Cry of the Heart

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It had been too long and she felt desperation creeping up on her. Her little forays into self-gratification were not satisfying any more. She was vulnerable and ripe for the taking and she knew it…yet she yielded to sound of his flattering silver tongue. She knew that his lines were just lines rehearsed; she was not the first and probably not the last. But his sensual way of just asking how her day was progressing made her tremble violently.

She felt as is she was a schoolgirl. Yet those days were far behind her and too many years of marriage and commitment had crept into her repertoire. She knew that the thrill had been gone for quite sometime between her and her spouse, yet she was committed. She loved her little home, her kids, and even him.

But late at night, when the house was quiet and she was quite alone with her thoughts, a yearning engulfed her, leaving her dissatisfied and perplexed as to what she should do. She was a woman of passion, created to satisfy a man. Her sexuality frightened her. She found herself wanting to embrace her mate with this passion, yet she knew it would return unto her unfulfilled. He could not understand how she longed to touch, to taste, to feel and be fulfilled likewise. It was more than sex…it was a passion. To love and be loved in return. And so she suppressed this longing and kept it hidden, well out of sight. She presented to the world and to her husband this delusion of composure, when all the while tears were forming inside of her and the fire of her desire threatened to engulf her in its flames.

So she knew from the moment she first laid eyes on this man that he was the embodiment of her desire. He exuded black male aggression and was not hesitant in being the aggressor. She could feel herself succumbing to him the moment his eyes looked into hers. If she could have been open and honest, she would have screamed “Take me, please! I’m yours!” But of course, she did nothing but mumble a few words of introduction and continue on with the scheduled appointment. She felt him watching her, assessing her.

At some point, she glanced up from the forms on her desk and found his eyes on her, intently studying her lips as they esenyurt anal yapan escort spread, then relaxed in a hesitant smile. He then looked into her eyes and the question she saw in them was in direct contrast to the question his lips formed. “Are the documents in order?” he asked, but she could have sworn she heard him say, “I wonder if you are wearing panties today.” She felt a familiar wetness between her legs at his blatant unspoken query and felt in unchartered territory…this reading of the minds. She answered, “Yes, they are in order.”

Then she decided to send a silent answer to his unspoken observation, wondering if he would hear her. “Yes, but they are crotchless panties.” She knew that morning it was probably a mistake to wear the little wisp of lingerie, but lately, her unfulfilled sexuality was leading her into doing little things like that. Sometimes, like today, she neglected to wear a bra, or she might wear a thong, or the briefest pair of bra and panties. They were all for her benefit, done just to remind herself of how sexy she could be. She was well aware if her indiscretion was discovered she would be labeled a loose, vulgar woman. But this man seemed to look beyond the prim and proper clothing and see just what she wore underneath. He was watching her again. His lips parted and his tongue crept out to touch the corner of his mouth. She felt the impact of that blatant gesture and she drew in a quick breath.

Suddenly without warning, a siren sounded outside and she jerked. Papers scattered and she bent to pick them up. As she started to rise, she noticed that he was crouched down beside her, within inches of her face, his eyes riveted to the rise and fall of her slightly exposed breast, for her blouse had become unbuttoned by two buttons. It was if all creation stood still as she helplessly watched him lower his lips to the swell of her breast. He head fell backwards and her eyes closed as she felt his tongue in the cleavage of her breasts. Somehow the rest of her buttons became undone and she felt the air touch her bare nipples. His lips gently brushed one of her nipples and a little moan escaped her. esenyurt escort He became bolder and began sucking her breast as she moaned louder and louder.

Suddenly he rose and lifted her from the floor and laid her across the desk. He leaned over and resumed the exploration of his lips to her breasts. This time, though, his hand began to explore her legs and before she could stop him, he found the crotchless panties. He raised his head and looked into her shame-filled eyes. He whispered, “I already knew. You told me, remember?” Puzzled, she dazedly nodded. His fingers found her wet moist spot and gently parted her nether lips. He inserted a finger, then two and began to piston them in and out, all the while watching her face. She could feel the excitement building inside of her and had almost reached her peak when he withdrew. “Not yet, my sweet,” he whispered.

He then placed himself between her legs, lifted them and lowered his lips to her sweet, fragrant mound. She felt his tongue brush her nether lips. He legs fell apart of their own accord and she felt a slight pull on her clitoris as she realized that he was gently sucking her. She then wrapped her legs around his neck and pulled him in. He raised his head slightly and whispered, “Do you like what I am doing to you?”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Would you like for me to stop?”

“No! Oh please, don’t stop,” she begged. “You are such a hot, sexual woman!” he marveled, “and I am enjoying myself immensely,” and with that he inserted his tongue inside of her and began to lick the drops of moisture that had formed. She was beside caring who heard her as she moaned and begged for him not to stop. Finally, he lifted himself off of her and she watched as he began to unbuckle his belt.

Suddenly, boldness engulfed her. “Let me,” she implored. He raised his hands in submission as she finished unbuckling his belt. The rasp of his zipper as she lowered it was the most erotic sound. She reached inside of his pants and felt the bulge of his hardened cock. He sucked in a breath as she leaned down and touched her tongue to his manhood through the fabric of his silk shorts. The feel of the dampened esenyurt eve gelen escort silk against his bulge became torture as she continued to lick him through his shorts. Finally, she took pity and lowered the pants and silk shorts.

She knelt before him and studied his raging manhood. He watched as she took in the sight of his cock and balls. She seemed to be a critic viewing a piece of art. Finally, she leaned toward him and took her first taste. The raspy sound he made deep in his throat filled the room as she became bolder and drew him in his entirety into her mouth. She then became as a woman, insatiable. She began to draw him in and out her of her mouth…faster and faster. She withdrew and raised his manhood to lick his balls. She was like a woman gone mad. Her tongue began to explore him everywhere.

She finally came to rest on the tip of his shaft where his pre-cum had begun to form. She attacked it as if it were nectar. He watched her beautiful head bobbing as she drew him in and retreated, again and again, until he was panting, ready for his release. He wanted to unload in her mouth but a deeper desire to bury himself inside of her private place was greater. He lifted her from the floor and placed her on the desk. She parted her legs and he plunged inside of her. The shock of this encounter was too great for her to bear, as she reached her peak. Seconds later, she felt him release inside of her.

All at once, she felt shy and unsure of herself as she contemplated what had just transpired. He was a complete stranger and she had abandoned all pretext of professionalism to satisfy her sexual desire. She finally had the courage to look up into his face, and received consolation form his expression. He softly said to her, “I know what’s going on inside of that beautiful head of yours. But you needn’t worry. We are not strangers. You have been in tune with your sexual desires for a long time. I felt you calling out for me in the night and I have hastened here to fulfill that need. You should be quite aware by now that you and I have the ability to communicate with each other without words. So every time you call for me from now on, I will come and satisfy your desire. For you see, I need you too, and we are two kindred spirits reaching out from the heart to each other. Our need is what has brought us together. Never doubt that, and always take comfort in knowing that I will always be there for you.”

And with that, he turned and left the room.

She smiled in contentment to herself…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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