Bite Size Ch. 01

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Bite Size

– Emily’s New Toy

Emily listened at her roommate’s door with baited breath. The last thing she wanted was for Teri to wake up and catch her at what she was about to partake. They shared the bedroom together and the single bathroom was inside. The only hope of privacy now was to play in the family room and be quiet enough not to awake her manic roomie.

There was a creak to Emily’s left. She jumped, managing to hold in a shriek. It was Chops, the house mutt they had picked up a few months back. He watched her through a tuft of hair, his tongue lolling happily. Emily breathed a silent sigh. She motioned the dog away, which bounded off to the family room. Emily listened at the door again and when satisfied, crept away to the nook that served as their dining room.

The night before, Teri and her boyfriend Chris had had a nice candlelit dinner. Now their centerpiece was to be the source of Emily’s entertainment. She twisted one of the spiraling candles free from the cheap candelabra Teri had purchased for the event and turned it slowly in he hands.

The candle was long; maybe 10 inches, and narrow, with a thick spiral twirling up its length. Emily removed the top portion which was burned down and smoothed the tip. It gleamed in the moonlight pouring through the patio doors, the same dim light that lit Emily’s face and her mischievous grin.

Emily stepped to one of the big overstuffed chairs and plopped herself down. She draped one leg over the armrest and pulled her long sleep shirt up to expose her down covered slit. The wisps of fine dark hair were already glistening with juices and sweat. She pressed the tip of the candle against her slit and a quiet sound of pleasure escaped her lips. She rubbed the tip around her clitoris and then delved slowly between her lips, penetrating her pussy and twirling the candle like a miniature drill. Her fingers twisted and tapped her nipples through the cotton shirt and she moaned quietly.

Emily stopped, thinking she had heard something from the hallway. She strained to hear any sound, particularly the damning creak of their bedroom bahis firmaları door. There was no sound though, and she braced herself to continue.

“Wrurf”, Chops announced, sitting on the floor a few feet away, watching her with idiot curiosity.

“Get lost, Chops,” Emily hissed in return, waving him off with her free hand, the one not pleasuring herself with the spiraled hardness. The dog ignored her, his tongue lolling out in incomprehension. Emily rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him.

She pulled the candle from her lips and examined it. The end was small, and well smoothed from her initial play. She smiled wickedly, her teeth gleaming in the moonlight. She had been waiting for an opportunity and here it was. She eased the candle down between her thighs again, this time lower, scooting her hips forward and propping her feet on the arms of the chair. She rolled her hips back and pressed the candle to her rosy pucker. She sighed raggedly when it touched her, and she bit her lip as she prepared for the initial thrust.

Her other hand went with certainty to her breasts, finding her nipples and tugging on them with automatic expertise. She moaned as the she slipped the tip against her wrinkled hole, it collapsing under the force, pressing inward as it parted to accept the waxen invader. She pressed briefly and gave up after just the tip had penetrated her. Even that sent shivers up and down her spine. She pulled out, gasping at the sudden lack of its print on her pucker and dripped a gob of saliva from her mouth, moistening her fingers and the glistening rod before her. She pressed wet fingers and dripping candle to her pucker again, circling her little hole with her fingers, wetting her most private place. The tip of the candle pressed against her pucker and this time slid in slowly but with stunning sureness, as if it belonged there. Still slick fingers met her aching pussy and swirled at her clitoris, causing her to grit her teeth to keep from sounding out in her passion.

The candle went in two inches, three, and then stopped, its makeshift lubrication expended. Emily cursed kaçak iddaa herself silently for not being better prepared, but the good stuff was in the bedroom, and she didn’t want to break into the kitchen for something else. It pulled at her pucker to go in or out any further and for a moment she panicked that it might be stuck.

Then, inspiration struck. Still, twirling her fingers around and inside her hungry snatch, she turned the candle, the spiral pattern along its length boring into her ass. She groaned, relishing the torturous journey of her new best friend as it tunneled its way into her pucker. Her fingers flew over her clitoris, and she neared release, as a good half of the candle drove relentlessly into her little hole. She moaned louder, lost in her new discovery, until she realized that Chops was gruffing at her, now standing up and responding to her apparent need for help. A tear rolled down her cheek as she stopped turning the candle and realized how she had been lost in her fugue. What a wonderful toy! She stopped, listening for her roommate, her heart drumming in her ears. Emily was about to return to her passion, flicking her clitoris with savage desire when she heard it!

There it was, the sounds of two voices coming through the thin walls of the bedroom. Emily panicked. The padding of feet could be heard even through the door, and nervous as she was, Teri would be coming out to see what the commotion was. Emily looked down, horrified to see the curly candle protruding from her bulging hole. She thought about standing up, straightening her t-shirt and praying it didn’t protrude from underneath or against the material like a rigid tail. No, that wouldn’t work. Teri would come out to the family room to see what was going on, and would scan the room. The missing candle from the nook would be a glaring omission to residential normalcy.

Emily jumped to her feet, Chops jumping back in surprise, barking half nervously and half in play. Emily reached under her shirt and grabbed the remaining portion of the candle still exposed to open air, perhaps a third of its length. Frantically, kaçak bahis she twisted it the other way, unscrewing the candle but screwing herself nonetheless. She panted, both from exertion and pleasure as the candle finally popped loose from her now empty anus. Emily heard the bedroom door latch and creak open even as she fled to the nook and slammed the candle back in its candelabra. She stood between the tiny nook and the family room, her chest pounding, her shirt soaked through, her tousled hair in her face.

Teri stepped warily from the bedroom and their eyes locked before Teri scanned the whole place, seeking a sign of danger or roommate foul play. Chris came out behind her, looking sleepy and confused.

“What is going on out here,” Teri rasped, trying to keep her voice low but ready to be loud if something was amiss. Teri could really scream if she needed to, whether it be to deter a burglar or tongue lash her roommate.

“N-nothing,” Emily managed, trying to get her breath under control. “I was sleeping out here so as not to disturb you two, and I had a nightmare.”

Teri scanned her face for bullshit and couldn’t find any. “Well, have something to drink and go back to bed. Some of us are trying to sleep.”

“Y-yeah, sure. Sorry, Teri. Sorry, Chris.” He just snorted, not fully awake enough to be offended. Teri stormed past her boyfriend back to the bedroom. Chris remained briefly, his nose in the air, sniffing, coming awake for the first time. His eyes focused.

“Do you smell that?” he asked, scanning the room himself for the source of the pungent odor.

“Smell what?” Emily looked around as well, more to hide the rising color in her cheeks, than to identify his concern.

Chris spotted the dog nearby, now relaxed from the excitement and lying on his side, legs straight out.

“Oh, never mind. Stupid dog.” Chris turned around and went back into the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Emily sighed heavily, padded over to Chops and rubbed his belly. He looked up sleepily and licked his lips.

“Good boy! I owe you one.” She thumped his belly twice and returned to the nook. A few moments of quiet washing removed any remaining evidence and she returned her abrupt lover back to its cradle. Moments later, Emily was asleep in one of the overstuffed chairs, a smile on her face.

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