Corn For Breakfast Ch. 02

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I’ve thought of little else since my rendezvous with Carol. The feel of her beautiful ass hole depositing corn chowder into my waiting mouth was all that seemed important to me. I was so preoccupied at my job that my boss insisted that I take a few extra days off to get my thought processes straightened out.

I was home, deep in thoughtful memories of my exciting breakfast when I received an e-mail from Carol. She thanked me again for a wonderfully exciting experience, and said that she was very anxious to get together again soon. She said that she had told of our game in great detail to her sister, Cathy, who got very worked up and wants to meet me. Carol said that her sister wants to feed me something too, and thinks that I might enjoy blueberries. Damn, Carol and Cathy sound like the girls of my dreams.

I wrote back to Carol and asked her to tell me a little about her sister. When I got an answer from Carol it included a photo of Cathy which immediately gave me a super boner. She is so fucking skinny, that I could have creamed in my pants with no more than a gentle touch to my dick. GOD DAMN, I love boney women!!!!!

I wrote back to Carol with only one word: “WHEN?”

Ten minutes later I got a note from Cathy, saying that she was writing to introduce herself and hopes that we can become good friends. Her e-mail included her phone number, so I called her right away.

Cathy answered the phone with the most sexy voice I’m sure I’ve ever heard. I was so excited that I stuttered my words trying to talk to her.

Cathy asked me if I might be interested in delving into something she’s been thinking of for some time, but never had the nerve to suggest it to anyone. She said that it is a little scary and if we do it, I would probably suffer some pain and it might even be a little dangerous. I couldn’t bring myself to question the motives behind that sexy voice. I just said “Sure”.

She didn’t want to give me any more information as she wanted to figure out some of the logistics of how it could work. I told her that she’s got me very excited and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the details. We said our “good nights” and I tried to sleep, but just couldn’t doze off for hours.

Carol e-mailed me the next day saying that Cathy and her were making plans for a play date, and to let me know that her husband would be out of town for a minister’s conference the aydın escort following Friday and Saturday. Damn, that meant that we could all three spend an entire night together.

Carol said that they are both very excited and hoped that we would be able to enjoy an unforgettable night. She also warned that I’d better be ready for something I might regret as her sister is quite crazy. She said that Cathy has come up with several ideas over the years, but hasn’t found anyone willing to try most of them.

In a quick note back to Carol, I assured her that once they get me into “The Zone” I’d probably be willing to try anything.

Early Wednesday night I got an e-mail from Carol letting me know that they are ready to meet up with me at Cathy’s house on Friday night. Turns out that Cathy lives only about five miles from me in a very upscale neighborhood.

Arriving at Cathy’s home, I was greeted by the two very slender babes made up and dressed in purple lingerie that screamed sex with a twist. Getting to learn some about Cathy was an eye opener as she is a nurse at a very respected hospital here in Albany. I hadn’t ever thought about such a person being perverted enough to want to do things that would excite me so much.

We had several drinks, flirted, and talked about what we are about to do. I was invited to the basement where I saw a large round bed in the middle of an outrageously beautiful room. As we climbed onto the bed together, Cathy said “I hope that you’re ready for some experimentation”. My response, though a little unsure was “Absolutely, sock it to me girls.”

We got naked, and Cathy stood over me to see how well she could hit my mouth from above. The sweetness of the blueberries falling from that oh so sweet ass hole was truly mind boggling. I ate it all, and was so horny I almost shot my wad onto myself. All of a sudden Cathy lowered herself onto my dick and fucked me like a bunny. I came in moments, at which time Carol started sucking me off saying: “We’ve got to get all of your energy used up so you’ll be able to enjoy the next faze of this evenings activities.” I was so horny from the serving of berries I thought that I could go all night, but they wore me out quickly.

As Cathy started cuffing my wrists and ankles to some chains connected to the bottom of the bed, she explained that in order to carry out her plan, I need to aydınlıkevler escort be immobilized a little as there may be some pain which could cause me to try to get up.

Cathy said: “Dave we know that you are almost as perverted as I am, so we want to help you experience something really raw. You see, what we are about to do is fill your bladder with Carol’s and my pee.”

Cathy opened a small box of equipment which she showed and explained to me. She displayed the parts saying: “Now Dave, this is a catheter which I will insert into your wiener, this hose will connect your catheter to my catheter to simply complete the transfer circuit. These little rollers will clamp onto the hose and act as a pump so we can force fill you beyond your normal capacity. We are going to try to expand your bladder enough that the pain will give you a new fetish experience.

As I listened to Cathy, I started to get horny again, at which point she explained that a boner won’t accept the catheter as easily as a flaccid cock, so I’d be wise not to get aroused. She proceeded to tell me how my bladder could be ruptured, so scared my hard on away. As soon as I softened, she took my dick in hand and proceeded to insert the silicone apparatus into me. It was an uncomfortable feeling, but not as bad as I expected.. She used the tube to drain my pee into a bucket, and then attached her catheter to the hose, followed by inserting it into herself. As she got hers firmly home, she told Carol to get hers ready as well so all they’d have to do is change the hose over.

I guess that I should have been scared out of my mind, but the idea of giving in to these gorgeous women thrilled me beyond belief. My dick did start to swell, but the catheter was firmly planted, so stayed in the depths of my body.

Carol offered me a drink of straight vodka which I sucked quickly through a straw. That made me feel even better, and I was ready for anything.

Cathy leaned over and kissed me deeply, and at the same time started to pee into me. GOD, that was stimulating. The feeling of my bladder filling so quickly was a real rush, and the fact that it was flowing from such a beautiful woman was fabulous. As Cathy finished her transfer, Carol climbed up next to her and they changed the hose over to Carol’s unit. I was getting so turned on that I knew that I was the luckiest ayrancı escort man alive.

As Carol started to pee into me I realized that I was getting very full. It was getting difficult for her to force it out so Cathy got out the rollers and started working them on the hose to “push” the piss into me with more pressure. As my bladder continued filling, the pain was getting unbearable. The only thing that kept me from hollering “STOP” was the look on Carols face. She had a perverted, sinister look that caused me to enjoy the pain as much as any orgasm I had ever experienced. I saw how turned on she was and could only enjoy the fact that my suffering was getting her off. She is so fucking hot.

After reassuring the girls that I was OK, they pulled the catheter out of me and quickly clamped a ring around my dick so I couldn’t release the pee. CHRIST, I had to pee so badly I could almost taste it. Carol laughed and offered me a beer. “No thank you, I’d hate to bust a gut.” was my quick response.

Cathy climbed up next to me and started licking my dick. I was getting harder than I believed possible and wondered if I would even be able to cum with so much pressure. She sucked on me with such gusto and passion I only lasted a few strokes, but couldn’t shoot my wad because of the tightness of the ring. I was hurting so bad, but lusting so strongly, I wished that it could last forever. .

They released the cuffs, and suggested that I not move quickly as the pressure is quite high. Cathy asked if I was ready to give them a golden shower, at which I responded, “anything to get this pee pressure to go down”. I’ve never peed on anyone, and hadn’t even thought that I could enjoy doing so, but what a thrill it turned out to be. The girls were rubbing the pee onto each other and carrying on so that I assumed that they enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed being filled by them.

Damn, it was their pee, so I wished that I could be getting the shower, but their excitement was so great that I got hard before even finishing my leak. Cathy, the nastiest one, said that since I was hard I could send the rest of the piss up to her cervix. I complied, and after my bladder was empty, we fucked our heads off and fell asleep.

When I awoke, Cathy was staring at me with such lust in her eyes, that all I could do was ask: Are you thinking of something new? Carol gave me a drawing of a short PVC tube with a couple of plastic washers glued to it along with detailed dimensions. She told me to fabricate the item and be ready for the following Friday night.

Asking about the contraption, she interrupted telling me not to worry, just be ready for a new adventure.

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