Cum Play?

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I heard my phone receive a text message. I looked and saw the familiar words “Cum Play?” It was him and I knew what this meant.

For the past four years I have been fucking this guy I met in a Yoga class. The meeting went something like this … During my Saturday Yoga class one day I glimpsed a new male (rare for any Yoga class), dark, Eastern European with curly black hair and deep blue eyes. While his look was instantly jaw-dropping it was his moves that most intrigued me. By the end of the class the crotch of my leotards were so wet I was sure everyone would assume I’d peed myself. I gathered my belongings and had already starting to think about how good I was going to feel rubbing myself while thinking of this gorgeous man when I felt someone behind me. I turned and there he was. “Nice body …” he started and I mentally groaned at the thought of what could follow (mind if I hold it against you) but no instead he leaned closer and in my ear whispered “can I lick it all over”? Startled, I looked into his eyes wondering if this was a serious offer. I decided to take action and be equally bold. Handing him a business card (thank God I work from home) I said “My place. 20 minutes.” I turned and walked to my car, not daring to look back.

By the time I got home I had convinced myself that this had not happened. That this incredibly fuckable man was not going to come over and slide his huge cock into my … I got a text message “Be ready. I’m cumming ova to play.” What the hell? I didn’t know that number. My business card, fuck, my number was on that. Holy shit, he’s coming over. Ten minutes later I’d managed to shower, shave everything that was slightly prickly, include my pussy, and rub coco butter everywhere. I thought about putting clean sheets on the bed but chances were I would have to change them again anyway so why bother? Before I had time to reconsider, there was a knock on the door. I opened it desperately trying to work out what to say when … there he was, showered, shaved and with sex in his eyes. I reached for his hand and guided him into my cosy flat. “Drink?” I enquired.

“Just some water thanks.”

As a wandered off to the fridge it dawned on me that I was wearing only a towel. In my haste to get ready I’d forgotten about getting dressed. I grabbed a bottle of water from my somewhat sparsely filled fridge and walked back to the lounge wondering whether my semi-naked state was wholly appropriate. I needn’t have bothered. When I returned I found my guest with bare feet and shirt unbuttoned. “Water?” I said. He stepped towards me and without stepping back ran the cold bottle up the length of his torso. He took the lid off the bottle and drank. With the other hand he reached out to undo my towel. I let it drop and just stood there not knowing what I should do. Tracing one of breasts he took another swig of water. Without swallowing he cupped my breast and brought his mouthful of ice cold water down on it. He swirled the icy water around my nipple and the sudden sensation sent such a jolt through my body I almost collapsed on the spot. He lowered me to a sitting position on the couch, grabbed a floor cushion and knelt in front of me opening my legs wide apart so they lay flat against his stomach. Again he grabbed the water bottle and took a swig, cupping my other breast he performed the same roll-the-icy-cold-water-around-an-incredibly-sensitive-nipple routine as before. It had the same effect except this time with my pussy spread wide and pressed against his body he could feel the warmth seeping out of me. He moved to put down the bottle when I suddenly found my voice, “My turn.” I stated matter-of-factly. He handed over the bottle and I performed the same ritual on seemingly appreciative nipples. Each time I touched my tongue to his nipple I felt a slight movement in his pants. Something was definitely growing. I moved a hand down to help it along but he pushed my hand aside. Slightly taken aback I stopped my nipple sucking and pressed away from his chest.

I looked at him quizzically and again was a bit miffed when a grin spread wide across his face. “Don’t worry,” he said “we are going to fuck. And you are going to get your chance to play…”

“But?” I responded, a little more harshly than I had anticipated.

“But,” he replied “I’m going first.” And with that he lifted me from the couch to the array of cushions I had strewn over the floor. I felt very naked all of a sudden and, as if reading my mind, my “guest” removed his shirt and his cargo pants revealing a snug fitting pair of boxers, becoming even snugger by the second with his cock aching to stand to attention. Instinctively I sat up and reached for it, to free it from its constraints but he shook his head, saying “Not yet.” He kneeled in front of me and, placing a hand behind my neck, drew my face to his. Inches before reaching my lips with his he stopped and grinned, saying “My name’s Marcus, by the way.” Holy shit. I can’t believe I didn’t ask him his name. I was about to sleep bursa escort with a stranger whose name I didn’t know. Not wanting to give in to that smirk-like-grin I replied “Does it really matter?” This caught him of guard for a second. He pulled away from me and just stared, as though he was trying to decide how he felt about that comment. Seeing my own little smirk though, seemed to relax him. “My name’s Jedda, Marcus.” I said and with that I pulled his lips towards mine. He let me. We kissed and kissed, wildly, desperately and deeply. When we both stopped for air Marcus held my head against his shoulder, whispering “I am going to lick you Jedda and you will cum. I am going to make you beg for my cock then you will cum again. I will ride you then Jedda, any way I like until you cum all over my cock. You will lick the juices off my cock while I fuck you with my tongue. When you’ve cum again I will squeeze my fat cock into your tight, hot arse and you will cum at least once more.” Moving my head so we were looking in each other’s eyes Marcus finished with “Still want to play?”

Again, not wanting to appear at all shocked or intimidated (I’m sure that was his intention) and still looking him in the eye, I raised an eyebrow saying “You think you’ll last the distance?” Marcus pushed me back on the pillows and pulled my wide open legs towards him, propping my arse up with another pillow so my shaved pussy was on complete display. He murmured his appraisal of my silky, smooth mound. The last words I heard him say as he brought his lips to my folds were “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

“Hopefully, exactly what I want.” I thought to myself. “A guy who enjoys fucking. And I don’t mean fucking like just getting off, I mean fucking every conceivable way for as long as conceivably possible. But what if he’s all talk and no …” I couldn’t finish that thought because an unconscious moan had escaped my lips as Marcus slid his tongue across my slit and, circling my clit, started applying more pressure. I was already wet which most guys usually take as the signal to dive right in but Marcus lapped up every last drop then slowly slid his tongue across my slit, beginning the whole routine again. This guy had a real thing for repetition which I usually hated but understand how deliciously frustrating it is and, used sparingly can make for an even greater orgasm. Marcus kept this up for what seemed like an eternity until I started cumming, then his rhythm sped up a little and he applied a little more pressure. Finally, without anything penetrating me, I came and juice squirted from my pussy. Again, Marcus lapped it up and continued his ritual licking. I was about to protest when, sensing my change of position, Marcus stopped what he was doing, raised his eyes to meet mine and said “I told you would be begging for my cock before I plunge it in.”

“Please, may I have it?” I inquired, but Marcus just shook his head, lay me back down and resumed his licking. This time, however, he placed one hand on my mound, his thumb on my clit, and rubbed while licking. It took every ounce of my willpower not to grab his head and push it hard it down so that his tongue would enter me. Eventually I couldn’t take it any more. I ran my hands through his hair, gently urging him downwards. But he was not having a bar of it. “What are you doing?” I heard him mumble.

“I need …” I tried to gasp in between moans.

“What, what do you need Jedda?” He demanded.

“I need you inside me.” I begged.

“What do you want me to do inside you, Jedda?” He was enjoying this, the son-of-a-bitch.

“I want you to fuck me Marcus. Fuck me.” Even as I said it, I could feel it happen. I was cumming again. As my juices started to flow, he lifted up my hips and plunged his cock deep inside me. I hadn’t even seen him take his boxers off. He was so deep inside me, rocking in and out and I came, I fucking came again. I was crying out in deep throaty tones. “Say my name Jedda. Tell me who’s fucking you.” Marcus ordered me.

“Marcus.” I cried out, over and over again. I could feel him pulsating inside me and I squeezed my pussy around him as tightly as I could.

“Oh God,” I heard him cry out. “I’m going to cum.” He started to pull out but I wrapped my legs around the small of his back and pulled him deeper inside me. “Then cum.” I dared him. He was nothing if not compliant.

“Oh God, Jedda.” He cried out. “Jedda. Jedda. Jedda.”

I was never really one for calling out each other’s name but it sounded great coming from Marcus’ beautiful mouth. “Fuck me Marcus. Fuck me.” I dared him on. His rhythm quickened, became more frenzied. At last I felt one last deep plunge as he emptied himself in me. The last word out of his mouth before he shuddered into quiet panting was Jedda. He removed his now deflating cock with another shudder before rolling onto his back.

Quite invigorated, I jumped up and grabbed a couple of glasses from the table and skipped off to get bursa escort bayan a bottle of wine from the kitchen. When I returned Marcus was in the same position that he was when I left. I would’ve thought he’d fallen asleep except for the satisfied smirk that was spread across his face. “Wine?” I asked.

“What year?” Said Marcus as though it were the most natural thing in the world to ask. If someone offers you wine, who the fuck asks what year it is?

“1985” I replied, adding “I have a ’76 but I don’t know if you’re worth that yet.” Marcus chuckled at that and it pleased me. He sat up and leaned back on the couch with his feet on the ground and his knees spread wide. I handed him a glass of red and sat in front of him leaning back onto him. We drank our wine and talked, mostly inane stuff laden with innuendo. Finally, interested to see how far I could push the situation, I said “You don’t really live up to your word do you?”

Quite unexpectedly he cupped one of breasts, dipped a finger in his wine and rubbed it on my nipple. Bending over my shoulder he took the nipple between his lips and gently sucked. Raising his head up and rolling my nipple between his fingers and thumb, he asked “You don’t have anything to do today, right?” I shook my head. “Then we’ll stay right here and I’ll stay true to my word.”

Grabbing both glasses I stood up and, placing them on the table, said “This is insane. Who are you? What are we doing?”

“Do you really want to know?” He asked sincerely.

“No. Yes. I don’t know. Are you married, attached?” For some reason my conscience chose that moment to come to me and I started thinking about what I was doing. I had just fucked a total stranger who could possibly have a family at home, could be a convicted killer, could possibly be intending to kill and rob me. My mind was racing.

“No Jedda I am not married or attached. Nor am I looking for a relationship or someone to kill and rob …”

“How does he do that?” I thought.

“Just being near you felt good and I thought we could have some fun together. And, no offence, I have a bigger place than yours.” Again with that smirk.

“I have other places. Investment properties.” I snapped.

Marcus laughed. “Babe, I just don’t really care.” And with that he stood, walked over to me and, standing behind me, moved his hand up my thigh while his semi-erect cock pressed between the cheeks of my arse. Against my will, I was still miffed by his last comment, I felt myself getting moist, wet even. Then, just as suddenly as he came over, he grabbed the glasses and started heading to what he presumed was the kitchen. I followed him as he strode confidently into what was actually my bedroom. He turned, looking at me somewhat bemused. “Like everything else, I keep the best things in my bedroom.” I stated, as way of explanation. Marcus walked around my room inspected my eclectic collection of wall hangings, knick knacks and antique hat boxes. His eyes rested on the hat boxes, as most people’s do. Almost automatically I recited “They’re collectables so they’re an investment, I can store things in them and I like them.”

“I like them too.” Marcus said, a little too quickly to be believable but before I had time to analyse the reasoning he put the glasses down on the floor and walked towards me. Running his hands across my shoulder blades and down my spine he bent down and whispered in my ear “Lay down on the bed. I’m going to lick your pussy and you’re going to suck my cock.” Without thinking I did as I was told and, without hesitating, he climbed on top of me, his face between my legs, his cock hard on my cheek. He took one long lick of my slit and I slid my hand down his cock pressing in deeply at the base of his shaft. I saw a droplet appear on the tip of his cap and for some reason, at that moment, I had never wanted something in my mouth as badly as I wanted that droplet. I moved his now, incredibly rigid penis, towards my mouth and his hips responded by pressing down into my face so that I could get as much of him in me as possible. With him deep in my throat I swallowed over and over to create pressure on his shaft. It worked. I heard him groan and remove his mouth from my pussy. His hand replaced it before I could complain and he began rubbing with such ferocity that I was sure I was going to cum in record time. Slowly he eased up on the rubbing, but thankfully didn’t stop altogether, and slowly, rhythmically, Marcus began moving in and out of my mouth. My lips tightened their grip on his cock and my throat muscles swallowed every time he pushed deep. His paced picked up and the rubbing quickened. I was sure he was going to cum any moment and I was ready to accept every last drop, but instead he removed his cock from my mouth and started to climb off. His hand didn’t leave my pussy however so before I could work out what was happening I was cumming. Moaning and squirming beneath his hand. “What do I want to hear, Jedda?” I heard him say from somewhere, I escort bursa couldn’t quite tell, my head was spinning. “Marcus!” I yelled. I couldn’t believe it, I had never cum this hard from just a hand before. Who was this guy? I felt juice flow from me and my mind started to regain focus. Marcus was lying next to me on the bed, grinning and rubbing my juice from his hand onto his still very erect cock. “Fell like going for a ride?” He asked as he “oiled” himself with my cum. “I though you’d never ask.” I answered, a little too Jane Austen even for me, but it seemed to do the trick. That sexy I’m-going-to-fuck-you-and-you’re-going-to-love-it smirk had returned. He lay back on the bed and I knelt over his glistening, olive penis. Slowly I took his cock and rubbed it against my slit, feeling it quiver in my hand. I placed the tip of it against my opening, asking coyly “Is this where you want to go?”

“Yeah” He said and nodded furiously.

Feeling a little bit powerful at this particular moment and not really needing to rush things, I said “Now Marcus, what do I want to hear?”

“Jedda” He blurted out.

“Jedda what?” I teasingly replied. I could sense that he was getting frustrated but figured I could push him just this step further.

“Oh fuck, ride me Jedda, please, ride me.” His tormented pleas were just what I needed to get me luxuriously wet. I slid down onto him, engulfing his entire cock in my moist depth, something that seemed to surprise and thrill him at the same time. “Holy shit, Jedda. Oh, my God. Holy fuck.” Escaped his lips before I think even he was aware of it but he didn’t cum. He held me down on his cock and there we stayed for a moment, feeling each other pulse. Finally he said “You are so wet.”

I shrugged my shoulders and started to get up, saying “Well it’s your fault you know.”

But he held me down on his cock. “I wanted to get covered in your juices so I can fuck you in the arse.” The muscles in my pussy responded to this by clenching hard and Marcus took this as positive response. The truth was that I had never been fucked in the arse. I wasn’t averse to the idea it’s just that most of the guys I’d been with just never got that far. I cum easily and most guys figure, I make her cum then I cum and that’s all there is, so I’ve never been backdoored. I didn’t want to let on though, wanted to come across as experienced so I removed his cock from my pussy saying “We can’t have you sucking up all the juice then, can we?” Rubbing my still overflowing pussy I pulled my wide open knees up to my chest and lay back on a pile of pillows on the bed. “Why don’t you rub it around a little?” I asked, reaching for his hand and guiding it towards my throbbing clit. He did so obediently. He moved so that he was kneeling in front of my open pussy rubbing my clit with one hand and rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my slit. Eventually he settled his tip on the opening of my arse and pushed gently. Still rubbing, and without any stopping from me, he pushed his cock further in. My pussy juice was now running down my pussy into the crevice he created with his cock and my breaths were coming in short, sharp bursts. “Deeper.” I heard myself groan. With no hesitation and no quiz on what his fucking name was, Marcus slid his cock into me, all the way in until his balls slapped my bum cheeks. It was the most outrageous sensation. The combination of his cock in my arse, his fingers on my clit and my pussy flowing freely sent me into the most amazing orgasm I’d ever had. Before I realised what was happening, he was calling my name, I was calling his, he was pumping his cum into my arse and I was cumming like I’d never cum before.

Marcus stayed on top of me until our breathing resumed to normal then he extracted himself and lay beside me on his side. “That was fucking unreal” he said, and for the first time since I met him (that morning) I had a thought that he might actually be what I’d been looking for – an awesome fuck without the relationship stuff. I still didn’t want to sound too keen though. “It was okay.” I replied.

“Are you kidding me, Jedda? No woman has ever let me fuck th… has fucked me like that before.” He seemed genuinely worried that I hadn’t experienced the amazing rush he had received.

“Marcus, it’s okay. It was awesome for me too.” He didn’t seem too convinced so I continued “Seriously. I didn’t want to say that that was the best I’d ever had because I figured you’d dance around the room or something.”

“The best you’ve ever had.” He murmured, seeming to mull things over in his mind.

“Yeah, the best I’ve ever had,” I returned, adding “and next time will be even better.”

“Next time?” He asked rasing an eyebrow.

“Next time.” I stated more firmly. “But no flowers and dates and shit, all right?

“Wine?” He asked.

“Wine is fine.” I replied officiously “You have my number and I have yours so text me when you’re feeling UP for something.” Then I strode to the bathroom to take a shower. I didn’t look back. I figured he’d either go and that would be the last I’d see of him or, maybe, something might happen. Either way when I returned to the bedroom he was gone and I knew that there was no way I’d be calling first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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