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Big Dicks



M/M, m/m, M/m


This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Also, if you are enjoying this story, my first story can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/moments


Chapter 19 � Sunday  

It was a long night filled with many wild dreams. If even one of those dreams comes true, I was gonna” be a very happy man. When I finally woke up, I rolled over to look at the sun through the window, only to find my view blocked by four naked boys.


“Uh, morning guys, what”s up?”


They all giggled and Joey said, “Judging by the tent in your blanket, I think it”s you.”


“Good dreams this morning, Max?” asked Alex.


“Wouldn”t you like to know? So, why are you all here, blocking my morning sunshine?”


“C”mon, Max, it”s almost 10:00 and we”re hungry,” T.J. said.


“Yeah, get up and feed us. Please and thank you,” whined Mike.


“It”s nice to know at least one of my sons knows the magic words. Okay, you four head on out to the kitchen and I”ll be there in a minute.” The boys took off while I climbed out of bed and took care of my morning bathroom needs. Hands and face washed, I headed to the kitchen to fix something for breakfast. “Good morning, boys. Is cereal okay for breakfast? I don”t feel much like cooking this morning.”


“Sure, Max, what ya” got?” asked Joey.


“Let”s see.” I opened the cabinet and gave them their options. “I have Frosted Flakes, Honey Nut Cheerios, Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies. What”s your choice?” Joey and Alex picked Frosted Flakes, T.J. went for the Cheerios and Mike settled on Rice Krispies. “Y”all want some toast with your cereal?” A chorus of `yeahs” filled the kitchen so I pulled out the toaster, bread, honey, cinnamon sugar and apple and grape jellies. I buttered the toast and set it next to each boy so they could select their preferred topping. All except for Mike and I had to help him with the honey, again. I was going to have to find something easier for him to use.


Once we were all done chowing down, we cleaned up the kitchen together and I gave the boys a quick lesson on stacking the dishes into the dishwasher.


“So, what are we doing today?” I asked.


“We talked about it before you woke up and we just want to relax and take it easy today, if that”s okay with you, Max,” Alex said.


“You guys sure?”


“Yep,” said Mike, “Yesterday was busy and we”re all kinda wiped out.”


“Sounds good me guys. How about another movie, we could watch the next Star Wars?”


“Cool, let”s go guys.” said T.J.


As I was getting the movie set up, the boys settled in their chairs and Mike asked, “Is Tom coming back today?”


“He”s planning to, Mike. He had to be at work real early this morning so he went home last night after you were all in bed.”


“Good, I like Tom.”


“I do too and I”m hoping we see a lot more of him.”


“Uh, Max,” Joey said, “I don”t think we can see much more of him than what we saw last night,” he laughed and the others joined in.


“Ha-ha, very funny. We could say the same about the four of you.” That really got them laughing. “Okay, you guys settle down and enjoy the movie. If you need a drink or something, you know where all that stuff is. I need to go make some phone calls and I”ll be back.


“Sure thing, Max.”


I headed to my study and made my first call to Carol.




“Good morning, Carol, how are you this bright and beautiful day?”


“Ah, morning, Max. I”m great, how are you doing? I have to assume you survived the first night alone with the boys.”


“I did, though I”m not quite sure how.”


“No, seriously, is everything okay?”


“We”re just fine, Carol. We all got a good night”s sleep after a very busy and long day yesterday. We watched the first Star Wars last night and T.J. and Mike fell asleep before it was over and Joey and Alex were barely awake. They”re watching the second Star Wars now so I could make some calls. You”re the first one.”


“I”m honored, Max. What can I do for you?”


“I was hoping you had time today to talk. I have some questions I need to ask that I don”t think I want to deal with over the phone. I know you were looking forward to a day off, but if you don”t mind coming out, I”d really appreciate it.”


“I think I can do that, Max. I have some running to do this afternoon, but could come out before I start those errands. Would sometime around 1:00 be okay?”


“Oh, that would be perfect. You could join us for a spaghetti lunch. Does that sound alright?”


“Sounds wonderful. I love spaghetti. Can I bring anything?”


“Nope, I have everything else covered. Thanks, Carol, we”ll see you around 1:00.”


“See you then.”


My second call was to my parents. We hadn”t talked much lately because they were less than thrilled when I told them I was gay. I figured I should probably clue them in on my adopting the boys. I didn”t want to show up one day, out of the blue, with four boys tagging along without them having some warning.


“Sanders residence,” mom answered.


“Good morning, mom, how are you today?”


“Just fine, Max, how are you?” she answered frostily.


“I”m great mom. Is dad there, too? I have to tell you something and I”d like you both to hear it at the same time, directly from me.”


“I suppose, hang on while I get him on the other phone.” I heard her in the background, “Jim, pick up the phone, it”s Max and he has more news for us . . . I don”t know what it is, just pick up the damn phone.”


I heard the phone click as dad picked up in the other room. “Hi, dad, how ya” doing?”

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“Fine, Max, what”s this big news you have to tell?”


“Well, I know we haven”t really talked much for a while, but I first want you both to know I love you.”


“We love you too, Max, it”s just a little difficult right now,” dad said.


“I know it is and I understand. I hope what I”m about to tell you won”t make things worse.”


“Well, go ahead and spit it out.”


“Okay, I hope you”re both sitting down.”


“Yeah, we are, get on with it.”


“Well, I thought you”d should know that I”m in the process of adopting four boys.”


“Are you fucking kidding me, Max? Please, please, please, tell me this is some sick joke. A man like you shouldn”t be adopting any kids, especially boys.”


“Dad, we”ve been over this before. Being gay does not make me a child molester. It”s not the same damn thing.”


“How old are the boys, Max?” mom asked.


“The twins, Joey and Alex, are 8, T.J. is 7 and Mike is 6.”


“Oh, my, I figured they be older.”


“Nope. And the other thing you need to know is that all four of them are probably gay, too.”


“Bullshit,” dad yelled. “They can”t know what the hell they are at that age.”


“Dad, I told you both last time we talked that I was seven or eight when I knew, I just hid it. If I knew it at that age, they can, too? You both realize that we can”t change who we”re attracted to, don”t you?”


“So you say, I never believed that shit. It”s a choice you make, like what color car to buy.”


“Okay, dad, let me ask you this. Exactly when did you `choose” to be straight?”


“I didn”t choose, I always was.”


“It”s the same with being gay, mom and dad, you don”t choose, you just are. Who in their right mind would fucking `choose” to be gay when we are forced to put up with the bullshit that gets dumped on us. I”ll tell you who, NO ONE!”


“Don”t you yell at me, young man,” mom cried.


“Look, I know you guys don”t like or accept the fact I”m gay yet, but it”s not something I can change. You”ll either learn to accept it or you won”t. The other thing you need to think about, now, is these four boys will be your grandsons and I”m not going to have them around you until you change your attitude.”


“Is that a threat, son?”


“No, dad, it”s a promise. These boys have come from bad situations and I won”t allow them to be abused by you two.”


“Abused, what are you talking about, I would never hit them.”


“Dad, words can be just as abusive, if not more so, as hitting them. I will not subject them to anti-gay slurs and shit like that. You can”t take back the words once they pass your lips.”


“Fine, son, if that”s the way you want it?”


“It”s not how I want it, mom, but it”s the way it”s going to be. I just wanted to let you know you”re going to be grandparents and as soon as you think you can be decent, I”ll have you out and you can meet the new family members. Goodbye, I”ll talk to you later.” I fairly slammed the receiver down as I hung up. I had really hoped they”d have softened a bit, but I guess that was too much to ask for. Oh, well, it”s their loss, not mine. I next called my sister, Lee.


“Yo, sis, what”s up?” I asked when she answered.


“Not much, bro, what”s up with you.”


“Same shit, different day. Just got off the phone with the `rents.”


“Ooh, bet that was fun. NOT!”


“You hit the nail right on the head, as usual. They were even more pissed when I gave them something new to think about. If that”s possible?”


“What, did you tell them you”d found a really nice man and were getting married in Vegas next week?”


“I wish. That would have probably been better received than what I told them. No, I told them they”re becoming grandparents. And by extension, I guess, you”re gonna” be an auntie.”




“I told them I”m in the process of adopting four boys. I could hear dad shittin” his pants through the phone.”


“Max, that”s wonderful. I”m so happy for you. You”d said you were going to think about it when you came out to me last month. I guess you”re done thinking, huh. When can I meet them?”


“Well, Carol from the adoption agency is coming out about 1:00 to have lunch and so I can ask her some questions. That”ll probably take up a couple hours, so if you wanted to come out about 3:00, that”d be cool. I”d really like them to meet you.”


“I wouldn”t miss it. I”ll see you then.”


“Thanks, Lee, love ya”.”


I called Herb, my car dealer, next.


“Hello?” he answered.


“Herb? Max Sanders, here. I hate to bug you at home on a Sunday, but I have a problem.”


“No problem, Max, what”s up?”


“You remember me telling you I ordered the Flex because I was hoping to adopt?”


“Like it was yesterday, Max. Oh, don”t tell me it fell through, that”d really suck.”


“Oh, no, it”s still happening, in spades.”


“What”s that mean, Max?”


“Well, it happened yesterday afternoon and it turns out I”m not getting one kid, I got four.”


“Yesterday? Four? What the heck?”


“Yeah, Herb, I now have four boys, ages six to eight, living with me. The actual adoption won”t be final for several months, but the agency worker, Carol, arranged to have the boys live here after their weekend visit instead of going back to their foster homes.”


“Congratulations, Max. That”s great. You”re gonna” be a great father.”


“We can always hope, can”t we?” I chuckled. “So, now, we come to my problem, Herb. I now have myself and four boys that need transportation and I really don”t think the Shelby”s designed to accommodate more than two for any length of time, is it.”


“No, it sure isn”t.”


“Do you have a vehicle on the lot I can rent until the Flex comes in?”


“You bet I do. We have a Flex in the rental fleet and it was returned earlier this week. I can let you use it until yours is delivered. I”ll even give you a discounted rental rate since you”ve ordered the new one from me.”


“That”s great Herb. And you know what to do with the discount. Bill me the full price and forward the discount somewhere else. Now, I just need to figure out how I can get it.”


“No big deal, Max. I”ll bring it out tomorrow morning and have one of my guys follow along to bring me back to the showroom. Will that work okay for you?”


“Service above and beyond, Herb, as always. Thanks. Just give me a call when you”re ready to come out and I”ll see you then. Thanks again.”


That was all the calls I could think of at the moment and decided to check on the boys to see how they were doing. The movie was close to ending, so I told the boys I was going to head to kitchen to start making lunch. The sauce was going to need some time to simmer.


“When the movie”s done, punch the big red button on the remote to shut everything down and then come out to the kitchen, okay?”


“Okay, Max, we”ll be there in a little bit.”


I headed to the kitchen to start browning the ground beef for the sauce. While it was cooking, bursa escort I started up a large pan of water for the noodles and the rest of the sauce in a smaller pan. As I kept an eye on the meat, the boys came in and joined me at the counter to watch while I cooked.


“What”re we havin”?” asked Mike.


“Spaghetti with garlic bread. Sound good to you guys?”


“Yeah, I love s”getti,” Mike said.


“Okay, why don”t you all go wash your hands real quick and when you come back, bring a pair of shorts with you?”


“Why we need shorts, Max?” asked T.J.


“Carol”s going to join us and I”d prefer for you to be covered when she”s here, please. You won”t have to put them on until we here the drive sensor, but you should have them close by. I”ll grab a pair for myself in a minute.” The four took off and were back shortly with their shorts. I grabbed a pair for myself along with a shirt and laid them on the end of the counter. After I returned, I had the boys set the table and get drinks for themselves, each taking care of the same tasks as before. I decided I was going to have to move the plates and bowls to a lower cabinet to make them easier for the boys to reach.


I had just dropped the spaghetti into the water when the sensor dinged. “Shorts, kids.” We all pulled on our shorts and I added my shirt as I headed to the door to meet Carol. I opened the door as she was coming up the walk, took her coat and hung it up in the closet. “Good afternoon, Carol, how are you?” I said as the boys ran over to us.


“I”m great, Max. I hope you”re good, too.” The boys wrapped up Carol in a five-way hug and she added, “And judging by the reception, I have to assume these guys are all good.”


“Yeah, we”re great, Ms. Ward,” Alex said.


“Thanks for finding Max for us,” Joey added.


“It”s great, we all love it here,” from T.J.


“How about you Mike?” she asked. “Is Max being good to you?”


“The bestest, ma”am.”


“You”re timing is perfect, Carol, I just dropped the spaghetti in to boil. We”ll be ready to eat in about 8 minutes. Joey, would you get Carol a drink, please?”


“Sure thing, what do you want?”


“Tea would be fine. Thanks, Joey.”


The spaghetti was soon ready, so I drained it, carried it the table and put some on everybody”s plate. I then went around the table adding sauce to each plate. With the garlic bread in a basket and the parmesan cheese added to the table, we were ready to eat. “Grab a chair y”all and dig in.” The room was quickly filled with the sounds of slurping spaghetti and crunching garlic bread as we ate. There wasn”t much discussion during the meal, for which I was grateful. I wanted to talk to Carol alone after we ate. When we were done stuffing our faces and the boys had cleaned the table, I had the boys go to their rooms and start putting away all the stuff they”d sorted yesterday so Carol and I could talk. We headed to my study after I reminded the boys about knocking before coming in.


“So, Max, how did it really go last night after I left? They didn”t burn down the house, so I have to assume you had a good night.”


“We had a great time. We went swimming again, then a snack and bed. It was a long, emotional day for everybody and we were all wiped out.”


“So, what did you want to talk about that you didn”t want to deal with on a phone call?”


“First, I wanted to ask about school. Should I let the boys finish off the year at their current school or what do you think I should do? I”d hate to move them to a new school in the middle of the year, but getting them to school in Springfield could present some problems.”


“Oops, I forgot to tell you, didn”t I? All four lived far enough west of Springfield that they already attend school out here. You”ll just need to contact the principal and make arrangements to have the bus stop here to pick them up.”


“Well, that makes life quite a bit easier than I thought it was going to be. I”ll call first thing in the morning to let them know they won”t be there tomorrow and to start picking them up Tuesday morning. Herb is bringing me a rental tomorrow so I can get all four down to the end of drive to meet the bus.”


“Okay, that”s one problem solved, what”s next on your list of concerns?”


“The Mueller”s. Can they, in any way, cause problems with the adoptions?”


“I don”t see how. They can try, for sure, but I”m going to angle for a specific judge to deal with their cases and I don”t think she”ll have any problems with having you as their father. She doesn”t much care what anyone else thinks and really does look out for the best interests of the child.”


“Good, so my parents shouldn”t be able to cause any problems either.”


“I didn”t know they lived in the area, you”d never mentioned them before.”


“No I didn”t. They weren”t too happy with me when I came out to them. We haven”t talked much since then until I called them this morning to let them know I was adopting four boys.”


“Bet that went over like a lead balloon.”


“Even worse. They still think that since I”m gay, I”m some sort of sick, bastard, pervert child molester. I also reminded them that being gay isn”t something a person can change just like you can”t change being straight. You either are or aren”t.”


“That”s very true, Max.”


“I also told them that even though they will be grandparents to the boys, they won”t be allowed around them until they change their attitude. I”m not going to give them the opportunity to abuse the boys.”


“As much as that must hurt, I think it”s the best thing. For you and the boys.”


“Yeah, it sucks, all right, but those four have been through enough already. I”m not going to put them through even more just to try and have a relationship with my parents. They”ll either figure it out or they won”t.”


“We”ll make sure the judge knows that if we think it will make a difference.”


“Now, my sister, on the other hand, was ecstatic with the news. She couldn”t wait to come out meet the boys. She”s supposed to be here about 3:00.”


“Ahh, now it makes sense.”




“Well, the boys are wearing shorts, as are you. I just assumed that after everyone left last night, this became a nudist household. I know the boys weren”t at all concerned being nude around me. They made that very evident Friday night.”


“They sure did, and they asked about it last night, too, when it was finally down to just the five of us and Tom.”


“Tom stayed longer after I left?”


“He did, and the boys asked if the rule I laid out Friday night about clothes and when `other people” were here included Tom? When Tom asked what they were talking about, I told him about what happened the night before at snack time, with you sitting right there, and the rule I laid down. His eyes bugged out in surprise.”


“Oh, I wish I could”ve seen that. I bet it was priceless.”


“It was, let me tell you. It was then that Alex asked if Tom was `other people” or is he `one of us”? Tom sprayed Corona all over the counter. He”d picked a bad time to take a drink,” I laughed as the sight flitted through my mind. “Tom wanted to know çanakkale escort more before he would answer, and when I added that you were okay with it, Tom finally said he”d been known to lounge around nude and didn”t have a problem with it if the boys didn”t. I bet you know what happened next. I”ll even give you three guesses and the first two don”t count.”


“I would imagine all four hopped off their stools, took their clothes off and hopped back up without a care in the world.”


“Bingo, we have a winner. But that wasn”t the end of it. Not by a long shot. After all four were seated again, Alex looks me square in the eyes and said `okay guys, your turn.”” Carol laughed. “I told them I didn”t think it was such a good idea. I didn”t think your agency would look too favorably on me being nude, too, even if they were. They said they weren”t ever going to tell anyone. I finally looked at Tom and said `when in Rome” and started to pull of my shirt. Tom hesitated, but finally gave in and we both got undressed, right there in the kitchen.”


“Oh, my, I bet that was a sight to behold.”


“It kinda was, Carol. Tom”s a very good looking guy, in more ways than one.” I smiled at the pleasant thought of all us nude in the kitchen. “We spent the rest of the night nude, went for a swim, had snacks and watched a movie together. None of us cared we were nude. It was the most natural and liberating thing I”ve ever done, Carol. The only kinda weird thing was when T.J. asked why he was different from the rest of us.”


“What the heck was that about, Max?”


“Think, Carol, what”s something you could only see on a naked guy you couldn”t see when he”s dressed? Something that would make him different from a lot of other guys.”


“I don”t have a clue, Max.”


“Well, he”s not, you know, um, circumcised.” I don”t know why, but I was embarrassed to say it out loud.


“Oh, my, I”d never have thought of that.”


“It wasn”t a big deal, but I had T.J. and Alex stand on the steps in the pool so I could explain and they could all clearly see the difference. There was some worry among the other three that T.J. was somehow deformed. Mike said he had noticed it when the two took their shower, but he didn”t want to say anything about it. I asked T.J. if I could touch him to show them that, under the foreskin, he was just like us. He said go ahead, so I did. He had no idea the skin would roll back like that and, of course, he developed an erection. I hope I didn”t step over a line.”


“No, Max, I think that kind of touch was fine. First, you asked for his permission and he gave it. That”s very important. Second, he”s the one who asked the question and he deserved an answer. I think you handled it the best way possible. Third, they are all going to have questions about their own and other”s bodies, especially as they get older. It”s best they be given true and accurate answers. I just hope you”re ready for them.”


“Well, Alex asked one I wasn”t ready for, but I answered it anyway.”


“And what was that?”


“He wanted to know wht Tom was hairy all over and I wasn”t.”


Carol chuckled and asked, “Did he really mean `all over”? I noticed your body, of course, Friday night when you came out in those tiny Speedos. I wondered about the rest of it.”


“Well, you can quit wondering. Yes, I shave or trim everywhere. I just like the look and feel. You don”t have a problem with that, do you?”


“Absolutely not, Max. Whatever floats your boat.”


“Good. I guess the trickiest thing the whole night was getting the boys to keep their hands to themselves.”


“What do you mean, Max?”


“Well, you obviously know they all think they”re gay, and they may very well be, but I had to set down a rule last night that any personal or intimate touching should stay in their bedrooms and only with all participants in agreement.”


“I knew Joey and Alex had begun to play around with each other, and about T.J.”s issue at the school, but I didn”t think they”d be that open about it.”


“Oh, yeah, there”s no shame at all in any of them.”


“All boys go through that. I know my brothers certainly did. You could hardly walk in their bedrooms without finding one or more involved with themselves or each other, especially during puberty. God, their rooms reeked.” I had to laugh at that comment.


“Well, during the movie, T.J. and Mike had fallen asleep. We got Alex and Joey on the way to bed, then Tom and I carried the two sleeping beauties to theirs. Tom helped me tuck the boys in bed and followed my lead in giving them each a kiss on the forehead to say good night.”


“Sounds like everyone had a nice evening, including Tom. Makes me glad I called him to help you with the Mueller”s yesterday.”


“Wait, you set that up, too? Did you know he was gay?”


“I did. I found out by accident the first night we met. I thought you two would make a cute couple and lord knows you”re going to need all the help you can get.”


We both laughed. “No doubt about it, Carol, and I can”t think of anyone I”d rather have helping me. Tom”s a really nice guy in so many ways. The boys all like him and he seems to like them just as much. They worm their way right into your heart.”


“I knew they would. That”s why I”m glad you came in to the agency when you did. I knew you”d give them a good home. So, when is Tom coming back?”


“He said he”s off shift at 3:00 and should be here about 3:30 if all goes well. Oh, shit!”




“My sister”s coming out about 3:00 and I bet she”ll still be here when Tom gets back.”


“Is that a problem, Max?”


“It shouldn”t be, she was great when I told her I was gay, didn”t bat an eye. Just hugged me and said it was about time I faced reality. I just don”t think I”m ready for her to meet him just yet. Hell, I”ve only known him for a day.”


“And yet, you”ve only known the boys for two days, but you don”t have a problem with her meeting them.”


“Stupid, huh. I guess I”d better get over it.”


“Yep, I think so. Well, if that”s all you had for me, I”ll be on my way so you can be ready for your sister.”


“Thanks for coming out, Carol. I”m glad I have your support and I appreciate all your help in making this happen.”


“Happy to help, Max. Thanks for lunch.”


We headed to the front door and I called for the boys to come say goodbye to Carol. As I grabbed her coat, the boys came charging down the hall, sans shorts. They wrapped a laughing Carol in a hug to say their goodbyes. “Boys, what did I tell you just last night about that?”


“We didn”t think Carol was `other people”, Max,” volunteered Alex.


“Yeah, it was okay Friday night, why not now?” asked Joey.


“It”s fine, boys,” Carol answered. “I grew up with four brothers so, trust me, I know what naked little boys look like.” She turned to me and added, “Lighten up, Max. Really, I”m okay with it. After all, boys will be boys.”


“Ain”t that the truth. Thanks again for coming out, Carol. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”


A chorus of `byes” rang out behind me as I opened the door. No sooner had the drive sensor dinged to announce Carol”s departure than it dinged again. I thought maybe Carol had forgotten something, but I soon saw my sister”s car pull in the drive.


“Boys, go put on your shorts, a shirt and come back here, there”s someone new here for you to meet.”

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