Caught! Pt. 17

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Upgrade in the Girlfriend Department

Margeaux had an agenda when she began dating Jon. She knew of the humiliation he suffered with the betrayals by Noelle and Leah, and she was determined to make everyone on campus forget those two women ever dated Jon. She paid lots of physical attention to him whenever they were out. She held his arm, leaned on his shoulder, smiled warmly, and did whatever else she could think of to let everybody know that she was devoted to her new boyfriend. She wore the sexiest clothes that were appropriate for college. Margeaux wanted everyone to think of her as the hottest piece of ass on campus, and that her ass belonged to Jon.

In private also, Margeaux did her best to get Jon to forget his old girlfriends. She paid attention to his moods. Listened to his thoughts. And gave him hot sex every single day. Jon knew that Margeaux had told the literal truth when she said she wanted the job of being his girlfriend. She worked it like a job – a job she loved – and he appreciated all she did.

Part of Margeaux’s agenda stemmed from her obsession with celebrity culture. From the time she was a little girl, Margeaux had pored over celebrity magazines that showed beautiful models and actresses with rich, powerful men. That’s what she wanted someday, and her relationship with Jon was something like a dress rehearsal. He was, quite literally, a rich playboy crime fighter. She was his tough, beautiful sidekick. The dentist and the dental assistant. Stars of national media. The sexiest couple on campus.

Margeaux changed Jon’s appearance. She persuaded him to ditch what she called his “Walmart wardrobe” because it was no longer possible to pretend he was an average guy from a middle class family. She took Jon to upscale men’s stores and replaced almost everything in his closet. The change was dramatic. Jon was a handsome young man in top physical condition, and when he was dressed in the clothes selected by Margeaux they both looked like they stepped from the pages of fashion magazines. It made Margeaux happy that Jon was willing to tolerate the inconvenience of having lots of clothes that were dry clean only. In his heart, Jon was more of a wash-and-wear kind of guy.

With Margeaux working so hard at the job of being the perfect girlfriend, Jon put an equal effort into being a good boyfriend. Margeaux liked nice things, she liked going to nice places, and she liked being recognized as the sexy creature she was. Jon wasn’t a big fan of clubs and fancy restaurants, but he took Margeaux to whatever venues she wanted. Once, when she said she wasn’t sure if she had any clothes fancy enough for a certain club, Jon said, “Do we need to take you shopping?”

That got her attention. Jon said he wanted his girlfriend to have whatever kind of clothes she wanted, so they went to a boutique that sold designer couture. Margeaux was thrilled. A clerk helped her pick out an armload of dresses to try, and Jon assured her that price was not an issue. He sat in an area outside the changing room and watched as Margeaux tried on one dress after another. After a very long time, she narrowed her choice down to three dresses.

“Which one do you like, Jon? I think the red one is sexy, but the black one is more versatile.”

This was the moment Jon had waited for. “I like them all,” he said. “Why don’t we just get all three?”

Those were very expensive dresses. It took Margeaux a few seconds to wrap her head around what Jon had just said. She walked over, sat in his lap, and whispered in his ear. “You are going to get an extra big kiss when we get home. A big, hot, deep, wet kiss.”

The clerk was charmed. She’d witnessed similar scenes many times, but they usually featured young women with much older men. It was nice to see it happen with two people who were the same age.

When the clerk began totalling the bill, Jon looked at Margeaux and said, “Don’t you need to get some new shoes with this stuff?” Jon knew that Margeaux had shoes for every occasion, but most were knock-offs. She didn’t have any high-end designer shoes.

The clerk took them to the boutique’s shoe department, and Jon sat through another long session featuring Margeaux modeling shoes from top designers. She reminded Jon of a cat swooning on catnip.

When it was finally over, Jon took Margeaux to a coffee shop so she could talk about all the nice places she’d go in her new clothes. These were the kind of items that actual models wore to celebrity events. She was ecstatic. Life as Jon’s girlfriend was good.

“Now that we’ve got some things for you, I’d like it if you could help get some stuff for me,” Jon said.

“Anything you want,” Margeaux said.

“I was thinking I’d like it if we could get some nice lingerie,” Jon said. “You know how much I like looking at you. As much as I like seeing you wearing nothing, I thought it would be nice if I could look at that gorgeous body of yours in beautiful, sexy lingerie.”

Margeaux laughed, and laughed, and laughed. kaçak iddaa “Uh huh. You want to buy this for you. Not me. It’s not because there’s nothing I like more than sexy lingerie. This ‘buy something for me’ story is just adorable.”

She directed him to a designer lingerie boutique. The clerk asked Margeaux if she was looking for something classy, or slutty. She looked questioningly at Jon.

“Why not both?” he asked.

Once again, Jon sat and watched as Margeaux modeled a succession of the sexiest lingerie he’d ever seen. He got hard for a moment, and Margeaux noticed. “I see I’m having the desired effect,” she said.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Jon said, crossing his legs.

They had a very large pile of boxes and bags when they finally got back to campus. Margeaux didn’t bother putting any of the stuff away; she asked Jon to leave the room, then come back in five minutes. When he returned, Margeaux was wearing the outfit that made him hard in the store. It did that again as soon as he saw her.

Margeaux got down on her knees, lowered Jon’s pants, and sucked his cock into her mouth. She’d never sucked a cock before she met Jon. She never imagined that she’d ever let a man cum in her mouth. She did all those things, and many more, for Jon. Margeaux was surprised to discover that kinky stuff made her feel like the hot piece of ass she imagined herself to be.

She sucked Jon’s cum down her throat. It made her so turned on that she felt dizzy. Jon laid her back on the bed, removed her panties, then kissed and licked her pussy until Margeaux had an orgasm that discharged all the erotic energy that had been building since she’d started modeling sexy clothes in the boutiques.

Jon laid down next to Margeaux, who took his soft, wet cock in hand. They both knew he’d be hard again soon. “I’ve been thinking about something,” she said.

“I hope it’s a good thing,” Jon said.

“It’s not good or bad. I just think we need to make a decision about the kind of relationship we are going to have.”

“I’m pretty happy with things the way they are,” Jon said.

“I am too, baby. You’ve been the best boyfriend a girl could have. I want you to know I am willing to have whatever kind of relationship you want. I have some ideas for options, that’s all.”

Jon didn’t know where this conversation was going, so he kept his mouth shut and listened. “You must know that half the bitches at this college would love to fuck you,” Margeaux said. “The only reason you aren’t hearing from them non-stop is they know we’re together, and they’re afraid of what I might do to them.

“Not to mention what you’d do to me,” Jon said.

Margeaux laughed. “Jon, I am not the jealous type. I’m really not. We haven’t talked about my parent’s horrible marriage, but I’m not a huge fan of monogamy. I am happy to be monogamous with you if that’s what you want, but I have no trouble letting you screw as many of these girls as you can. I just need you back in my bed when you finish.”

This was a surprise to Jon, who’d always been faithful to his girlfriends, and who’d been hurt when they cheated on him.

“Before we got together, I was dying to have a boyfriend. Because I was lonely, I got into a very nice romance with a girl.”

“Oh. I had no idea,” Jon said.

“I hope it doesn’t change your opinion of me,” Margeaux said.

“Of course not. You’re a sexy, evolved woman. Good for you,” Jon said.

“From the beginning, I let her know that I am attracted to women, but I prefer men. I told her that I wanted a boyfriend. But now she feels I abandoned her when I met you.

“I do not want to have sex with other guys. Absolutely not. As long as we are together, you are the only man for me. But I was thinking that if you would let me continue seeing my girl, I’d be OK with you taking advantage of the fact that so many girls here want to suck your cock.”

“This sounds like a formula for disaster,” Jon said.

“The disaster I foresee is very different,” Margeaux said. “At some point very soon, you’re going to be doing something without me, and one of the hot ass bitches on campus is going to zoom in and start trying to get you. She’s going to bat her eyelashes and twitch her butt and generally make it clear that she wants you to fuck her.”

“Margeaux, I have never had the slightest problem being faithful to a girlfriend.”

“I realize that, baby. But after this happens a few times, you’re going to start resenting me. Thinking that I’m interfering with your sex life. And it’s not necessary. I mean it when I say it would not bother me if you give these women what they want. I want you to be happy. And it would make me happy if I could keep seeing my girlfriend.”

This conversation reminded Jon of his parents’ open marriage, where his father and mother both had girlfriends. He’d thought it was pretty strange when he was a kid, and it seemed like an odd coincidence that Margeaux was suggesting a similar arrangement.

“If you kaçak bahis don’t want this, I’ll be happy to have a more traditional arrangement,” Margeaux said.

“I have no trouble with you continuing your romance with your girlfriend,” Jon said. “I’d be very jealous if you were with other men, but another girl doesn’t bother me. I guess I’m some kind of sexist, right?”

“Aren’t we all?” Margeaux said. “So it’s only fair that I give you permission to get all the pussy you want. Just be safe. Neither one of us wants to catch something nasty.”

Jon said he didn’t think any girls would approach him, and Margeaux laughed. “Just wait. I’m going to tell the Fashionistas we have an open relationship. Half of those sluts are hot for you already. And as soon as they hear this, they are going to spread the news to everybody else on campus. Jon, you know how much I love being a campus celebrity. When word gets around – and it will get around fast – we’re going to seem like the sexiest couple alive.”

It only took a few days for Jon to see that Margeaux was right. Other students – women and men – looked at him differently. The men were jealous; Jon was sleeping with the hottest piece of ass on campus, and he had permission to go get more. With the women, Jon felt like they were looking at him the way a hunter looks at a 12-point buck on the first day of deer season. They made eye contact suggestively. Some began openly flirting.

The one that moved first was Brenda, one of the Fashionistas who happened to be in the same section of French Literature as Jon. She began sitting next to him, flirting whenever she could. Jon flirted back. He had permission, but he found it hard to believe that anything would actually happen with Brenda.

Jon became a believer a few days later when Brenda asked why his French skills were so much better than the other students. He explained that his mother was French Canadian. His mother always spoke French to Jon and his brother, his father always spoke English, so they were fluent in both languages by the time they entered kindergarten.

“I’m jealous,” Brenda said. “I study and study, and I can barely read our assignments. It must be nice being able to understand this stuff.”

“I’m very lucky,” Jon said.

“Do you think you could help me with French? It would mean a lot to me.”

“Sure, Brenda. Anytime you want.”

“Are you free after class? The rest of my afternoon is completely open.”

Was this really happening? Jon usually had lunch after French class, but he was happy to skip a meal if their “study session” went as he expected. Brenda, like all the Fashionistas, was a girly girl with impeccable taste in clothes, makeup, and hair. She was very pretty, with a lovely face and a body that made Jon wonder what she looked like naked. She gave him a very coy look as she suggested they go to her room after class.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as soon as she closed the door behind them. Jon could tell she was nervous. Her hands trembled, but there were no other signs of hesitation as she drew him into a deep, passionate kiss. The situation made Jon feel masculine and confident. He unbuttoned Brenda’s blouse, reached inside, and unhooked her bra. Her breasts felt wonderful, and touching them made Brenda moan softly. Jon had never gotten a woman so aroused so quickly, and it made him feel like the most desired man in the world.

Brenda kept trembling as Jon smoothly removed the rest of her clothes. He laid her back on the bed and gave her the kind of passionate, soulful kiss he would give to a woman who’d been his lover for a long while. He liked the way Brenda tasted when she kissed him, and he liked the taste and scent of the skin on her neck. She reached for his cock and moaned again when she discovered that he was so hard he felt like iron wrapped in velvet.

Jon wanted to know how her pussy tasted. He kissed and nibbled her breasts, kissed and licked his way down her belly, and got between her legs as he kissed the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Brenda froze. No one had ever gone down on her before, and she didn’t want it. But Jon was so smooth and confident that she said nothing, and soon she felt the ecstatic sensations of his mouth licking, kissing and nibbling her pussy.

It was equally shocking, exciting, and arousing. She was so nervous she couldn’t stop herself from squeezing her legs together, pressing into both sides of Jon’s head so forcefully it hurt. He rearranged himself so he could pry Brenda’s legs apart as he kept eating her pussy. Brenda felt she was in the hands of a strong, passionate man who was going to take whatever he wanted from her. That’s what she was thinking when she began to cum.

“Oh, Jon, that feels wonderful,” Brenda said. Just seconds earlier she hadn’t wanted Jon to go down on her. Now she never wanted him to stop. When Margeaux told the Fashionistas that she didn’t mind if other girls had sex with him, she’d added that Jon was a great lover. Brenda saw that Margeaux illegal bahis had told the truth.

Jon loved the taste of Brenda’s pussy. It was different. Sweet and salty. Brenda’s body was soft and curvy – not as voluptuous as Leah, but more shapely than any other girl Jon had experienced. He loved the feeling of being with another woman. A new woman. A woman who had pursued him, and who obviously liked the way he made love.

He wondered if they would make love again. He hoped so. Margeaux said that lots of girls just want to have sex with celebrities. She called them “star fuckers” and said the groupies who pursued men in rock bands were extreme examples of this kind of girl. She predicted that Jon would encounter girls who simply wanted to have sex with him once so they could add him to the list of desirable men they’d fucked.

He kept eating Brenda’s pussy until she was obviously about to cum again, then he moved up her body, placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and whispered in her ear.

“You taste wonderful,” he said. Then he gave her a kiss so deep that Brenda got to learn for herself exactly how she tasted. He shocked her. It was so . . . dirty. Naughty. Her previous experience was with men who wanted blowjobs, but had no interest in returning the favor. It was as if Jon was hungry for sex – hungry for her. Insistent about what he wanted. It made her feel desirable.

She came the second he pushed inside her. Brenda’s arousal just seemed to grow and grow. Part of the reason she felt so turned on was the fact that she was making love with another girl’s man, but part of it was that Jon knew so much more than Brenda knew about sex.

Jon waited until she was ready for more, then began moving gently in and out. Nothing in Brenda’s experience prepared her for the way Jon went on, and on, and on. She was used to boys who climbed on top of her, made love for a few minutes, then finished without making her cum. She’d enjoyed that kind of sex, to an extent. She thought it was normal. It did not prepare her for the experience of a man who was determined to give her so much pleasure. Brenda had never had an orgasm with a man before; she’d always needed a vibrator. She’d read in women’s magazines that this was common, and she’d thought it would always be like that.

Obviously, she’d been wrong.

Things got interesting when Jon wrapped his arms around her and rolled on his back. Brenda had never experienced being on top. When she realized it put her in control, she began moving up and down as fast as she could, rubbing her clit on Jon’s pubic mound. The expression on her face was of a woman bursting from arousal. It was more than Jon could take. He delayed cumming as long as he could. He wanted to hold out until Brenda came again. But nothing could stop him. Brenda was moving like an impassioned animal, almost growling as she pounded up and down. Jon groaned as he felt himself cum, throbbing and erupting over and over.

His erection lasted long enough for Brenda to cum for the third time. She was panting and covered with sweat when she fell forward, rolling on to the bed beside Jon. She’d hadn’t known sex could be so satisfying.

They laid next to each other for several long minutes, catching their breaths and savoring the feeling of profound satisfaction. Jon imagined that Brenda must be a very experienced lover, but that was completely wrong. She’d just done what Jon had her do, and it had been marvelous.

“Jon, that was so nice,” she said. “You made me feel wonderful.”

“You are a very sexy woman,” Jon said. “Being next to you makes me want to be a better man.”

“You’re a pretty good man as it is,” Brenda said. “If you were any better, I’d pass out.”

They both laughed. Jon took Brenda in his arms and ran his hands up and down her body. “I realize that you don’t owe me anything, but I hope we can do this again,” she said.

“Oh God yes! Brenda, I hope we can do this again and again and again and again.”

She smiled. “I’m in,” she said.

Brenda felt strange, being with a man whose girlfriend permitted him to have sex with other girls. Jon didn’t know it, but there was a reason Brenda pursued him so aggressively. She had a boyfriend who cheated on her. She felt hurt, then she got angry. Brenda told him that from that moment on, she was free to have sex with any man she wished.

The boyfriend objected, having the typical reaction that it’s OK for him to sleep around, but that Brenda had to remain faithful to him. Brenda explained that he was free to take that opinion and shove it up his ass sideways. Then Margeaux revealed that she and Jon had an open relationship, and Brenda saw it as an opportunity to get back at her boyfriend.

But she hadn’t expected to enjoy it so much. Her boyfriend wasn’t nearly as good in bed as Jon. She wanted to tell that to Jon, but it wasn’t the kind of thing a lady should say. What she did know was that she’d be sure to let her so-called boyfriend know that she expected more in the future. One way or another, he’d have to figure out ways to make her cum, and he’d start by learning how to eat her pussy. Enthusiastically. There would be no blowjobs until he figured it out.

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