Cabin Vacation Ch. 02

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The next day was much the same as the first. We took another scenic walk, enjoying the beautiful mountain view. We stopped at a clearing to rest for a minute. Sitting side by side, we shared our warmth with each other. I rubbed your leg, and kissed you lightly.

To my surprise, you kissed me back with much more intensity. You straddled my hips and devoured my mouth. I was shocked by this, but didn’t complain. I like it when you are forceful like this.

If I had thought this was just going to be deep kissing and tongue play, I couldn’t be more wrong.

You whispered in my ear, “Let’s fuck.”

I was somewhat surprised, and I just looked at you for a moment. You were grinding your pussy against my growing cock, which gave me no choice. When you wanted sex, you weren’t easily put off. You stood up and started working on my pants button and zipper.

You pulled my pants down a little and had my cock out in no time. I gasped at the cold air on my cock. I didn’t have long to enjoy the feeling because you sucked my cock greedily into your mouth. The feeling of your warm mouth was even more wonderful as the icy cold air tickled my cock. I groaned.

My cock was rock hard, and you slurped on it noisily. I should have been worried about getting caught, but you are very good at doing this, aren’t you?

You looked me right in the eye while your tongue danced around the head of my cock.

“So are you gonna fuck me baby? My pussy is dripping wet, and I need you to fuck me. Right here, right now.” Your hand had found it’s way to my cock, and engulfing it, slowly pumping up and down on it.

As if I could say no at this point. I picked you up and set on the rock where I had just been. You laid back and lifted your legs in the air. I undid your pants and pulled them to half way up your thighs. Your pussy was indeed already dripping wet. With your pants like they where you legs where held together and resting on my shoulder. This was going to be tight. You’re always so tight when we fuck.

I slid my pants down. With two fingers, I parted your lips and angled my cock at your pink pussy. It was incredibly hot, and resisted my cock at first. You moaned, and I pressed inward. The incredible wetness drew me into you instantly. My cock slid into your pussy, and I didn’t stop until I was all the way inside you.

“Ummmm….Now, I need you to fuck me. Fuck me hard baby.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I started pounding your tight wet pussy as hard as I could. You screamed, and then bit your lip trying to be quiet. My cocked hammered your pussy mercilessly. It was incredible. First your hot pussy would engulf my cock, I would draw it out, and then the cold mountain air chilled me. I then could plunge into the warmth of your pussy again.

With the new sensation of cold air, and the depths of pleasure inside of you, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Your eyes were closed, completely lost in pleasure. I groaned, and slammed my cock forcefully into your sweet pussy one last time. You screamed again, and I felt you start to spasm around my cock.

I spurted cum into you for what felt like an eternity. When my orgasm finally stopped, my head was spinning. I pulled my cock out of you and helped you get your pants back on. When you stood up you didn’t look very stable either. Then I heard clapping.

We turned, and an older couple where applauding us. You blushed like sunset, but I gave them a little bow. They lady laughed at your embarrassment, and you laughed realizing you where being a bit of a prude. You gave a little bow, and we set off.

“So we’re bursa escort even now.” I said.

“Oh that wasn’t my favor. I was just horny.” You replied smugly.

I chuckled, and you arched an eyebrow at me, daring me to say something. Instead I kissed you, and we walked back to the cabin hand in hand. When we got back the sun was just sitting on the horizon, filling the sky with fiery colors.

Another pleasure of having a personal cabin was the hot tub. It was on the patio area, and faced the setting sun. We decided to take a soak. Having not brought swimsuits for obvious reasons, you suggested we soak naked. I thought you had something in mind.

When the hot tub had warmed up, we made the short naked dash from the warm house, through the cold air, to the hot water. You practically jumped in, and I wasn’t far behind. We settled in, holding each other. We watched the sun finish setting, and talked about the day. It was incredibly enjoyable.

After the sunset and the sky became dark, your hands started wandering. I kissed you, and felt your hands rubbing my thighs and stomach. My cock slowly became fully erect. I slid my hand across your back and shoulders, while my other cupped a breast, and I squeezed and pinched your hardening nipple.

You moaned, and nuzzled my neck. Your warm lips kissed and started to nibble my neck, something you know I love. My hand trailed down your stomach, and down to your pussy. You spread your legs. My fingers gently teased around your outer lips, and you began to moan in my ear.

I felt your soft hand wrap around my cock and start to slowly stroke me. Then I felt you other hand searching for the forbidden area of my ass. It was my turn to spread my legs. You licked around my ear, as your finger circled my tight hole. I wanted you to do what you did next…

Slowly your finger pushed inside. I groaned, and slid a finger inside your pussy.

“Take that out!, Pet.” You commanded.

I shivered, and did so. There was no doubt what you had planned tonight. As your hand kept pumping my cock, another you worked another into my ass.

Again I groaned, unable to stop myself. You worked your two fingers inside my asshole, in and out, around and around, gently stretching me. Finally, another one joined them, and felt a brief spasm of pain.

“Go take a shower, and clean yourself well down there”

Like a flash I was out of the tub heading to the cabin. I forgot to grab my towel in my haste. I heard you chuckle behind me. The shower was just lukewarm when I turned it on, but I jumped in anyways. The cooling shower helped calm me down, easing my fear I might come too soon.

I paid special attention to my asshole, pushing in a soapy finger as far as I could, making sure I was as clean as possible. The feeling of fingering myself made me fully hard. When I was sure I was clean, I got out and dried off quickly. As I walked back out into the bedroom, surprised to see you, and a shiver ran through my body.

You stood proudly in the middle of the room. Jutting out proudly from your hips was 7 inches of silicon molded in the perfect likeness of a cock. A sultry and confident smile pulled at your mouth. I savored how erotic you looked, standing there naked. Your perky tits stood out proudly from your chest.

“Come here, slut.”

I started to walk towards you, but you stopped me.


I sank down to my hands and knees, and crawled over to you. My cock swayed side to side as I moved towards you, my eyes locked on your girl cock. When I was in front of you, I stayed on all fours. I felt your hand bursa escort bayan caress the back of my head.

“Sit up.”

I sat up, so that I was sitting on my legs. It wasn’t very comfortable, but I knew better than to move at this point. Your girl cock was right in my face, bobbing obscenely in front me as you moved.

“That was so naughty of you yesterday, sticking your cock in my ass. But I told you that you owed me, slut. So now I’m going to shove my cock up your ass, you little whore.”

You grabbed my hair, and with the other hand, slapped your wonderful girl cock against my face a few times. I opened my mouth, and you plunged that big cock into my throat. This was one of our favorite toys, which had a smaller vibrating piece that went inside you.

You worked your girl cock in and out of my mouth a few times, knowing how much I loved it when we played this little game. When your girl cock was covered with spit you pulled it out of my mouth.

“Get on the bed, on all fours, NOW,” you barked at me.

I obeyed quickly. When I got into position, I didn’t look around. You laughed, and said you had trained me well. I blushed, partly because it was true. I could almost sense what you where doing behind me. In my mind, I saw you pouring lube all over your cock, and positioning yourself behind me. I quivered with anticipation.

The tip of your girl cock pressed against my asshole, but stopped. A groan escaped my lips before I could stop it.

“I want you to beg for it, Pet,” you purred in my ear.

“Please fuck me with your girl cock. I’ve been so naughty, and I deserve to be punished with your cock. Please fuck me hard,” I begged.

You pushed in a little deeper.

“I’m such a slut, and I love getting fucked by your girl cock. Please fuck me, Mistress. Fuck your little whore.”

With that, you sank your girl cock all the way into my hole. I moaned loudly. I felt so wonderfully full. You let me adjust to the fullness for a few seconds, and then turned on the vibrator. The feeling was incredible. You started slowly pumping your girl cock in and out of my ass.

“I’m gonna cum all over your slut face tonight,” you moaned in my ear.

I moaned back, unable to form words. Then you really started pounding me. My fingers dug into the bed sheet, and I floated in a state of pure ecstasy. Moans fell from my lips, and I could hear you panting above me. I know you love to fuck me in my ass. Your girl cock filled my ass in all the right ways, pushing me closer and closer to orgasm with every stroke.

Suddenly you pulled your cock out of me, and I whimpered. I wanted it so badly! Then I felt your hands roll me over onto my back. You grabbed my legs and rolled me backwards; tell I was balanced on my shoulders, my ass high in the air. I watched as you mounted me, and without hesitation plunged your cock back into my ass.

This was a new position, and I liked it. It put you even more in control, and made my ass even tighter. You resumed pounding my asshole with your girl cock, making me moan all over again. I felt the pressure gradually starting to build, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

Suddenly, your warm hand wrapped around my cock. It was wet with your pussy juices. It felt like an electric shock. I gasped, and pumped my hips desperately into your hand.

You kept pounding me mercilessly, abusing me, pinching my nipples almost cruelly….

“You fucking whore…you love it, don’t you? You love a cock up your ass, don’t you, you little slut?..You just want to be fucked this way forever, don’t you?”

The escort bursa sensation of getting fucked, getting my nipples torn at, and having you playing with my cock was too much. It was too much for both of us.

“Oo yeah baby, yeah.. You little bitch; I’m going to cum all over your face. Get ready slut, I’m cumming!” you screamed, your voicing piercing through my orgasm filled world.

Instantly, I came into the void…your hand wrapped around my cock a pussy for me to explode into. I knew you could see it shooting out..

As my cock erupted, I figured out how you where going to make good on your promise. Curled up as I was, my cock was aimed right at my face, so as I came, cum spurted out onto my face. I opened my mouth, trying to catch as much as I could. My ass clamped down on your girl cock, and I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

When I finally stopped, you pulled out of me, and let my legs fall back down the bed. I was still slightly dizzy from my orgasm. You straddled my hips, and licked my cum from my face. We kissed, and I tasted my own seed on your tongue. I could feel your freshly used girl cock rubbing against my stomach.

“Baby, I need you to fuck me.” You moaned in my ear.

I quirked an eye brow at you.

“I need you to fuck my pussy now baby, I’m so fucking wet.” You said, pulling my hand down to play with your pussy. I worked your wetness all around your clitoris, as you moaned more and more, and wantonly rotated your hips around and around. Your fingers met mine, and directed them since I am not as good as your own hand sometimes..

You were soaked down there. After a minute or two, my cock twitched to life, slowly inflating again. You flipped around, and sucked my cock into your mouth. Your pussy was right in my face, only slightly obscured by the harness you wore. I licked your pussy lips, and tasted your sweet heady flavor

When my cock was fully erect you practically tore the harness of your body. You positioned yourself over my cock, facing away from me. Like a seasoned pro, grabbing the hot cock you desired, you took it into your pussy in one slide. You were so hot and wet. You started to bounce on my cock, not able to wait for me to start.

I grabbed your legs and pulled them up to your chest, so you where supported only by my cock in your pussy. Then I slammed you for all I was worth. You screamed in pleasure, as my cock pounded your pussy, like you had just pounded my ass. My balls slapped against your body with every thrust.

You started playing with one of your nipples, pinching it furiously, twisting it around and around between two red fingernails and closing your eyes. You were rubbing your clit furiously. Even though I had recently exploded what I thought was all my hot cum into you, I knew I couldn’t last long. I fucked you as hard as I could, slamming the full length of my cock into your sopping wet pussy.

I heard your breathing become shallow, and I knew you where about to cum. Your spasms began to wrack your body. I was barely holding on before my orgasm hit. Your scream became little more than a screech, and your whole body shook. Your pussy constricted with such force around my cock, it almost hurt.

This pushed me over the edge, and sent what little cum I had left shooting in your pussy. I loved watching you cum, especially such a powerful orgasm as this.

Your eyes were shut, your mouth open. I could still feel tremors running throughout your body, and your pussy still spasmed around my cock. As you slowly came down from the heights of your orgasm, I gently rolled on my side, carefully taking you with me.

I wrapped my arms around you, and kissed your neck. You snuggled back against me, smiling like a cat with milk. You turned your head, and we shared a brief kiss. Then we both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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