Contract End

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Bruce lay back on his bed and contemplated his days work, his deal for support services to the Saudi government had been accepted, guaranteeing Bruce a bonus of over $250,000 and bringing $5 m into his company. He reflected on the major aspects of the negotiations, proving the quality of the services offered and the ability of the individuals involved. He wondered what would have happened if he had taken the advice of his MD, Stuart Chambers, to provide the Saudi’s with the services of call girls during their visits to London.

Instead Bruce had argued successfully that the money would be better spent flying the project team to Riyadh for six weeks to learn and understand the culture of the customer. A strategy which paid off handsomely at a particularly difficult point in the negotiations, where Sheikh Omad had requested a local administrator to oversee the project management. Under normal circumstances this would have been totally against company policy, however the team had recognised the Saudi middle east tensions, and their absolute requirement to be able to be seen ‘in control’ even if it had no effect on company direction. In the end, and agreement had been reached with a little budget padding to finance a local ‘executive’ to manage all office matters. Bruce took a shower, and prepared himself for dinner. He wished that Debbie, had come over to Saudi Arabia with him, but she had decided that their marriage would survive his 2 year secondment to the middle east, and remained in London.

He left his 8th floor room at the Marriot, at a little after 8.00pm, and summoned the lift to take him to the restaurant for a celebration dinner with his team. As he arrived in the restaurant, it was clear that his team had been celebrating for some time. They were in a rowdy mood, and cheered loudly as he joined them. He ordered drinks all round, and a toast was proposed. ‘To Bruce and the team’. He felt a little flattered, but accepted their congratulations with good nature. The Maitre D called them through for dinner, and Bruce found himself centre of the table sitting between Sarah and Jackie.

“That’s your present,” said Alistair the company sales Manager, winking. Sarah and Jackie had been seconded to the Saudi project team as ‘girl Fridays’. Both spoke good Arabic, and had been heavily involved during the inevitable wining and dining of the Saudi delegation, in support of the negotiations.

Bruce was struck by the change in the way both girls were dressed, compared to their business attire. Jackie had on a tight, short black dress, with deep revealing cuts both front and back. Sarah also had a short dress, but the dress was shoulderless and was unbelievably low cut. She was obviously wearing a push up bra, and her breasts were almost completely revealed before the dress began just covering her nipples. Bruce couldn’t help side glances at both girls throughout dinner, and found eye contact almost impossible during conversation. Left alone his eyes returned, like homing pigeons, to one of the girls cleavage, a point not missed by either of them. Bruce noticed during dinner that both Sarah and Jackie disappeared off to ‘powder their noses’ together. He also noticed that both had dropped a couple of forks during dinner, and had bent down towards Bruce to recover them. The suggestive way that they had bent towards Bruce’s lap, and their obvious enjoyment at his embarrassment as he tried unsuccessfully, both, to avoid looking at their exposed breasts, and also to disguise the bulge in his trousers. The obvious way that the tools were dropped confirmed to Bruce that he was being toyed with. Very pleasant!

As the meal ended, Sarah suggested that Bruce, Jackie and herself excuse themselves from the rest of the team, and retire to Bruce’s suite. Bruce agonised for a moment, but re-assured himself that it was probably innocent and would get him away from work and allow him to relax a little. They entered the lift and Sarah pushed the button for the 8th floor, she then turned towards Bruce and kissed him.

“Thanks for such a lovely evening,” she said.

“Yes, Thanks it’s been really nice,” said Jackie, and then kissed him full on the lips. Bruce felt a stirring in his loins, and attempted to pull back in order to avoid embarrassment, however Sarah was immediately behind him preventing him from moving. Jackie finished the kiss, and looked deep into Bruce’s eyes confirming that she was aware of his reaction, and approved. She slid her hand down to Bruce’s fly and gently massaged him through his trousers, adjusting him as he grew in response to her encouragement. The moment was broken as the lift stopped with a slight bump on the eighth floor, and the door opened to allow them out. Bruce’s mind was racing, in an attempt to work out what was going on. He was heading for his hotel suite with two beautiful, outrageously dressed young ladies and one had

already begun to play with him. His confusion was interrupted as both Sarah canlı bahis and Jackie gabbed his hand and dragged him out of the lift up to the door of his suite. He fumbled for his keys, not sure what to do once the door was opened, should he run in and close the door or allow the situation to develop? As the key turned in the lock, the door opened and he slowly entered the suite followed by Jackie and Sarah.

“Put some music on,” said Sarah. Bruce put on Wonderful tonight, by Clapton. He turned and saw that both girls were sat on each end of the sofa, Sarah patted the space between them.

“Sit here,” she said. Bruce went over and sat between them, not quite knowing what to do. He needn’t have worried, Sarah again began to kiss him putting his arm around her, and his hand upon her breast. Jackie resumed her attention to his penis, and after a short inspection through his trousers she undid his zipper and reached inside. Bruce could feel Jackie’s hand close around his erect penis. He was lost, any reluctance to participate ahd disappeared. He began to squeeze Sarah’s breasts much more vigorously, and slid his hand into the cleavage to investigate her more intimately. He could feel that Jackie now had his erect penis out of his trousers and was massaging it using both hands. She undid his belt, and his trousers and then stood up and pulled them slowly down until they finally passed over his shoes leaving him naked from his waist down. Bruce slid his hand down Sarah’s cleavage, and slowly released her breasts before massaging them firmly in his hands. He could feel that Jackie was bent down between his legs, holding his penis in both hands and it came as no surprise as he felt her slide him slowly into her mouth.

He responded immediately, growing inside her and began to kiss Sarah’s neck and then breasts. He began to suck hungrily at Sarah’s bosom, attempting to accommodate as much of each breast inside his mouth as possible. He slid his hand down her dress to the hemline and then slowly up her legs. She shifted a little allowing him to investigate her inner thighs, where he discovered perfect bare flesh above her lace topped stockings. He explored further finding the soft flesh of her unprotected vagina, her outer lips moist and open, to welcome his invading fingers. As he opened her, easing his fingers slowly along the inside of her moist vagina she helped him by opening her legs as much as her tight dress would allow.

Bruce could feel his erection buried deep inside Jackie’s mouth and thought that he must have died and gone to heaven. Sarah took hold of Bruce’s hand and eased it away from her, she then stood up and unzipped her dress allowing it to fall to the floor revealing herself completely naked except for a tiny suspender belt and black lace topped stockings. Her perfect breasts wet from Bruce’s earlier attentions, and her shaven vagina complemented by the most magnificent outer lips that Bruce had ever seen. Jackie watched as Sarah stripped, and then stood up turning her back on Sarah looking directly into Bruce’s eyes. Sarah unzipped Jackie’s dress, eased it off her shoulders and down her arms until it fell freely to the floor. Bruce gasped at the sight of Jackie’s lovely figure, her breasts topped with firm nipples, and her closely shaven pubic area allowing a perfect view of her already open vaginal lips. She turned to Sarah and they kissed for a short time, allowing Bruce to check out Jackie’s rear. He followed her legs from the floor up beyond her lace topped ‘hold up’ stockings to her bottom, which he thought was a magnificent sight. His eyes lingered at the sight of her open moist vaginal lips complimented by her tight anal opening, and perfectly shaped cheeks. His erection visibly stiffened as he allowed his mind to wonder what the feeling might be like to enter such a tight little space.

Jackie turned and sat down beside Bruce, kissing him passionately as he began to massage her nipples and breasts. He could feel Sarah’s attention to his erect penis, as she slowly and very tightly gripped him and masturbated him.

Jackie whispered in his ear,

“Lick me, I want you to taste my juices.” Bruce didn’t need to be told twice, he slid down Jackie’s body, kissing and licking her breasts, then slowly down her tummy through the tiny patch of blond pubic hair until his tongue was resting upon her clitoris. Jackie shifted at the sensation created by Bruce’s tongue, and she lifted her legs off the floor and raised them high in the air, allowing Bruce full access to her vagina.

“Oh Jackie, he likes that,” said Sarah. “He’s just grown much bigger, keep it up.”

Bruce was too busy to notice, but Sarah had every intention of profiting from Jackie’s performance, as she stood up and positioned herself in order to mount him. He had his tongue deep into Jackie’s cunt hungrily licking her juices, as he felt his swollen penis being guided deep into Sarah’s tight little cunt. Bruce responded by pushing back bahis siteleri against Sarah, forcing him even deeper, until he could feel that he was in to the limit of her cunt, still with a little of his penis to spare.

“He’s huge,” said Sarah. Again the effect upon Bruce was to increase further his arousal. Sarah yelped as he pushed hard, and forced her tight cunt to accommodate fully his erect penis. He was slowly licking Jackie from her aroused clitoris, through her outer and inner lips deep into her cunt, which was now wet through with her juices. He slid his tongue, along her vagina until he passed over the small section of flesh between her cunt to her tiny anal opening. He began to lick around it, exploring the effects upon Jackie as she reacted to his attention to her ‘other’ hole. She didn’t react, and the juices coming from her

cunt, confirmed that she was happy with his attentions. Bruce began to invade her anus with his tongue, licking her as he had licked her cunt, with the same effect that she slowly opened up and filled with juices.

Sarah was now making the most of Bruce’s erection, she had him buried deep inside her and was fucking herself. On some occasions she was forcing herself to take all of him inside her, Bruce could feel himself bottoming out as she moaned with a combination of pain and intense pleasure. After a short period of intense strokes she screamed,

“Fuck me, I’m coming.” Bruce obliged and pushed back as she forced herself hard, and Bruce as deep into her as she could, she then convulsed, as wave after wave of orgasm hit her. Her vagina repeatedly tightened onto Bruce’s penis, as cum was forced out of her onto him and around her cunt and anus.

As Sarah’s convulsions slowly subsided, Bruce could feel her dripping cunt draining onto him, wetting him with her delicious cum. She eventually stopped, and sighed,

“Fucking brilliant, Jackie he’s fucking brilliant.” Bruce was quite flattered, and the compliment had the effect of hardening him again much to Sarah’s delight. Jackie said,

” It’s time for you to return the compliment Sarah, I want the ride of my life so don’t disappoint him, or you’ll disappoint me.” She stood up, and Sarah reluctantly withdrew Bruce from her dripping

cunt, holding him in both hands as she surveyed the sight of his erect penis shining with her cum. Jackie knelt over Bruce and lean’t towards him allowing him to suck at her stiffening nipples. Bruce could still feel Sarah’s hands around him, playing with him up against Jackie’s anus. She was teasing both of them by offering him to Jackie’s cunt, then as she lowered herself to mount him, Sarah was redirecting him to Jackie’s anus, threatening it with penetration.

“Later,” said Jackie, “save my butt for later, now I want a serious fucking.” Bruce couldn’t believe what he’d heard, could he? Maybe he could, judging from the effect upon his erect penis which grew in Sarah’s hands. Sarah said,

“Oh Jackie, you hit the spot then, he’s looking forward to fucking your little greedy butt.” Maybe he could believe it. Again Sarah’s words had a stirring effect upon his swollen organ, raising it to a point where Bruce could feel his foreskin being stretched to limits never seen before.

“Sarah you bitch, put him it, I want him now, my cunt is crying out to be fucked. Please help him to fuck me.” Sarah immediately moved Bruce’s penis between Jackies vaginal lips and held them open as

Jackie lowered herself slowly and firmly onto Bruce. She took almost all of him immediately inside her. Bruce could feel that he was too long for Jackie’s tight little cunt, although she certainly wasn’t complaining. Within seconds she was riding Bruce, just about as hard as she possibly could. He could feel

his seriously stiff Penis pounding in and out of her increasingly wet cunt. Sarah was holding his balls in her hand, and allowing them to slap against Jackie’s bum as she completed her deepest stroke.

“Oh Sarah, that’s fucking wonderful, he’s touching the end of my cunt, and I can feel his balls against my bum, I don’t want this to end.” That was echoed by Bruce, who laid back and allowed Jackie,

aided and abetted by Sarah, to fuck herself using him, almost like a lifesize vibrator.

“You must reward Bruce when you’ve come,” said Sarah.

“Oh I will,” said Jackie, “I will.”

“You promise,” said Sarah, slapping Bruce’s balls a little harder against Jackie’s bum.

“Of course,” moaned Jackie, “Of course, what should I do?”

“Oh that’s easy,” said Sarah, “you’ll fuck him using your tight little butt. You’ll take all this meat up your bum and allow him to fuck you hard.”

“Oh,” moaned Jackie, “that will hurt.”

“Do it for me,” said Sarah.

“Will you do it as well?” replied Jackie.

“Of course, I’m looking forward to my turn being stuffed up my tight little bum by this beautiful stiff dick.” Bruce was now in an extreme state of arousal, bahis şirketleri he could feel his balls in Sarah’s hand and his penis almost bursting inside of Jackie’s dripping cunt. He was having severe difficulty in controlling himself, it was simply the thought of what was for dessert, which sustained him as Jackie gradually, and thankfully approached orgasm. It began slowly, with her slowing her strokes, and pushing her cunt onto Bruce’s bursting penis slow and hard until she could accomodate no more of him, she would then raise quickly and begin the slow downward movement towards orgasm again.

“Look at that fuckable little bottom,” said Sarah. “Bruce will love fucking that sweet little hole.” At that Jackie groaned, as she began an orgasm that lasted for a full minute. It went from her increasing the pace of her strokes, through full length slow strokes in which Bruce’s penis was fully withdrawn from

Jackie’s hungry cunt before being rammed in again, to finally almost no movement other than the sucking of Bruce’s invading penis by Jackie’s cunt as her muscles spasmed during orgasm. Bruce could feel and hear, the cum spurting out of her as each spasm concluded. He expected that she would now want to

rest and gather herself before any further play, however he couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Reward him,” said Sarah.

“Yes, fuck my bum, put him in me,” said Jackie. She lifted herself off Bruce’s stiff penis allowing it free of her cunt, and Sarah guided it towards Jackie’s tiny anus. Bruce could feel an air of expectation as she lowered herself until she had his increasingly stiffening penis at the entrance to her beautifully tiny bottom. He recalled the view earlier of her glorious other ‘hole’, as she kissed Sarah, again he felt his penis push harder at the tiny opening. Jackie didn’t pull away, instead she settled a little lower allowing the force applied at the end of Bruce’s stiff erection to increase.

“He’s almost in,” said Sarah, “push hard Jackie, fuck him.” At that Jackie groaned in pain tinged with pleasure as she dropped onto Bruce’s penis, fully accomodating him in her anus on the first stroke. She groaned on each of the first few strokes as she slowly adjusted to the size of his straining organ.

“Fuck him hard, you sexy bitch,” said Sarah. Jackie immediately speeded up her pace, as if she must comply with Sarah’s commands. Bruce was on ‘cloud nine’ as the feelings from his groin hit his brain. His penis was being gripped tight, and on the withdrawal it was being stretched to breaking point by Jackie’s accommodating little anus. Bruce continued his attempts to control himself, but he was losing fast. Sarah still had hold of his balls, and was shouting encouragement to Jackie to fuck him hard. A request she was doing her best to accommodate, Bruce’s head began to spin as he imagined the view from behind Jackie of him up her tiny little bum, and his balls cupped in Sarah’s hand. Almost at the point of coming, Sarah slapped Jackie on the bottom, and she pulled immediately off Bruce’s desperate organ, leaving him almost insane with frustration.

“You’ve not had me yet,” said Sarah, “my turn,”…

Sarah lay on the settee, with her legs open, her open vagina glistening with the products of Bruce’s earlier activities. Jackie held out her hand, and motioned to Bruce to stand up. He did, and was organized by

Jackie, o stand facing Sarah, between her open legs. Sarah lifted up each leg in turn, and placed them on each of Bruce’s shoulders. Bruce wasn’t completely sure what was going on, clearly he wasn’t in charge of the situation, and he couldn’t work out what was expected of him. However, Jackie and Sarah appeared to know exactly what was happening, so Bruce simply followed their lead. He could feel Jackie’s hands around his penis, she was encouraging him back to size after her frustration of him earlier. He was responding quite well , as she worked him using both hands. He could feel her body pressed against his back, and her pubic region pressing on his naked bottom. She slid one hand down and began to massage his ‘balls’ as she masturbated him using her other hand. Sarah had positioned her anus close to Bruce’s

increasingly firm penis, as he was being prepared by Jackie.

“Jackie, fuck my bum,” said Sarah.

“How hard?” said Jackie?

“Fucking hard, I want to come being fucked up my butt,” replied Sarah. Bruce couldn’t believe what was going on, it’s as if he wasn’t there, and they were using a vibrator on each other. On the other hand however, he had no intention of looking a gift horse in the mouth, he was fully prepared for what was to come! Jackie guided his penis gently up to Sarah’s anus, and Sarah responded,

“Mmmm, my tight little butt is looking forward to being fucked,” and she pushed against Bruce. As she pushed, Bruce felt his penis almost crushed as it strained to enter her impossibly tight anus. The pain caused Bruce to pull away for relief. However, Jackie now had her arms around him and was pulling on Sarah’s thighs. He was trapped between them, and could feel Jackie gradually increasing the pressure on Sarah’s tight little anal opening using his stiff penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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