Chuck Ch. 02

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Soon after Chuck left, I slipped into some sweatpants, a t-shirt, and seriously began to straighten my place up. I was on that good ol’ proverbial Cloud 9 after my wonderful and unexpected night (and morning), and the butterflies in my stomach were giving me just the energy boost I needed. Within a few hours time, my living room was starting to come together the way I wanted it to. I broke down a mess of boxes and hauled them to the storage room, came back up and rearranged my bedroom into something presentable, and wiped down the kitchen and bathroom until they were spotless. I had just plopped down onto the couch (the couch) for a much needed break when the phone rang. A smile immediately formed on my face.

“Hello?” I said. There was a loud vroom noise in the background followed by Chuck’s voice.

“You hear that?!” he yelled.

“Yeah, what is that? Did you just buy a motorcycle or something?”

“No, I wish. It’s my car, I just picked it up.”

“Great! How’s it running?”

“Like new. Guess I should probably stop revving the engine then, huh?”

“Probably,” I said, nervously fiddling with a piece of string hanging from my t-shirt.

“Listen, have you eaten yet?”

“No, actually. I just finished cleaning up this pigsty a few minutes ago and was just about to flip the TV on.”

“Well, get dressed. I’ll be at your place in an hour.”

“Ha! Where are we going?” I could feel my cheeks growing hot.

“I was thinking we could go out to eat…maybe check out some of the sites you were telling me about earlier…”

“Okay, I’m game,” I said, sitting straight up. “I just need to grab a quick shower and get myself ready.”

“A shower, eh?” he said, rascally. “Mmm…that place brings back some good memories.”

“That it does…” I was as giddy as a schoolboy, and I was almost sure he could hear me smiling on the other end.

“Okay, so I’ll see you in an hour then.”

“Definitely. I’ll be waiting.”

I hung up and darted to the bathroom, immediately catching my reflection in the mirror. I was glowing. Happy. I couldn’t believe how my lovelife (and sexlife) had gone from drought to overflow in just under a day. I pinched my arm, just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. “Yep, it’s real, alright,” I said aloud. I moved to turn the shower on and paused when my eyes caught the spot where Chuck and I had made love just hours before. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, my mind wandering. I could still feel him inside of me…his arms wrapped around me…his kiss invading my mouth. I felt myself becoming hard, which quickly snapped me out of my stupor. If I was going to be ready when Chuck arrived, then I needed to get a move on.


Chuck reached my place in just over an hour’s time and I was ready and waiting for him when he knocked at the door. I had put on a pair of my good jeans, a short sleeved, button-down shirt, put some product in my hair and brushed it back into something presentable, and topped it all off with a squirt of Jo Malone’s Nutmeg and Ginger behind each ear and on each wrist.

I opened the door to find a fresh-shaved and beaming Chuck standing on the other side. His hair was still wet with mousse, and he was in a form-hugging white t-shirt, jeans and black boots.

“Wow, look at you,” I said, stepping aside to let him in.

“Look at you,” he said, grabbing me around the waste as I closed the door. He planted a wet kiss on my lips that made my knees buckle, and I grabbed his shoulders to steady myself. “I know it’s corny and all, but…I missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” I said through a grin. Chuck’s eyes began to dart around the clean and orderly living room, a look of surprise crossing his face.

“You did all this since earlier?” he asked.

“Yep. For some reason, I had all this energy…”

“I’m sure you did. You’re not the only one. I managed to get a lot accomplished today, starting with getting my wheels back.”

“Man, I know that’s a relief. I’m lost without my car.”

“Sometimes I think I’m too dependent on it, y’know?” We stood there and kissed a little while longer before Chuck spoke again. “So, I’ve got a question for you. Do you like steak?”

“Are you kidding? What red-blooded, American boy doesn’t?”

“Good. I was thinking maybe we could check out this steakhouse I saw over on Route 5 earlier.”

“Woodson’s? I’ve always wanted to check that place out. It’s right out in the middle of farm country. Really secluded.”

“Well then, Woodson’s it is.”

Before hitting the restaurant, I gave Chuck a mini-tour of downtown Dover and took him pass the town’s best museums and shops. He drove this time, and I made myself comfortable in the passenger seat as I pointed out the hotel that houses the best casino in Delaware. He made me aware that he’s not a betting man, and I told him I wasn’t either, but that it was fun to sometimes sit and watch people get worked up over losing their money.

We nabbed a table at Woodson’s casino şirketleri in no time, settling in to a secluded table by a large picture window in the back. Our view shown cornfields that stretched for miles behind the place, and we sat and talked until evening turned to dusk, doing little more than playing footsie underneath the table. Our waitress, a very sweet girl named Darlene, constantly made eyes at Chuck, and I found myself amused because he seemed completely oblivious to it.

By the time we were ready to leave, night had fallen. Chuck and I placed our doggie bags inside his Toyota, deciding to take a stroll down a narrow gravel pathway that ran beside the restaurant. We stopped when we reached the back of the place–the large, wooden structure of the restaurant providing adequate privacy from the traffic on the road above. I leaned my back against the wall, and Chuck stood in front of me, placing his hand on the wall above my head.

“Is it too forward of me to say that each moment with you just gets better and better?” he asked, grinning. The light from a nearby light fixture caught his smile, glinting off of his perfect teeth.

“It’s not forward at all. I feel the same way.”

The silhouetted blades of grass from the cornfield behind us swayed in the hot summer night’s breeze. Chuck leaned in close and exhaled in my ear. The smell of his cologne invaded my nostrils and instantly sent the blood racing to my crotch, and my eyes rolled back as he began to place small kisses on the side of my neck. He began to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and it was then that if felt the hardness of his manhood as he pressed his body against mine.

“I need you…” he whispered. His hand went up and tugged at the back of my hair, making my head go back and allowing him full access to kiss my neck. I shivered as his tongue left trails of wetness on my skin, and closed my eyes tightly, not wanting the moment to end. I listened to the soft hum of traffic on the road in front of Woodson’s as he spun me around so that my face was pressed against the wall. He reached around and put his hand all the way up my shirt until he found my nipple, squeezing it hard. I let out a grunt and pushed my ass against his cock, which was growing harder by the second inside his jeans.

There was a low rumble of thunder in the sky just as he went to undo my belt buckle. He undid my jeans and put his hand down the front, squeezing my cock with tender pressure. With his free hand he went up to run his fingers through my hair, rubbing his face in it and moaning my name over and over. Before I knew it, Chuck had pulled my jeans down until they were to my knees, and continued to grind himself into my bare ass. I reached back and undid his belt and pants, and he helped me by pushing them down until they were midway down his legs. His cock popped out and slapped me on the ass, and I reached back and gripped it tightly. He grunted loudly in my ear, which made me tug at his cock even harder.

“You’re being a bad boy?” Chuck said breathlessly. “A naughty, bad boy…”

“You like it?” I asked.

“I love it.” He began to rub his cock along the slit of my ass, bending me over so that it opened a little wider. I was aroused not only by him, but by the thought of us being in a public place. Although there wasn’t a soul in sight, there was always the chance that someone could come down the same path we’d just taken and run right into us.

Chuck stood behind me, and by now I was completely bent over with my hands pressed against with wall. I turned my face back to look at him as I ground my ass into his dick, teasing him and daring him to take me right there behind the restaurant. I flinched when he smacked my ass with his hard cock once. Twice. Three times. I closed my eyes and listened as he spit into his hand, and I knew what was coming next. He moved his body to align himself with mine, and just as I felt his throbbing head invade the opening of my asshole, another crackle of thunder broke the silence of the night.

“Tell me you want it, Sam.” he demanded.

“I want it…please. Give it to me, Chuck. Give it–” Before I could get the words out, Chuck shoved his entire cock into my asshole with one thrust. I gasped and stood up straight, and he quickly eased me back down into a bent position again. His movements were quick from the beginning. With every thrust his breath came harder and faster, as did mine. My knees buckled as the tension from his invasion of me increased by the second, and I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my bare ass.

“Oh, fuck, Sam…yeah…oh…f-fuck…” he moaned, pushing my shirt up and rubbing my back with his hand. I tried with all my might to suppress the scream welling up in my throat, but could no longer hold it in.

“Uhhh!” I cried, and it seemed to make Chuck want to fuck me even harder. He lowered his body a bit more and began to pound me with an almost manic vengeance. I reached for my cock and began to stroke casino firmaları it, immediately feeling the precum which had begun to saturate the head. Chuck placed one of his fingers in my mouth and I began to bite down and suck on it with feverish intensity. Wisps of my hair fell in my face as Chuck pounded me. He grabbed a handful of it and pulled it back, forcing my head back with it.

“I…can’t…hold…it…” Chuck uttered as his grinding quickened. I reached back to put my hands on his hips in an effort to control his thrusting, but it was no use. He was driving himself into me harder than ever, mumbling incoherently as the overwhelming feeling of taking me from behind swept his entire body. I suddenly felt a droplet of water hit my bare back, and for a moment I thought it was Chuck’s sweat. More droplets began to fall on my back, my head, my hands, and it was then that I realized it was beginning to rain.

“Harder…harder!” I whispered as the rain came down and saturated our bodies. Chuck began to whimper and moan as if he was going to start crying, and I knew that he was about to explode. I didn’t want him to cum before me, so I began to beat my cock at a rapid pace. The dirt beneath our feet was becoming mud as I pushed my ass back onto Chuck’s dick, anxious for him to reach orgasm. My loins were on fire as I felt my own orgasm rising slowly in my thighs, and in my lower mid-section. I called out Chuck’s name and jacked my cock–which was slippery with precum and water–a few more times before shooting a stream of cum onto the wooden wall of the restaurant. A crackle of thunder accompanied my second shot like clockwork, this one hitting the ground and dissipating into the mud. A third, weaker blast of cum trickled from the head of my dick and smeared onto my hand, and I could suddenly feel Chuck’s thrusting becoming slower and more erratic.

By now the rain was coming down in sheets. Chuck grabbed my hips and ground into me slowly three, deep times before pulling out with a scream that I was almost sure any passer-by would’ve heard. Along with the rain , I felt the first shot of Chuck’s warm cum splash onto my naked back and drip down my side. A second blast shot out and hit me directly in the back of the head. I decided I wanted to see him squeeze the rest out, so I immediately turned to face him, dropping to my knees in the mud. His entire body tensed under pleasurable pressure as the third shot hit the front of my shirt. I rubbed it in with my hand, relishing the thick, slippery feel of it against my already soaked shirt. He began to slow his jerking, pointing his dick towards the ground to let the fourth and final explosion hit the mud.

There, on my knees, I looked up at Chuck as he exhaled loudly and leaned backwards, arching his back. His weakened body wavered back and forth as he fought for composure, placing a hand on my shoulder to steady himself. We were soaking wet from the rain. His white t-shirt clung to him like plastic wrap–his erect nipples showing clear through the thin cotton material. My hair hung down in my eyes, and I wiped it back and took hold of Chuck’s manhood, kissing it tenderly as it slowly softened back to a flaccid state. We were like this a good five minutes before the flash of a car’s headlights snapped us to, and we immediately began to pull up and fasten our pants. Together, we made a mad dash towards the gravel path just as the car turned the corner and pulled up near the spot we’d just made love. I looked back and saw a man hop out of it and run towards the back door of Woodson’s, relieved that we’d pulled ourselves together in the nick of time.

The two of us laughed as we raced back up the hill. Chuck beat me to the car, immediately unlocking the doors so that we could both hop in.

“We almost got caught back there!” I said, slamming the passenger side door.

“Gotta love close calls,” he said, trying to catch his breath. Raindrops were dripping from his hair, ears and chin. “Have you ever made love in the rain before tonight, Sam?”

“No, have you?”

“Once, when I was about eighteen.”

“So, you mean you just popped my ‘fucking in the rain’ cherry?” I asked jokingly.

“Yeah, I guess I did. So tell me…was it good for you?”

Just then a loud pop of thunder crashed, nearly startling us out of our seats. I looked over at Chuck and said, “Does that answer your question?”

He nodded and moved in to kiss me, and I grabbed his head and kissed right back. The sound of the rain beating against the Toyota drowned out the world around us, and we embraced in the safety of Chuck’s car, lost in one another. Lost in the moment.

My Place

Building 305-Apt. D

Tonight at 8

Be There

A broad smiled crossed my face as I read the words Chuck had scribbled onto a piece of paper and left in the crack of my apartment door. I had just arrived home from a rather hellish Monday at work, and seeing that note was just the thing I needed to put me in a good mood.

It güvenilir casino was three days since I’d first met Chuck, and everything still felt like a dream. We met on a Friday night, made passionate love in my apartment, woke up the next day to more of the same, and spent the rest of the day touring Dover, eating steak and making more love in the pouring rain. And to top it all off, I was in love. That Sunday was pretty hectic for both of us–him running errands here and there, and me preparing for a project at work the next day. So needless to say, when I got home that Monday I was more than ready for a little distraction.

I slipped the note into my pocket and raced into my apartment to dial Chuck. What I got instead was his voicemail. “Hello, this is Charles. You know what to do”…BEEP!

“Hey…it’s me,” I said, smiling into the phone. “Listen, I just got your note. So, I finally get to see your place, eh? Can’t wait. I’m just getting in from work and it’s about…five-thirty, so that gives me some time. I’m gonna do a few things over here before I head on over. See you soon.”

I hung up the phone and tried to quell the goofy smile that lit up my face, but to no avail. I walked over to the mirror on my living room wall and shook my head at my reflection.

“You are in love, boy,” I said aloud. “I don’t know what you did to deserve this, but it’s finally happening. Just don’t screw it up.” I watched myself in the mirror a few seconds longer before snapping out of it and getting myself ready.


Dusk was settling when I slipped from my place and made my way across the street. I had just taken a shower, but the humidity in the air was already causing beads of sweat to form on my back as I walked. I went through the pine trees and saw his building immediately–a massive red brick structure with three floors and patios on the top and middle-floor apartments. I bounded up to the third floor, looked around until I found apartment D and knocked.

“Right on time,” Chuck said as he opened the door. “Come in.”

I stepped into the coolness of his living room and was impressed by its modern day male- coziness. The space was about as big as mine, and decorated with just enough knick-knacks and pictures to give it a welcoming, lived-in feel. Giant, chocolate-brown leather couches and a wooden coffee table furnished the living room, and the dining area contained a large glass table that was set with dinnerware and candles that had not yet been lit.

“Very nice,” I said, looking around.

“Thank you. Remind me to give you the name of my decorator,” he joked. “Come on back.” Chuck was wearing a fitting black t-shirt and tan shorts, and I was relieved that I had decided to slip on something equally as casual (jeans and a t-shirt). The wonderful smell of roast chicken and sautéed vegetables filled my nose as I entered his kitchen. Chuck picked up a piece of carrot and began nibbling on it as he poured wine into two glasses.

“Is red okay?” he asked.

“Fine. Red wine actually goes to my head faster than white wine.”

“Well it’s a good thing you’re not driving.”

“Very good indeed,” I laughed.

“So, I was thinking all day at work today about what I could to get you over here,” Chuck said. “And then it came to me. That old saying of a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

“Really, this is so great of you to do,” I said, walking up behind him at the stove. I reached my arms around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder. “But you already have my heart.” He turned to face me and wrapped me in his arms, placing a kiss on my mouth. “Anyway, I would’ve come over here eventually, even if you didn’t give me a written invitation.”

“I’m sure you would have,” Chuck said. I kissed him back, delighted as I felt his tongue dance in the warmness of my mouth. I close my eyes and momentarily forgot where I was until the sound of sizzling and popping brought me back to Earth.

“Oh, shit! The vegetables!” Chuck said, spinning around and grabbing a wooden spoon. He snatched the pan from the stove and quickly cut the burner. “Whew, I think we just avoided a disaster!” A plume of smoke rose from the pan but, fortunately, the veggies were unharmed. He sloshed them around a bit in the pan with the ease of a seasoned chef, and I stood behind him, marveling at just how perfect he was in the moment.

“Is there anything you can’t do, mister?”

Chuck laughed and slightly blushed, saying, “Well I’m not too good at standing on my head.”

“Damn, and I so had plans for you to do just that…”

“Well, maybe I could try. Now go on and have a seat at the table. I’ll be in in a sec.”

Chuck playfully swat at my butt as I ran from the kitchen to the dining area. I noticed a box of matches and took the liberty of lighting the candles at the center of the table myself. The flickering light from the flames danced softly, casting warm shadows on the wall and giving a dreamy glow to the darkening room. Soon, Chuck emerged from the kitchen carrying two plates full of the meal he prepared. He set them down and took a seat across from me, offering me slices of chicken and a healthy scoop of vegetables and new potatoes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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