Breaking Lance Ch. 01

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Vince Tranter looks out over the countryside, the sun is setting and is painting vivid hues of red, orange and gold on a canvas of cumulus clouds in the distance. Anthony would get so excited at seeing such a beautiful sunset. Vince remembers on many occasions Anthony would often drag him into the garden to watch them. They would hug, embracing each other at the beauty stretching out before them.

Anthony was such a beautiful boy, so full of life, always upbeat and positive about everything, even when he reached his 30th birthday he still acted like a 12 year old never wanting to grow up which is why Vince always called him his boy. How he missed him, Life is so ironic, how someone so full of life can have it cruelly snatched away from them. Vince looks down at the small shrine placed at the bottom of the garden, this was Anthony’s favourite spot, it just seems fitting that this should be his final resting place. Vince knows that the flowers that are blooming around it have come from his Anthony’s ashes, his dying wish to be part of the garden he loved so much, those flowers are special to Vince.

Vince walks back into the house and makes his way into the lounge. On the mantle above the fireplace is his favourite photo of Anthony, taken when he was just 21, those big blue puppy dog eye, his long swirling locks of blond hair, that infectious smile, that boy never stopped smiling. Vince can only remember one time when he didn’t.

He remembers the day vividly, it’s etched in his mind and recalls it like it was yesterday. Vince was in the kitchen drying the dishes when Anthony had returned home from the doctors. Vince had been concerned about him as he hadn’t been feeling too good, Anthony kept telling him not to worry and that the tests would show he was worrying over nothing. As soon as Anthony entered the house Vince knew something was wrong, he always came bounding in full of joy and happiness to be home with his big ol’ Vinny. This time he quietly closed the door behind him, Vince turned round from drying the dished and saw Anthony standing in the door way to the kitchen, his eyes were full of tears. Vince dropped the plate he was holding and it smashed on the tiled floor, he knew immediately that Anthony was going to be leaving him.

That was five years ago, he would have been 35 next week. Vince chokes back a tear and places the photo back on the mantlepiece, Cancer is such a cruel disease.

Vince is broken from his trance by the phone.


“Vinny, is it alright if we bring over a guest tonight?” it’s Rob his life long friend from school.

“I hope you’re not trying to set me up again? You know what happened last time.”

“No really I’m not, it’s this new lad at work, I accidentally let it slip that we were having a poker game tonight and he’s been badgering me to join ever since, I thought seeing as we’re down a man then what the heck? To be honest I don’t think he’s your type, he’s really cute but seems a bit of a wide boy.” Rob explains.

Vince groans, “is he good for the stake?”

“Yeah, he’s bringing 200 in cash,” Rob replies.

“Ok but make sure you explain the rules.”

“Great see you in an hour.”

Vince hangs up the phone and shakes his head. Rob really is a dear friend and was there for him when Anthony passed away. Ever since then he has introduced him to lots of boys hoping that something may blossom, but Vince still hasn’t let go of Anthony yet. Rob’s biggest problem, or not as some people may see it is that he is too friendly with everyone, regardless of how much of an ass they might be.

Vince gets the dining room ready for the game of poker, he’s been holding it every week now for the last four years, he enjoys the company, god knows he needs it now, lately he’s been feeling quite lonely.

As he walks to the kitchen he passes the cellar door, he takes a deep breath. He rarely goes down there any more, especially not for what he set it up to be used for. When Anthony was alive they would spend hours down there, they certainly did have a lot of fun in those days.

On his way back to the lounge he looks in the mirror over the fireplace, he’s starting to look old now, wrinkles are beginning to show around his eyes. At 52 he still looks good and people often mistake him for much younger but he can see the changes in his face, he knows life is slipping by.

Vince his a big man, at 6’4″ he towers over most people and he works out regular keeping his large muscles in shape. He has a rugged face with a square jawline and piercing eyes and many people feel intimidated by him.

He sits down in the lounge with a beer and puts the TV on while he waits for his guests. It’s the usual Friday night rubbish and there is absolutely nothing on worth watching. He switches to MTV and catches a Rappers special, he scoffs at the ridiculous outfits, hoodies and baseball caps and dripping with what they call bling. The big ‘I am’ attitude really gets up his goat too, he thinks that if these wankers are role models for the youth of today then society is on a casino şirketleri slippery edge. Vince remembers the time he spent in the army, making it all the way to sergeant. ‘Thats what these assholes need, some good and honest discipline,’ he thinks to himself. He remembers some of the recruits he would get, wet behind the ears mommies boys, but he soon had them beat into shape to become very respectable fighting men.

He would often discipline Anthony, not that he needed it, Anthony was Vince’s slave, a willing one. Anthony loved being dominated by Vince, letting him control everything in his life, both in and out of the bedroom. Vince too loved how Anthony would always be there for him, devoted, like a faithful dog always glad to see his master.

To Vince being in a slave in a relationship isn’t part time, you either embrace it wholly or not at all. This is another reason why he feels he won’t find anyone soon, most the wannabe slaves he’s met so far are only interested in it part time and not giving up full control.

Although Vince is still single he hasn’t given up sex, he often frequents gay bars or sauna’s to get a quick fix and has bought back many young men but he never follows up any potential relationship from it.

Suddenly the door bell rings snapping him out of his trance, surprised that it’s been an hour already since Rob called. He makes his way to the door and as he opens it he sees a handsome slim young man aged around 29. His head is almost shaved and he has a good 3 days worth of growth on his chin. He is ruggedly handsome and has a well defined chiseled body, the product of hours spent down the gym. He is wearing tight hugging T-shirt that defines his toned body nicely and a pair of tight levi’s that hint at something worth investigating.

“Hello Nathan,” Vince greets him.

“Oh please call me Nat, everyone else does,” The man replies. Vince is not one for shortening peoples names, he prefers to use the name people were given at birth, to him its just being polite. Nathan is Rob’s partner and they have been together for the last ten years although Vince can never fathom out what Nathan see’s in Rob. Nathan gives Vince a peck on the cheek and makes his way inside, Rob is standing directly behind him.

Rob is the same age as Vince but nowhere near as in good shape, his beer belly is very prominent and has a lot more fat around him than he really should have.

“Hi Rob,” Vince greets him.

“Evening, this is Lance.” Rob says and steps to one side.

Vince has to do a double take, in front of him is a young man, probably around 20 dressed in a full tracksuit and trainers, he is wearing a baseball cap that is on backwards and has gold chains and rings almost covering him, It’s like he’s stepped right out of MTV and into his life. He is however very handsome with platinum blond hair, a fair complexion and what looks like very soft fuzzy stubble on his chin. His eyes are deep blue and have a puppy dog look to them, his nose small and slightly upturned. His body is slim but is well hidden under the tracksuit jacket and pants, those clothes certainly give nothing away as to what treasures lie beneath. For a moment Vince thought he was looking at Anthony.

“Ow do maaate,” Lance says breaking Vince from his spell.

“Er, Hello Lance,” Vince greets him.

Rob and Lance make their way past Vince into the house, the boy walks with such a swagger, just like the big I am walk that he saw earlier on the TV.

“Nice pad man,” he says.

Lance starts picking up the odd ornament as though inspecting them to meet with his approval. Already Vince has taken a dislike to the boy, but Rob was right he is cute, very cute.

“So ‘owdya afford a gaf like dis den? Ya pedlin’ or summut?”

“Peddlin’?” Vince looks at Rob as if to say ‘What the fuck is he talking about?

“Yeah, ya know, drugs n stuff,” Lance adds.

“Good god no! This is all paid for by good and honest hard work,” Vince replies a bit incensed at the suggestion he is living off ill gotten gains.

“Ya must have a real mint job den.”

It is a good job, as a security consultant to the government it pays very well too but he’s not about to get into a conversation about that.

“Anybody like a drink?” Nathan asks opening a bottle of wine that they bought with them.

“Yeah man, ya got any Stella?” Lance asks.

Vince looks at Nathan bewildered, “Lager,” Nathan explains.

“No I don’t, we’ve only got wine,” Vince replies.

“Aw man, dats a birds drink, init, but I’ll have one if dats all ya got.”

Lance picks up the picture of Anthony, “Ooos dis den, he looks like a right poof.” Nathan and Rob wince, visibly.

Vince sees red but keeps his temper under control, he is quickly at Lance’s side and relieves him of the picture. He can’t help but notice the boys odour now he’s up close, he probably hasn’t washed in days. “How about we move to the dining room?” Vince suggest.

“I thought we were gonna play poker? But grub sounds gud to me,” Lance say’s

“We are playing casino firmaları poker, in the dining room,” Vince explains astounded by the boys stupidity. Nathan rolls his eyes at Rob.

As they enter the dining room Vince pulls out a chair, “Lance, why don’t you sit here.”

“Cheers maaate,” Lance thanks and sits down.

“I’m just going to fetch some refreshments from the kitchen, Rob would you give me a hand?” Vince asks giving Rob a look that says no is not an option.

In the kitchen Vince closes the door behind Rob and Nathan, “Where on earth did you find him? He’s a complete twat!” Vince whispers.

“I told you, he works with me,”

“What doing? Trainee wanker? Why would your company take on such a loser?” Vince asks.

“If you ask me he’s probably shagging the boss,” Nathan laughs, Rob gives him a wry smile.

“Hang on, were you hoping to get in his pants?” Vince probes.

Nathan speaks before Rob has chance to answer, “He was until I met him, I soon said no.”

“God damn Rob, you really take the biscuit sometimes, does he even know we’re gay yet?” Vince asks.

“No, not yet,” Rob replies.

Vince rolls his eyes, “Honestly Nathan I don’t know what you see in Rob sometimes.”

“Nor me, it certainly ain’t his cock,” Nathan says. Rob gives him a hurtful look as Vince heads back in the dining room. It’s obvious to Vince that Nathan is the master in that relationship.

Nathan follows with some snacks, “Don’t be such a baby,” Nathan says as he passes Rob seeing the start of a sulk coming on, he gives him a peck on the lips and heads back into the dining room.

Vince finds Lance examining the playing cards that was on the table, “Is there a problem?” He asks.

“Nah man, just chekkin ya haven’t rigged dem or anyfink,” he replies.

Vince grabs the cards but doesn’t give Lance the answer his comment deserves.

“So Lance, what is it you do at work?” Nathan asks.

“I is nearly de assistant manager like, it’s well cool.”

Rob nearly chokes on his wine, “But you’re only the cleaner and an assistant one at that,” he says.

Vince and Nathan smile, “Yeah buts it’s only a matter of time, I tell ya, I is gonna have dat place runnin’ as smoove as silk init, lol.”

Everyone looks at Lance, Lol? Did he really use Internet chat shorthand in a conversation?

“Er, shall we start?” Vince says now eager to get the night over so he can get this asshole out of his house.

“Yeah, I is so up for dis, I is gonna whup ya asses,” he says whacking his two hundred pounds down on the table.

Lance’s inability to use proper english is really starting to get to Vince and if anybody’s ass need whupping it should be his.

They play the first few hands and Lance gets lucky winning two of them, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’se tode ya I’de whup ya ass,” he celebrates and gives everyone the loser sign by forming an L shape with his hand and putting it at his forehead.

“So Lance you got a girlfriend?” Rob asks obviously probing, Nathan glares at him.

“Nah man, I is too young to settle down, just gonna play de field, ya know, have some fun first,” he replies.

“So how come you aren’t out with you mates tonight picking up some totty?” Nathan asks.

“I is tekkin a break, I shagged summut silly last week, give me nob time to recover,” he lies, “besides I only just moved ere from London like an I still ain’t made many friends yet.”

Vince is amazed at how self centred this young man is, whenever the conversation moves to a subject involving Rob, Nathan or Vince, Lance always seems to hijack it and get the topic back to about him.

It is also obvious to Vince that this boy is very much a novice at playing poker, despite his claims of being a professional poker player. He is extremely easy to read when he gets a good hand or a bad one and it isn’t long before all three men are stripping him of his cash. Vince notices that as Lance’s money dwindles he seems to be getting nervous.

“Are you ok? You seem to be sweating a lot,” Vince says to him.

“Yeah it is warm in here,” he sits back and unzips his tracksuit top down to his naval revealing he isn’t wearing anything beneath. Vince’s cock stirs as he see’s a very sexy slim chest, it is smooth and hairless, his ribs very slightly pronounced.

Nathan deals and Vince notices Lance twitch in his chair, the boy has just got a very good hand, Vince replaces a few cards and is pleasantly surprised to find he holding a full house, he knows this hand cannot be beaten. The betting starts picking up pace between him and Lance.

“I’ll raise ya twenty quid,” Lance says. Now twenty pounds is the maximum bet that Vince set as one of the rules so he knows this boy thinks he’s got a very good chance of winning this hand.

“I’m out,” Nathan say’s throwing his cards down.

“Too rich for me,” Rob follows suit.

“Alright, I’ll match you,” Vince says leaving the next turn to Lance. He can see that the boy only has ten pounds left and knows he doesn’t have enough to continue so güvenilir casino by rights he should fold.

Lance slams his ten pounds into the kitty, “I’ll see ya,” he says.

“You know you have to double the last stake in order to seem me, ten pounds isn’t enough,” Vince points out.

Lance seems to have a look of panic in his eyes now, “Ere, I’ll chop in me bling, it’s worth loads.”

He takes of his jewellery and places it on the pile of cash in the centre of the table. Vince picks it up to examine it.

“This isn’t worth anything, it’s fake, we can’t accept this,” Vince points out.

“Fuck off man, dat cost me shit loads.”

“Well I guess you were duped then.”

“Aw c’m on man, let me play dis hand,” Lance begs.

Vince is suddenly turned on boy this cute lad begging him, he hasn’t had a feeling like that since Anthony.

“I don’t normally do IOU’s but in this case I’ll allow it, so if you lose the hand you will owe me thirty pounds,” Vince explains.

“Aw fanks man, I is gud for it.”

“Ok show us your hand then,” Vince prompts Lance.

Lance places his cards on the table, four of a kind, Rob whistles and believing that he’s won Lance goes to grab the kitty, Vince quickly grabs his arm and stops him.

“Hold on young man,” Vince say’s, “this hand isn’t finished yet.” And Vince places his cards on the table. The smile on Lance’s face immediately vanishes.

“Wow! A full house!” Nathan exclaims.

Lance puts his head in his hands.

“Are you ok Lance?” Vince asks.

Suddenly Lance jumps up grabs a handful of money from the kitty and tries to make a break for the door. Vince is quick though, and manages to grab the collar of Lance’s tracksuit top. Lance twists and the top slips over his arms and off taking his baseball cap with it. Now topless he bolts for the front door only to find it locked and with his hands being full of money he is unable to turn the key in time before Vince catches up with him.

Vince grabs him by the hair and drags him back in the dining room.

“Aarrrrggh fuck! Lemme go ya bastard, ya hurtin’ me.” Lance drops the money and grabs Vince’s arms to try and get him to release him.

As they re-enter the dining room Rob and Nathan are standing, mouth’s wide open at what is happening before them. Vince opens a drawer and takes out a pair of handcuffs then slaps them on one of Lances wrists, the catch automatically locking.

“Wot ya doin’? Fuck off man!” Lance protests.

Vince then wrestles Lances other hand round to the handcuffs, Lance tries to resist but Vince is powerful and soon both his hands are cuffed.

“Lemme go ya bastard! You a fuckin’ copper or summit?” Lance shouts.

Vince slams him back down in his chair, “We are all dying to know what the fuck that was all about?” Vince booms.

Lance winces, even though he is a big man Lance thought from the way he spoke so softly all evening that he was a pussycat really, now however he’s cowering below a massive man that is towering over him. Lance looks at the floor in shame.

“Well, we’re waiting?” Vince booms sounding impatient.

Lance looks up at Vince his eyes full of shame and giving off the most adorable puppy dog look Vince has ever seen, his cock hardens.

“It’s me mam’s rent money, she’ll kill me if she finds out I nicked it,” he whimpers.

“What? You stole money from your mother?” Vince is shocked at such behaviour, Lance looks back at the floor.

Vince is getting so turned on by this boy’s shame that he realises he has to have him.

“I tell you what, I’ll give you chance to win it back,” Vince says, Lance looks up with hope in his eyes. Vince sits down and so do Nathan and Rob, intrigued at what Vince has planned. “We’ll play one more hand, just you and me. If you win, you get your money back, if I win…” Vince pauses. “I own you for the whole weekend.”

“Nice!” Nathan says smiling.

“Own me? What the fuck are you talkin’ about man?” Lance asks looking confused.

“If you lose, you will be my slave for the whole weekend, I will do what I want to you and you will serve me doing what ever I ask of you.” Vernon says in a low husky voice.

Lance shivers and looks at Rob and Nathan who are grinning profusely. It’s been a long time since they have seen Vince become dominant over someone and this is really exciting to see. They haven’t seen this since Anthony died and miss the sex games they would sometimes all share together, they’re secretly hoping this may turn out to be one of those nights.

Lance’s face suddenly changes as the penny drops, “Yooz are all fucking homos?” Lance suddenly see’s an opportunity, a big grin crosses his face. “Wot about I lets yooz guys blow me for me money back?” He sits back and rubs his crotch smiling at what he thinks is a brilliant solution to this problem. If it works not only would he get his money back but get his first ever blow job, admittedly from men but at least he’d get his money back.

Vince laughs, his voice booming round the room, Lance’s face drops realising that Vince doesn’t share his enthusiasm for the idea. “I’d bet you’d love that, get your money back and a chance to blow your load. Sorry sunshine, it’s be a slave for the weekend or nothing at all,” Vince says.

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