Blanks and Missiles Ch. 02

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* * *

When I finally woke up the next morning Ander was gone from my bed, and apparently the house. I woke up horny and hopeful that Ander would take me once again. My dreams the night before were incredibly erotic, the moisture flowing from me had little to do with the potent seed he had filled me with the night previous. I figured I was better off, I was getting too close to Ander. I laid in bed for a while lightly stroking and petting my very sore pussy. My ministrations were feeling really good, I stopped before I got too out of control.

I found the t-shirt Ander was wearing before he entered my room. I stripped off my confining clothes and slipped it on. It felt great to be a little exposed, and I was loving the scent still on his shirt. I puttered around the house all morning, riding high on the orgasmic pleasure I had experienced the night previous.

I received a call at around nine or so from Paul. We chatted about nothing for a couple of minutes, and then he asked, “Well, uh, how did it go?” I paused long enough for Paul to say, “You still there sweetie? Hello?” I snapped out of it and replied, “Oh, yeah, uh, sorry, yeah. Everything went as planned. You know how I was worried that it was going to be, really, really weird. But, well, Ander was very mechanical and professional, as we discussed.”

Paul delayed his response, I heard heavy, if not gasping breathing on the other end of the line. Then he said, “Honey, I’m sorry about all of this. You know that I wish I could…do it,,, right? I just love you SO much!”

“I love you too, big guy. And of course I know that!”

“We need this, to complete our family. Let’s just stay focused on that beautiful baby…”

“Oh, Paul. You’re too sweet. I just wish it could be made by you and me! But this will be good too. I miss you,” Paul had to run; the guys were running late for a tee time, and our conversation was holding up the works.

“Yes, me too hon. I love you.”

“I love you too Paul, have a good time!” With that the phone clicked in my ear.

Ander came back about half an hour later with some shopping bags. He walked in and shouted, “Hey, Katie. Feeling good?” I said, “yeah, I’m feeling great!” He was digging around in the fridge pulling out ingredients, he then started whipping up an amazing breakfast with the ease of a pro. I joined in helping him chop and prep for our meal.

The whole time he was nothing but courteous, although I did catch him glancing at my swaying breasts under my thin t-shirt a few times. I really didn’t mind him looking, considering I had stolen quite a few looks of his huge cock pressing against his tight athletic shorts. We sat down and gorged on our finished product, the food was fantastic.

We were working on our second and third cups of coffee feeling contentedly full, when Ander out of nowhere, placed his hand on my bare thigh and said, “OK, sis. I say we hit the sheets, and keep trying for that baby.” I could hardly believe my ears. I kind of knew we’d be doing it once or twice more later that night, but not damn well now. Although I could feel a distinct tingle in my tummy when he mentioned my sheets.

A little shocked by his boldness, I instinctively replied, “I don’t think so.” But my body was already responding YES. I thought he would take me seriously and go watch TV or something, but I saw a moment of shock in his eyes.

“I mean, its not even noon yet!”

He didn’t say anything at all, he didn’t need to as his hand inched up my thigh. It wasn’t until I asked, “Are you sure you can do this?” Ander looked as though he was getting pissed, and then he laughed: “Let’s go find out. We’ve only got another day and a half, and I want to make sure you’re knocked up. Who knows, this might be our only opportunity before my brother comes to his senses! There is no way I would ever share you with another man, infertile or not!”

“I don’t know. I think we should wait till tonight, as we agreed.” My mind was trying to be rational, but my body was yearning for release. I now had my legs spread as he slowly pushed his index finger into my sopping wet hole.

Ander just said, with a big smile, as he pumped with now a second fat finger, “Get your ass over here.” His words were meant to be unaffected, but I could see the intensity and seriousness in his eyes. He didn’t wait for me to answer. Pulling his fingers out of me, he walked over, picked me up with ease. He carried me down the hallway to the master bedroom, to the bed I share with my husband.

“Ander,” I said, “Stop it. What are you doing? We can’t fuck yet!” He didn’t say anything, he dropped me on the bed, and lay on top of me, roughly pinning me down. He said, “Sorry. The minute I saw you in that shirt, and with nothing underneath, there was no question that I was going to have you.” I could feel his python growing to full length again as he pressed it against my belly, the memories of the pleasure he brought me the night before came flooding back

“Well don’t casino şirketleri think you were the only one looking.” He freed my hands as I began to work his shorts down over his hips. I could only reach so far until he completed the task for us.

He lost his balance for a split second, Ander’s as his hips parted my thighs, and I could feel his veiny tool press up against my soaked pussy. My lips were now right against Ander’s ear, and, involuntarily, I kissed it, trailing down his neck. I was making my way back up his chin when he grabbed my face and pulled it towards his. Ander kissed my cheek, my neck, and then his soft lips found their way to mine.

Softly at first, just brushing our lips together, and then harder, and then feeling Ander’s tongue push past into my mouth. I couldn’t help but to do the same thing back, sending my darting wet tongue past his lips. We kissed and felt each other up for what felt like an hour; it was almost better than sex, the build was making it that much more intense. Just the sense of being together, a man in complete lust with, was very gratifying. Then Ander started to make the moves to get back inside of me.

He sat me up, and pulled my shirt over my head, whipping it across the room. I was now completely nude, baring it all for my brother in law. I was trying to remember if Paul had ever seen me completely bare in the light of day. I grabbed his shirt at the bottom and lifted it up over his head. His fat cock was still pulsingly hard, I gave it a few gentle tugs, amazed at its firmness. We embraced, his chest pressed warmly against mine, we resumed kissing as my hands made their way down to his incredibly tight ass.

I was kissing him like I was in love with him, and maybe I was, on some level. I found myself moving my hands back towards his chest to get a feel of those incredible chest muscles and abs. Oh my… did they feel nice. So incredibly strong and hard. It really was a shame that we weren’t ever going to fuck again after today, I thought, as he gently cupped my breast taking it fully into his bare hand. He was now holding my engorged nipple between his thumb and index finger. He gently began to roll them as his tongue found its way down my throat once again.

Then Ander kissed his way down the valley between my breasts. God, he knew how to kiss my tits! So unlike the mauling I was used to from Paul. He now used both hands to eagerly cup and caress them, his mouth moving back and forth between them, kissing them with passion all while making small nibbles around the outer edges. He would then zero back in with soft kisses and eager suckling on my hard nubs his tongue relentlessly working on my nipples. I could feel how incredibly wet I was getting.

Ander started trailing kisses down towards my belly, and kissed around the circumference of my cute belly button. Continuing down further kissing me lightly, I realized that he was actually going to put his mouth on my now dripping wet sex. Paul had never even tried before, I gently spoke out, “No, We can’t do this, its not right!.” It wasn’t that I was against it, I just didn’t know what to expect, and I had always been curious.

Before I could protest further he started running his long wet tongue from the base of my pussy lips to just below my clitoris. He gave little sucks to soft sensitive folds up and down my vagina, and it was obvious that he was really enjoying himself. His obvious enthusiasm was turning me on as much as anything else, the fact that he was loving what he was doing. I was surprised by my own reactions, my initial inhibitions dropped, I gripped the sheets tightly as a sudden hard spasm rippled through me as his tongue moved from inside me to my clit and back again.

I was really getting into it when he pulled away and said, “God Katie, I’ve wanted to lick your pussy since the day I first saw you in your wedding dress.”

The mention of my wedding dress brought me back to reality and reminded me that what we were doing was wrong. I needed to clear those thoughts from my mind, I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my pussy back into his pleasure giving mouth. I was writhing with passion as his pointed tongue darted in and out of my hole. The sloppy sounds of his work resonated in my mind. I was focused on one thing, getting as much pleasure as I could from this.

I screamed out in orgasm, it was quite good, but a mere drop in the bucket compared to what he gave me the night before. It felt really good to be pampered by his very generous tongue. I wanted to return the favor, the desire to give something in return was strong in me, and I was hoping Ander would want to put his penis in my mouth. Another part of me fought that desire, now I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that yet. After my orgasm the desire was just as strong in me to now put a stop to this.

We were going too far. I said, “Ander. No more. We have to wait till tonight.” I tried to push him away from my still quivering sex. He eventually complied, kissing casino firmaları his way back up my tight stomach, stopping off to spoil my very hard nipples once again. Ander then brought his lips to mine, I could taste my juices on him, and it filled me with a strange, and intense need. His hard cock gently nudged against my outer lips, my hips thrust instinctively against him, trying to bring his hard cock inside of me.

Now all I could think of was being fucked to the fullest by my new lover. As we made out he was running the length of his cock up and down my pussy. He knew I wasn’t serious about stopping, and never even considered it as an option. As if on cue, Ander directed the tip of his massive cock to my opening. My pussy was ready to accommodate him, albeit a little sore from the pounding he gave me the night before. He began pushing in, a couple of inches at a time.

“Oh, take it easy baby, I’m a little raw down there from last night,” I exclaimed in pain.

Ander ignored my complaint and continued pushing more into me with his rock hard shaft. Soon he could sense my anxiety levels dropping as I started enthusiastically responding to his forceful fucking. Ander’s huge balls were now slapping up against my ass as my well lubricated pussy offered less and less resistance.

“Fuck me, FUCK ME HARDER!” I moaned out in delight.

“I thought you said it hurt.”

“Not any more, it feels so good, just fuck me with your cock,” I moaned.

“Has Paul ever fucked you this well?” He said.

“What, who?” I replied, I had lost all sense of self awareness.

“I said, has Paul ever fucked you this well??” Ander began slowly pulling his fat cock from my tight confines.

In a panic I tried to thrust back against him, his strong arm kept me from my goal.

“Answer me now, or no more dick”

“OF COURSE NOT! I have never been fucked like this! Please give it to me!!” I was desperate for him to give me what I desired most. And at that he pushed deep into me giving me what I wanted most!

He started a hard rhythm that continued to turn my initial soreness into pleasure, and against all logical control I start to thrust back up at him. His words and huge cock were really pumping me up. Suddenly, another orgasm overwhelmed me, and it felt so incredible to be completely dominated.

Ander just said, “Oh yeah, baby. Fuck you cum so hard, this pussy is just too good.” Ander began to buck faster, deeper, harder, I knew he was getting close.

“What do you want? Tell me!” I watched his nose begin to screw. The first telltale sign that he was going to cum. I knew he was beyond stopping now.

“I want you brother, I want you to fuck me!”

“You want me to knock you up? Want me to fill this pussy full of my potent cum?”

“YES! YES! Cum in me baby! Make me a mommy!”

I could actually feel his fat cock expand inside of me, just as I felt his cock spasm his hot load against the deepest parts of my sex, I felt yet another giant orgasm wrack my body. I felt as if my contractions were drawing that life-giving seed towards my soon to be fertilized egg. We thrashed through our mutual orgasm together, I had never felt closer to another person until this very moment.

“YES Give me that CUM! I can feel you filling up my fertile little pussy! Do what Paul CAN’T!!” With each word I could feel him pulsing into me. Ander mashed his lips against mine as he continued to fill me up. I eagerly returned his kisses.

Finally his weapon was fully discharged inside of me, he was completely void of energy, but his plump cock remained plugged inside of me. Ander began tenderly kissing and feeling me up. Almost as if I were a fine delicacy, not some plaything, Ander softly kissed and licked my breasts now, telling me how wonderful and perfect they were. I never wanted this moment to end.

After awhile, he finally slipped from the tightness of my vagina, I could hear an audible plop as I finally released him. I felt a trickle of a stream of his cum leaking from my sex. I was hoping the most potent of the swimmers were making their way deep inside of me. That trickle soon began a stream as more and more of his copious load ran out of me. I rested my hand softly on his thigh, and shut my eyes, lightly falling asleep. I just wanted a small break, but I was secretly hoping he would recharge soon! I was saddened when Ander got up, and got dressed. I listened closely to what he might have been up to, after a minute or two I could hear the front door slam his motorcycle starting up.

Not too much longer later, I fell asleep fast and hard, perfectly content and satisfied. My slumber was restless, vivid dreams danced through my manic mind. I was in a hospital nursery surrounded by hundreds of screaming children. I knew my baby was somewhere in that room. I spotted Paul across the room fruitlessly searching, getting further and further away from me. I was panicked, I just knew that I would never find my child. Suddenly a strong hand güvenilir casino from behind grasped my shoulder and led me down one of the pathways amongst all the bassinets.

The stranger behind me suddenly stopped at a crib that was illuminated with light. I knew we had finally found my child. I was so happy that I burst into tears, I was so excited that I didn’t even look down to confirm. I grasped the stranger behind me and began covering his face in sweet kisses and lovingly staring into Ander’s eyes!

I didn’t know what to do this was supposed to be a child for Paul and me. Anders strong grip held me steadfast. He once again went to kiss me, as I watched Paul disappear from the room entirely. The scariest part was I felt nothing but relief as he was finally gone. I swooned at his touch, taking in everything he was giving me.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was transported back into a strange room. It resembled the seedy motel suite Paul and I stayed in on our wedding night. I was still wrapped in Anders strong arms. I looked down to see that I was totally naked. I fell back into the bed cooing for Ander to take me. When I looked up I realized that it was not Ander afterall, but the dark black skin of Dr. Carroll.

I was momentarily aghast at my nudity. I went to cover myself up when I noticed the room was full of men in tuxedos. It was all of Paul’s groomsmen, including Ander. They were cheering me on as Dr. Carroll began to ravish my body with his impossibly large black cock. He was pounding my pussy bringing me impossibly close to orgasm, I was just never able to get to the climax.

Suddenly one of the men from the gallery disrobed, it was Ander, he was fisting his iron hard cock, shoving it in my face. I gladly opened my mouth accepting his pulsing tool past my tongue. Suddenly Dr. Carrol’s huge cock began to expand inside of me filling my pussy full of his cum. The other men in the room were all completely naked each one fisting huge cocks. I knew I was ready and willing to take them all on. It was at that moment I began to convulse in orgasm, screaming out at the extreme pleasure I was experiencing in my dream. I woke up suddenly I had two fingers crammed in my pussy and I was sucking on two fingers of my other hand, starting to come down from a very intense and very real orgasm.

After catching my breath I tried to will myself back into that dream, I wanted to continue my fantasy orgy, to sample all of the men in that room. I never found it particularly odd that Paul was never there, in reality, he never had been. Paul could never give me the baby or the pleasure that I had always wanted. I fell asleep once again, this time it was mostly dreamless, but my emotions were in high gear.

When I finally woke from my sex induced nap, around 4 p.m., the pressure on my bladder was intense and I was starving. As I sat on the toilet feeling the sweet relief of emptying my bladder, I noticed a continuous stream of Anders cum running from me. I was surprised that there was that much left inside of me considering the large wet spot we had left on the bed. He must have shot his cum very deep in me. I sat there for an extra few minutes to let it all out. I wiped the sticky stuff from my lips and flushed the toilet.

I decided to clean up the bedroom. My bed was a total disaster, the sheets were all disheveled and the smell of sex was strong in the air. I stripped the linens from the bed and put them in the washer. It was only when I started to remake the bed did I acknowledge that I was still completely nude. My nipples were achingly hard, and my pussy was still dripping with moisture. I wasn’t sure if it was my own, or leftovers from my brother inlaws large cum deposit. Although I felt satisfied at the moment, I could feel my sexual arousal levels begin to grow. I was getting horny, a totally new experience for me.

My bedroom seemed different now, no longer was it simply a place to lie down, it was now a place where I got fucked, I had a whole new outlook on my bed. The thought did bring a sharp stab of guilt, as it wasn’t my husband giving me the pleasure. I’d promised Paul that Ander and I would only be doing it twice, and I was so sure that I would not find any pleasure in the act. Now it was the only thing I could think about, my pussy began to ache at the thought of having him inside me again very soon.

There was a picture of Paul and I on our wedding day, sitting on his dresser. We looked so happy and optimistic. The picture now made me feel sad. I picked it up and placed it face down, I did not want to confront the emotions I was feeling at the moment. With a sly grin I heard stirring from the floor below. I threw on my old house coat and bounded downstairs, I could smell food.

Ander had apparently began to prepare a meal for us. It was a good thing too, as I was completely famished. I saw that beautiful hunk of man standing by the stove as I made my way into the kitchen. I couldn’t help but to appreciate his tight ass and bulging biceps.

I grasped his strong arm and said, “So, what’s cooking? It smells delicious!” He looked at me and said, “Just a little something to hold us over. I dunno about you, but all this fucking has me starved!”

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