Charles’s Adventures with the Maid

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*Please note all characters in this story are 18 or over.*

I led a privileged life. As son of Lord Rogerswell, I was heir to the large estate on which I had always lived. My mother had died when I was young and I had been brought up by a series of tutors. I wasn’t particularly academic but then I didn’t need to be as I was going to be stinking rich regardless.

Now at the age of 19, I spent my days roaming the estate, riding, fishing, shooting – whatever took my fancy. Still I found myself restless for a new pastime. I had just discovered that, as I lay in bed at night, rubbing my young manhood gave me very pleasurable feelings culminating in a spurting of liquid and a welcome feeling of release which aided a good night’s sleep. More and more, I found myself thinking about a pretty young maid, Betsy, as I tugged on my pleasure stick. All our maids wore white bodices and on those, like Betsy, who were blessed in the chest area, the bodices were particularly flattering. I had discovered that I was a particular fan of this part of a woman’s anatomy. One very fortuitous evening, Betsy had obviously just come in from a very heavy shower of rain when she came in to light the fire in my bedroom. The white material clung delightfully to her voluptuous breasts and I could not tear my eyes away. To my shame, Betsy had clearly noticed and smiled saucily at me, showing delightful dimples.

“Will there be anything else, Sir?” she smiled. She stood facing me so that, in the flickering firelight, I could see the delicious outline of her large young titties and what looked like dark circles, topped with cherries. I had never seen a real pair of breasts in the flesh, as it were, though I fervently wished to do so. I wondered what she would say if I replied “Yes please, Betsy. Could you open your bodice and let me play with your big, bouncing boobies?”

Instead, I blushed and said that would be all and hoped she could not see the obvious stirrings in my breeches. She curtsied with the same saucy smile and left the room. I felt sure she was wiggling much more than usual as she walked, making those glorious tits jiggle and jostle in the confines of the damp, white cotton.

As soon as she had left the room, I removed my hard cock from my breeches and rubbed it vigorously, all the time imagining that Betsy was sitting on my bed and I was playing with those huge, young titties, massaging them, bouncing them, kissing them and sucking on those cherries. In no time at all, I was gasping and groaning Betsy’s name and firing shot after shot of cum into a cloth which I had learned to keep near at hand for just such occasions.

The next day I was returning from an invigorating ride and had handed my horse to a groom. As I walked past an empty stable, I heard a low grunting sound and a high pitched moaning. Wondering what animals might be making such noises, I looked over the stable door. I could not have been more shocked. Betsy was leaning against the wall, holding up her skirts. Jack, the stable lad, was kneeling on the floor in front of her. His face was between her legs, bobbing up and down. I could not see what he was doing but I could hear a slurping sound and Betsy was clearly enjoying his administrations.

“Ooooooooh, yes Jack! Lick my cunny! Does it taste good for you? Ooooh, it feels so good. That’s it. Fuck my cunt with your lovely tongue. Oh, I am going to….oh, yes, my clitty…don’t stop licking my clitty! I am going to…I can’t…aaaaaaaaaaah! Yes! Yes!”

After that she moaned and swooned while Jack stood up and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. I eryaman otele gelen escort could still see that his face was glistening. He began to unbuckle his heavy belt and pull down his work trousers. Though still a virgin, I had some idea of what happened during copulation and I assumed I was about to see him thrust into my Betsy. The very idea made me furious but I could not tear myself away.

Imagine my surprise when it was now Betsy’s turn to sink to her knees. Her bodice was pulled down and finally I got to see those wondrous tits in all their glory. They were even bigger than I had imagined and they did indeed have dark circles finished with beautiful cherry red nipples. Jack reached down and fondled them, tweaking each nipple. My jealousy knew no bounds. She reached inside his trousers and removed his cock. I found I was very pleased to see his member was considerably smaller than mine though Betsy seemed very pleased with it. To my astonishment she licked it all over, sucked his balls one at a time into her mouth, then sucked his bulbous cock head like a lollipop. I had never imagined such a thing but found the sight very arousing and was soon tugging on my own length of meat, trying to imagine it was Betsy’s mouth rather than my hand producing the delicious sensations.

Betsy continued to suck Jack deeper and deeper into her mouth and at one point she had taken him all the way in and the rascal grabbed her head and held it there. When he finally released her she was gagging and tears were streaming from her eyes but she used all the spittle the action had produced to coat his lucky cock even more until it was dripping with saliva. Jack was groaning his appreciation, encouraging her to suck harder and take him deeper. Finally he growled that he was coming. At last this was something I was familiar with. His breathing became increasingly ragged and Betsy wanked him into her pretty mouth. The sight of lucky Jack’s cock fluids being pumped into Betsy’s pretty face and her swallowing them down with every appearance of enjoyment finished me off and my own cum spurted into the straw lying around the stable door. I neither knew nor cared if anyone was watching, I was so full of lust at what I had witnessed. I vigorously pumped my tool imagining that I too had Betsy’s full lips savouring every drop.

I pushed my spent member back into my breeches and crept away, filled with a mixture of emotions. I wanted to order Jack to be horse whipped and dismissed unceremoniously but I also felt my sexual education had been considerably enhanced. I wondered what on earth Jack had been doing with his head between her legs and I also felt I would do anything to have Betsy lick and suck my cock the same way she had done with Jack’s.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about what I had witnessed and wondering if I could command Betsy to do the same with me as she so clearly loved doing with the stable boy. As it reached nightfall, I looked forward to Betsy coming in to light the fire. I had decided that one way or another I would have my wicked way with her. She was very late tonight however. I wandered down the landing seeing if I could catch her chatting with one of the other maids and use this as a reason to punish her. The thought of spanking those delicious quivering arse cheeks till they were pink provoked the usual stirrings in my undergarments.

As I wandered down the corridor, I heard noises which were becoming familiar to me. A low, guttural moan and a higher pitched voice gasping rhythmically. Surely bloody Jack couldn’t have the cheek to sneak into sincan escort a bedroom to have his way with the maids? I traced the noise to my father’s bedroom.

Lord Rogerswell was quite the authority figure and people crossed him at their peril. We generally had a good relationship but even I was a little afraid of his temper. Imagine my surprise when I put an eye to his bedroom door and saw my father with his breeches round his ankles, playing with Betsy’s magnificent mammaries. Good God, was I the only man in this whole damn house who did not have free access to those tantalising titties? She was whimpering, particularly when he toyed with her swollen teats. He suckled hungrily on them, flicking them with his tongue and slurping noisily. Again my hard cock was in my hand.

Again Betsy knelt and sucked long and hard on Papa’s stiff dick. This time though, she didn’t cause him to spend in her mouth. Instead she removed what was left of her clothes apart from her garters and stockings. She turned around and bent over the bed begging him to “Fuck me, my Lordship. Fuck your Betsy’s little cunny. I am dying for your big cock in my tight quim.” Hearing her speak so dirtily caused both Lord Rogerswell and his son to groan and frig their cocks with even greater vigour.

Papa pointed his stiff cock at her lovely young cunt and rammed it in. She shrieked as she adjusted to his size then began to moan in time to his thrusts.

“Yes, my Lordship. That feels so good. You are stretching my little cunny and I love it. Don’t stop.” She was rubbing her clit while he fucked her and soon they both began to moan more quickly until finally Betsy shuddered with pleasure and Papa removed his big fuck tool from her young pussy and squirted the contents of his balls all over her luscious arse cheeks.

I quickly retired to my bedroom with a raging hard on which I covered with my blanket. Eventually Betsy came in with all she needed to lay the fire. She looked flushed and was a little breathless. The contents of her bodice were heaving in a most attractive fashion.

“You are very late tonight, Betsy,” I said coldly. “I had begun to think you were not coming.”

“Sorry, Sir,” she said. “I was unavoidably detained. Someone needed my help and I could not refuse.”

“Did Jack need your help today too?” I asked casually,

She visibly started and went red. “I don’t know what you mean, Sir? Jack is the stable boy. I do not provide help for him.”

“I saw you in the stables, girl, helping him with the contents of his trousers. And helping him with the contents of your bodice. Do you deny it?”

Poor Betsy did not know what to say. She could offer no explanation.

“Please don’t be cross, Sir. I need my job. I will do anything you ask if you let me keep my job.”

“Hmmmmm. Well, you need to be punished – do you agree?” She nodded contritely but if I wasn’t mistaken there was a glint of mischief in the minx’s eye. “Then you’d better take off your clothes.”

“Oh, Sir! I couldn’t,” she whispered.

“Remember, Betsy, that I saw you with Jack and you were not shy about showing him any private parts.”

She quickly stripped. I told her to leave her stockings and garters as I had been rather taken with the effect when I saw her with my father. She stood before me in all her glory. Finally I had an unobstructed view of her enormous titties and her lovely cunt, covered with a fine thatch of hair. I decided my seed would look very well coating that lustrous pussy hair.

But first things first. “Bend over my knee, Betsy. I am going to teach elvankent escort you what happens to naughty girls who let stable boys make free with their cunnies and titties.”

She bent over my knee – a little eagerly I thought. I had placed a cushion upon my knee which raised her enough for me to have a good view of her puckered bum hole and her wet pussy which was still pink from its recent pounding from Papa’s cock. Her huge tits were dangling down ready to sway with each spank. I was a very lucky man. I ran my hand over her soft, firm arse flesh and instantly my man meat was rock hard again.

“Ooooh, I feel something digging into me, Sir,” she said innocently.

“Don’t worry. I will introduce the two of you soon enough,” I replied.

I raised my hand and began to spank that lovely bum. It wobbled delightfully and went a lovely shade of pink. She squealed dutifully but I could tell by the way that she wriggled on my lap, she was loving every minute. Especially when, in between spanks, I slipped my fingers between her legs and felt my first young twat which was becoming wetter with every stroke. I slipped my finger inside and could not believe the delicious warm wetness. I stroked the gently opening petals and marvelled at its beauty. She slipped a hand back and guided my finger to her clitty which was like a lovely, glistening pearl. When I touched it she wriggled uncontrollably and whimpered with pleasure.

I told her to kneel on the bed and suck my cock the same way she had done with Jack. I was gratified when she said “Oooooooh, Sir! You ain’t half got a whopper! I’ve never had one so big.” When she got down to the business of sucking it, I was transported to delights, the like of which I have never known. As she sucked and slurped on my cock, I once again fondled those huge boobs, pinching her nipples and bouncing them up and down just as I had done in my dreams when I wanked off but this time it was real.

My eyes were closed in the heights of pleasure. When I opened them I got the shock of my life. Father was standing watching us. His cock was out and his eyes were fixed on the union of my cock and Betsy’s mouth. When Betsy realised he was there she went white and I could tell she felt her job would definitely go.

However, Papa simply said “Charles, I see you have become a man and I did not know it. How do you like the delights of young Betsy’s mouth? Is she not a marvellous cock sucker?”

“I….I….Yes, Sir, she certainly is.”

“Would you mind if I enjoyed her lovely tight young cunt while you carry on with her mouth? I must confess, watching the two of you has made me excessively horny.”

Without further preliminaries, he inserted his cock into Betsy’s cunny and began to fuck her. Betsy was clearly delighted and began to urge us both on, her mouth muffled by my man meat.

“Mmmmmf…..oh yes. That is so good. Oh harder, if you please, Sir. Pound my little cunny. Mmmmmf….slurp….oh Sir, your cock is delicious. I can’t wait to taste your creamy spunk.”

That was it. It was more than I could take seeing Papa vigorously taking her twat while she talked so dirtily to me. I gasped that I was coming at which she gave some good hard sucks and I was filling her mouth with my youthful spend. When she had taken every drop, she opened her mouth to show me and I was well pleased with the amount I had bestowed upon her. She swallowed it slowly, savouring every mouthful. Meanwhile, Papa had seen her drinking my come and that was enough to send him over the top. She turned around and he sprayed her big titties as though he were watering the garden with a hose. She rubbed the creamy spunk all over those huge melons before licking her fingers.

And so a wonderful day came to an end. We were all exhausted with our exertions but I knew that my adventures with Betsy were only just beginning.

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