Bi Cuckold Humiliated and Fucked Ch. 02

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Part 2. If you haven’t read the first one you should do that and learn how the cuckolding began. This part doesn’t have any hardcore sex but lots of humiliation and cum play. Part 3 will focus more on actual sex again when Abe returns for a second night.


That night was the longest I’ve ever had. I don’t know what was worse, the constant pain from my ravaged ass, the fact my wife was having countless orgasms with another man throughout the night or laying there knowing I was full of another man’s potent cum. Throughout the night I dozed in and out of sleep, never quite falling into a deep sleep before one of those three things ripped me back from it. It was now around 7 AM, I was now desperate for a shower, my mouth and face stank of cum, sweat and Abe’s balls. Not wanting to wake my wife up and incur her wrath I waited until now when I heard her bedroom door open.

Sitting up I was instantly reminded of my ass again, it stung so bad I didn’t dare touch it but I feared that it must be in quite a state. Gingerly getting to my feet, I quickly threw on my work attire and headed for her door which was now ajar and to my pleasure saw that it was just my wife laying in bed; her boss must have been the one who opened the door and went to the bathroom.

As I stepped in she opened her eyes and for the second day in a row instantly beamed a smile at me.

“What a great night that was!” she exclaimed.

I knew that if I upset her my life would only get harder so using all my strength I managed a smile,”Yes dear, it sure sounded like you had a great time.”

She gave a knowing look as she replied, “No, no, no dear, not me. I mean yes of course my boss is amazing, he made me orgasm all through the night! But no I meant you! I could hear you begging for his cum by the end of it!”

At this I couldn’t stop myself blushing and I felt my face redden and my throat go dry. I will never ever be able to live last night down I thought to myself. Will she ever see me as a man again after that? Trying to cover myself I tried to justify it, “No, he wanted me to say it, I was just …”

She interrupted me with a grin that seemed to cover her whole face, “No need to explain, as I said I can vouch for how good Abe’s cock is. Don’t be embarrassed, I too have had him dump a couple of loads in me over the last few weeks. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about baby.”

I didn’t know how to respond, she’d never believe I just wanted him to stop. And hearing that Abe had cum in her before was like a punch to the gut, I’d had my anal virginity taken by the same cock that had already güvenilir bahis been in my wife’s pussy. My wife’s pussy that I had barely glimpsed in our 2 year relationship, he had already felt its tight walls massaging his cock.

I wanted to leave now, I didn’t think I could look at her the same way again.

“Er, yes dear. Anyway, just wanted to know if I could take a shower?”

“Yes of course dear” she said, making me suspicious is was too easy.

As I turned to leave she answered my fears, “Wait, aren’t you forgetting something?”

I didn’t know what she wanted but it couldn’t be good, I just wanted to take a shower, Abe’s ball’s musk seemed to be following me around. I stood there dumbfounded until she threw the covers of the bed back and sat up on it.

“You idiot,” she scorned, “You spilled cum on my carpet last night and its still there!”

Then it came back to me, looking down I quickly located the blob of white cum, sitting hardened on the cream carpet. “Don’t worry dear, I’ll go and fetch a towel,” I said in my nicest voice.

An evil grin took over her face now, “No no babe, why would I want Abe’s cum all over one of my nice clean towels. You made him cum, you’ll have to deal with it. Lick it up.”

My brain couldn’t process what she had just said. Lick it up? I was revolted. Cum, from a man’s cock, that had been in my ass? I couldn’t keep from grimacing as I replied, “Dear, please no I can’t do that, a piece of tissue will get it right up.”

Her face dropped as she replied, “Okay then dear, if that’s how you want to play it,” and with that she reached for her phone and began to write a text.

For a moment I had been relived but although I couldn’t see what she was writing I knew that it couldn’t be good. Worriedly, I enquired, “Dear, er, what are you writing.”

“Nothing you need to worry about. Oh by the way since Abe told me you failed last night, he wanted to bring one of his mates over to help him train you tonight. I said no because I thought you had learnt your place but apparently you have not. I’m sure they will whip you into shape pretty quickly together. Maybe they can even stay over, share that little bed with you.”

Pretending to think she continued. “Well there’s only enough room for one person to lay down on that bed and those bull’s won’t want to touch each other. Guess you’ll have to be the cuckold filling in a bull sandwich all night!” she said smiling at the end.

Dread filled me, I had forgotten about Abe. The thought of another night with him terrified me, but bringing a friend with him, and having güvenilir bahis siteleri to sleep on them made me want to cry.

In panic and with tears forming in my eyes I yelled towards my wife, “No, no, please not his friend!. I’ll do it, please don’t let him bring another guy!” Tears began to roll down my cheeks as my wife considered my offer. Eventually she lowered her phone and nodded towards the floor.

Feeling sick at what I had just begged for, I got down on all fours and reached for the crusty cum blob.

“Oi!” my wife screamed, “Don’t you dare pick it up with your hands. Lick it up you imbecile!”

Terrified of her wrath I brought my face right down next to the blob, everything in my body wanted me to pull away from it but one last look at my wife persuaded me otherwise. Sticking out my tongue I picked it up and into my mouth. I’m not sure if it had mixed with something in my ass or on the floor but it was still gooey below a thin outer crust. As I tried to force it down my throat, the taste of Abe which I had had to taste all night, was momentarily replaced with mixture of ass sweat and creamy salt.

Finally getting it down, I tried to make a dash for the door, knowing I needed to wash my mouth out from this disgusting taste but once again she called.

“Hey! We’re not done yet, now strip and stay faced that way.”

She couldn’t be serious, hadn’t I suffered enough today. “That bitch!” I thought to myself. For a moment the thought of rebellion strayed across my mind but my submissive tendencies quickly brought me back to compliance.

“You disobeyed and now you’ll have to pay for it. It’s for your own good baby.”

“Please dear, I’ll be good, I won’t say no again,” I said full of regret.

“Drop those shorts!” she shouted finally losing her temper. “Spread your cheeks! And don’t you dare look or speak to me. I’ve already seen and heard enough of you for today!”

Dropping my boxer shorts I could feel the tacky cum stuck between them and my throbbing ass hole. Gently holding my ass cheeks apart, the pain was excruciating. Moreover, I was terrified at the feeling of air travelling up my ass, my god would it ever be tight again? Will I ever recover from that first night with Abe?

For a few moments all was quiet as I grimaced in pain silently. This was broken only by her giggles.

“Oh shit baby, your tight little hole has been totally destroyed,” she said in mock concern. “There’s a lake of cum stuck up there too!” she said unable to contain her laughter.

Leaning forward, I could feel her touch my ass which wasn’t iddaa siteleri unpleasant until all of a sudden she rammed a finger straight up there. Her dry finger felt like a sharp cactus in my ravaged ass and I whimpered loudly, unable to control it.

“Babe, its only a finger,” she scolded lightly before continuing happily, “You are a bitch for cock now remember!”

As she said this she began to slowly move her finger in and out of my ass like a saw through wood. The pain was agony and I had no idea why she was doing it but I tried to believe that she was trying to be gentle for me, besides I certainly didn’t want to say anything that would make her do this faster. Soon I discovered her reason for doing this, the slow massaging movement of her finger slowly dislodged the puddle of cum up my ass and soon every plunge of her index returned a few blobs of Abe’s cum with it.

It actually felt good not to be bloated full of cum for the first time in hours. This good feeling continued when I turned to see that all this cum wasn’t falling on the floor for me to lick up either, my wife was dutifully collecting it in a cup she had had by the bedside. After 10 minutes I couldn’t stop whimpering at the pain and was weak at knees.

“That’ll do baby. Now that’s done, it’s time for breakfast. You’ve been such a good boy that you’ll love it!” she said almost sounding proud of me.

Relieved it was all over and feeling ecstatic at her praise, I looked back in the glass. I couldn’t believe how much was in there. A mixture of dry and liquid cum had filled the glass by almost half. “Oh my god,” I thought to myself, “I had that inside me all night!? At least I didn’t have to drink it, I’d drown!

Heading down to the table I realised how hungry I was, all I had eaten since yesterday was cum. Eventually my wife appeared and plopped down a bowl. It was cereal in a watery milk. Not quite the amazing breakfast I had wanted but she was looking at me so expectantly that I didn’t want to disappoint her. Taking a big spoonful, my wife looked delighted when I swallowed it all down. The milk had a very strange texture and taste to it, almost salty but certainly not inedible.

“Baby, look at the time.” my wife said interrupting me and pointing at the clock.

Looking up I saw that I was now late for my day of work.

“Eat up quickly baby and go!” my wife said happily.

Not wanting to disappoint her, I quickly wolfed down the whole breakfast, thanked her for it and rushed out of the door. My face covered in old sweat, my ass clenched in pain and my breath smelling of cum.

My wife cleared away the breakfast bowl and now empty cum glass as she spoke to her boss standing next to her, “He’s going to learn to love that salty taste.”


Part 3 will be up soon, please leave me a comment if you enjoyed it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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