Casanova Redux Ch. 15

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One chance. If he wasn’t pleased, both of our lives would be forfeit to his wishes. I hoped that what I offered Prince Brenton would be enough to change his mind. My father was a man of virtue and honor and I hoped that Brenton would remember what owing a debt meant. A man of honor who owed a debt would go to any lengths to make sure that his repayment was as honorable. It was already obvious that Brenton was not an honorable man and I knew that he was unlikely to change in the few minutes we’d talked.

What I was hoping for was for a spark; a spark in the man that Prince Brenton used to be before he took the depraved fork in the road. I hoped that he would remember the honor that his father had instilled in him, not the overwhelming desire to inflict his will upon cowering females nor his fascination with seeing the blood of a virgin on his tool as he pumped her newly-ripped hole. I had nothing left to lose. Any hope of being with Withers was gone. I could only hope that Brenton would accept my sacrifice …


Cassia held her breath, waiting to see what Prince Brenton would do. His hot breath in her ear startled her and she thought for a moment that she might piss on herself.

“You wish to give me your ass?”

“Yes, sire, in exchange for Withers’ freedom as well as my own.”

“And you do this of your own free will?”

“I do, sire.”

“Then bursa escort because of the great debt I owe your father and … ” His hands caressed her ass, squeezing the creamy globes. “Because of what you’re offering me, I will grant your request.”

Prince Brenton bent beneath her body and inhaled the sweet fragrance of her untried pussy. For some odd reason, he wanted this to be a pleasurable experience for her; he had never encountered a woman as intriguing as she was. He slid a finger up her slit and felt her tense up. “I will not harm your virginity. You have my word.” It took a long moment before she relaxed and spread her legs farther open for him, an action that brought a smile to his face.

Cassia groaned when his finger traced her thick outer lips, parting them and sliding inside. Her body reacted instantly and thick juice began to leak from her hole. He stood behind her, untying his pants and pulling his cock free. She reached underneath and gently pulled him forward, laying his meat in her slit and covering the skin with her pussy juice. He hissed his appreciation and she closed her legs, providing him with a makeshift cunt and whimpered each time the fat head grazed her clit.

“Are you ready for me?”

Cassia nodded and released his cum-coated prick, bracing herself against the rock wall. She felt the head of his prick probing between her bursa escort bayan cheeks, searching for her opening and she bent lower to aid in his quest. He pushed forward, using one hand to guide himself in and the other to steady himself.

“I will try to be gentle.” He whispered, licking the side of her neck and making her cum even more. “But once I get started … “

“I understand.”

She gritted her teeth as he began to push in, fighting the urge to scream as his thick pole forced her sphincter muscle open. Pain spiked through her abdomen and she finally released a grunt of pain. She was grateful that he was moving slowly and even more grateful when his thick head finally popped through the opening. He pressed against her, forcing the rest of his rod into her body, pausing to enjoy the tightness when he reached bottom.

“And now it begins.”

His whisper sent chills through her body, matching the ones that his cock was already sending. She couldn’t help the groan that left her mouth as he pulled almost completely out, then pushed in again. He repeated the action and a trembling started deep inside her belly, making Brenton moan in pleasure. Cassia leaned back into him, seeking his mouth and moaning when his tongue pushed into hers. “Oh, yes. Oh, this feels so good.”

Brenton increased his pumps, letting one of his hands drift down and find escort bursa her drenched pussy. Her trembling vibrated into him and soon, his moans matched her own. Cassia came first, covering his hands with her own and pressing his fingers even deeper into her pussy and quivering as her pussy muscles rippled and squeezed. A hot squirt of jizz filled her bowels as Brenton gave in to his release, roaring in her ear. Her ass muscles wrapped more tightly around him and milked three more spurts from his cock.

The prince held her close, his cock slipping out of her asshole. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, sire.”

“Then you may go.”

“Thank you, sire.” She moved to the tent flap, walking slowly and adjusting to the pain of her throbbing asshole.

“Um, wait.” Prince Brenton strode over to her. “I never asked your name.”

“Cassia, sire. Cassia Nova.”

He took a special gold coin out of his pocket and placed it in the palm of her hand. “This will ensure that no one will ever bring harm to you again.”

She looked the item over, then smiled at him. “Thank you, sire.”

“And if whomever you’ve saved your virginity for does not want you, you come and find me. I can offer you safety and security.”

“Can you offer me love?”

Brenton’s eyes left hers, falling to the floor. “No, I fear that I have none to offer.”

“Then I’ll have to say thank you and take my chances, sire.”

Prince Brenton nodded. “If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to call on me.”

Cassia gave him a sad smile and lifted the flap, heading out toward freedom and Withers broken heart.

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