Cougar Sauna Sex on Cruise

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My hips were bucking up wildly to meet his tongue as he swirled it in a figure 8 pattern around my clit. Sweat from the heat of the cruise ship sauna was turning my swimsuit into a wet t-shirt, but all I could feel was the intense pleasure building in my pussy, that was dripping wet but not from the sauna. It was the single digit of the hot 28 year old that found itself deep inside my hairy pussy as his tongue worked it’s magic.

I was trying to hold on as long as possible but since we were in a public sauna the thought of getting caught fucking a guy half my age scared me. Or maybe it made it hotter. Or was it the searing heat from the dry infrared sauna? I think it was the finger in my pussy.

The crashing waves of pleasure were interrupted by the reality of the public, vanilla cruise ship headed toward Turks & Caicos. That thought brought me back from the brink several times.

There was no concern that my husband would walk in as he bailed on the cruise a few weeks before departure as work was more important to him. Honestly, though, I’ve never cheated on him after 25 years of marriage and I had no intention to have this strangers tongue on my pussy even an hour ago, but shit happens.

Whoa, Dominic’s tongue was taking a toll and I was rising up with my hips to meet his mouth that was surrounding my black bush, soaked with sweat and pussy juices. Not having fucked a stranger in many years I must say I was so into this moment and I wanted to cum in his mouth. Fuck yea. Dom. Keep swirling honey.

How did I end up in this predicament you ask? Hell, good question. After our first night on the water, I woke up and told my daughter, also my roommate for this cruise, that I was going to head down for coffee and sip it in the hot tub to start the day. She moaned, rolled over and went back to sleep.

I slipped on my one piece as my body at 55 had outgrown the thin bikini I teased the boys in when I was 25. My husband tells me my best assets are my 36DD tits, my delicious ass, and my “made for fucking hips,” his words. He also likes a bush so I simply trim it to fit the swimsuit.

As for me, I see guys ogling my tits all the time, and I have a serious dark tan, but with distinct tan lines that present the girls in a white outline, not to mention my white ass and my black bush that is growing out from skin not touched by the sun. I have a few extra pounds but I think I look damned good for a woman in her 50’s.

I know for a lady my age I still turn heads and at 5’3″ and 125 pounds, I can be a little dynamo when I want to. At home I have such a good canlı bahis sex life with the hubby that I’ve never looked elsewhere. Sure, I’ve been hit on many times and had an artist friend of mine cop a few feels but I never acted on it. In fact there was a time I almost brought him home and had a 3 way with my hubby but I chickened out.

I wrapped my white one piece swim suit in a cotton beach cover and headed for the coffee. I passed the gym and saw a surprising number of hotties, both males and females cranking away. I will come back later I thought and as I turned I saw a big sign for the newly upgraded sauna.

I haven’t been in a sauna in years so I headed right to it forgetting about my mission to grab a cup of coffee. The thought of the warmth on my skin heated me up. I never considered that the Italian accent or the hot body of a never-take-no-for-an-answer 28 year old would get to me.

Maybe it was the fact that I was 55 and he was 28 and still wanted to ride this 50 something body. I wondered just for a minute where his wife or girlfriend was and he told me wife. She was sleeping and they had been at the bar last night and he was trying to sweat out the alcohol.

Her loss this morning I thought as Dominic had me on the edge, literally on the edge of the sauna and the edge of a morning cum.

When I stepped into the sauna there were two couples of my age enjoying the heat. The men had towels wrapped around them and the ladies were in bikini bottoms but were showing off their tits. When I entered they did not try to cover up.

I slid off my cotton wrap as I greeted them. The oppressive heat grabbed my body and pulled the swimsuit tight over my tits, immediately showing off my erect nipples. In seconds the sweat must have been revealing my large brown areola’s and nipples against the white of my top. I felt all their eyes on me and the ladies paid me compliments as I turned around and sat across from them.

We made small talk and they offered to cover up. I told them that they were gorgeous and I was happy to enjoy the live art work. The guys said they were just getting ready to leave but that was before I walked in. Now they said they may stay a bit longer. I was not at the point of showing off my tits to the strangers, but just for fun I decided to spread my legs and tease the guys just a bit. They could clearly see the mound of pubic hair and with the sweat I’m pretty sure they had a good look at my meaty pussy lips.

We talked some more and I saw a couple tents form under the towels of the men. I was taken by the sweat rolling down both sets of bahis siteleri breasts. I decided to get up and readjust the towel I was sitting on and I gave them all a good ass shot. That was met with several flattering comments and both ladies suggested they should head back to their suites so they could take care of the newly formed wood problem.

As they got up to leave I thought that I would pleasure my pussy with the thought of having sex with all 4 of them. They headed out and my hand headed south to touch my pussy as I contemplated being totally naked with the four of them working me over.

The door never closed as they left. In walked this young Italian guy, Dominic, who stopped, looked right at my breasts that were clinging to my sweat soaked swimsuit and he said, “Ho un debole per te, ” in a sultry Italian accent. He was wearing no shirt and tight fitting Speedo’s showing a nice package.

Having spent a fair amount of time in Italy prior to my husband, I knew instantly that Dominic said he was weak for me. Oh, I think that thought goes both ways I thought as I introduced myself.

“Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno,” I mumbled back to him in weak Italian. I could look at you all day.

He came directly to me and kissed me right on the mouth, and commented on my beautiful tits that were in need of cooling off in the sweaty sauna. Specifically he was curious why the nipples were at full attention. I joked that they must have known that he was going to come through the door.

I also teased him by telling him I was all worked up seeing the guys that just left with their wood, and I was about to take care of my problem when he walked in. And it got started in earnest when I asked him what he was waiting for. From that moment it was on and I was in trouble, or should I say, in pleasure.

Without hesitation, he dropped to his knees and nudged my swimsuit aside looking for a hot pussy. At this point it was easy as I was dripping in juices. Slowly, he started to ease my pink folds apart and his finger gently swooshed over my clit and I was ready for all of it.

“Spread your legs wider,” Dominic whispered to me in an accent that made me wetter.

Without hesitation I spread them wider and he pushed more of my swimsuit away from my pussy, exposing my bush. His finger went deeper at that moment if that was possible.

“Signora Meredith, I love your bush,” he muttered as his tongue wandered lengthwise along my slick pussy.

“Come on Dom. Don’ stop. Flick my clit with your tongue,” I begged as I grabbed my tits.

At that moment I realized bahis şirketleri the swimsuit was still covering one of my best assets and my nipples hurt they were so hard. So Dominic moved his tongue back to my engorged clit and as I spread my legs wider and rolled the top of my swimsuit down as far as it would go and then I grabbed the girls underneath and pushed them up. I know they looked damn good at that moment.

There I sat on the edge of the sauna bench, legs spread, tits bouncing, with a young Italian married man on his knees on a towel on the lower bench giving my pussy a workout his wife would be proud of. Oh damn, my eyes rolled back in my head as I felt a second and then a third finger ease into my pussy.

At this point, I stopped holding my tits, placed my hands behind me, and started riding his fingers up and down as his tongue kept working me over. I can’t ever remember being so wet, but I had a dilemma as my tits were flapping up and down almost hitting me in the face. But the pleasure was too much so I let the tits flap and flop all over the place.

As I leaned into his fingers I looked down to see his head and tongue darting into my bush, and I saw his hard-on trying to peak out of his Speedo’s. Damn, I thought, I’m going to ride that hard dick in just a minute. I had completely forgotten that we were in a public sauna. All I could consider was my wet pussy filled with fingers and the waves of pleasure that were building in my thighs, hips, and pussy, that was starting to percolate like the coffee I tried to find an hour ago.

And two more plunges and I erupted on his tongue and fingers, shrieking and moaning for what seemed like minutes. His mouth and fingers stayed with my hips and pussy and did not stop until I started to whimper and then laugh because the pussy was so tender from cumming twice in a row.

He took his fingers out of my pussy and then like a boy with a new found toy that he hadn’t seen, he started to gently rub my pussy juices on my big nipples and tits. Damn, that feels so good. But I was looking at the hard stuff in his Speedo and I wanted that in me now so I eased off the sauna bench and as I did so the sauna door opened and in walked 3 couples.

I forgot we were in a public place, and though I had my tits out and wet, it did not seem to bother the new occupants. At that point I felt a little embarrassed and told the group I was leaving. I pulled my swimsuit top back on, readjusted the bottoms, and walked out as I told Dominic I would see him later.

I felt really bad for him as I abandoned him with a raging hard-on and I’m sure the sauna smelled like my sex. He did not follow me and as I headed for coffee and the hot tub I made it my mission to find him in the next eight days and satisfy him as he did me in the sauna.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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