hands clasped firmly around her knees. I knew she wasn’t as shy as she was letting on. Too many times before, I’d been the recipient of her obstinate gaze. It was the kind of look that intimidated most men into not making a move on her. It was a look that made you feel like she’d follow you anywhere. In reality, though, Dawnya had me on a choke chain.

“Pardon me, Antony, there’s a naughty girl over there that needs escort bayan ankara to be reprimanded.” I broke free from his electric embrace and scooted over on all fours to pull her hands from her knees.

“What’s the matter, Dawnya? Are you going to get all shy on me because I’m not the straight college girl I first told you I was?” It’s true; I’d told her that when I first met her several months ago. Perhaps, because she thought I was oblivious to her advances, it gave her more confidence to flirt with me.

Once I touched her, she gave me no resistance. I looked behind me to Antony then turned to give Dawnya a long sensual passionate kiss. Then hungrily I removed her tight jeans down to her knees. Not bothering to even pull them completely off, I drew my tongue to the dark brown locks that sheltered her delicious pussy. The little tuft of hair closest to her hole was already glistening with moisture.

“MMMMMMMMmmmm” I took a deep breath and let out a long moan, smelling Dawnya’s delicious evening delight.

Hungrily I began lapping at her swollen lips, my ass wriggling in the air with satisfaction. Antony snuck up behind me while I was lost in a feverish plenty of desire, licking Dawnya’s pussy. I felt one of his fingers ardently enter my own wet hole and, to my surprise, I felt another finger invade my tight asshole. It was almost more than I could take. Now was not the time for him to steal my breath away again. With an extra bit of resolve, I went back to tasting Dawnya. It didn’t take long before her once-gentle fingers were rigorously kneading the back of my head, and with one ultimate flicker of my tongue, all the tension with which I’d been filling her body came streaming into my mouth.

I turned my concentration then to how tense Antony had made my own body. If I had not been determined on finishing Dawnya, all the pumping his own digits were doing to me would have made me cum a thousand times over.

Thoughtlessly, I left Dawnya to recover and whipped around to give Antony a savage kiss. He drew in a quick breath as I forced Dawnya’s taste into his mouth.

I pinned his hands to the floor, and ran my nipples up and down the length of his torso, pausing every so often to dangle my mountainous nubs just out of reach of his mouth. My nipples grew in size as my body temperature rose each sweltering degree.

The evening was hot and musty, and even with the windows open I could smell his rising desire. My own piqued interest readily wafted through the air as well. Finally, I began to show Antony with my tongue all the half-formed fantasies that had run through my faint mind every time we spoke on the phone. There were so many times I had wanted to reply with dirty snippets to his comments, to excite him. Though, his deep, calm sensuous voice had usually let me do little more than catch my breath long enough to gasp again.

Mmmmm . . . there wasn’t much he could say in this moment. His cock entered my mouth and my lips slid down around him so deeply that I swallowed against the tip of his head. He was rock-hard in my mouth within seconds. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, I bobbed up and down on him until his back arched and he thrust up into my mouth with the full force of his body. I released his hands, and they met at the nape of my neck, yet again tugging softly on my shiny red hair. Even in the throws of passion, Antony was still fully aware of how to keep me on my toes.

I knew what would most please Antony though. I could almost hear him telling me to get on my hands and knees and let him take me from behind, giving him the pleasure to control each and every propulsion of his thick cock into my submissive hole. He loved playing the dominant as much as I loved having my libido led around on a chain. It was rare to find a lover as perceptive as Antony. Whether it was true or not, I was convinced that he could anticipate my every breath and flex. Still, I wasn’t about to allow him the pleasure of controlling me tonight.

“No,” I repeated again. “Tonight you will not tease me, tonight. Tonight you are mine, to do with what I please.” I chortled, half surprised at my forwardness.

The tip of Antony’s cock was covered with a whole new blanket of pre-cum. I crawled up from between his legs and loosely straddled him, positioning his cock just right, so that with one thrust of my hips, he’d fully enter me. As I expected, Antony didn’t even try to move a muscle. He simply lay there before me, smiling back as if I was about to partake of a lethal injection. His self-control slayed me.

Slowly, I lowered myself down, inviting him to spread open my sticky wet lips. I teased myself with the tip of his head. What fun it was to manipulate it like my own toy, just as I did when I talked to him on the phone. The torture was too much and I pushed him lower, forcing him inside me, impaling myself with his fully erect cock.

“Couldn’t take it, eh, Felicia?” Antony taunted me with a Cheshire grin.

“I’ll show you what I can take!” I spat back at him in between moans and gasps. Furiously, I began to ride him, detaching from present thought with reckless abandon. I fucked him faster as a reminder that I’d been dwelling on the taste of his unsuspecting skin all evening long. Over and over I demanded his tool deep inside me, helping myself to his body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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