College Days Ch. 02

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After learning from Ted that I would not see him again, I assumed I was out of luck until I returned to college in the fall. At night, I’d lie in bed, cock in hand, and jack off while thinking of the incredible thrill Ted’s cock had given when he fucked me. I did reconnect with my high school buddies, and spent a lot of time partying with them. I even hooked up with a high school slut, and fucked her every chance I had. It was a fun time. I had gone to college, and had returned with All-Conference honors in sports, dean’s list honors in the classroom, and I had kissed a man and let him fuck me. I was confident, and my friends commented on how I had come out of my shell.

It was mid-summer, and I was walked into a local bar with my friends. The doors were open, and a nice evening breeze was flowing through the building. I paid for my draft beer, and looking around the place, spotted a guy at the end of the bar, my former teammate Jay. Jay was two years older than I, and we had played next to each other on defense my sophomore year, when I had been moved up to varsity. He was a hard-ass, but he respected the way I played, so we had got along fine. Jay was my height, but broader through the shoulders, and tapering to a narrow set of hips. He had an angular face, with short and wavy medium brown hair. His eyes were unusual, gray and narrow, with an almost oriental look. He was also hung. I recalled a day after practice, in the locker room. Jay came from the shower, toweling his head, his cock swinging as he walked. It was as long soft as mine was hard.

I walked over and said hi, and we chatted for a few minutes. Jay got up from his barstool, and went to the bathroom. One of my friends immediately came to me, and whispered “Hey, don’t you know about Jay?”

“No, what’s the deal with Jay?” I answered as I took another swig of beer.

“Dude, he’s a queer. I thought everyone knew that. He got caught fucking a high school kid in the ass.” my buddy said.

I tuned and looked at my friend. “You got to be kidding me. Jay, a homo? The guy that’s always in fights, and kicking people’s ass? What the fuck?” I asked my friend. I was playing the shock and dismay thing to the hilt, but in my brain a thought was forming.

Jay left the bathroom and walked back to his seat. He gave my buddy a dirty look, and the guy scurried off. “What was that all about?” Jay asked me.

“He said you were a queer, and I shouldn’t talk to you.” I replied, keeping my voice low.

“No shit?” Jay said, taking a drink. “Well, maybe I better go?” he said as put down his mug.

“Nah, it’s cool.” I answered. “But maybe we better go talk somewhere else?” I said, looking him in the eye.

Jay looked me for a second, and quietly said “You’re right. I live in a little brown house on 225 West Oak. I’m going to act pissed off, throw my hands up and leave. In about half an hour, stop by, the door will be unlocked.” I just looked at him and nodded. He stared at me, threw his hands up, and yelled “Fuck.”, and headed for the back door. I calmly finished my draft, and handed it to the bartender for a refill. My buddy came back and started jabbering.

“What the hell happened?”

“I told him I didn’t want to talk to him.” I lied smoothly. “He got pissed and left.”

“Shit man, you stood up to him like that?” my friend asked, his eyes wide.

“Jay knows not to fuck with me.” I replied, while thinking that was exactly what I wanted Jay to do. I finished that beer, and looked at my watch. I had time to run home and take a shower. I said goodbye to the guys, saying I had to go meet someone. This brought a lot of laughs and kidding as casino şirketleri I walked out the door. Once home, I took a dump, followed by a hot shower. I made sure my ass was clean, even sticking a soapy finger in to make sure. My ass was tingling in anticipation of what I hoped might happen. I drove past Jay’s place, and parked in a public lot a block away. It was dark, and no one was out, so I walked to his house with my head down. I didn’t knock, just walked in and shut the door behind me. “Hey Jay, it’s me.” I called out. He answered, and walked into the room. Just like the day in the locker room, he was naked, and drying his hair.

“Hi. I needed a shower, I hate it when I smell like cigarettes.” he said. He was still a well built guy, lean and muscled. His cock was hanging down, and I stared. It was longer than Ted’s, and just as thick. The bulbous head had a prominent ridge on the back, and the tip was somewhat pointed. Jay lowered the towel, saw me looking, and grinned. Just then, the phone rang, and he turned and walked away to answer it. As he talked in the other room, I decided to make the first move. I quickly removed my t-shirt and gym shorts, and took a seat on the couch, turning off the light before I sat down. My cock had sprung to life, so I lounged back, my arms on the back of the couch, and my legs spread, displaying myself. I heard Jay end the call, and he walked back in the room. There was still light, from the street lights, and from the next room, so Jay could see me sitting there, naked and waiting for him. He dropped the towel, and folded his arms across his chest. I could see his cock slowly getting hard, and standing out from his body.

“Well shit.” he said, “Look at you. What’s the deal?” he asked, his cock rising at the sight of my naked body.

“A couple of months ago, I got fucked for the first time. I was hoping tonight would be the second” I replied, staring at his cock. Now it was standing straight out, and jerking slightly as the blood pumped into it. “Can you help me with that?” I asked him.

“Yeah, if you really want me to. I wondered why you wanted to go somewhere to talk. Now I see why.” pointing at my cock, and grinning.

“I do. But you’re bigger than the first guy, so you’ll have to take it easy. Any rough stuff and I’m out of here.” I said.

“No problem.” he replied, and walked over to where I sat. Kneeling down in front of me, he lowered his mouth to my cock, and took it in. He began a well practiced sucking, licking at the head and moving his lips up and down my shaft. I sighed, and put my hands on his shoulders, letting him know I liked what he was doing to my cock. He was good, and I was getting close to blowing my load in his mouth, so I stopped him. He stood up, and took my hand helping me to my feet. Still holding my hand, he led me to the bedroom. Then, he turned to me, and stepping closer, he kissed me softly. I was surprised at how gentle my rough and tumble former teammate was acting, but I liked it, and I responded to his kiss eagerly. His cock slid up my belly as we came together, and we stood there in the moonlit room kissing, probing with tongues, and grinding our cocks against each other.

Still in an embrace, we sidled over the bed, and flopped down. Jay rolled to his back, and pulled me on top of him, holding me there with his hands on my ass. He squeezed and kneaded my firm ass cheeks, and groaned into my mouth as we held the long kiss. I was lost in the moment, all I knew was the feel of his body under me, and his hands gripping my ass. We rubbed our bodies against each other and kissed for a long time, both our hearts pounding in our chests. A thought came casino firmaları to me, and I immediately acted on it, pushing myself up off Jay, and rolling him over. Lifting his hips, his asshole was exposed to me, pink, wrinkled, and inviting. Sticking out my tongue, I gave his hole a swipe. Jay exhaled as the sensation rippled out from his ass ring. I began licking, swirling the tip of my tongue around the pucker, and poking it against the opening. Jay mumbled and groaned as I worked on his asshole, my tongue leaving it wet and tingling. I felt under his body with my hand, and found his cock, and stroked it gently. It twitched, and I could feel the precum leaking out the tip onto my hand. He could take no more, and pulled away from me.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, you have something to slick up your cock and my ass?” I replied.

“Sure do.” he said, opening a drawer. “How do you want to do this? You know, what position?” he asked.

“Did it on my side, and riding him, and from behind, and on my back.” I answered. “I liked it on my back the best.”

“I like it that way too.” he said. “Let’s start standing up though. Spread your legs and lean forward on the bed. I’ll get you used to me that way, before we switch and finish lying down.”

I liked the sound of it, so I got into position. I knew it was going to hurt, so I told Jay to get it in, and pull out, so I could clench my ass and work out the pain. Jay put on a lot of KY, smearing on and in my hole, and in my crack. Then he greased up his big cock, and got in behind me, and laid the head against my pucker. He started pushing it, and backing off, then pushing in again. Each time he’d push a bit harder. It felt huge, but I made myself relax, and pushed my hole out every time he pushed in. Suddenly, it pushed through, and I felt a searing pain like my ass ring had torn. “Ah fuck!” I cried out, and Jay withdrew.

“You okay?” he asked, his hands resting on my hips.

“Fuck, that hurt!” I gasped through gritted teeth. I clenched my ass muscles several times, and the pain gradually subsided. Jay massaged my asshole, adding more KY, and we were ready to try again. The big knob on his cock pushed against me, and I felt it go past the ring. Not near as bad, just a feeling of being really stretched, so I wiggled my ass, and Jay pushed it in some more. When he hit the sensitive spot, it gave me a jolt, and a drop of precum oozed out of my cock. Jay ran his hands up and down my back, and let his cock soak inside me, then resumed pushing. When it bottomed out in my inner channel, it stung, I yelped, and he backed out. He gave me a few slow strokes, and pushed back in, stretching me some more. Each time, it hurt less, as he gradually worked it in deeper. We had been at it several minutes, my cock leaking a steady dribble of clear precum, when he was finally all the way in me.

“Oh fuck, you are so tight.” he said, caressing my hips. “I love your ass.” Jay started a slow in and out, pulling out until just the head was in me, then back until his abdomen bottomed out against my ass cheeks. Each time the head rubbed over the sensitive spot, I felt another intense tingle, and a fresh gush of fluid would stream out the end of my cock. His fucking was continuous now, no stopping, just a steady pumping. We both were breathing hard, grunting and moaning as waves of pleasure flooded our brains, and our bodies. I concentrated on the feel of his cock as it moved inside me, how it filled me up, and caused me to jerk every time it bumped against that place in my channel.

“Yes, fuck me.” I groaned, “Fuck me with your big fucking cock.”

“Damn, you are so fucking hot.” güvenilir casino he gasped. “You’re taking all of it.”

My legs were getting weak, and I stumbled and fell forward when he pushed it in. It was time to switch. I scooted up into the bed, and rolled onto my back. Looking at my lover, I drew up my knees, and pulled them apart, offering my ass to him. Jay wasted no time, taking his dripping cock and guiding it my hole again, pushed it to the bottom in one motion. I jerked, and threw my head back, my eyes screwed shut, and wrapped my arms around Jay as he lay down on me. I crossed my legs across his lower back, and he put his arms around my neck, kissing me hard and deep.

We were locked together, like mating animals, and Jay started fucking me again, fast and deep. I had thought he might have fucked all the cum out of me while we were standing, but as he thrust into me, I could feel an intense orgasm building, and I knew I had more. Jay’s breathing was fast and ragged as he worked on his own orgasm, his belly slapping against me, his ball sac smacking against my ass, and his cock driving in and out of me. I held on tight, groaning into his neck as I took the strong fucking he was giving me. I felt a surge as he brought me over the edge. My ass muscles clenched, gripping his cock while the spasms in my abdomen pushed the cum out of my cock, over and over. I felt weak, but I held on as Jay fucked me even faster.

I was in a daze, just holding on while Jay thrust into my ass over and over. His stamina was amazing, never missing a beat. He went on and on, sweat pouring off him. Ted had fucked me good, but it was nothing like the drilling I was getting from Jay. All I could feel was his cock inside me, and the waves of pleasure flowing from my ass. I could feel Jay tighten his grip on my body, and felt him thrust even faster as he neared his climax.

“Uuunggh!” he cried out, and drove his cock all the way in, his face buried in the pillow under me head. I held him tight as his own cock lurched inside me, spraying wave after wave of hot cum into me. I lay there, my heart beating like a hammer, bearing all of Jay’s weight on me, feeling his heart beating too, his breathing heavy in my ear. We stayed in that position for several minutes, not wanting it to end, kissing and caressing each other. I was very happy, thinking I had found a guy who could fuck me the way I wanted it, whenever I wanted it. We untangled our limbs, and Jay staggered to the kitchen to get us each a beer. As we lay there, Jay told me how he had always been attracted to guys, but of course had never been able to follow through. He had crashed a high school party, and had struck up a conversation with a young guy. Drunk, Jay invited the kid to his house, the kid was equally drunk and accepted, and they left the party.

At Jay’s house, they were looking at skin magazines, and Jay asked if the kid wanted to jack off, and again the kid agreed. Before the night was over, they had sucked each other off. Jay thought the kid would freak out, and never come back, but he said the kid was back two nights later. That night, he had fucked him, and the kid kept coming back. But, the family had left on vacation, taking Jay’s fuck buddy with them. I could see where this was going, that Jay was hung up on the kid, and that he and I had been a happy meeting of two horny guys, nothing more. Until the kid and his family returned, Jay and I did continue to see each other. I liked the thrill of sneaking to his place at night, and finding him naked in bed, his cock hard and waiting. We fucked in many positions, sucked and swallowed, did 69, and all the other things two men can do. Jay did have a drinking problem, so I made no effort to turn him from his young lover. The boy was back before I left for college, and I waited out the last couple of weeks, wondering what the new school term would bring.

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