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My name is Harry James Slider. I’m a young black man living in Boston, Massachusetts. These days, I attend Emerson State University. It’s a big school in the Boston Area. Emerson State University has twenty thousand students and two campuses, Boston and Milton. They got a really good sports program. They offer Men’s Intercollegiate Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Squash, Fencing, Cross Country, Tennis, Rowing, Gymnastics, Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf, Wrestling, Rifle and Swimming. For female student-athletes, they offer Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Fencing, Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Rowing, Equestrian, Golf, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Rifle and Swimming. Not bad at all. We compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division One.

I’m a member of the Emerson State University Men’s Rugby Club. We play against collegiate rugby teams from around the state and beyond. Once, we played against Georgia Tech. College life is alright. I’ve got no complaints so far. The only problem in my life has to do with my addiction. I have got the weirdest addiction in the world. I’m addicted to anal sex but exclusively with big women. I can’t stand skinny chicks. Recently, I overindulged my hidden passion and that’s what landed me in this precarious position. I have to attend these sessions otherwise I’ll get into some rather serious trouble.

I’m currently in my shrink’s office. Doctor Elisabeth Wilds is a tall, attractive woman with light brown hair, bronze skin and pale green eyes. She’s a big woman for sure, definitely weighing more than two hundred pounds but she still looked good to me. I was honest with the good doctor and told her about my addiction to anal sex with large women. The doctor sat behind her desk and listened to my story. I told her about everything in every vivid detail. I didn’t want to leave anything out. You see, I wanted to get cured of my affliction. Going through life addicted to sticking your dick into big women’s tight assholes is no way for a man to live.

I told the doctor about my first anal sex experience with a big woman. Sheila was my first. A six-foot-tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed chick from the Women’s Basketball team at Dorchester Academy in Boston, Massachusetts. They called her Big Sheila, for obvious reasons. She weighed around two hundred and sixty pounds and she was a dominant presence on the basketball court. I had a thing for her. I’m a five-foot-nine, 140-pound man. Yeah, I’m a skinny dude. I’m neither big nor intimidating. canlı bahis But I’ve always had a way with women. Call it charm. I’m pretty, and I dress really well. I’m also a smooth talker. I had some fun with Big Sheila. We began going out. She was a big gal with a voracious appetite for nearly everything. She loved sports. She loved food. And she loved sex. That last part was more than okay with me.

I had some fun with Sheila. We went to her house while her parents were at work. We got naked and had some raunchy good times. Sheila pushed me on her bed and began sucking on my dick. I’m not a big man but I’ve got a really big dick. Twelve inches long and quite thick. I’m also uncut. Hell yeah. Sheila gasped when she first saw my dick. Then she began sucking on my black wand like cock sucking was going out of style. Watching the big black girl suck on my long and thick cock was awesome. Sheila gave really good head. When I came, she even drank my cum. Afterwards, I spread her fleshy thighs and began licking her pussy. Sheila had a sweet-tasting pussy. A common feature shared by lots of big women. Small wonder I got addicted to them.

I sucked on Sheila’s clit and fingered her pussy. In no time I made her cum. When I did, she squealed in sheer pleasure. Hell yeah. I got the magic. I know how to make women scream my name. Afterwards, I slid my cock into her pussy. I fucked her good. For such a big woman, she certainly had a tight pussy. I loved fucking it. We romped happily for more than an hour. Our first time together. A month later, I discovered a new pleasure. Fucking a big woman in the ass. I asked Sheila to try anal with me and she was cool with it. We had plenty of lube and she was curious about it. That’s the same way I felt. I saw women getting fucked in the ass in porn movies and magazines all the time. I just never thought I would experience it. According to the guys at school, it was an amazing experience.

I took some lube and smeared it all over my cock. I applied some of the lubricant all over Big Sheila’s tight-looking butt hole. She complained about it being cold but I promised to warm her up. Then, I put Big Sheila on all fours and spread her plump black butt cheeks wide open. I pressed my cock against her backdoor and pushed. With a swift thrust, I went in. Big Sheila screamed as I penetrated her ass. I guess she truly was an anal virgin. Even though she had fucked dozens of guys, her ass had never been penetrated. Oh, well. There’s a first time for everything. I thrust my cock into Big Sheila’s booty hole. She screamed. Truth be told, her screams were bahis siteleri music to my ears. Word up. A wonderful symphony.

I dug my fingers into Big Sheila’s wide hips and pushed my cock deeper into her booty hole. She continued to squeal as I amplified my exploration of her tight backdoor. Man, this was my first time having anal sex with a woman but I was curious. Were all women’s assholes this tight? I continued drilling my dick into Big Sheila’s asshole until I came, sending my hot seed deep down where the sun didn’t shine. Afterwards, we hit the showers. She was walking funny, something which made me smile.

I had enjoyed anal sex with Sheila, but I wouldn’t figure out my own personal fetish until later. The first woman I fucked in the ass when I got into college was Hannah Smith Lee, the Dean of Admissions at Emerson State University. Hannah Smith was a tall, skinny Asian woman with long black hair and almond-shaped ass. I had just enrolled as a freshman at Emerson State University. Big Sheila and I split up when she decided to explore her lesbian roots and I’ve been aching to fuck someone else ever since. I noticed Hannah Smith Lee giving me the eye. I responded. We hooked up in the closed up men’s bathroom during her lunch break.

Hannah Smith Lee was a wild woman. As soon as we got into the men’s room, she pulled down my pants and began sucking on my long and thick black cock like her life depended on it. She was a very good cock sucker. When I came, she drank my manly essence. I licked her pussy, which pleased her. Afterwards, I asked her if she ever tried anal. She smiled, and nodded. I pulled the slim tube of lubricant I almost always had on me, and she grinned. Yeah, I was always prepared. We had some fun.

I bent Hannah Smith Lee over the bathroom counter and spread her ass cheeks. She was a skinny woman with a flat ass but an ass is an ass. I spread her cheeks and worked my cock into her butt. I could tell that she was no stranger to anal sex due to the sheer elasticity of her ass. Lube is cool for elasticity but anally experienced women have naturally loose asses. I put my hands on her hips and began to give her ass a serious pounding. Hannah Smith Lee screamed as I pumped my cock into her ass. We went at it until I came, filling her ass with my manly juice. I’ll be the first to say that fucking this middle-aged Asian woman in the ass was fun but she didn’t excite me as much as Big Sheila did. Later, I figured out why. Big Sheila had a tight asshole. Big women’s assholes were naturally tighter than those of skinny women. This made them more bahis şirketleri fun to fuck anally. Oh, man. This was great news!

When I finished telling my story, Doctor Elisabeth Wilds had a strange look on he r face. I stared at her. No longer was she the dispassionate, uninterested and clinically attentive psychotherapist. The look I saw on her face was a very familiar, very feminine look of lust. I smiled. She wanted me. The next thing that happened was a blur. Somehow, my pants came off, as did the good Doctor’s blouse, pants, bra and panties. We kissed, and I had her on her desk, legs spread. My mouth was suckling on her large breasts and my hard dick was sheathed in her tight, moist pussy. I thrust into her. Hot damn, she had the hottest pussy I’ve ever fucked! I had fun fucking it, but not as much fun as I did with her ass.

Doctor Elisabeth was a wild woman! She definitely lived up to the family last name. I offered her a taste of my specialty. She took the bait. Next thing I knew, she was bent over the desk, face down and plump ass up. I spread her plump butt cheeks and pressed my cock against her asshole. When I thrust my cock into Elisabeth Wilds asshole, the good Doctor screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Hot damn. I haven’t had a woman scream like that with my cock up her ass since Big Sheila. I took my sweet time fucking the Doctor’s ass. Would you be surprised to discover that she had a tight ass? Women in positions of power usually have tight assholes which desperately need fucking. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cock, a dildo or just fingers. Something’s going up there, sooner or later.

I grabbed the Doctor’s hair and yanked her head back while drilling my cock into her asshole. She squealed as I pounded into her. I was having fun with her. It’s one of my guilty pleasures to find uptight women with fabulous asses and make them experience anal sex. They’re usually the wildest ones of the bunch. I plowed my cock into her ass and she squealed in delight. I fucked her good, slamming my cock in and out of her tight backdoor. We fucked and sucked the afternoon away. In the end, I filled up her asshole with my hot cum and watched it squeeze its way out of her formerly tight buns, which were now a gaping asshole. I smiled. My work here was done.

Doctor Elisabeth Wilds gave me a clean bill of mental health. She discovered that I wasn’t a man addicted to anal sex with big women, just a normal man with a healthy sexual appetite. I’m afraid the same can’t be said of her. She’s become an anal sex addict as of late. I see her three to five times a week in my dorm at Emerson State University. She’s dangerously addicted to having my big black cock probe her tight ass. I think she might be part Greek. When asked about it, she nodded. I laughed. Do I know how to pick them or what?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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