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We met Beth through a gay friend of ours. Beth was a self described “former lesbian” from White Plains, N.Y. who had decided that, although women were nice, she really needed a man in her life, or, as she put it, “I realised that I needed a cock”. She had broken up with her live-in girlfriend some months before and had come to stay with our friend for a few weeks in the summer to get her head together. She was an attractive woman of about thirty, a few years younger than us, slim but curvaceous with medium length brown hair and small pert breasts. We were all out on our mutual friend’s sailboat, moored up in the islands, enjoying a lovely Friday evening in July. We had finished a lovely meal and were into our second bottle of wine when our friend Sue, whose boat it was, suddenly announced she had forgotten a work-related chore ashore which had to be completed before morning, jumped in her tender and sped off, leaving the three of us alone to enjoy the evening.

It was a sultry night and, having been swimming earlier, the three of us were minimally dressed, Beth in her bikini, Darlene naked beneath a rather short and sexy light summer dress that we had bought in France the year before and me in just an old, thin Indonesian wrap. As we lounged in the cockpit, Beth was rhapsodising about how wonderful the evening was and lamenting her lack of male companionship, which, she said, would make it perfect. The conversation had turned first to relationships, then to sexual needs and desires and finally to more explicit talk of experiences and fantasies. Beth sat slouched back on the bench seat, looking at us heavy lidded, her bra straps slipping off her shoulders, her breasts threatening to spill out. Sexual tension hung heavy in the air, she projected an intense need that was almost tangible.

There was a lull in the conversation and after the briefest of knowing glances to me, Darlene leaned across and kissed her gently on the mouth. Beth’s eyes widened and she looked uncertainly at me, so I leaned in and kissed her gently too. Darlene moved beside her and kissed her again, and then again and then a third time, bringing her hands either side of her face and slipping her tongue into her mouth. I moved to her other side and gently kissed her neck. Beth murmured “Oh God” and brought an arm around each of us, stroking gently and kissing Darlene back passionately. Then she broke off and did the same to me. While we kissed, Darlene reached behind her and undid the clasp of her top and her breasts spilled free, eliciting another groan. Momentarily untangling her arms from each of us, she allowed me to strip it off completely before again embracing Darlene in a long passionate kiss.

While their tongues entwined, I lightly kissed and nibbled my way down her neck and then to the tender flesh below her armpit while gently drawing small circles with my fingers on her inner thigh about half way above her knee. She and Darlene continued to kiss ardently as I ran my tongue lightly over her right breast, avoiding her nipple, teasing, interspersed with light kisses and nibbles. At length, Darlene broke off her kiss and joined me, so that together we made love to Beth’s breasts. As we played, Beth’s head fell back and she stared at the sky, legs spread, hands stroking our hair, murmuring appreciative noises. Over time our touch became less gentle and more insistent, we sucked her now hard nipples and pulled on them with our lips, flicking them none too gently with our tongues. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Beth’s murmurs turned to moans and her hips began to rock back and forth. Suddenly she stiffened and gave a little cry.

She reached down and grabbed me by the ears and pulled me to her for a kiss. Darlene hooked her fingers into the string sides of Beth’s bathing suit and Beth raised her hips, allowing her to tug it off. I felt Beth’s legs spread wider as Darlene moved between them and I felt Beth’s hand fumble for and then seize my now hard cock through the thin material of my wrap. As Darlene teased her with her tongue, Beth stroked me with increasing insistence. Lost in her mouth, her soft hair against my face, I could not see what Darlene was doing but I knew the exact moment that she abandoned her teasing and pushed two fingers into her while finally running her tongue over her clit. Beth broke off our kiss and moaned loudly, squeezing my cock so hard I thought she’d do me an injury. As Darlene worked her into a frenzy, I again moved to her breasts, sucking and tugging hard on her nipples. In short order, Beth’s cries became louder and louder and she suddenly went rigid as her orgasm overtook her. She fell sideways on the cockpit bench, laughing uncontrollably. Darlene looked at me smiling, her eyes shining, her face smeared with Beth’s juices.

“I want you” she said. I stood and removed my wrap and knelt behind her on the cockpit floor. “I haven’t finished with you yet” she said to Beth as she again moved between her legs. I raised the hem of her dress and, feeling her soaking wet with excitement, thrust into her, rotating my hips slowly. Beth reached down, slid the thin straps of Darlene’s dress off her shoulders and pushed the flimsy material away from her breasts. As I continued to grind against her, Beth played with her breasts, tugging on her nipples with one hand while the other pulled her head into her sex. I reached around Darlene with one hand and placed a finger either side of her clit, stroking, teasing, but not making direct contact. Darlene continued her assault on Beth with ever increasing abandon, pumping her fingers in and out furiously, licking, sucking and nipping. Beth’s moans again increased in pitch and frequency as she climbed to another climax. I started thrusting hard, letting my fingers move back and forth quickly over Darlene’s engorged clit, my balls slapping against her thighs. Suddenly Beth came with a shout and Darlene raised her head and urged me on. “Oh yes, that’s it, fuck me!” she shouted “yes, yes, oh fuck yes!” she screamed as she came hard. I never slowed down, grabbing her hips with both hands and pounding away as fast and hard as I could. She came again and then a third time and collapsed on the hard cockpit floor, rolling onto her back and sucking air into her lungs. My erection waved forlornly in the air and Beth eyed it hopefully.

“Can I borrow him?” she asked Darlene. “Oh God yes” said Darlene “help yourself.” Still on my knees, I closed the few feet between us and Beth grabbed me and placed my head against her opening. I entered her slowly, but she rotated her hips impatiently and soon we were fucking hard. Beth leaned back with her eyes closed, moaning incoherently, floating on a sub-orgasmic plateau. Her hands on my bum urged me on. I was as excited as I had ever been and knew I wouldn’t last long. “Can I come in you?” I asked Beth a short while later. She was pretty far gone but the question güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri brought her back to the present. “No, not really, I don’t have any… I’m not on the pill” she said. “Come in her mouth” a somewhat recovered Darlene said forcefully. “Suck him, Beth.” I don’t normally come from oral sex but I was so close and this was all so hot. After a few more thrusts I pulled out and kneeled on the bench. Beth eased down a little and took me in her mouth. With almost the first brush of her tongue against my glans I started to come. She never stopped sucking me until I started to soften. I slid down so that I was astride her lap, took her head in my hands and kissed her deeply. I remember faintly tasting my own come, not something I would normally care to do but I was so filled with lust in that moment that I just didn’t give a damn, I needed that kiss. Then I turned and grabbed Darlene’s hand, pulling her into a sitting position and kissed her long and hard, getting my first taste of Beth from her lips. Still holding her hand I slumped against Beth, pulling Darlene into us as we engaged in a sort of awkward three way hug.

Gradually, we slipped off our sexual high, becoming aware of our surroundings, the hardness of the wooden bench seats and the chill of the night air on our sweaty bodies. “I’m going to be black and blue tomorrow” said Darlene ruefully. “Let’s take this down below” I said, standing and taking her hand, helping her to her feet. She still had her dress draped around her waist and as she stood, I reached behind and drew down the zipper allowing it to puddle at her feet. Beth eyed us appreciatively. “God that was amazing” she said “I’ve never done anything like that before.” “It’s been a long time” she said to Darlene, meaning having sex with a man “can we do it some more?” “We can do it all weekend” Darlene replied. “I’d like that” said Beth “I’d like that a lot.” Darlene smiled and we took her by the hand and led her below.

Forward was a V berth, wider than a king size mattress at one end, narrowing to a point at the other. This was Sue’s bed and it had sheets and a thick foam mattress. We headed for it. The women fell on the bed in an embrace and I just stood and watched for awhile, momentarily satiated. Beth rolled on top of Darlene and they kissed enthusiastically, breast to breast, groin to groin. I searched around in my bag and found my emergency “packet of three”. I put the little foil packets on the countertop beside the bed and looked on, stroking myself lazily, waiting for nature to take its course. Once I had regained hardness, I opened one of the packets and rolled the condom on my cock. Beth and Darlene were still in an embrace, grinding their pussies against each other and kissing. I kneeled over them and placed the head of my cock against Beth’s opening. “Oh fuck yeah!” said Beth and I slipped into her while they continued to grind together. “This time I have a condom” I told her “and I’m going to fuck you silly.” She just humped her cute little ass against me and continued to kiss Darlene. It was actually difficult to achieve deep penetration in this position, so I rotated more than thrust, but it was exciting nonetheless, like fucking Darlene by proxy.

Always ready with an orgasm, Darlene came again, announcing herself at the top of her lungs. I grabbed Beth by the hips and pulled her into a kneeling position and started to fuck her with long strokes. Darlene spun around into a position güvenilir bahis şirketleri that our friend Sue refers to as a “titty 69”, and they pleasured each others’ breasts as I pumped away. Beth raised her head and started to mutter obscenities, urging me on. Suddenly she had a massive screaming orgasm and collapsed on the bed. I was not to be denied. I rolled her onto her back and continued fucking her through another orgasm. I came almost immediately after her, forcefully and unexpectedly. Even the unfamiliar condom didn’t diminish the intensity of the moment. I collapsed on top of her and Darlene leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

After this we were pretty well wrung out and we just lay there stroking and cuddling, not saying much but comfortable with the silence. Darlene lay with her head on my chest, Beth lay on the other side of me, her leg over mine, her breasts pressing into my side. They held hands across me. “I’d go for a swim to cool off” I said at length “but I think I’d drown.” Nobody answered and I realised that they were both asleep. Sometime later I heard Sue’s tender returning and felt the bump as she came alongside. This woke Beth up and she looked at me uncertainly. “It’s cool” I assured her “nothing she hasn’t seen before. She won’t mind, trust me.” Darlene never stirred. Sue came below, sussed out the situation in one glance and, with uncharacteristic sensitivity and restraint, wordlessly undressed and curled up on one of the berths in the main cabin for the night.

When I awoke it was daylight. Sue was standing naked in the galley making toast and coffee and the smells were heavenly. I kissed Darlene lightly on the lips, waking her and then we kissed deeply but briefly before I disentangled myself and went astern. Looking about I saw that we had the bay to ourselves, so I climbed up on the rail and dove overboard for a quick swim and a wash. When I returned, everybody was up and about, Darlene sitting naked like Sue at the table in the main salon, smearing honey on toast, Beth across from her dressed in my sarong. I wrapped the towel I had been drying myself with around my waist and joined them, sitting close beside Darlene. We endured some good natured ribbing from Sue and then she, a confirmed lesbian with no interest in men, grilled Beth on how it had felt to have a man after so long, expressing some scepticism at her enthusiasm. Then, of course, we all discussed the night before. Not the act so much, that was only alluded to discretely, but the emotions and sensations. We all kept smiling involuntarily from time to time as our thoughts drifted back, then one would catch the other doing it and we’d all crack up. Eventually we took pity on Sue’s libido and moved on to other things and we spent a lazy day lounging about naked and swimming from time to time. When it came time to go, Darlene turned to Sue and said “I know she’s your houseguest but can we borrow her for the weekend? Please, please, please?” Sue just smiled and Beth dashed off to get a few things together.

We spent a lovely night, cooking a fine dinner and then enjoying languid sex after. The next day we lay about the pool, talking, swimming occasionally and giving each other erotic massages with suntan oil. Intermittently we made love, either in pairs or as a group. At one point we had precarious sex on the inflatable raft. We ate and drank well and generally had a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

We got together with Beth a number of times after that, both on that trip and others and once in White Plains. We always had fun and we shared a close friendship, that first night formed a special bond between us. Eventually Beth married and she now lives happily with her husband and child in San Francisco. We still correspond from time to time.

11th. Feb, 2005

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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