Carvella Ch. 02

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I’m trapped.

They’ve a stitch of clothing. How could they do this? I’m an astronaut.

They told me the next crew will be arriving soon. Meanwhile I floated weightless and nude awaiting their arrival.

I thought back on my training now. It became clear that I had been trained for a different mission. While the rest of the astronaut class had been memorizing technical specifications and practicing spacewalks I was eating pussy and sucking cock. Evaluated in a rigorous manner on technique and skill and pleasure. I was the top of my class.

The hypnosis treatments. I thought they were for my benefit, now I realize it was for my conditioning. I was being trained as the first pleasure Astronaut. There ws going to be a rotating member on board to take care of the crew’s needs. It improved their focus if the sexual tension was removed.

It helped in accomplishing tasks, it helped in female/male relationships if sex was provided free of commitment by a third person. And it was a perk of the job.

“Fly in space, fuck a space bunny.”

They were coming in an hour.

I started masturbating again. My training was quite ingrained. I may have some underlying misgivings about my role…but I loved to fuck.

This time I hoped it was an all woman crew, I liked women the best.

I love taking space virginities, I wonder if they’ll sneak aboard a bigger strapon?


The next morning shortly after Linda had seen Sarah out the door. She was wearing an old pair of sweats, as a real estate broker she doesn’t go to work until later in the morning, most of her clients wanted to meet her after work or on the weekend.

She started walking down the hall to the kitchen for another cup of coffee, when the doorbell rang.

She turned back and opened it.

Tatiana Carvella stood there, dominating the doorway. Behind her was the blond girl, Dania, peeking around the side of Tatiana and holding a wrapped painting.

Linda was stunned, “…g..good morning Tatiana.”

Tatiana stiffened briefly, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“umm…Of course, won’t you come in please.”

Tatiana entered and surveyed the interior of the house. The furniture and décor was all American cheap. There were one or two passable pieces but in general everything had been bought as needed from a big box retailer. Tatiana couldn’t help hiding her scorn.

“How uninspiring.”

Linda was briefly angry and was about to say something to counter the comment, when Tatiana turned and focused on her, the gaze and the unexpected smile broke Linda’s concentration.

“You and your exquisite daughter inspired me yesterday afternoon. I went into…ah…a frenzy, yes that’s the word frenzy. I’m afraid that Dania didn’t get much rest last night.”

Linda was shocked at the brazenness, did she just mean they had sex…no she couldn’t.

Tatiana paused for a moment, she seemed to know what was going through Linda’s head, “I had her pose for me as I painted. I would like to give it to you as a gift.” She snapped her fingers Dania came around from behind Tatiana and Linda got her first clear look at the girl this morning.

She was wearing a loose sweater and thin strappy sandals. The sweater hung down below her bottom, her legs were bare. Linda wondered if she had anything on underneath.

Tatiana took casino şirketleri the painting from her and held it out to Linda and Dania scurried back behind Tatiana. Linda gingerly took it and looked from the painting to Tatiana and back to the painting.

“Thank you, you shouldn’t have…”

“When the inspiration comes upon me, my dear, I have no protection. It is a…how do you say…have-to-do?”

“Compulsion?” answered Linda.

“Da, compulsion.”

Tatiana crossed her arms and waited. Linda didn’t do anything for a moment until Tatiana cocked an eyebrow at her. Linda moved over to the couch to lay one edge of the painting upon and started to tear away the brown paper wrapping.

As she exposed the top of the painting she could see at first only the hypnotic blues and greens of the background and then Dania’s head became visible. It was thrown back and she was biting on the index finger of her left hand, her eyes closed, her hair disheveled.

Linda gasped at the expression of ecstasy nakedly painted. Linda glanced up at the other two women. Tatiana focused back at her and Dania glancing from behind her appeared slightly embarrassed.

Linda started feeling confused as she forced her hands to continue opening up the wrapped painting. What is going on? Why am I feeling dizzy?

She tore away the top half of the painting and her eye was immediately drawn to the girl’s bare breasts. The nipples were pink and firm, Tatiana had used layers and layers of paint to bring emphasis to them, your eye seemed drawn to their vibrance. She could see beads of sweat dribbling down the smooth flesh of Dania’s chest, coursing over just the hint of a rib that framed Dania’s naked tummy.

Linda could see Dania’s other arm snaked down lower past her belly button. She had yet to reveal the lower half of the painting.

“I see you share my appreciation of Dania, she has been an extraordinary subject to paint.” Tatiana said quietly.

Linda’s hands froze. She couldn’t make herself go any further. Her pulse had quickened.

Tatiana snapped her fingers again and Dania came up next to Linda, she reached down and helped tear away the rest of the brown paper. Dania revealed herself to Linda. The other hand was down over her vagina, the middle finger bent under and hidden, clearly embedded deep inside her moist cunt.

It was the most erotic thing Linda had ever seen.

Her breathing sped up. She noticed that Dania had her hand on top of hers, their eyes met. Then the moment broke. Dania left her side and went back behind Tatiana.

“What do you think dear?” Asked Tatiana after a few moments of silence from Linda.

“Uh…it’s stunning.” She had to swallow uncomfortably after saying it.

“I know it is one of my better pieces that is why I must give it to you, you inspired me.”

“How…how did I inspire you.” Asked Linda confused.

“I do not ask myself these questions,” Tatiana said as she began to walk around the room, “You struck a chord deep inside, you and your daughter. I can only follow my muse.” She looked around the living room, “Now where shall we hang it. Ugh the furnishing is horrid; I will have to do something about that.”

She walked out of the room and upstairs, “Bring the painting Miss Moore.”

Linda followed along, to stunned about all that had happened and overwhelmed with Tatiana’s presence casino firmaları to build an argument.

Once Tatiana made it to the top of the stairs she headed directly to Linda’s bedroom. She walked in put her hands on her hips and shook her head, the room was a mess, dirty clothes on the floor of the closet, bed unmade, the top of the dresser covered in brushes, papers, keys, and other miscellaneous clutter.

“Miss Moore, this room is a disgrace.” She distastefully sauntered around the room avoiding a stack of books by the door.

Linda entered, embarrassed, she was still carrying the painting of Dania in orgasm, but she was more embarrassed about the state of her room.

“I’m sorry, but I….”

“No need, I know you will have it clean before my next visit.” Linda didn’t say anything, but inside her head were three competing phrases, fuck you bitch and yes ma’am and next visit?.

“Now, your room doesn’t have many good wall spaces.” She turned and focused on the wall across from the foot of the bed, pointed at it and said, “That one will have to do.”

She snapped her fingers and Dania pulled the mirror off the wall, took the painting from Linda and before Linda could utter a word the orgasmic, masturbation painting of Dania was hanging in her bedroom. It was in direct line of sight from her pillow.

“uh…I can’t…not there…can we put it somewhere else.”

“Quiet Miss Moore, it’s perfect there, the room was a disaster without it, now there is some color, some style, some ART.” Tatiana looked around the room in disgust again.

“I can’t get a good feel for it in this mess. Miss Moore I would like you to clean up the room please so that we can really understand the painting’s impact on its surroundings.” Linda was struck dumb for a second. Tatiana turned to look at her, “Hop to it now.”

Linda turned and started making the bed. The whole morning had put her mind in a spin, Tatiana seemed to have the ability to blunt her thinking.

SMACK! Tatiana spanked her on the ass. Linda squealed, “OWWW!”

“When I say hop to it, I mean hop to it!” Linda was backed into the corner between the bed and the wall as Tatiana stood before her with a glint in her eye. They stood like that for a few seconds. It was a test, Linda felt a brief rise in anger, then it fell again wilted by the green gaze of the other woman. She lowered her head.

“Ok Ok Ok…I’ll clean up.” She started to move around the room quickly picking up the dirty clothes, clearing off the dresser, making the bed. The whole time Tatiana stood and supervised her, chastising her about the state of her room.

“I don’t allow Dania to keep her room in a mess like this, she’s merely a teenager, you are a grown woman, you should be able to keep your room clean!” Linda took the berating quietly as she cleaned. “Maybe I should continue to keep an eye on you, to help you act like a grown woman.”

Tatiana nodded, “Do you think that would be good, to act like a grown woman?”

Linda was busy cleaning and didn’t know what to say exactly, “Yeah I guess.”

“You guess? What you want to act like a child then?”

“No, no you’re right. I’ll keep it clean.” Linda was almost finished; she couldn’t wait for this to be over so Tatiana would leave. The whole time Dania had just stood next to Tatiana, quietly.

“I’m not sure you are able to do that on your own. güvenilir casino I will help you for awhile until you have formed good habits. You need guidance.”

“no…no I c-c-can do it.”

“HA!” With that she grabbed Linda’s wrist and dragged her back downstairs, Linda protested as they went but Tatiana had an iron grip and Linda wasn’t strong enough to break it. She stumbled on the last few steps and Tatiana ended up dragging her for a few steps on the hardwood floor before she regained her footing.

Tatiana dragged her into the kitchen.

It was of course a disaster as well.

Tatiana mocked Linda, “I…I…I c-c-can d-d-do it.” Then forcefully in her own voice, “Listen to yourself, you are a grown woman and you sound like a child. You need guidance and a strong mistress would help.”

She pulled Linda into the family room, it was a mess as well, “This is unacceptable.” Then she turned and spun Linda in front of her pointing at her disdainfully, “And your dress, it is disrespectful to yourself and womankind in general.”

Linda started to cry, “It’s been hard…my husband divorced me…he left me for a younger woman..I’m trying..”

Tatiana smiled and then her tone softened, “Ahhh you need someone strong to guide you, to help you then. I shall help, I shall be your guide.”

Linda looked up through tears, “I…I don’t know…”

“Of course you don’t, you can’t fathom how it will benefit you. You can’t make this decision for yourself. I will make it for you. Accept it for now and your life will improve a hundred fold.”

Linda started to speak.

“No,” Said Tatiana forcefully, “You are not capable right now of understanding, the decision has been made. I can see the benefit to you and that is sufficient for now.”

Linda looked from Tatiana to Dania and back again. Then ever so slightly, she nodded. Just a small nod, quick and little, but binding.

“Good.” Said Tatiana seeing the submission in the other woman. “Then we begin. It is 10:00 right now, I have a lunch appointment set up for 1, I will be back here at 12 to pick you up. I expect you to have the house clean and you dressed appropriately for lunch at the Polo Lounge, do you have some clothes that might suit that engagement?”

“The Polo?..but I have clients that I’m meeting…”

“Miss Moore, you will address me respectfully. Miss Carvella or in private you may address me as Mistress but this informality of yours is a symptom of your disorganized life.”

“And with regards to your clients you must realize that I am helping you improve your life, you will greatly benefit in all aspects, including your real estate business, I have connections up into the high echelons of society. Again do not question my decisions, they are for your benefit.”

“Now noon sharp. You may keep Dania to help you this time, but do not count on her help in the future. And no peaking or playing around with her, you have not earned the right.”

“I…uh…ok. I guess.” Answered Linda.

Tatiana glared at her, “I will let that go just this once, the proper response to a question from me would be ‘Yes Miss Carvella.’ or if you must in rare circumstances, ‘No Miss Carvella.’, do you understand?”

“Uh…yes…Miss Carvella.”

“Good, then I will see you in 2 hours prompt” And she left the room and went to the front door. “Clean house, dressed for lunch.” And she departed.

The house seemed to be duller after she had gone.

Linda stood stock still for a minute until Dania spoke in broken English, “Miss…miss…she like you.”

They had to clean fast if they were going to meet Miss Carvella’s deadline.

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