College Days – Bets and Dares

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One weekend we had 4 girls and 5 guys over at a party and to watch a football game on TV. We had all been drinking and fooling around. This group had all got to know each other this year our freshman year in college. Some of us had dated each other but nothing really serious for anyone.

One evening the boys and girls started arguing over who would win the football game. Well the talk got stronger when Kelly made a bold statement that caught everyone’s attention. She stated that if we were so sure about who would win than she wanted us to make a bet that if the boy’s team lost we would have to masturbate in from of them until we ejaculated.

Jeff jumped at this chance and said OK then, if the girls loose they will have to masturbate until they have an orgasm in front of us. Some of us could not believe that we were actually talking about making this bet. After all the bantering back in forth it was agreed that if the boys team lost, all the boys would have to cut a deck of cards and the low card would have to go into the bedroom and masturbate for the girls.

The same was true with the girls. The game lasted for another hour. It seemed forever before a last minute field goal won the game for the girl’s team. The girls went crazy jumping up and down celebrating. Kelly ran to her room and grabbed a deck of cards, not hesitating at all and not letting the boys off the hook.

After much joking and kidding around, Jeff stepped up to the deck of cards and cut it getting an 8. I was to his side. I cut the deck and got a 4 of hearts sending cheers up from the girls. After all 5 boys had drawn cards, I was the low card. Kelly grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom with the girls following us. The last girl shut and locked the door. All the girls were giggling and piled onto the head of the bed by the pillows. Kelly said wait a minute and ducked into her bathroom and emerged with a towel in one hand and a bottle in the other. She placed canlı bahis the towel on the bed in front of me as the girls giggled and laughed some more.

Kelly placed the bottle on the bed and then said that she was so glad I had lost the draw. Boldly, she reached over and unsnapped my jeans and unzipped my zipper. I know I had to have blushed at this point with four really cute friends of mine all waiting to see me masturbate for them.

I have never masturbated in front of anyone but a close buddy when I was really young. She slipped my jeans down my legs and it was obvious that I had a huge hard on trapped in my white jockey underwear. She asked me if I was ready and I told her I am not sure I would ever be ready for this. She gripped her hands in the side of my underwear and slowly eased them over the head of my penis and down to my knees. The girls let out a cheer and giggled some more. I do not think I have ever been so hard in my life.

Kelly grabbed the bottle on the bed and squirted massage oil on my cock, again to the cheers of the girls. Kelly hopped up on the bed and told the girls the least they could do is take off their shirts for me. Kelly slipped hers off and was soon followed by the rest. The sight before me was beautiful. Three white bras and a pretty pink one. Two were pretty shear. Two girls were probably B-Cups, one a C-Cup and the other a D-Cup. Almost out of instinct I reached out and started to stroke my cock and the girls cheered again. I slowly stroked my cock and was quickly getting close to shooting already. Kelly said to take it slow that I looked so handsome.

I slowed down and grabbed my balls with my other hand gently rubbing them. I must have stroked myself for 4-5 minutes before I could not keep control. When I noticed the hard nipples sticking out against Missy’s bra I lost control and moved up over the huge bath towel. The orgasm I had was very strong. I must have shot 6 or 7 squirts of semen out onto the towel bahis siteleri and even shot over the towel and onto the bed spread. The girls went crazy and giggled. Kelly, went into the backroom and grabbed a hand towel, brought it over and wiped my cock of oil and semen. She told me that I was awesome for going through with the bet. I pulled my underwear and pants up. Kelly gave me a hug and then all the girls came to me and gave me a hug with a kiss.

When we came out of the room the girls said I was awesome and the boys questioned whether I had really done it. All the girls confirmed I had and made comments about doing a great job, or stated it was sexy. I did not tell the guys about the girls taking their shirts off.

A week after that party I was over at Kelly’s dorm room doing home work and she brought up the incident about me masturbating in front of them and how sexy that was. I just stated that a bet was a bet. She laughed and asked me if I would ever do it again. Her eyes told me she was kind of asking me to do it again. I told her it was kind of exciting in a way but a little embarrassing to be in front of all of them. She paused and then asked me if I would do it again if she would take her shirt off. I paused and then said that I would. She jumped up and gave me a huge hug and a sexy kiss on my lips. She grabbed a big bath towel from her bath room and came back with massage oil with her. She placed the towel on the bed and then looked at me. She asked me if I was sure and I said it was OK.

I was wearing shorts with an elastic waste band so she grabbed each pant leg and pulled them all the way to the floor. She reached up pulled my white Jockey underwear down to my ankles. She squirted massage oil on my cock and then sat on the bed. She told me I looked so sexy. She stacked the pillow up on the bed and then leaned back and into them. She held her legs together at first, but when I started to stroke myself she took off her shirt exposing bahis şirketleri a see through bra. I could see her nipples clearly and it made me suspect she planned this all along. As I continued to stroke my cock she started to move her legs slowly together and then apart. I caught a glimpse of her white and pink panties making me even harder. I stroked for a few minutes and then she left her legs wide apart. I got excited and it pushed me over the edge and I came very hard. I shot several squirts of my semen out over the towel and Kelly was pleased with me.

Another girl of the group was Missy with beautiful B-Cup breasts. I think Kelly and her must have talked because she did the same thing talking about how I masturbated in front of them. She leaned over, gave me a kiss and asked would I do it for her again. I told her she would have to remove her clothes and she said that was OK. She grabbed the towel and lotion the same way Kelly did and got on her bed. She undid my pants and underwear and pushed them down.

She slipper her shirt off and then without hesitation also slipped her Shorts off. She had on a matching bra and panty set made out of light blue material. I stroked myself as she moved her legs together and then apart. It was not a long time before a wet spot started to form on her panties. This drove me crazy and made me ejaculate rapidly. Missy was very shy so it amazed me she did this.

Over the coarse of my four years at college, these little masturbation sessions continued with all four girls and also two of their friends. I talked Missy into taking her clothes completely off after a few times I masturbated for her. It was awesome to see her beautiful body. She even let me squirt on her breasts a few times as well.

Lisa was another girl who liked me to masturbate in front of her. She took her clothes off completely as well. She would rub her breasts and eventually would rub her clit with her finger and make herself orgasm. If girls only new how amazingly sexy it is to see a girl masturbate, they would do it all the time for their boyfriends. It is still one of the most erotic memories I have. I still masturbate to that memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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