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Before Eve went to bed she put Clifton’s bible on her reading table. It was the place he would find acceptable, even encouraging. He had been urging her to get familiar with its content. She left the book with a bookmark in place 10 verses into chapter 2 of the Book of Genesis. As a church pastor’s wife, Eve could expect some of her husband’s flock to put questions to her for an opinion that would be seen as sound by virtue of her marital relationship to a man of the cloth.

Eve awoke feeling aroused. She knew she had been dreaming about something salacious and illegal but had forgotten it’s content.

She quietly made her way to the kitchen, boiled Clifton a cup of tea with extra hot water in the teapot and returned to the bedroom and placed the tea on the bedside table.

She climbed back into bed and began squirming, partly to awaken Clifton, and partly to relieve her increasing arousal. As he stirred from his slumber, she backed on to him and reached for his hand, holding it on her hip, leaving her other hand free.

He soon dozed off again and Eve, now fully awake, ran the fingertips of her free hand from his knee to the top of his leg gradually moving it to his pubic hair. She touched his hair very lightly and it triggered an immediate response in the weight and shape of his penis. She wisely stopped and restarted touching his pubes. His cock gradually transformed into a five and a half inch long extremely hard erection.

He began to stir again and she removed her hand but positioned herself so that his throbbing penis hovered between the cheeks of her arse.

‘Hello darling,’ she said, turning to kiss him. ‘What day is it?’

He looked puzzled for a moment. Then remembering the previous day, Monday, the day he presided over an evening bible study group.

He responded, ‘Tuesday, I think Eve. Is that right?’

Tuesday was the morning they reserved for their lovemaking.

Eve smiled at him feeling his hard cock and said softly, ‘It feels like you’re ready for Tuesday, Cliffy. Would you like your tea first or later while you’re reading?’

He held her hand and said ‘Tea? Maybe later.’

Eve was rampant and aching to feel his penis anywhere on her body he chose.

He climbed on top of her, kissing her but pushing her legs apart to give his penis access to her by now soaked pussy. She felt the space he occupied inside her and she had prepared for this moment.

She said, ‘Don’t move Cliffy. Let me try to do it. I want to know what it feels like if I do it to you. And I want to know how if it feels for you too.’

‘Do you want to get on top Eve?’

‘No. Just rise up a little and give me room to move. . . That’s right.’

She slowly moved, gripping his cock with her muscles and her arousal began to build up gradually. Within thirty seconds, Eve was ready to quicken the pace, but the sensations were too much for Clifton. He groaned out a loud straining grunt as he plunged his thin hard weapon into Eve right up to the hilt and ejaculated into her as deeply as he could reach.

She had waited a week for what lasted less than a minute. He didn’t quite meet her needs, but still, she felt she needed to massage his fragile ego.

She said, ‘That was lovely Darling. We should practise that again sometime.’

He smiled and muttered something that could have meant anything. She was frustrated, but she knew it would pass.

‘Your tea’s ready. It will still be hot. Would you like me to make some scones Darling?’ she asked.

‘No thanks Eve. Just tea will be fine,’ he replied.

Eve showered and dressed in an apricot coloured knee length print skirt with a matronly buttoned up white blouse with small grey and yellow geometric shapes distributed throughout.

She had to get away from Clifton. She needed to get busy with her day and get him and her frustration out of her mind. Her plan was to finish reading her novel at the library, then call her friend, Cassandra for a coffee.

Driving down the short narrow street that would allow her to miss the heavy traffic, she was passing a driveway, with a car reversing out and onto the street. It clipped the rear bumper of her car and dislodged it. As she slowed, she could hear the missing rear protection bounce and slide along the road.

The woman driving the other car immediately stopped and got out of her car and apologised to Eve saying it was frightening reversing out of the driveway. She was a tall woman with greying hair, aged in her late 50s and was wearing a matching deep blue jumper and cardigan and a long green and blue skirt.

Once they had exchanged names and other details, it was established that the other driver, Beth was not insured.

Eve said ‘I’m insured. Don’t worry, the damage will be paid for.’

Beth answered, ‘My son Ivan lives in the next street. He’s a panel beater and might fix it for you and save you the excess you have to pay. I will pay for it. It was clearly my fault.’

‘What about your car, Beth?’ Eve asked her.

‘There’s no real damage. beylikdüzü otele gelen escort That big ugly tow bar on my car caused it and was hardly scratched,’ Beth said.

‘Would you mind calling him and ask him to give me a quote? Now would be a good time for me. I have nothing urgent at present.’

‘Of course.’

She dialled her mobile phone and spoke briefly to her son, then disconnecting her cell phone.

She told Eve, ‘You can call in now. If it’s not too serious he can do it right away. Ivan lives in the cream and brown house with the cream brick fence on the corner of Third Avenue.’

Eve picked up the rear bumper and put it in the back seat of her car and drove away.

As she approached Third Avenue, she checked her appearance in the mirror and satisfied, parked the car outside the house Beth had described. She approached the front door and rang the door-bell. The door opened and a tall man wearing a faded light blue T-shirt and dark blue work pants and boots stood there.

His deep blue eyes startled her a little, but she knew how vulnerable she had proven to be recently, particularly today as she carried around her mild resentment of Clifton for fucking her too quickly, and with out any measurable passion.

In any event, she was determined not to get physically involved. How easy could it be to not get close to somebody just because he was a man, even one as appealing as he appeared to be?

‘Hello. Are you Eve?’ he asked.

‘Yes. Your mother’s and my car met outside her front gate. There’s some minor damage. Would you mind having a look at my car and tell me what you think? Ivan isn’t it?’ she asked, not sure if she had correctly recalled his name.

‘Sure. Let’s see what damage was done,’ he said as he walked past her and led her back to his front gate.

As she opened the rear door to retrieve the bumper, he opened the driver’s door and found the lever that loosened the lock on the trunk cover. He removed the tail light from inside the car and ran his fingers over the dent at the back of the mudguard, both inside the trunk space and on the outside.

He silently looked at the mounting points of the bumper, squinted his eyes briefly and then eyed the bumper looking for damage.

She watched him move easily into the positions he needed to be in to closely examine all possible damage. His full attention to the task gave her time to examine him in similar detail. Apart from his height, she noticed his very hard thick forearms. Lifting heavy tools and equipment every day would build that up. She would probably feel as light as an insect to someone like him.

But she also thought that he didn’t give smiles away cheaply.

‘What do you think? Will it be a big job?’

‘The bad news is, the bolts holding the bumper were rusted and need to be removed and replaced; not too serious. Also the scratch on the rear of the trunk will need some paint.

The good news is the dent should pop straight out, and will be concealed under the bumper. Also the rusted bolts snapped off easily and there was no strain on the bumper, so it’s undamaged. I can finish it in about an hour, less if you want to help me by passing tools and things.

She thought he was very obliging to attend to her car immediately. He wasn’t in any way unpleasant and she let him know she was willing to help.

‘I’d be happy to help but I’m not really dressed for mechanical work,’ she explained.

‘That’s OK. I have some spare overalls that would fit you. There’s a new pair there for the apprentice. You can try them on and see if they fit. You might get a bit filthy,’ he said with a smile building on his face for the first time.

She gave him the car keys and followed the car as he reversed down the driveway to his spacious garage and up on to two ramps placed just inside the open doors.

Ivan added a work shirt over his T-shirt and Eve put her overalls on and removed her skirt for comfort. She had trouble fastening the studs on her overalls as they were new and still stiff.

‘Can you fasten this for me Ivan? I can’t snap it together. I think boys have their buttons and studs on opposite sides to girls clothes.’

He reached around her from behind and fastened all the studs slowly, lightly touching her breasts, stomach and her pubic region, outside the garment, sending a thrill through her that she wasn’t ready for. She could feel her vagina getting wet and reminded herself to keep her distance from him.

He turned her around and said ‘Let me see. This navy blue suits you Eve. Very nice,’ he said looking her over.

She wondered if he could see the effect he had on her. She was beginning to think she should have declined helping him, but she thought there was no reason it could not just remain as a friendly encounter between tradesman and a customer.

‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘Shall we get to work? How do we start?’

‘I’ll need a nylon hammer and some rags to pop the dent out,’ he said opening beylikdüzü rus escort the trunk again. ‘They’re sitting on top of that tool kit’ he said moving a seat into position behind her car to prepare to start repairing it.

Within 30 minutes Ivan had reattached the bumper with new bolts and fixed the dent. Eve was very impressed.

He told her, ‘The back panel could use a touch of paint. It’s not really noticeable until the rear bumper is removed. I would need the car for a day to prepare it, mask it and spray it, then let the paint dry. I personally don’t really think it necessary. Your choice.’

She looked at his work and agreeing with him said, ‘I think you’re right. We’ll forget about the paint. How much will that be? It wasn’t really Beth’s fault. She couldn’t have seen me coming along the street reversing down her drive way.’

‘It was no trouble. I’ve been trying to tell mum to reverse her car in and drive out forwards. Something like this had to happen. There will be tears when someone T-bones her seriously one day. No charge, but thanks Eve.’

They looked at one another for a few seconds and Eve could feel a spark and even a few explosions going off inside her. No need to worry, she thought. Though he certainly attracted her attention.

Ivan broke the tension when he said, ‘Where were you going when this happened?’

‘To the library to finish a book I’m reading, then call a friend for a coffee in the café.’

‘It’s a beautiful sunny day. Why don’t you join me for coffee instead. We’ll have it here in the back yard. You can read your book while I scrub up.’

She hesitated and gave it some thought, then said ‘That sounds nice. Thank you Ivan. I will.’

She settled into reading her book and five minutes later, Ivan re-appeared in shorts and was drying his hair on a hand towel.

He said, ‘This weather is warming up Eve. What would you say to coffee in the spa? I could take the cover off and you could jump in while I make coffee.’

‘That sounds nice. What will I wear?’

‘Take your clothes off and get naked. I won’t be offended,’ he said with a disarming grin.

This was the moment when everything could go either way. She found herself in a situation where an immediate response was necessary, not because Ivan wanted a decision but because she felt she needed to establish her own intentions. To say nothing would give tacit agreement to getting naked with a very red blooded male. To say no would leave her frustrated and resentful of Clifton’s meagre effort.

There was no question of getting even with her husband, only with dealing with her own needs. She thought her frustration and resentment would pass. The longer she thought about it, the more her hunger returned and her gratification welled up taking priority.

Maybe there was a third option. She could enjoy the spa, then thank Ivan and leave. So far he had showed a generous spirit and had behaved like a perfect gentleman.

He removed the cover from the spa and turned the water jets on. Then went to the house to prepare coffee.

While he was inside making coffee, Eve quickly shed her clothes and climbed the short ladder into the spa and became aroused by the water jets massaging her below the surface of the water. Her body began to respond, and she felt sure she added some fluid of her own arousal to the water in the spa.

Ivan returned to the spa carrying two cups of coffee and a jar of cookies on a tray, which he placed on the wide ridge around the perimeter of the spa.

He removed the towels he carried around his neck and dropped them on the lawn, removed his shirt and shorts and climbed to the top of the small ladder. She noticed his thick penis hanging down about six inches. She was mesmerised as he slowly lowered himself into the bubbling water.

It was as his appetising penis disappeared far too quickly below the bubbling water surface when Eve resolved she wanted to see it again, maybe even touch it. All her resistance seemed to be dissolving, as she found herself helplessly drawn physically to this helpful friendly stranger.

‘Coffee’s ready,’ he said unnecessarily as he placed himself in front of the tray. ‘Come and get it.’

She waded over to where he was waiting and he lowered himself further into the water by spreading his legs wide apart.

She reached behind him and asked ‘Which one’s mine?’

‘They’re both the same. Take your pick,’ he replied.

While she balanced the coffee in her hand she moved closer to him and under the surface of the water, she could feel his penis touch her leg. An electric shock like jolt went through her as the pleasure of arousal began coursing through her body.

She replaced the cup after a sip and said, ‘W-w-would you mind if I sit on the edge to finish coffee Ivan? I don’t want to spill any into the spa,’ she asked trying to think of something to say.

‘Good idea,’ he said as he held her under her arms and he easily lifted her to the edge of the spa. beylikdüzü türbanlı escort

He stood back and looked at her admiring her tits and stealing a glance at her stomach and pubic area. Then moved back towards her and rested his hands on her thighs and gave her a message look. His hands and his eyes spelled desire and he thought it was reflected in her eyes.

He remarked, ‘You’re in very good shape Eve. Do you work out or are you one of the lucky ones with a beautiful body regardless of what you do?’

‘Thank you, Ivan. Lucky I think. I do yoga but not weights or circuit training or anything. I seem to stay fit with normal activity,’ she said aware of his examination of her. It was obvious that he liked what he saw.

His hands moved slowly along her legs to her knees where he rested his hands. With his fingers, he began to try and separate her knees. She resisted, but she was hoping he might overpower her.

But he didn’t. She waited for him to try again and preferably a little more assertively this time. But he left his hands infuriatingly on her lap without pressure while they looked at each other.

Eventually, some minutes later, her knees slowly parted as though they had a mind of their own. She spread her thighs and he reached for her feet and raised them to his shoulders, where he held them firmly with his hands to stop her toppling backwards. At this point she was displaying her cunt, buttocks, and for all she knew, her anus to his view.

He moved forward and began to very slowly kiss and lick in the valleys where her buttocks joined her legs, and this thrilled her as shivers ran through her body. Then very gradually, he moved his demanding tongue inwards to her gaping cunt. Her excitement was rising out of control.

This was going way too far. She was still determined to improve her physical relationship with her husband, and yet here she was perched on the edge of a spa with the mechanic who had repaired her car spearing his tongue deeply into her slavering cunt. Within the hour she had her legs wide open in a blatant invitation for this stranger to assault her dripping sex with his face, and probably anything else he cared to use.

Yet in spite of her knowing she was sliding further down the slippery slope into depravity, she seemed unable to help herself.

He started lapping between her anus and the dewy lips between her legs, and she craved hungrily for him to raid her sensitive core. He licked at the lower part of her cunt and licked upwards with long wide sweeps of his expert tongue. Her vagina began twitching involuntarily. She abandoned herself willingly to her carnal desire for this stranger to do whatever he wanted to her.

With his face working diligently between her legs, she held his head against her wide spread lips as he held her feet on his shoulders. He placed his tongue widely over her clitoris and she was gasping as her body responded to his firm pressure. Without either Eve or Ivan moving, her response kept rising, and in a short time, she was overcome by her on-rushing climax. She started moaning, her voice rising to a schoolgirl squeal as she held his head to stop herself from falling off the edge of the spa.

Her determination to experience more of his impressive organ was obscured by his oral engagement with her wet vagina. Without even waiting for her twitching cunt to subside, he moved his hands to her thighs and spread her lips wide with his thumbs and moved his attention to again, stabbing his long tongue into the drenched inside of her tunnel.

‘Ivan, What are you doing to me?’ she gasped as her body responded again with another uncontrollable orgasm.

He continued slurping at her snatch, then caught his breath to say, ‘Just trying to get you in the mood for the main course. Let’s get out of the spa and get into something more serious.’

Eve climbed out of the spa first, then she turned to watch him emerge. His cock was standing up rigidly, a full eight and a half inches long and a frightening six inches in circumference. She wanted to impale herself on that cock. She was blinded by a terrifying state of lust, but was another part of her that was afraid it might do her damage.

‘You look frightened, Eve. What’s the matter?’ Ivan asked.

‘It’s the size of your huge cock. Nothing like that has never been inside me. It won’t fit.’

‘Then we won’t do anything to hurt you,’ he said concerned for her.

‘No! If you don’t fuck me in the state you’ve got me in, I’ll do something violent,’ she implored him in desperation.

Then he did something that she never would have expected to happen to her. He laid down on the beach towel and said, ‘I’m yours Eve. Do whatever you want with me.’

He was totally vulnerable, and it disarmed her completely. She could bite it or bend it, but the only thing she wanted was to be fucked by it.

She softly said, ‘Close your eyes Ivan.’ She was surprised at the intimate sound of her voice using his name. She was even more shocked at her assertiveness. Still, she resolved to experience this encounter for all it had to offer.

She began by kissing him comprehensively, touching him only with her lips. She kissed his cheek, his neck, shoulder, and his mouth. Then she floated her hand from his foot, upwards over his shin, knee and thigh, just touching the hair on his keg, and stopping at his thigh, then repeated on his other leg.

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