Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 07

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In this section the hot 19 year old Asian model shows her lust for older, well-endowed men of power.


It was always so hot with the two older men, especially the 80 year old who knew how to drive me insane. Seeing them both on the set with the hot sun melting on me as they hungrily looked at me had me going crazy that entire weekend.

I was in Bermuda for five days at an incredible resort doing bikini shoots for a new trendy European company. All the suits were designed only for those with flawless bodies. They ranged for the skimpiest tear-drop bikinis to the most risqué slingshot bikinis. There were also see-through bikinis and mesh suites that allowed the nipples to pop right through.

I knew going to the shoot that both the partners would be there as they always were when we were on location. On the flight down all I could think about were their two huge cocks, especially the 80 year olds cock, and how hot it was to fuck them both.

I was in first class and kept twisting in my seat as I tried to push the memories of the three of us to the back of my mind, but my mind wouldn’t let it go. Part of it was because the guy I was about to marry never excited me in bed the way these two older men, or any of the older men I fucked ever did. I was so worked up thinking about them that I had to go to the bathroom to masturbate.

As I sat on the toilet messaging my extended clit I thought about the things they did to my body and the ways they made me cum, and bit my lower lip as I shuddered and came. The second I saw them on the first day of the shoot I nearly came as they looked so distinguished dressed in expensive Italian suits as we modeled these sinful swimsuits by different infinity pools at the resort.

Both of them tried to get me to go to their suite with them, and as tempted as I was, knowing how hot the fucking was when the three of us were in bed, and how hot they each made me, I played off their advances and told them I couldn’t because I was getting married in a few weeks.

After they realized I was serious, saying I wanted to be faithful before I got married they immediately shifted their attention on a few of the other models. After hearing from one of the black 18 year old models on the second day of the shoot then from one of the 19 year old Indian models on the third day talk openly about how incredible they each were in bed, and how much they each made them cum I was going out of my mind with jealously.

Hearing the detailed stories about how they were both incredible in bed drove me crazy. It was the type of fucking I was missing, because my soon to be husband was so lack-luster in that department. These two older men had a way of making the sex animalistic which was what I desperately craved and hungered for. Where Jason would be finished in less than 10 minutes these older men would easily fuck all night.

On the final day of the shoot I was wearing a very naughty transparent, white, slingshot bikini with white pumps. I purposely wore it because I wanted to drive both men crazy. The suit was so transparent that my long, dark nipples could be seen a mile away. Also, because the thong was so tight the outline of my long pussy could easily be seen.

During the shoot I could feel their eyes all over my body, burring through me, hotter than the 100 degree sun. As soon as I was finished I went over to them as if drawn by a magnet. After hearing another story from a model from France who had fucked them the previous night my body craved attention and I knew they would give me exactly what I needed.

While sharing a drink with them at the bar the 70 year old leaned in and gave me a kiss and told me how sexy I was. I teased him about hearing all the stories about their wild nights. Leaning in the 80 year old said,

“It could have been a lot wilder with you Doreen.”

After he said it he and I met for a little kiss. As he kissed me the other partner ran his hands up and down my crossed legs. I was beginning to let my guard down and found myself moan softly.

“Do you miss us baby,” the 80 year old said as he looked into my eyes with an animalistic hunger.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned softly as he leaned in and we started to kiss more hungrily, as our tongues began searching for each other’s.

“Maybe you missed these two big cocks,” he said arrogantly as his partner slyly pinched my throbbing nipple through the tiny thread of string that covered it which sent my pussy in launch-sequence.

I felt so naughty as my hand went down to their crotches and felt their enormous bulges push proudly against the straining material of their pants; the bulges I knew wanted to fuck me bad. Feeling their huge cocks made me groan and almost cum from being so turned on.

“Does your husband have a big cock,” the 70 year old said as he pinched my aching nipple.

Before I could say no, his 80 year old boss said,

“Does he fuck you the way I do,” he canlı bahis said arrogantly, knowing he didn’t come close to fucking me like he did.

As he kissed my exposed neck I was going crazy. They were wearing me down, and they both knew it. God did I miss that kind of confident attention. My body was sex-starved for it.

“Oh fuck no. He has a small cock and doesn’t come close to fucking me the way you both do,” I groaned hotly, as if I was in a hypnotic spell that they cast on me.

“Did you miss us baby,” he said, confidently knowing I did.

“Oh fuck yeah. You know I did,” I groaned then met his tongue for a hot kiss, as my hand continued to message his huge, throbbing bulge in his pants.

At this point they both knew they had me and that they both wore me down.

They both began kissing my neck as I felt both their hands run all over my crossed legs then to my round 34D tits. They both groaned, and in unison said they wanted to fuck me one last time before I became Mrs.West. Hearing them say the word Mrs. Triggered something deep inside me as I began to think about all the lack-luster sex I was going to have with Jason. I couldn’t resist, and they both knew it as they looked at me with wide grins on their faces.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as they both kissed my neck and said that they had to fuck me.

“So sexy baby. Lets go back to the Hotel. Come fuck our big cocks. Be the sexy whore you used to be,” The 70 year old said which made me groan.

“Don’t you remember the sexy slut you were and how much you loved fucking our big cocks,” the 80 year old said which had me on the verge of cumming.

“Once you get married to that small-dicked husband you know that that all come to an end. No more being the best whore we ever had,” the 67 year old said which really made me groan because I knew that he was right.

Hearing them call me the best slut and whore thy ever had drove me insane. They were absolutely right because they remembered how wild and naughty I was when they fucked me. I shot them a sly grin and said in a throaty voice that oozed sex, “Oh god-let’s go fuck. You two have me so fucking horny.”

I got off the bar stool and stood kissing them both for a few minutes before we walked to their limo. At this point there was no hiding what we were about to do. I knew all the models, photographers and technical personal were watching me kiss both of them hungrily and at that second all I cared about was getting fucked. With their hands around me my high heels clicked on the patio cement and filled the air with the naughtiest sounds of what was going to a wild night of fucking.

In the limo to the hotel I was moaning like crazy as the two older studs ravaged me, each kissing me hotly as they pulled my slingshot bikini to the sides of my tits and my pussy lips. While one was kissing and biting each of my inch long nipples and telling me how sexy a fuck I was, the other was between my legs eating and sucking my pussy while he finger-fucked my wet asshole.

I must have cum 20 times before we reached the hotel, and in the private elevator of the Penthouse they hit the stop button and took turns fucking me from behind. As one held my narrow waist and fucked into me I was bent at the waist greedily sucking all over the others big cock. I came five times in the elevator fucking one then the other.

Once the doors opened to the Penthouse they hungrily stripped my bikini leaving me in my pumps and dragged me to the master bedroom where the three of us fucked like wild animals in heat through the night and well into the next afternoon.

I can’t begin to explain how sexually arousing it was to be taken by these two older men. In one position I went wild as I was on my knees sucking the 70 year olds big 10 inch cock while I was being fucked from behind by the huge 12 inch cock of the 80 year old. My pussy felt so stuffed every time he fucked me, and he absolutely knew it too.

“You like my big cock,” he growled as he plowed into me.

“Oh fuck you know I do baby. You have the biggest cock I ever fucked,” I groaned as my pussy gushed all over his massive shaft.

At one point he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me off the bed. I was sucking the 70 year olds 10 inch cock and he was groaning that he was going to cum. As the 80 year old pulled me off the bed, he protested to his boss who looked at him with a threatening glance and told him to ‘Fuck Off,’ and that he needed my pussy for an hour.

Grabbing me by the waist and nearly dragging me to the bathroom I was groaning like crazy from being taken so forcefully. I was so horny for him as we stopped every few feet to kiss hard. I even dropped to my pumps, squatting on them as I licked all over his massive shaft as I looked up at him in a lust-crazed state. As I was licking all over his massive cock I was I was in such a crazed state that I could hear my own voice turn girl-like, as I groaned in a sexy giggling voice because of the size of his massive cock.

“It’s bahis siteleri going to be hard for you to walk away from this isn’t it baby,” he said in a dark voice, referring to me getting married next week and becoming a faithful wife.

As I spit on his huge shaft and stroked it with my outstretched palm a sudden emptiness washed over me as I thought of the lifestyle I was walking away from.

The way he grinned at me told me he knew it was going to torture me not to have this type of fucking in my life anymore, especially with my conservative, and lack-luster fiancé.

Pulling me up to him we kissed hard, as our wild tongues thrashed against each other’s like two dueling swords. As we kissed his 80 year old hands were all over my tits and ass. The 60 year age difference ad his skill to turn me on had me going crazy. As we kissed I lifted his huge cock to my side and began pumping it lustfully.

When we got to the bathroom we kissed hard just before he spun me around.

“You want to fuck this big cock,” he said in a heated voice as our tongues flew across each other’s.

“Oh fuck, you know I do baby,” I groaned.

In one movement, he spun me around while he lifted my left knee and lined up his huge cock with my pussy. Looking in the mirror I said, “Oh God-so mean and so huge,” in a terrified voice from how huge and angry his cock looked. Even though I was fucking it all night it just looked even more massive in the mirror.

While I grabbed the sink faucet he took my left high heel pump and held it in his hand as he fucked into me from behind like a wild-man. I was going crazy as my right high heel pump was anchored to the tile floor as my turned on ass slammed back to meet every punishing thrust of his huge cock. As he fucked into me I watched the contorted look on my face as he kept saying how sexy I was and that my pussy was doing amazing things that no other pussy did to his big cock.

I did know that my pussy had a special way of turning on a man with a big cock and grinned slyly as he fucked held my left pump in his hand while he pounded his massive, baseball-bat sized cock deep into the back of my scorching pussy. At one point he made me kiss myself in the mirror, and as I did I was groaning like crazy.

“See how sexy you look baby.”

“Yes,” I moaned as I did what he instructed me to do.

“Now lick your sexy face you sexy bitch,” he said in a voice that had me so turned on.

This was part of his nasty streak, making teens do whatever he wanted. Because of having a huge 12 inch cock he knew he could get any teen to do what he wanted. Seeing me kiss my mouth and lick my face in the mirror stroked his ego in addition to driving me crazy and gushing all over his huge cock.

He knew the power and control he had because of his enormous cock. He knew every teen including myself would drink the toilet water if he told us to. After he eventually came deep inside my pussy he sat on the toilet and made me lick his asshole.

“Lick this ass you nasty bitch,” he commanded, as I squatted on my pumps and went wild licking around the rim of his asshole.

“Put your tongue in my ass slut,” he snarled as I sent the tip of my tongue into his tight rim as his obedient and dutiful whore.

Every few minutes he’d lean forward and we would me in a sexy kiss that had my body trembling.

“Sit on the toilet bitch,” he demanded as I immediately sat on the toilet seat.

“Spread your pussy bitch,” he said in a shrill tone of voice.

Doing what he demanded he took his huge, flaccid cock began to pee on my hard, extended clit.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as I felt my pussy about to instantly explode from the amazing sensation of the powerful spray from his huge cock.

It was like putting a hot power washer against my clit. His pee was so hot and so powerful that it made me push off my pumps as I threw my head back and erupted into a mind-blowing cum.

“You think you’ll ever fuck like this again bitch, once you’re married to that small-dicked fiancé of yours,” he said angrily as I met his tongue in mid-air flicking it at a hundred miles an hour.

“Oh fuck no,” I groaned out loud as my pussy kept cumming as he continued to piss on my clit, hitting it like the center of a bulls-eye at a target shoot.

“Now turn around and get on your knees slut. I’m going to fuck the shit out of that sexy pussy again,” he commanded as he grabbed me by my long, black hair and kissed me hard then spun me around aggressively

“Oh fuck, “I groaned from being taken so forcefully.

I knew he was so right when he said I would never get fucked like this by my husband, and the thought of really hit me hard.

As I knelt on the tile floor and put my hands on the sides of the toilet he squatted down and lined up his massive cock with my exposed pussy.

“Fuck it baby. Fuck me like I was your personal slut,” I snarled from being so pissed off that I would never have this kind of sex one bahis şirketleri I got married.

“I’m going to fuck you right into the middle of your bullshit honeymoon slut,” he said through clinched teeth as he sent his massive cock straight up into the back of my steaming cunt.

Almost in a state of rage, he fucked me savagely as he grabbed my hair in his hands with my face in the opening of the toilet, inches above the water he had just pied in.

He was fucking me like a man that had been locked up in prison for 20 years, fucking me so hard that my face touched the toilet water. I was delirious at that point and if he told me to drink the piss- water I would have.

“I may come to your honeymoon and fuck you right on the beach in front of him bitch,” he said in a rage as he slammed his angry cock into me like a run-away train.

“Oh fuck. Let him see a real man’s cock and how it’s meant to fuck,” I groaned as I lifted my head out of the toilet to meet him in a naughty tongue-flicking kiss.

“Mr. Small dick doesn’t deserve a pussy as sexy and as hot as this,” he said sternly while spinning my head back around and pushing it back into the toilet.

After a few minutes I felt the thrill of his huge cock getting ready to cum again as it expanded inside me like a ponding heart way up inside the back of my burning cunt. My eyes went wide as I thought my pussy was going to be split in half by the combination of his savage pounding and his expanding cock.

“Cumming, you sexy bitch,” he snarled as my pussy erupted with him, mixing my lava flow with his scorching lather.

After cumming we kissed hard for 15 minutes as his hands ran over my ass and up and down my legs then across my round tits. During that hot kiss he kissed my inch-long nipples in the most sensual way, and then used the tip of his tongue to run over the flat part on the tips of my nipples.

He was driving me crazy as he transformed from an almost Jekyll and Hyde personality, from fucking me like a raged madman to a skilled seductive and romantic lover. When he kissed my neck he told me how sexy I was and that he worshiped my body.

He even made me cum by the way he kissed my big, round nipples, putting each one between his pouty lips and lightly and gently pulling them until they made a popping sound when he released them.

After I came we got into the most sensual kiss that lasted over half an hour. As we kissed I took his rubbery cock in my left hand and messaged it until it ballooned into another raging hard on. As I pumped it lovingly by my left side, I used my open, outstretched palm and ran it up the bottom of his huge shaft, and the second I reached his huge cockhead I twisted my hand and ran my palm across the top of his pulsing shaft, going ever so slowly, down the endless length of his proud 12 inch shaft right to the base.

Once I hit the base I immediately twisted my palm and continued back up the length of his cock. I repeated this pattern for minutes at a time, and at different points I messaged his huge crown with the tips of my manicured fingers for a few minutes before palming and twisting up and down the length of his shaft again.

He, being wealthy and having a tireless, massive cock with dramatic changes in personality shifting from a madman to a sensual lover was what made every teenage girl eager to fuck him. This is what I knew I was surely going to miss. I knew from his reputation that he had a new 18 year old girl in his bed every night and sometimes two or three at a time, and the thought of me walking away from this and being with a guy who was lack-luster in bed suddenly made me ill.

Leading me back into the bedroom with his hand around my waist while I pumped his huge cock saw the 70 year on the bed fisting his big 10 inch cock. I realized that I had forgotten about him, but seeing him stoke up and down his big dick as his eyes were glued to me as if I was a piece of filet mignon made me wet again, and horny to fuck him.

Going over to the bed I bent at the waist and kissed him as my hands replaced his and began stoking him passionately.

“Suck me baby,” he groaned as I immediately put my mouth on over his big cockhead and began taking him down my throat.

With the 80 year old massive cock I could barely get his huge cockhead in my mouth, but because the 70 year old had a thinner dick and was a few inches shorter I was able to get half of it down my throat. I loved the feeling of controlling and pleasing a really big cock. It made me feel so empowered, so in control. Within seconds he was groaning and saying that, I gave the most amazing head. Hearing that, I groaned as if to tell him I loved the compliment.

“Oh GOD, “I snarled as I instantly released his throbbing cock as my pussy was invaded by a massive cock from behind by the 80 year once again.

“She has sure an incredible pussy,” he said to the 70 year old.

“Absolutely. Like none other,” he responded in a deep groan as he pushed my head back down on his fat 10 inch shaft as my mouth eager went back to pleasing it.

As my mouth continued up and down his fat shaft my tongue wisped in lust circles over the wide maze of veins that came off the flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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