Cruisin’ for Sex Pt. 01

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This is based on a true happening, from about five years ago.

I had been staying in one place off and on for a couple of months on business. I kept staying at the same hotel because of convenience and familiarity. I noticed that once a month, a local car club had what they called a “cruise”, in an adjacent parking lot. The event was held on a weeknight, and I thought that it might be the source for some fun.

The first thing that I did was to do some scouting of the area. We were on the edge of a slightly blighted area, with numerous empty industrial buildings around. After driving around a bit, I located the perfect building. Abandoned, it backed onto a wooded track not far from the lot where the cruise was held. On one side, the landscaping hid the building from its neighbor, which was also abandoned, and a dumpster would hide a strategically parked car from any prying eyes.

The night of the cruise arrived and my plan was launched. After waiting for the lot to fill up with custom cars, I sauntered over to look things over. I had on a tight denim skirt that came to barely mid-thigh, and a white blouse, open but tied at the waist over a red tube top. On my feet I wore platform sandals. I had a small purse slung over my shoulder which contained $20, my id and six condoms. I let my blond hair flow. I very slowly made my way up and down the aisles of car, pausing to look at some.

On a side row, I picked out my first mark. I picked him, because he picked me. He was leaning against his car, which was a souped up red convertible. Could not tell you the make it was, but the hood was up and there was a lot of shiny metal. He was in his thirties, wearing jeans and a black tee shirt. His body was not body builder grade, but was trim. He had curly salt and pepper hair, and a two day beard growth.

As I passed, his gaze followed me, and he made no secret that bizimkent escort he was appraising the merchandise and liked what he saw. I continued up the line of cars for about three cars, and then turned around. When I looked back, he was still watching me, and did not turn away when I caught him staring. I turned around and walked back to where he leaned against his prize.

“I think you have the nicest equipment on the lot,” I cooed, trying a double entendre right off the bat.

He started to explain that his car was a work in progress and that he planned to do this or that to it, and that there were plenty better cars on the lot. I just watched his mouth, the way it moved. I moved closer, invading his personal space, but he did not back down. I liked that confidence.

I asked him if I could sit in his car. He hesitated for a moment or two and then said, “Sure.” What could it hurt? He started to open the driver’s door, but I moved to the passenger side. He came around to the passenger side and opened the door for me.

I sat sideways in the seat and then swung first one leg, then the other into the car. Obviously, at mid-maneuver, I was spread wide in front of him and there was no way he could miss my naked pussy under my skirt. Once settled in, I let my skirt ride up to the tops of my thighs, so once again, I was exposed to him. He made no attempt to hide his examination of my pussy. I parted my legs just a bit to let him know that I knew and did not care.

I handed him my cell phone, “Would you mind taking a photo for me?”

He did. Then I threw caution to the wind, and said, “Please take another, closer.” He leaned over the door, and just before he snapped the photo, I reached inside my blouse and pulled the tube top down, exposing my tits as well. I pulled it back up as soon as the photo was taken. My pussy bostancı escort was getting ready for some action.

Then I asked him to get in the driver’s seat, because I wanted a photo of both of us. He climbed in and I leaned toward him and took a selfie of the two of us. Then I leaned back on the passenger door and made some small talk with him. As I did, I let my left knee slowly work its way up on the console, until I was spread in front of him.

He tried to maintain the small talk but his eyes kept dropping to my crotch. The bulge in his pants proved that he was liking what he was seeing. I reached up and pulled the tube top down again and cooed to him,

“What does a girl have to do around here to get a ride in your car?” He did not miss a beat. “Blow job would be nice.” I smiled. I HAD him. “Sounds like a fair trade to me.”

His eyes were locked on mine as he climbed out, picked up the sign describing his car and tossed it on the ground in back of his car, closed the hood and climbed in. He smiled. I left my tits exposed as he drove out of the lot and out onto the highway.

We went for a short ride around the area, and then I directed him to the spot that I had found. I reached over and freed his cock from his pants and engulfed it in my more than willing mouth. I worked it in and out of my mouth sucking, while stroking the length with my right hand. He slid the seat back to give me more room.

It was a nice sized cock, perfect for throating, but I really could not, because of our positions in the car. I pushed him out of the car and followed him, getting on my knees in front of him so I could worship his cock properly. Our hidden location worked perfectly. Eventually, he backed up to lean against the car, while I sucked him. I hiked my skirt up to my waist and had my hand buried in my pussy, rubbing my clit büyükçekmece escort furiously. God, he tasted good!

I looked up into his eyes and begged, “i need to have you inside me. Please fuck me, please!”

He didn’t need another invitation. I stood, and bent over the trunk of the convertible, spreading my legs and hiking my skirt up over my ass.

I handed him a condom. He looked at it, and said, “I ain’t wearing no rubber.”

I begged him, “please, please do it for me! I need your cock in me! But you HAVE to wear a condom! Oh, God, pulleeeze!”

“I ain’t wearing no rubber.” I begged some more. Told him that I could suck him off bareback, but if he wanted to fuck me, he’d need a condom. He thought about it a minute, and finally pointed to his cock and said, “Then start sucking.”

He had only deflated a bit, so I sat sideways in the driver’s seat, and pulled him into the open door and took him into my mouth again. I swirled my tongue on his cock, let him fuck my face, cupped his balls and finally, he blew his load into my mouth. I think he wanted to shove it down my throat to cum, but I prefer to have them cum in my mouth so I can feel him throbbing out his load, and taste his load and smell his load.

Our “business” concluded, like most guys in his position, he was ready to be rid of me. Oh, he was cordial enough, but we drove directly back to the cruise.

I covered up, he thanked me, I thanked him, and I prepared to get out of the car. Before I did, I told him to tell his friends that I’d be willing to suck their cocks for a ride in their cars. He just stared at me.

I opened the door, and turned to get out of the car, putting first one foot, then the other on the ground, again spreading my legs as I got out. It is something that I have actually practiced doing to the point that it looks natural now and not a purposeful display.

I happened to look up and the guy who was parked next to my friend was staring directly at my pussy. When he looked up at my eyes, embarrassed, I could only smile at him and wonder if he had seen the dew on my nether lips. I walked over to tell him that he had the nicest equipment on the lot…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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