Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 23

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 23– KC’s Art. Shopping With Big Money


Melanie rushed into my home office about nine o’clock. I was wading through a pile of papers addressing our consumer electronics business and how we could improve market share in our five major markets. Tom had given me some ideas, and I was evaluating them.

“Mark,” she almost screamed, “you’ve got to see these.” She waved her cellphone around.

“Well, show me. Slow down.”

“Elsa and I just got back from KC’s gallery. She has about ten of her paintings on display, and they’re all beautiful. They’re all for sale. The stuff she’s painting now is patron specific, as she called it. I think that means they’ve specified something about what she’s doing — maybe the color scheme or something.”

I took her cellphone and looked at beautiful color pictures of the ten paintings. When I was through, I gazed away and then looked again.

I asked, “How much?”

Melanie said, “The large ones are five thousand. The least expensive ones were two thousand.”

“Can you buy them all without KC knowing?”

“Errr, I think so. Elsa could help maybe. KC was going to work in her studio tomorrow, so one of the other women that displays there will be on duty.”

I told her, “I’m going to give you a blank check; it’s drawn on one of my businesses. Tomorrow, go and buy all of them. Don’t let KC know. Swear the gal to secrecy too. Bring the first four including that one with the shades of green and blue to my office. I want them in there. The other six bring here. Talk to Barnes and ask him to hang them in prominent places around the living area before dinner, but I would like that yellow one opposite our bed, if that’s all right with you. I’d also like KC to come for dinner if she’s free.”

Melanie smiled and held out her hand for the check the same way a little kid does after she says ‘Gimme!’

Tuesday about noon, I heard a commotion outside my office door. Andy had just left, so I strolled out. Four workmen were arriving, each carrying a large painting carefully covered in bubble wrap. Melanie captured one of the paintings for her area just outside my office door. The other three got hung in my office, replacing more institutional paintings I’d gotten bored of after the second day I had them.

I loved the new look.

Mel said, “Elsa and Barnes are meeting the delivery men at the condo at one o’clock. You spent thirty-eight thousand dollars, by the way.”

I smiled and reminded her, “I’ll make sure KC comes to dinner tonight.” I winked at her.

I called KC’s cell. She was home painting. I explained that we were again inviting her to join us for cocktails and dinner.

KC said, “OK. I just have to stop by the gallery for a few minutes and drop off something I just finished off. I’ll be there about six-thirty.”

At a quarter-to-seven, KC leapt off the elevator and ran into the living room where the rest of us were gathered. She practically screamed, “You won’t believe what happened today. Somebody came by the gallery, liked all my paintings that were there, and they bought allof them.” She waved the check I’d scrawled my name on the night before.

We were all pretty quiet, but as rehearsed we each gazed off at one of KC’s paintings that hung on the living room walls.

KC’s eyes finally followed to some of what we were looking at.

“WAIT! WHAT’S GOING ON? HOW DID … YOU MEAN …” She twirled around and looked at me. “YOU .., BOUGHT MY PAINTINGS?” She practically screamed.

I smiled. “All of them. I love them.”

KC burst into tears. “OH, MARK. I LOVE YOU.” A microsecond later, she was in my arms showering my face with kisses. “How could you? You really like them? You didn’t have to do that. I will paint more to give you … all you want. I’ll give them to you … you don’t have to pay. Are you really going to leave them up like this … in your LIVING ROOM? Where did the others go? You’ve got to take your check back. Oh, God, I’m crying I’m so happy. You really like my stuff? You didn’t have to …”

I remained pretty quiet. Elsa and Melanie filled in the gaps about the other paintings and where they’d been hung after KC quieted down. Melanie even showed her cellphone photos of the paintings in my office area. She clung onto me in a nice way for about fifteen minutes, and then gradually canlı bahis got used to what had happened. I wasn’t sure I’d ever seen someone so euphoric.

KC again tried to give me back the check. She couldn’t tell it was from me by how it was written. The check was written on one of my relatively anonymous Delaware corporations and my signature is a scrawl that I defy anyone other than Melanie to decipher. I refused the check, and insisted that she’d more than earned it for her talent and workmanship. She looked so grateful, and then she cried again.

In her attempt to give me back the money I’d paid her, KC distinguished herself in one other way with me. She was not out for the money — mine or anybody else’s. When I realized that, I also realized that was still an important personality trait in all of my close friends. KC was not playing me.

Both Cindy and Elsa were constantly picking up food and things for the apartment. I continually had to insist that they allow me to reimburse them for their expenditures. Some of them were quite expensive too, such as some custom catering they arranged for me on the plane on my last trip to Europe and some of the love rings we wore. They wanted me well cared for on the journey over and around, so had put some of my favorite provisions and drink aboard the jet.

Melanie and Sheila both bought things for the condo with their own money that improved the look of the various rooms — small statues, table top books in areas I found interesting, or decorator pillows, for example. Melanie had also bought the custom bed linens for our super large bed on her own. One fitted sheet cost over four hundred dollars.

Elsa and Cindy had finally moved completely from their apartments into my condominium. I had become a nag about their living there, when I wanted them with me. I loved them, and didn’t want them afield. Things were even more difficult when I had them covered with security and they were at their own apartments. In the condo, they were especially safe because they were behind four layers of heavy security, plus everyone knew about the safe room near my bedroom in the core of the building.

Melanie had been a little easier for me to talk into moving in with me. She had a lease about to expire and hadn’t been happy with some noisy neighbors. When I suggested it we already had a loving and sexual relationship, and she saw it as an extension of our wanting to be together all the time.

Sheila was my one hold out, perhaps because she was the same age as me. There had been weeks when she was with us all the time, and then she’d want some ‘private’ time, and even though we were working together during the days, she’d stay alone at night at her well-outfitted condo for a day or so. The building layout where she lived conveniently allowed for an additional security guard to keep an eye on her safety.

I was especially generous in paying my direct reports at Worthington Industries. I was a tough taskmaster, expected long hours, and wanted a fiercely loyal staff. Andy, Sheila, and Melanie were three of those that fit in that category. All of them put in at least sixty or more hours a week on the business — sometimes more. There were others.

When bedtime came, KC jumped my bones in the nicest of ways. She was still giddy about my having bought all the artwork she had on display at the gallery. Besides a world-class blowjob where she brought her finest skills to the event, she gave instruction of her technique to the other women, thereby raising the bar.

KC had a way of doing things with my balls, sack, and shaft that even the high priced escorts I’d used years earlier didn’t know about. She was also superb at deep throating me. Once she got me way into her mouth and throat, she’d turn and rotate her head around my cock instead of pumping up and down on me. The twisting pattern gave a whole new set of sensations.

When it came time to make love, KC also showed how important the involvement of the woman was in the process. None of my ‘wives’ were ‘lay there and do nothing lovers,’ but KC carried her responsiveness and participation to a new level. She’d jerk and twerk her body into me in ways that accelerated my excitement and my race to climax.

At one point she called Elsa over and said, “Let’s both fuck him at the same time.”

Elsa looked puzzled about how that might happen, but KC persisted. The other women looked on with great curiosity. Many times they’d expressed the desire to make love to me simultaneously.

KC moved some pillows around me, and then as I lay on my back between them she got in a supine position over me with my cock nestled against her soaking wet slit. She had Elsa come from my other side in the same way until Elsa and KC were tribbing were it not for my serious erection in between their hot and very sodden slits.

As I started to gyrate from beneath the two women, my cock was rubbing through both of their wet slits and across both bahis siteleri of their clits. Instead of one pair of breasts shimmying in sync with my thrusts, I had two — four synchronized tits swaying as we fucked.

The scene was too erotic and sexy for me. The stimulation was nearly over the top. After only a few minutes I announced my intention to cum. The two girls were there too. We each came together. My cum shot straight up a couple of feet from between the two pussies and then splashed back covering us. My last shots just oozed over the sex organs of the three of us, coating me and two gorgeous pussies with my rich creamy sauce.

Melanie, Sheila, and Cindy were rapidly onto the three of us as we stopped orgasming, and shifted into the afterglow phase of our hot fuck. I could say for the first time that I had fucked two women at the same time.

The act got repeated a few minutes later with Cindy and Sheila, while Melanie sat on my face. I lasted a lot longer and got to deliver more orgasms. Elsa and KC were really into a sexy sapphic lovemaking session right beside us. If I couldn’t see them, because of Melanie, I could sure hear them and the dirty talk between them. What a way to go.


Wednesday morning over breakfast, Mark heard Cindy and I planning a shopping trip that evening to JC Penney’s and Kohl’s to get some new sporty clothes to take on the trip to Mexico. We had more relaxed budgets from our own earnings for clothing now that we weren’t paying rent.

Mark came over to where we were sitting in the living room, “Hey, you two, I heard you planning a shopping trip.”

We smiled at him and nodded. “I would like you to shop at a different set of stores and to use my account. Those are regular department stores that carry regular clothes for regular people. You are not regular people. You are my sweethearts and I want you dressed in the best there is.”

The somewhat heated discussion over the next half-hour dealt with our not sponging off of Mark or being kept parasites, versus Mark insisting that he wanted us to be the best dressed women in the world — in the WORLD! Ultimately, Cindy and I had to concede the point, at least for this kind of shopping. I think we both thought we’d find a way to sneak in a Penney’s trip sometime.

The result was that late-afternoon, Mark’s limousine and the security woman named Marcia drove us to the closest thing to Fifth Avenue in the City. We went to a large high-end boutique that carried Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry originals, to name only a few. Victoria’s Secret was two doors down. We had each been ordered to spend no less than ten thousand dollars on clothing in those kind of stores before we returned home. Sheila, Melanie, and KC received the same instructions, and they went the next morning.

I’d never had a four hundred dollar bathing suit or pair of slacks. My speed had been more like $29.95 for each. By the end of three hours of shopping we had dozens of bags and boxes, and had reached our quota. We could go home.

Back at the condo, we had an immense show ‘n tell in the master bedroom and great fun. It was sexy too, because the basic starting place for each of us was total nudity. Clothes were flying on and off bodies, and in many cases there was delight expressed as it was discovered that some beautiful garment could be worn by multiple bodies. Cindy, KC, Sheila, and I were close to the same size. Melanie was smaller but boobier, but she could often fit into many of our outfits without things being too baggy, only the borrowed skirts appeared longer on her than her normal ones.

We didn’t hear Mark come home. We just became aware that he was standing in the doorway watching the clothes fest with great amusement. He had a delightful smirk on his face.

When he had all of our attention, he said, “Just so you know, there is a present for each of you in the living room.”

I’m surprised that the stampede of nude nubile women into the living room didn’t trample Mark. There in the middle of the room where five sets of matched Gucci luggage, each with a large red bow on it: a large roll-on suitcase, a smaller roll-on, a cosmetic bag, a shoulder bag, and a purse. Each set had a different colored engraved luggage tags on each item to distinguish them from the others.

We smothered Mark with hugs and kisses. Amazingly, as that happened his clothes got stripped away from his body so that we had more of his body to hug and kiss without being encumbered by clothing. Somehow, Mark also got dragged into the bedroom, only he seemed very willing to go with us.

I doubt there are many men in the world who have received a blowjob from five women simultaneously, and then had them take turns riding his cock for about five minutes each in turn, until he eventually fountained into one of them, in this case Sheila.

Mark mumbled something about surprising all of us more frequently.

The six of us bahis şirketleri showered together in the large master bathroom enclosure. There were continued kisses and sex play, but all in good sport.

We went out for a late dinner to Amici’s — a nice little Italian restaurant about a half-mile from the condo. Security did their job as usual checking the place out before hand, and then making sure we were safe during the meal and transport.

I got to sleep with KC in my arms that night. She was very content, and we both felt very loving towards one another. I knew it and I think the others did too, but KC had become one of the sisters or wives or whatever we were. Cindy and Sheila slept next to Mark.

Thursday morning when we got up, Mark was gone. He was probably already in the Cessna Citation X winging westward towards San Diego. We wouldn’t see him until the following afternoon in Puerto Vallarta.

Friday morning was a flurry of packing activity. I challenged everyone to only use their smaller roll-on suitcase instead of the large one AND the small one. My father had traveled a lot for business when I was growing up, and I picked up some of the travel and packing ethos from him, basically see how light you could travel. The longer the trip, I think the less he took just to prove to himself that he could do it. I was the only girl using only my small suitcase.

With a prudent selection of outfits, cosmetics, bathing suits, and shoes, I got it all in my new small suitcase and the shoulder bag. I didn’t carry the purse, but I did make sure that a few of my outfits had pockets.

We were all ready to go at noon, headed in the limo to the City Airport, and were on the larger jet at one o’clock. Margo, Carter, and the four guys were already aboard. Carter had mastered the galley, and discovered that he had the makings for margaritas, even including an electric mixer. By the time we were ready for takeoff, everyone had a drink and we toasted the chilly and gray clime of mid-America as we headed to the warm beaches of Mexico.

The flight was amazingly short, and we all showed great restraint by not starting anything sexual. KC had not interacted socially with the guys and so spent a lot of the flight time chatting with them about jobs, schools, and growing up — basic get-to-know-you stuff. Our time in the air was three hours and thirty-two minutes. The pilots reported over the intercom, as we got ready to land that we should be seated and belted in again. I was starting to really like the whole idea of private jet aircraft.

Deke and I had sat together and smooched part of the way. The other part of the flight he had Melanie, Cindy, and me sitting opposite him with a table in between us. We were repeatedly taking apart and reassembling the Glock 30s he’d assigned to us. Melanie had participated for a while, but she was learning handgun skills at a much-reduced level from what Cindy and I wanted. Some of the others in our party found our pastime interesting but didn’t get involved. The four security staff on the flight paid rapt attention.

At the end of the hour that we’d talked about firearms, permits, including transport across international borders, and such, we gave the weapons back to Deke as we always had. Deke pushed the two weapons back to each of us with a smile.

He said, “Cindy, Elsa, congratulations. You have now graduated from the Deke Saunders School of Expert Weaponry. These are your weapons now. I will delight in continuing to work with you to sharpen your skills, but you have bettered all of the basics and then some. You have the equivalent of a bachelors’ degree cum laude in handguns, especially the Glock, and are on your way to a master’s degree.”

Deke then presented each of us with a small gift-wrapped package. Cindy and I tore into the wrapping paper as the others watched, and extracted two soft leather shoulder holsters. One side carried the weapon, and the other side carried extra ammunition clips. These were great.

We fawned over Deke, and thanked him. He had gotten special permits from the Mexican government to carry in country provided the purpose was for training only at our rented residence, and based on what we’d told him about our venue, we would have a place near the villa where we could practice. Deke also told us that Lucas had volunteered to go with us and give us any pointers he might have from his perspective as a bodyguard.

Cindy asked, “So what’s the Masters’ or Ph.D. program like?”

Deke smiled. “Hard. It’s both defensive and offensive. We fire from moving vehicles, and I know I told you that was a waste of ammo. We talk about various kill and take out strategies. Remember the idea is to stop the threat. Don’t fall prey to the stuff you see on TV like shooting a gun out of someone’s hand. That’s pure BS. Stop the threat; shoot the bastard dead center.”

Lucas had joined us partway through our lesson. He was nodding in total agreement.

I asked Lucas, “What do you think we should do?”

Lucas said In a serious tone, “Learn everything you can about protecting yourself and your loved ones. Get the Ph.D., and keep going. There’s always something to learn.”

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