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The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a paradise made up of clear glacier-carved lakes, rocks, trees, swamps, and all the wildlife that is nurtured there. From about April or May through October, and especially in July and August, the wilderness echoes to the shrill calls of campers, the metallic banging of canoe paddles on aluminum canoes, and the smell of birch or pine campfires. The calls of the loon are frequent and a favorite indication that all is well.

I was on the fourth day of a two-week solo canoe trip, and had paddled hard to get to one of my favorite campsites. The portage trails were rocky and steep, going from lake to lake, which helped “cut down on the riffraff,” too. I’d set up my tent, readied the bear bag to toss over a high limb nearby, and set up my camp stove for one of those boil-in-pouch Indian meals. By then I was eager to jump into the lake to cool off and erase the sweat and the sore muscles.

The campsite lends itself to that with a sloping rock landing area that’s almost like a beach. On top of that, there’s a higher rock from which you can dive or jump into a nice, deep pool.

Checking quickly to make sure no Girl Scout troop was paddling by, I shucked my shirt, shorts, lacy unmentionables, and sandals. Placing a towel at the top end of the rock, I happily waded in. The water felt marvelous–cool but not too cool, fresh and clean. Soon I was stroking out to a rock about fifty yards off the shore, burning off some extra energy.

After catching my breath on the rock, I turned about and did a backstroke for a few rods, then turned over and did a surface dive. I opened my eyes and watched for fish, and sure enough, there was a walleye checking me out from a short distance. So I enjoyed a few minutes just diving and swimming under water.

On what turned out to be my last dive, I started coming to the surface when I realized there was a canoe coasting in very close to me, with two paddles in the water. Oh, well, I thought, I hope they can see that this site is taken.

I broke the surface and wiped my face, treading water as the canoe slowed to a stop. I was slightly chagrined to realize there were two women in the canoe, and I became very conscious of my state of nudity and the clearness of the water.

“Oh, hello!” One of them cried. “Sorry to bother you!”

“That’s okay, no problem,” I answered. “But this…”

“It’s getting a bit late, and all the campsites seem to be full…” the woman in the stern said. If she was right, there wouldn’t be another campsite until after the next long portage, and it might be taken, as well.

I did notice that the women were fairly young, seemed fit, and were to my taste rather attractive. That may have influenced me.

“Well, there’s plenty of room here, if you don’t mind sharing with me,” I offered. “And I guess if you don’t mind being around a naked guy until I can get some clothes.”

“Oh, you can wear whatever you want,” the redhead replied. “We don’t mind, and we will want to swim a bit ourselves.”

“Yeah, we don’t like swim suits, either,” the dark-haired bow paddler added.

With that, they aimed into shore, and as I was swimming leisurely in, they beached, hoisted their Duluth packs onto the rock, and pulled their nice Kevlar canoe further up to rest next to my solo canoe.

“Nice canoe!” The redhead admired, indicating my small, narrow solo canoe as I stood up and clambered nonchalantly out of the water. The women each had a quick glance at what they could see of me–which was everything–and turned about and began rummaging into their packs.

In a short time they had their tent up and were stowing their pads and sleeping bags inside. Meanwhile, I toweled myself off but decided to test the limits a bit and chose not to get dressed. I wasn’t sure, so I asked, “Sure you don’t mind if I cool off a bit more before getting dressed?”

“Totally your choice,” the darker one replied. “We’re not shy, and we’re about ready to jump in ourselves.”

Shortly after that, they both started shedding their clothes–which consisted of light long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and Lycra shorts. Before Bob’s your uncle, they were wading in, sighing and laughing.

Naturally I couldn’t resist checking them out–after all, fair’s fair. The redhead was the shorter of the two, with short, muscular legs, a flat butt, a slender torso, and, from what I could see, firm and not too large breasts. Her hair was tied in a somewhat frazzled braid, and the freckles on her arms and face seemed just perfect. The other woman was a bit taller, also slender and nicely formed, with very short dark brown or black hair. She showed signs of an all-over tan, with only a few days’ worth of difference between her arms and the rest of her.

While they swam, I took a drink from my water bottle and started up my stove, placing my cook pot on the burner. By the time they decided to climb out of the water, my pot was just starting to boil, and I put the packet in and adjusted the heat. I grandbetting yeni giriş noticed from the frontal view I got of my camp mates that they both had nicely trimmed fur between their legs, and as they came up to the fire ring of course I saw that both sets of nipples were hard from swimming in the cool water.

“There don’t seem to be any mosquitoes out,” the redhead said as she toweled off. “I don’t see any reason to get dressed until we have to, eh?” So she was Canadian. “By the way, I’m Britt.”

“And I’m Tegen,” the darker one said.

I introduced myself, and we all set about fixing dinner. My boiling packet had a few more minutes to go, and they got some water going to do a freeze-dried stew. Mine was finished first, and I let it rest in the hot water until they were ready.

“I do have some red wine,” I offered, holding up the bag of wine I’d taken out of its cardboard box.

Our dinner proceeded in a friendly fashion, the two women sitting unashamedly on the log on the other side of the fire ring from me. They made no particular effort to hide their lady-bits, but nor did they make a point of being on display. I also made no effort one way or another, and just let it all hang out. It was all perfectly natural.

The conversation naturally had to do with how long we were out and how long our routes were. Soon things felt very friendly, as if we’d been friends already. None of us consumed more than about one glass of wine, so I’m pretty certain alcohol wasn’t influencing our behavior; and indeed, we were nothing but friendly and cheerful the whole evening.

Finally, Britt stood up. “It’s getting chilly. I guess I’ll have to dress.” She smiled and looked down towards my stuff and said, “By the look of you, you’re getting chilly, too.” It was true. My equipment had drawn up a good bit, and my nipples were stiff, too. So by common agreement, we all crawled into our clothes and built a small campfire to ward off the evening chill.

Believe it or not, we retired to our respective tents after a while, and went to bed. First, of course, we stepped into the darkness and up the trail to the latrine, which was a good hike. Then, bear-bags slung over the branches and the fire out, we bid each other good night.

I always wake up early when I’m camping in the summer, so I slithered out of my tent, assessing the morning temperature. It was nice enough that I didn’t have to dress, so I walked down to the water for a quick morning dip. Britt was already there, standing knee-deep in the lake and splashing water on herself. She looked like “September Morn,” and I told her so as I said hello.

I waded out a bit and dived in, and when I surfaced I saw that Britt was swimming beside me. “Race you to the rock,” she cried. And she beat me. She was a strong swimmer. Standing naked and dripping on the rock, she reached a hand to me and helped pull me up, but then dropped the hand and sighed. A loon cried at the far end of the lake, and another answered, much closer.

“I love loons,” she said. “I love it in the early morning out here, when the water’s so calm, and the loons are calling.” I found no reason to disagree with her, and we enjoyed the morning calm.

Finally, I said, “Breakfast is calling. I want some coffee.” And I dove in to swim back. Britt came along right behind me, and we both swam more quietly back to shore.

Tegen was emerging from their tent, wearing only a button shirt over her shoulders. If anything, that was sexier than pure nudity, but I ordered myself to stay calm.

Coffee and oatmeal done, I asked the two what their plans were. I had intended to lay over a day, since this is a favorite site. But I’d see if maybe we could tag along together. They looked at each other, and Tegen said, “We could travel together. It’d be safer. And more fun,” she added. They agreed this was a marvelous site, and they’d enjoy a lay-over, too. So we were set. I told them about the trail that, with a scramble, led to the rocky ridge behind us and a spectacular view of the surrounding wilderness. “It can be buggy, and the trail’s a bit overgrown, so we might want to wear clothes.”

So we packed lunch fixings, filled our water bottles, rehung the bear bags, and I led the way.

It was indeed a scramble, and by the time we made it to the ridge, we were sweaty and tired. I’d enjoyed watching Britt’s legs and the movement of her buttocks under her shorts when she ended up in the lead, and Tegen was good to watch, too. On top, the view was breath-taking, as we gazed at a couple of distant lakes, the vast greenness of the forest, and the blue sky interspersed with friendly cumulus clouds. Where we stood, our own lake was below us, too, with nary a sign of a canoe or sign of a moving wake. It was as if we had the whole wilderness to ourselves.

Without speaking, both women pulled off their sweaty clothes and soon were standing legs spread and arms outflung to the morning sun. I followed suit somewhat less exuberantly, and grandbetting giriş was thinking about lunch when I felt someone come up behind me and press into my back. Britt spoke as she tentatively ran her hands down my hips.

“I can’t stand it any longer,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind if I do this.” With that, her hands moved to my chest, brushed my nipples, and roamed down to my hips again.

“Oh-h-h!” I replied as an electric surge raced through my body. With that encouragement, her hands found my penis and balls, and she caressed them eagerly. We stood like that, her breasts and belly burning the skin of my back, as she coaxed me into a quick, hard erection. Rubbing herself against my back and buttocks, she gave a light stroking motion on my penis and laughed to feel it grow.

Grabbing my hips again, she spun me around. I saw Tegen watching us, and she smiled at me as Britt cupped my balls and slid her hand up my erection, and pressed herself into me. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed myself all over her front, and she moaned happily. I bent down and licked one of her nipples and she gasped, the nipple growing if possible even harder.

Britt raised herself up and slid my penis between her legs, not to make entry but to enfold it between her thighs. I felt the moistness there as she rotated her hips back and forth. “Aaah,” she sighed. I switched to her other nipple and got another gasp from her, and she clasped my head to her breast as I licked, nibbled, and sucked.

“My nipples! How did you know?” She exclaimed, tilting her head back and shaking as if she was climaxing. After her shudders stopped, she looked at me with twinkling eyes and said, “That was amazing! You’re amazing!”

Breaking away and kneeling down in front of me, she grabbed my penis and kissed it, then licked the sensitive underside briefly before practically inhaling it. My penis isn’t huge, but it’s big enough, and she didn’t take it all the way in, which was just as well, as my excitement was building too fast.

I stopped her a moment, and pulled her up, the fingers of one hand finding the sopping nub of her clitoris and sliding beyond and around it. She bent down and licked at my nipple, and I felt another electrical charge. Sensing my pleasure, she kept on nibbling on me as her hand gently caressed my penis.

“I can help with that,” Tegen exclaimed, and I watched her close in and lick my other nipple. My hand found Tegen’s breast, and I did my best to caress it and her nipple while enjoying the action I was getting. If they kept this up, I was going to come way before I wanted to.

So I stopped the action for a moment. Britt looked at the view from the rock ledge, pushed us a bit further back from the edge, and grabbed Tegen, turning around so her butt was to me. “I think this is maybe a favorite fantasy I didn’t know I had!” She exclaimed. She grabbed Tegen’s arms and said, “Hold onto me.” Lifting her hips, she took one hand and reached between her legs to take hold of my erection while I bent my legs a bit. I felt my penis slipping inside her, and she cried, “Now, do it! Lift me up!”

And I did. With Tegen hold Britt up, I straightened my legs and slid all the way in, lifting Britt nearly a foot off the rocky ground. Britt planted her feet on my shins, and with Tegen steadying her she tried rising up and down. There we were, in the middle of the north woods, on the edge of a cliff, three naked people having sex for the whole world to see. Far below, we heard a human voice calling. We looked down as best as we could, and on the lake below a canoe was going by with three people in it. They could see us clearly if distantly, and while they couldn’t see exactly what we were doing, they could see well enough. One of them whooped, and Britt, her face flushing, gave a short wave and kept rising up and down as best she could.

I was getting pretty close to coming, and began pumping my pelvis to increase the action. Tegen didn’t need to concentrate so hard on holding Britt up now, as she was fully locked in to my penis, and my hands cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples. As Britt began moaning loudly, Tegen took the opportunity to lean her head around and clamp her lips and teeth on my nipple again.

Britt was jerking and writhing in a mighty orgasm, and that and Tegen’s teeth set me over the edge. My legs almost crumbled, but Tegen helped brace us both until I got my balance back, energy draining from me as I felt the last of the spasms. I had never had an orgasm like that, and Britt was literally hanging exhausted in Tegen’s arms, supported by that single pivot point inside her.

We lay back on the rock, panting and laughing almost hysterically in the afterglow. Britt lay spreadeagled in the sun, and rested one hand on my hip very near to my dripping penis. Tegen sat down beside us, sharing our laughter.

After a while, Tegen leaned on one hand and stroked my belly. “When you’re ready again…”

But I was beginning to feel grandbetting güvenilirmi sunburned, and, looking over at Britt’s sprawled and fair-skinned body, I saw she was, too.

“I need to get out of the sun, but then I’m your huckleberry,” I said as my penis began swelling back to life. “How about we roll back down to camp, have a quick swim, and maybe lunch, and let’s see what we can come up with.”

Tegen reluctantly agreed to that, and Britt rolled over and scrambled to her feet. We’d found that the path up to the ridge wasn’t really overgrown at all, so we bundled up our clothing, water bottles, and lunch bags and slid and stumbled back down.

At camp, we all dove into the clear, cool water of the lake and splashed around. I cleaned off my genitalia as best as I could, and Britt did, too. I just hoped she was on the pill, or in a safe part of the month.

After lunch, which we’d brought back down the ridge with us, I began eyeing Tegen more closely. Darker and thinner than Britt, she had a black patch of fur between her legs and small, dark nipples which I longed to lick. She was idly tweaking one of them once in a while as she leaned on one hand and chatted with Britt.

I was about to invite her to choose her poison or make a move, when she stood up. “I’ve got an idea.” With that, she strode over to the boulder that served as a diving platform, but scrambled up it to the inland side. There was a sturdy branch hanging from a pine tree at that end, and she was able to grab it and swing out over the camp hanging several feet in the air.

“Well, come on!” She cried. “I can’t do this by myself!”

Catching on quickly, I hurried over and let her swing her legs over my shoulders. She locked her feet on my sides as she slowly let go of the branch and clasped her hands behind my head. This of course meant that her slit was staring me right in the face. As she adjusted her grip on my head and settled her thighs on my shoulder, I gave her a little lick.

“Ooh!” I licked again, and she sighed happily. I continued licking, occasionally poking my tongue into her vagina a little and then drawing it up to her clitoris. She tasted great, and I decided I could keep this up as long as she wanted. She began moaning softly and gripping the hair on the back of my head more tightly.

One drawback to this position, for me, was that I couldn’t really see anything beyond her thighs and hips. So I was surprised when a hand wrapped around my now erect and bobbing penis and tugged.

“Take a step,” Britt said. “Now a bit to the left. That’s it. Easy does it! I’m watching!” She led me carefully a few steps, her grip firm on my penis.

“Oh, Britt! What are you doing?” Tegen asked with a nervous giggle.

“Just come over this way,” Britt said. Meanwhile I was trying to keep a steady rhythm with my licking while taking baby steps with Britt holding onto my “pull-cord”, and I only got glimpses of anything other than Tegen’s thighs. Tegen was enjoying this activity somewhat less, but was still chirping and gasping as she held on. Anxiety made her slide in so that she was entirely mashed into my lips and nose, and I found it hard to breathe. Not that I didn’t keep licking and nibbling.

After really only a short time, Britt stopped us and said, “Now, go, go, go!” She gave my penis a little twist and then I felt her lips on the head. I think she extended her tongue a little to tease the sensitive loose skin on what would have been the underside if it wasn’t waving proudly in the breeze. Then she swallowed me almost to the base.

Tegen became aware of what Britt was doing, and twisted her head and shoulders around. “Oh, no, you don’t! It’s my turn! Keep off!”

With that, she spread her legs out and slid down, smearing her wetness all the way down my chest. Britt obligingly aimed my penis so that Tegen slid right onto it, giving a “cheep” as she sheathed me completely. Then she kissed me passionately with her lips and tongue, absorbing her own wetness on my lips and chin. I realized none of us had kissed until that moment.

Tegen locked her lips onto mine as she bobbed up and down for a couple of moments, then broke our kiss and said, “Down! I wanna be down!” I lowered her the few inches it took for her feet to touch, and she dragged me down with her, still locked at the groin, until she was lying on her back in the dirt.

“Okay! Okay” she panted. “Harder! Faster!” So I complied, thrusting into her as deeply as I could and speeding up to match her desire. I might not have lasted as long as I did if it hadn’t been for the earlier episode with Britt, but I gave her the pounding she asked for while Britt sat cross-legged beside us, one hand rubbing fiercely at her clit while the other tugged and tweaked one breast and then the other.

Tegen’s face flushed as she responded to my thrusting, and her breath came in sharp gasps, and then she stiffened. A look of pain spread on her face and then it burst into an ecstatic smile as her body shook with orgasm. As I rode this bucking beast my own climax rose up and once more I joined in the ecstasy of orgasm.

Britt emitted a high-pitched wail as her own self-administered orgasm followed shortly after. All three of us collapsed into a puddle in the dirt with our arms enfolding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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