Better Not Pout Ch. 5

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©December 2001 by Bob Peale

Author’s Note:

This story was originally distributed as 7 chapters.

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Lana’s voice was deep and satiny, thick as cream and just as smooth. Stacy felt it envelop her, caress her, especially hearing it this close. It was a soothing contrast to the high pitched nasal twangs that were so prevalent around here, herself included. She’d never noticed before that Lana had a rich southern accent, the kind that softened the consonants at the end of a word and drew the syllables out to double their normal length.

“You’ve got it wrong,” Stacy protested weakly, shaking her head languidly.

It was getting harder to see clearly, partly from the steam accumulating in the shower room and partly because longing was clouding her vision.

“I don’t think so, darling,” Lana countered, pressing the chocolate tips of her breasts harder against Stacy’s own.

Involuntarily Stacy rolled her eyes and spread her legs farther apart, feeling the same rush overtake her that she’d felt with Karen.

“In fact,” Lana continued, “I have it on good authority that you’ve probably been a little neglected, that maybe what you’re lacking is a woman’s touch.”

Oh shit, Stacy thought, she knew! Not just about Stacy looking at her, but about what happened in Wardrobe too. She wanted to bolt, to prove canlı bahis to both of them that this didn’t have to happen, but she was frozen in place. She found herself fighting the urge to beg.

As if reading her mind Lana stepped back a few steps, placed a hand behind Stacy’s head, and moved Stacy’s mouth over her hard, throbbing nipple. Stacy accepted it willingly, her tongue dancing over the tight flesh, her lips suckling like a baby. Lana sighed and pulled Stacy closer.

“Oh, that’s a good girl. That’s it,” she coaxed.

She moved Stacy’s mouth to her other mound, hissing with pleasure as it performed a similar service. After several minutes Stacy felt Lana place her hands on her shoulders and push down, urging her to the floor. Down on all fours, Lana used her foot to spread Stacy wider.

“Come on Snowflake, play for me. Show me where you want to feel me.”

The idea of being watched by this woman made Stacy tingle all over. She reached under and spread her lips for her audience, wanting to Lana’s approval. Dropping her chest to the tile floor, she slid a finger between her puffy lips and sighed.

“Take it out!” Lana said sharply.

Stacy whimpered but complied. Lana bent down and put her face close enough that Stacy felt her breath on her ass cheeks. After what seemed like forever, Lana inserted her thumb slowly between Stacy’s lips. Stacy tensed, her pussy gripping Lana’s digit involuntarily as Lana twisted and probed deeper. Just as Stacy’s pants turned to gasps Lana removed her thumb.

“Lana, please don’t teas—argh!” Stacy groaned.

Still slick with pussy juice, Lana gently worked her thumb into Stacy’s virgin asshole. Stacy had never even thought to put something in there, and it hurt. Luckily, Lana’s thumb wasn’t all that large, but Stacy still felt invaded. Lana held still, thumb buried up to the hilt, giving Stacy time to adjust.

“Squeeze it!” Lana commanded.

Stacy did, wincing as her tender hole came in contact with Lana’s bony thumb. Slowly, Lana slid it in and out, fucking her ass. A warmth spread through Stacy, starting in her asshole as a burn and radiating out as something more like a glow as the pain gave way to a new type of arousal. She gyrated her hips, trying to hold the thumb in her.

As if it could get any better, Lana slipped her middle finger into Stacy’s pussy, filling both her holes. The warmth spread between her legs and intensified. Drool dribbled out of her mouth; she was too overwhelmed with pleasure to speak. She was actively fucking both fingers now, trying desperately to come.

Lana removed her fingers and Stacy let out a wail. She was on the edge, so close, and Lana kept cruelly denying her release. In some ways she was so much more bahis siteleri gentle than Karen, but in other ways she was significantly more severe.

“Get on your back and spread your legs,” Lana directed.

When Stacy didn’t move fast enough, Lana used her foot to nudge her over. Stacy fell with a noisy splat, sweat mixing with the spray of the shower as she sprawled on the shower floor. When she was in position, Lana straddled her head, knees on either side of it, and lowered her pussy over Stacy’s mouth.

“Come on honey, taste how good I am,” she begged, rubbing herself on Stacy’s lips and chin.

Stacy was much more aggressive than she had been with Karen, snaking her tongue out, running it over the tight curls of Lana’s pubic hair. Gradually she switched her focus to the other woman’s labia, tracing the edges, before thrusting her tongue deeply between Lana’s outer lips.

“Mmmm yeah baby, that’s good. Lick harder.”

Stacy did, thrusting it in and out then lapping like a dog. As a reward Lana reached back and stroked Stacy’s own pussy, trailing a finger gently between Stacy’s over sensitive lips, rubbing her hardened clit roughly. Stacy tried to fuck Lana’s finger but Lana wouldn’t let her, increasing both her arousal and her frustration as Lana’s pussy leaked steadily into her mouth. Both women were moaning now, their voices echoing in the otherwise empty room.

In a single graceful, fluid motion, Lana flipped over, laying her crotch across Stacy’s face as she buried her own face in Stacy’s pussy. Stacy felt teeth and tongue dance over her sex, causing her to buck. This time, when Lana worked a thumb in her ass while she sucked on Stacy’s clit Stacy accepted it enthusiastically, feeling the orgasm crest over her.

As Lana ground her pussy down tightly on Stacy’s mouth, Stacy grabbed on to Lana’s ass and pulled her pussy as close as it could possibly get, holding on both to get her tongue in deeper as well as to give her something to anchor herself to while she rode out her climax.

Lana let out a little whimper and clamped her thighs around Stacy’s head as her own orgasm started, much less demonstrated than Stacy’s. She felt the other woman’s pussy expand and contract as she came, her body shaking softly. When it was over she kissed Stacy’s pussy lovingly and Stacy sighed.

It took the two women another 45 minutes to finish up in the shower, get on their clothes and go their separate ways. Both were much stickier, much dirtier than when they’d entered the shower, and Stacy was still so horny she didn’t bother with panties.

During the short ride home she played with herself constantly, teasing her clit and fingering her pussy, refusing to let herself come. In her driveway she stripped bahis şirketleri off her clothes and really went at it, jamming fingers in her ass and her pussy and squeezing her tits, legs up on the dash, like some caricature of a nympho. If anyone had happened by she would have fucked them on the spot. When she finally came there was no way the muffled cries could be ignored by her neighbors.

Not even bothering to dress, she got out of the car and went into the house. She didn’t care whether Brad had to get up early or not, she was getting fucked. She burst into their bedroom and was dismayed to find their bed still made, a note in the center.

“Honey,” it read. “I had to go to Cleveland for the rest of the week – project all fucked up, and as low man I get to do all the shit work to try to salvage it. I’ll give you a call in the morning. Love, B.”

“Fuck!” she swore.

She was sick of tongues and fingers – she wanted, no she NEEDED a cock. Disgruntled, she stormed into her bathroom and showered, washing away the juice and cum but unable to temper her arousal. Drying herself she almost came again, and climbed into her bed, dropping fitfully to sleep after fondling her own breasts for close to half an hour.

The ringing phone dragged her out of the sex laden recesses of her dreams.

“Hi sweetie, it’s me,” Brad chirped cheerfully.

Stacy groaned and rolled over, peering at the clock: 11am.

“Hey there,” she croaked groggily.

“You don’t sound so good, everything alright?” he sounded concerned.

Sure, Stacy thought, I just have a little pussy in my throat.

“I didn’t sleep well,” she offered instead. “I tossed and turned,” and thrust and pumped she mentally added, “all night long.”

“Ok. I’m really sorry about bolting that way, but this came up last minute.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“At least Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” he answered glumly.

“The whole weekend!?!” she shrieked. She’d never last that long!

“I know, it bites! But we have a meeting with the client on Monday, and basically we have to rework everything.”

The chatted meaninglessly for a few more minutes, Stacy muttering the bromides and platitudes that a wife was expected to offer in situations like this. Finally they rang off after Brad promised to call everyday.

Her pussy was literally throbbing now, as if the knowledge that it would be al least 5 days before she could have any cock was causing it to rebel against her. She pushed the covers back and spread her legs, already wet, and dipped a finger inside.

Coating it thickly she withdrew it and worked it into her asshole the way Lana had, moaning as it slid past the still tight opening. Moving it in and out she rubbed her clit, and soon her hips were bucking and she was chanting, working herself into a mind numbing orgasm. When her vision cleared she looked at the clock: 12:45pm! Shit, she was going to be late for work!

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