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Her phone buzzed on the nightstand just as her husband was getting ready to leave. “Are you going to get that?”

She shook her head, trying to hide her guilt behind a breezy smile. “Nah. It’s probably just an email or social media notification.” She leaned up from off the mattress, giving him a distracting kiss. “Have a good day,” she said breathlessly, the distracted instead of distractor. Her husband could kiss, leaving her turned on for hours after saying good bye.

He gave her a knowing smile, dark eyes sparkling mischievously, hand snaking under the bed sheets to trace her from hip to breast, lingering just long enough to heat her blood.

She was breathless and really fucking horny when he finally let her go. “Be good,” he called over his shoulder, letting the bedroom door click shut behind him.

Ice slid through her veins. Did he know? Had she given herself away somehow? She lay under the sheets frozen and undecided and feeling terribly guilty over her secret.

And then her phone buzzed again. The temptation was too much for her aroused body and she picked it up, feeling a jolt of excitement as she saw the notification and time of arrival. Two o’clock.

Suddenly energized, she jumped out of bed, turning to fix the sheets, then headed downstairs with a load of laundry. After starting the coffee pot, she headed back upstairs for a luxurious shower, taking the time to shave, exfoliate and moisturize… everywhere.

It was a rare day off she didn’t share with her husband and she had plans. Of course, her husband would expect any household chores to be done and dinner made -he did the same for her when it was his day off- so she had to get moving before the real fun began.

With that motivation in mind, chores that usually took her the better part of the day were done by lunch. Laundry was washed, dried, and folded, something that usually took her three to four days to put away, to her husband’s eternal annoyance. He had everything done the same day every time it was his turn to do laundry, the freak.

A pot roast was also in the crock pot, one of her husband’s favorite meals. She’d debated making it, wondering if it was the guilt she was already feeling before the deed was done. Would he suspect her up to something if the house was spotless and she made his favorite meal? Or could she play it off as just wanting to please him?

He could read her so well which is why this was so risky. But dammit, she was going to do this. It was already too late to back out now. Later? If he did find out, well, she’d deal with the aftermath as it came.

But for now, nervous anticipation kept her moving, vacuuming, mopping, even dusting. She never dusted. But the clock moved far too slowly and she’d drunk too much coffee to sit still and read like she’d normally do on her day off.

By one thirty she’d changed into a short, silky robe with nothing on underneath and was trying to relax on their love seat, some of her favorite erotica on her phone. She had a good view of the front door which was proving distracting. She had to reread the same spanking scene three times before she got into the story and felt the first stirring of arousal.

Her hand slipped under her robe without her thinking about it, tracing first one nipple, and then the other into stiff peaks, taking the time to tweak and pinch them into throbbing nubs.

When the Dom in her story finally fucked his disobedient sub, she let herself play with her clit. Her pussy was already wet. Flicking her clit only made her want something thick and long inside of her. For now, her fingers would have to do.

Two slid inside easily, making obscene squelching noises as she pumped them slowly in and out. She set her phone down, book forgotten as her fingers brushed her g spot then scissored, preparing herself for what was to come.

An orgasm started to bloom and she used three fingers, the slightly uncomfortable stretch put off the impending orgasm, just for a bit. She would be ready as soon as two o clock came… and she would be coming soon after.

Her fingers were busy working, twisting and stretching when the knock sounded at her front door. She froze, waited a few minutes, and then stood, taking a deep breath to calm her trembling hands. The back of her robe stuck to her ass thanks to a sizable wet spot and she took a minute to fix her appearance, though there was no point in hiding her flushed bets10 cheeks or the scent of arousal.

Wiping wet fingers on the hem of her robe, she straightened it one more time and opened the door.

She smiled when she saw the small brown box sitting innocently on her front step. Even so, she snatched it up, looking guiltily around to see if her neighbors saw, as if they would know just by looking at her what was inside that box.

Locking the door behind her, she ran up the stairs to her room, ripping the box open as she went. Inside a four inch box sat a v shaped vibrating/sucking toy. Yes.

She opened the directions, her excitement fading as she saw the USB cord and read the directions? It took an hour and a half to charge? That was going to be cutting it close. Should she wait?


She and her husband had rules when it came to sex. If he found this toy… found her using this toy… all of the pot roast in the world wouldn’t save her ass from his belt. As the sub in their relationship, orgasms were strictly forbidden without her husband’s permission. She’d only ever come twice without his permission but that was when he was around and trying to make her come. She’d never gone behind his back like this before.

She had come across this toy on social media and the hilarious, raving reviews had been too much temptation to resist.

Which is how she found herself pacing the bedroom floor, waiting for the light on the toy to stop flashing, indicating it was fully charged. In the hour that task took to finish, she read the instructions that came with the vibrator, along with her favorite reviews online.

When the light went off, she was still aroused and feeling fairly confident in her understanding of the two. It was silicone, about an inch thick at the wide, bulbous end that went inside her, and the other arm of the v had a suction for her clit. Both pieces had ten separate vibrating strengths and patterns, allowing her countless opportunities to get herself off. She slipped off the robe and turned on the thick end, almost dropping the toy when she felt the lowest setting. Which was pretty damn powerful.

Settling herself on her back in bed, legs stretched wide, she touched that vibrating end to her clit. Her hips snapped up so fast she almost pulled a muscle but the feeling! It was intense at first, yes, but her husband used a violet wand on her before and loved it once she’d gotten used to it. The same would happen with this toy.

Tracing her vagina with the toy, she gradually grew accustomed to the steady sensation, her muscles twitching, body growing wetter. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she slipped the toy inside, almost immediately meeting with resistance. She tried every angle she could think of, but the toy was just too thick.

Rising to her knees, she positioned the toy at her entrance and slowly slid down, letting it vibrate happily the entire time. Despite her earlier preparation, she felt the stretch, pausing a couple of times to let herself stretch. Even so, the deepening vibrations just made her wetter, and when she hit her g spot, her hips humped the air, driving the toy deeper.

She stopped when the head of the clit sucker was in roughly the right position. Or, she tried to. With the thick silicone filling and vibrating against her, she couldn’t stop her body from hiding the toy. She almost saw stars when her orgasm surprised her, exploding deep inside her.

She leaned on the wall next to her bed for support, trying to catch her breath. The toy was lodged against a place inside she didn’t know existed but felt better than amazing.

Her hands shaking, one braced against the cool wall while the other tried to attach the suction to her clit. It took a couple of tries, but she knew when she got it right. Her back arched, peaked nipples brushing against the cool wall, her moan tearing out of her throat.

She paused to play with the settings, trying to sit deep enough to ride the toy effectively but the angle wasn’t quite right. Her eyes searched the room, landing on a wedge pillow her husband liked to use a lot. Perfect.

Waddling to and from the bed, one hand holding the toy in place, each step shifted the toy in new ways. By the time she positioned the pillow, her toes were curling from the suction on her clit, slowly drawing another orgasm from her body. She straddled the pillow and sat, groaning as bets10 giriş she rode the toy, one hand against the wall, the other still supporting the suction piece, keeping it in place as she ground against it.

Her fingers found the two buttons that changed the settings. One push and the suction became stronger, another push on the other button and the device pulsed. Two short bursts and one long, strong one. It was the long burst that sent her over and the sucking only prolonged her orgasm.

Slow clapping startled her as she leaned against the wall, panting. Fear pooled in her belly as she glanced behind her.

Her husband stood there, watching, the instruction manual for her toy in his hand, his jaw tense. But his eyes… those shone with dark promises.

She opened her mouth to speak, apologize, beg his forgiveness, but he cut her off with a curt shake of his head. Her mouth snapped shut.

“Do not speak unless I ask you a question.” His hands went to the worn leather belt resting on his hips and she whined, choking on a sob. The toy still buzzed away inside of her, but all arousal fled. “How many orgasms did you steal from me?”

“Two,” she confessed, feeling tears prick her eyes. She could sense his disappointment, see it on his face.

The third orgasm struck from out of nowhere as the belt slid free. He doubled it and she knew exactly what was coming. “Three orgasms, all without my permission. Not to mention buying the toy behind my back and scheduling a day off. If you wanted a punishment scene I think I’ll be able to give you that.”

Her mouth opened again but she kept silent, licking her dry lips, pulse pounding with every step he took closer to the bed.

“Don’t move.”

She watched, trembling, as he thumbed through the instruction manual, pausing to look at a couple pages. Her shaking intensified as he leaned over her back, caging her against the wall with his much larger body. He was built from a physical job while she was naturally slender. He made her feel tiny, protected, even while disappointed in her.

His hand pressed against the toy, testing how deep it was inside of her, and then the fit against her clit, grinding it against her in a slow circle. She knew without him saying that she better not come, but he knew how to play her body and the way the toy was circling with just the right amount of pressure had her inner muscles clenching the silicone inside of her.

And then his hand stopped, moved to the buttons and set the one on her clit to the third setting, a rapid suction, and the other to the very last setting, a powerful, incessant vibration that made everything inside her tense up.

“Get on all fours.”

It took a minute for the command to register and then a sharp slap with the belt for her to lurch into action. The toy shifted, her body clenching automatically to keep it inside, keep the lovely feeling going.

Her husband shifted the pillow beneath her, trapping the toy inside, even as she obeyed his command to spread her legs and arch her back.

“You came three times without permission with a toy you bought behind my back. You planned this entire day without me or my permission.”

Guilt choked her, filling her chest. “I’m sorry!” she wailed.

There was a loud snap and then a fiery sting across her flank. “Silence. I’m going to whip you for two minutes. During that time, you’re allowed to come as much as you want. After your time is up, you’ll have to beg for my permission. Maybe the next time you think to deceive me, you’ll think twice.”

He didn’t warn her, just stepped off the bed and started laying into her ass, upper thighs, and lower thighs, sometimes hitting the same spot more than once. He didn’t let up on the barrage either, no matter how much she yelped and jumped.

She bumped up against the ridge of the pillow with the toy, and the pleasure resonated through her. Wasting no time and wanting to feel something other than pain, she ground her hips down, riding the device inside her. As her pleasure spiked, sending her into a screaming climax, her husband delivered his hardest blows yet, blistering her backside with his belt.

She rode through her orgasm, wanting to float in the pleasure, but pain kept trying to eclipse the pleasure, so she rode on through that orgasm to another, her body trembling and sweating. If it had been just her, she would have stopped, bets10 güvenilir mi sated. But this wasn’t about her. Her pleasure only came from pleasing him and when he was done punishing her, he would make sure she did just that.

So she kept on, accepting the lash of his belt even as repentant tears rolled down her cheeks onto the pillow and her body started building toward what felt like a truly catastrophic orgasm. Her body clenched hard, despite the fiery he lit in her ass and thighs, and then the belting stopped.

She was seconds from the edge, teetering on this side of an orgasm when he leaned over and shut off all stimulation, leaving her frozen and unsatisfied, despite the multiple orgasms she’d had. Those were just appetizers, barely satisfying. The one he denied her would have left her sated for days.

But her pleasure came from pleasing him, not orgasms, so she swallowed her disappointment and waited, body shivering while heat radiated from what she was sure was a very red backside.

Foil tore from somewhere behind her and her disappointment fled. The bed dipped and then soft fabric, followed by a strong chest, covered her back. Denim scratched at her thighs and ass and she whimpered.

“Since you love that toy so much,” he rumbled in her ear, surrounding her with his presence, “let’s see if you still love it while I’m in your ass.”

She sobbed again, shaking her head, silently begging for mercy. She had a safeword, but didn’t say it, even though he’d never done this to her before.

“What is your punishment when you really disobey me?”

Humiliation swamped her. Why did he make her say it out loud? “Y-you fuck m-my ass,” she hiccuped and added in a wail, “Without lube.”

“That’s right,” he crooned, notching the head of his cock against her entrance. Mercifully for her, they did a lot of anal play. She even enjoyed it most of the time. Except when he punished her. The only lube her ass got was whatever was on the condom and it was never enough.

Without warning he snapped his hips forward and she yelped as his head popped inside, her asshole burning. He didn’t give her time to adjust before thrusting again.

“Damn you’re so tight,” he groaned. Normally, he could sheath himself in two hard thrusts, but with the thick toy, he had to fight that resistance too. “I can feel your toy rubbing against me. I wonder if the vibration will feel good for me, too?”

He punctuated his question with another hard thrust, bottoming out inside her. She yelped, feeling like another small movement might tear her in two.

Mercifully, he kept still, probably to keep himself from coming already but also letting her adjust. She’d never felt this stuffed before! She could feel her pulse pounding between her legs, and despite the thin barrier, felt the length and width of his cock pressing against the toy inside her, twitching and jerking as her body clenched and struggled to relax.

He shifted his weight to one arm and even that one motion sent sparks shooting up her spine. Her body didn’t know how to read the sensation as pleasure or pain, leaving her a confused, twitching mess of nerves.

And then he flipped on the controls, their hips thrusting uncontrollably. To make matters worse, he held the device in place, palm pressed against the clit piece, grinding it against her, fingers shoving the other end deeper inside of her.

“You don’t come before I do,” he grunted, swore, and thrust harder. “Damn you’re so fucking tight!”

And he was too thick. The vibrator too much. She keened, a long, wordless wail as he pounded into her, driving her against the pillow with each thrust. “Too much,” he swore. “Gonna come.”

His sharp thrusts grew erratic, more forceful, and the touch of pain in her backside kept her from orgasm just long enough. Her husband’s hips stuttered and she felt him kick and pulse inside her ass.

As if on cue, her body let go in long, clenching, full body waves. The vibration and her husband’s lazy thrusts fed her orgasm, drawing it out until she whimpered with the pain of it.

“Too much, please. I’m sorry,” she pleaded. “Please shut it off.”

He paused, pulled out, and shut the toy off. He kissed the top of her head, hugging her tight for a long minute until their heartbeats slowed and her body stopped shaking. It was a quiet, peaceful few minutes that let her feel like she was back on earth. Until her husband spoke.

“You did so well with my cock in your ass, why don’t we see which settings make you come the hardest?”

She could only whimper, lying limply on the bed as he pulled out and flipped her over, fingers moving toward the controls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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