Christmas Shopping Ch. 02

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The story is set up in Chapter one. I suggest reading it to get a handle on all the characters. I will be continuing as if chapter one has already been read.


The events leading up to our trip to the mall.

The following week passed for uneventfully. Every night, after my shower, I’d walk down the hallway to my room a little slower than usual. I kept hoping for a repeat performance from Mom and Daddy, but it didn’t happen. Every night I’d say something like, “I’m going up for my shower. You guys going to bed anytime soon…need to use the bathroom before I get in there?”

To which, one of them would say something like, “No. We’re okay sweetie. Good night. If the TV bugs ya, let us know and we’ll turn it down.”

I was thinking the TV doesn’t bug me, but you two not playing for me is!

Performance or not, I was in a perpetual state of arousal all week. I wanted to tell Marci about what I saw in my parent’s and what I heard. In the end, I chickened out and told her nothing about it. Thank God for a detachable shower head though. I’d given myself more orgasms in those three days than I had in the whole rest of my life combined. I masturbated in the shower and even had to give myself one right before bed so I could calm down and fall asleep. Then, when I’d wake up, my panties would already be pulled to the side and my fingers would be moist and slick from rubbing my wet slit in my sleep.

Friday came and we went to Alcott for my volleyball game. In the bus, on the way to the game, I sat in the back row with my duffle bag and gear on the seat. Luckily no one tried to sit with me. In the darkness, sitting in the bench seat, I discreetly snuck my hand, up the leg hole into my tight volleyball shorts. I had that tingling arousal itch that needed to be scratched. The low rumbling of the darkened bus and all the chatter from my team-mates kept anyone from noticing my low moans as I secretly rubbed one out.

I’d love to tell you we won out game, but since the internet could easily prove I lied….we lost. It wasn’t entirely (or even mostly) my fault though. Mom, Dad, and Dylan were in the crowd cheering for me. The naughty images of Dad’s thick cock sliding in and out of Mom’s wet sucking mouth flashed in my head repeatedly. Plus, Dylan sitting there with them, looking so much like a younger Uncle Mike got me thinking about Mom’s dirty little fantasy tale. I still played hard and made some good key plays: we almost won. Almost..oh well.

Mom was looking really cute in this light pink top she was wearing. The top showed of more cleavage than any of the other moms, but she has a nice sexy body for it. She had her regulation tight jeans on (of course) and a nice pair of new knee-high boots with a sexy heel on them. Dad was looking cute too. He had a “Team-Dad” shirt on. It’s basically a t-shirt that looks like the whole team signed. He also had on his work boots and a nice pair of jeans. I never noticed the faded area right where his package sits in his jeans. I couldn’t stop looking at it nowadays. Plus Dad had that muscular big man build and he looked delicious. And Dylan, what can I say? He looked so hot. His hair was done with the perfect amount of messiness to make it look like he didn’t care, but I knew how long it takes to get just right. He had a light blue button-up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up some and a nice slim cut jeans and Vans. Yes, they are back in style. No socks though, (that’s my PSA).

Mom talked to our coach, Mrs. Wojtkwiak, after the game and got the okay for me to ride home Mom and Dad instead of on the bus. As promised, the four of us stopped and Mickey D’s for some burgers. Dylan casino şirketleri and I got our meals and went into the play area. No kids were in there so we had a chance to talk some.

“Hey Ash,” Dylan said, “I made of list of some stuff you might not have thought of. You know? Like cologne and razors and some hygiene type stuff.”

“Don’t worry Dylan, I did think of that. I have a couple ideas for some colognes for you too.” I promised.

‘It’s just…I like a few of the AXE scents and their really popular right now,” he told me.

“Well you can forget that shit!” I responded. “I’m not gonna let you go to school smelling like a tool. Honey, you’re better than that. I have some real cologne in mind. AXE is for boys. Real men wear real cologne.”

“Wow, um okay. You haven’t steered me wrong yet. I know I can count on you to hook me up right.” He said chuckling brightly.

“When it comes to your stocking stuffers, I promise I will make sure your dad goes “the manly hygiene” route for you. Razors, shaving gel, hair cement that you will look hot in, and the whole kit-n-kaboodle,” I said crossing my heart. His eyes naturally followed my hand as I crossed my heart. His eyes lingered, however, on my tits in my tight volleyball jersey for a few long seconds. I’ll bet he didn’t realize he quickly wet his lips. I noticed though. I will bet he noticed how my nipples puckered up into hard little points though.

Mom poked her head into the play area. “Okay you two, finish up.” Mom told us. “I want to get home so we can get to bed. We need to start on the road early tomorrow if we’re going to get it all done by Sunday evening.”

We followed Mom out to the truck. Dad already had it started. He was saying good-bye into his phone when he hopped in the back seat.

Dad told us, “Dylan, that was your mom. You’re just going to spend the night at our house tonight. I’ll drop you off at home tomorrow while these two knuckle-heads are out spending all of your Dad’s money. Cool?”

Dylan seemed to like the idea and cheerfully agreed, saying “Sure Uncle Ben. It beats going all the way out to our place.”

Uncle Ben and Aunt Sue live on the opposite end of town out on Pulsifer Road. We live in town so to take Dylan home; we would have had to go through town. Then we would need to go all the way out to their house and come all the way back through town to back to our house. Dylan spending the house was just more practical.

Once we got home, Mom and I put all our stuff for the trip tomorrow in the kitchen. We were sure that once Uncle Mike got there, we would be able to load up quickly and be on our way. I didn’t know what Mom was more excited about; getting away, going shopping, using a hot tub and pool, or having some hot steamy sex with Uncle Mike. Again? I still didn’t know if it was true or just a fantasy she and Dad played.

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Mom poked her head in. I was ready for bed. I had on just a cute pair of canary yellow boyshorts and a white sports bra to sleep in.

“Honey, can I talk to you for a second?” she asked.

I replied around a mouthful of tooth paste, “Sure Mom. What’s up?”

“Would you be okay with Dylan sleeping in your room?” she started. “You probably don’t want to hear this, but your dad and I are feeling…you know… frisky? I don’t want Dylan feeling uncomfortable in the living room, right below our bedroom. He would probably hear us through the vent. I’d feel better with him in here, but its up to you,” she finished quickly.

“No problem, Mom. I’ll pull the roll away out for him.” I said. I have queen size four post bed. Underneath casino firmaları is a smaller bed on a rolling little pull out slide. “I don’t mind.”

“I don’t want you to stay up too late tonight though, giggling and talking. We need to get an early start in the morning,” Mom reasoned. With that, she left and went down the hall. Off to go get her freak on, I imagined giggling. Too bad Dylan was in my room. I would have loved to have the chance to sneak down the hall and try to watch again. Alas, it was not to be tonight.

The next morning came quickly. Dylan was still sleeping on the roll-out. I thought about taking my clothes into the bathroom to get dressed, but I figured, “What the heck, he’s asleep.” I showered quickly and wrapped a towel around my wet aroused body. My big soft towel covers from just above my honey colored nipples to right below my plump butt cheeks. It’s so soft and plushy that I love it, but it’s not something I can wear by itself with people around.

I peeked into my room and Dylan still seemed dead to the world so I figured I was safe. I sat at my vanity and did my hair and make-up. I had gotten up earlier than necessary so I would have time to get ready. If we were going to the mall and stuff, I couldn’t go looking like a scrub. Dylan never stirred once the whole time. I even wondered if he was so still and quiet because he was faking it. I got my hair done real nice and my make-up did look good. I was gonna look hot today, if I do say so myself. I pulled out the outfit I had decided on. I had a denim skirt and a fluffy red sweater. I figured I could leave my coat in Uncle Mike’s truck. I had cute pair of red and black knee-high socks with black Uggs. Underneath it all was a sexy red lace bra and thong set. I was just finishing zipping up my skirt when Mom gently pushed my door open.

“Ash,” she said quietly, “are you up ye..oh you are ready. Good. Oh, you look nice. That’s a cute outfit. Anyway, Uncle Mike just got here. Is Dylan still out?”

“Yea. Maybe he had trouble sleeping on the little bed. He slept right through my shower and me getting ready and everything,” I told her.

I followed her downstairs. Uncle Mike was talking to Dad and helping himself to the coffee, as was the custom in both of our houses.

He was saying, “…no problem, Ben. I’m stealing your family and if you need Dylan to help you out: I don’t mind. Hey Ash,” he leaned in and gave me a hug and peck on the cheek, “sorry about your game last night. Next time huh? Today should cheer ya up though.”

Normally the hug and kiss would be no big deal but with the week I was having; yea, it got me wet. What was wrong with me? The lace of my thong seemed to immediately find my hard clit and began rubbing up against it enough to cause me to get all tingly. It was an itch I’d have wait tortuously too long to scratch.

Mom, Uncle Mike, and I were out and on the road shortly after. I had my IPOD going so I only caught snippets of Mom and Uncle Mike’s conversation. It was mostly family stuff, their jobs, and just your basic chit-chat. We hit a Wendy’s on the way to the hotel.

We got to the Evergreen Inn and Suites and dropped off our stuff. I noticed we had one room again. Usually, Mom and I sleep on one bed and Uncle Mike is on the other. I guess they weren’t going to put me in my own room so they could get busy. Then the thought hit me; maybe they really did plan to involve me as Mom had said. Thank God I was freshly shaved, I thought giggling. Again, my mind swirled in confusion. Was any of it real? Was it all just fantasy? I hated the not knowing.

Mom said, “I want to change. If I’m going to be trying güvenilir casino a bunch of stuff then this outfit is not the best choice. She did look nice today. She had on a pair of thick soled winter boots and a her very tight pair of jeans (painted on is how she likes them).She had a cami undershirt with built in lift that gave her ample cleavage and V-neck sweater that further showcased her considerable assets.

“I can’t be changing in and out of this quickly.” she explained. “Let me throw on something I can change quicker and I’ll be ready.”

“I’m all set, Mom.” I said indicating what I already had on.

“That is a cute, and pardon my saying so, but a sexy outfit. I bet the guys at the mall will be hoping you bend over for stuff on the bottom shelves so they can see up that mini-skirt there.” Uncle Mike said chuckling.

“Like this?” I said laughing naughtily. I bent over and flipped my skirt up over my butt flashing my thong clad ass at him.

“Whoa!” Uncle Mike bellowed.

“Ashley Jean Matheson!” Mom said sternly, “Stop that!”

We all laughed as Mom went into the bathroom with her change of clothes. I laid back on the bed and flipped through the channels. My feet were sitting flat with my knees up. I was so used to sitting in my room, on my bed that way, I didn’t even think about Uncle Mike being able to see up my skirt. When it did cross my mind, I decided to be naughty on my own. I kept my knees up and began sneaking glances over at him.

He was sitting at the small table in our room with a magazine. His eyes kept darting up from the magazine discreetly. He could see all the way to my lace covered lips. I wondered if he could see how wet I was getting. Could he see the dewy moisture forming and spreading on my shaved pussy. I doubt he could have possibly guessed I was so aroused by having my hunky Uncle Mike gaze at my tight little cunt.

I could feel the lace tight against my lips so I knew he was getting a nice look at his niece’s aroused cunny. I spread my legs just a bit causing my thong to pull up between my moist lips a little.

“Oops.” I said, acting like I just realized I was flashing him. Looking right at him, I watched his eyes stare right at my wet honey hole. I slowly reached down and pulled the lace away from between my soft aroused lips. I held it away from my moist cunt a few second longer then needed ad I re-adjusted it on my twat. I gave Uncle Mike a long unobstructed view of my sex. He licked his dry lips quickly. He had little beads of perspiration forming on his forehead. I moved my hand away from my hole and put my legs down ending the show. It was none too soon either, because Mom came out of the bathroom right then.

“Wow, Lisa! You look hot.” Uncle Mike said enthusiastically when Mom emerged from the bathroom.

She has changed into a short black skirt, almost as short as the one I had on. She had some shiny black heels that I didn’t recognize. Her legs were smooth and lotioned. She had touched up her make-up and refreshed her hair. Instead of the tight cami-top and sweater, she now had a a sexy purple flowy tunic. The material was pretty thin, almost sheer, and through it; I could see the fabric of her black lace bra.

“Yea, Mom, that is hot,” I agreed. “Where have you been hiding those shoes, hussy,” I finished laughing.

Oh, mommy still has a few secrets,” she replied. “It will be easier to kick off heels to change, than my winter boots I had on.”

Uncle Mike was all ready to go too. He had on a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, blue jeans and a pair of black work boots. Mom grabbed her leather jacket and purse. Uncle Mike had a on a thick heavy denim coat, and I had on my letterman’s jacket. You know the kind, leather sleeves and wool torso. I got it for lettering in volleyball and track. I grabbed my purse and we hit the mall.

To be continued…

Coming up next-The mall.

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