Cure for a Headache

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You are complaining of a headache so I move so that I can stand behind you as you sit in the rocker recliner and begin gently rubbing your temples. My hands rub across your forehead and back to the temples, slowly. I massage your scalp to help relieve the tension, starting at the top of your head and working down to your neck.

I reach around in front of you and unbutton your shirt so I can slip it off. Allowing me to rub your shoulders better. I massage your shoulders, starting way out on your upper arms and working my way back to your neck. Gently kneading the muscles as I go. When I get to your neck, my hands slip under your hair and massage your scalp again. Working up to the top of your head then back down to your temples.

As I work my way down your head to your neck again, I can feel the tension leaving your muscles, allowing me to massage a little harder. Your head drops forward to give me better access to the muscles in your neck and I use my thumbs to rub from the shoulders up the sides of the spine into your hair.

I work my hands across your shoulders again. I lean down so I can massage your shoulders deeper and my breasts caress your back. You can feel my nipples through my clothes as they sway against you as I continue your massage. Standing behind you, I can see how this massage is affecting you. I ask you how you are feeling and you tell me that your headache is gone but now you have an ache somewhere else.

You grab my hand and pull me around so I am standing in front of you. You caress my breasts through my clothes, feeling my nipples getting harder and tighter. You slowly unbutton my shirt and slide it off my shoulders before you undo my bra and let it slide down my arms. You rub your hands across my nipples, massaging them with the palms of your hands, pulling at them with your fingers before pulling me down so you can take them in your mouth. Flicking them with your tongue, sucking them and gently biting between your teeth. Feeling my body shiver as I moan in excitement at what you are doing to me.

My hand drops down into your lap and begins squeezing your cock. Gently squeezing and then releasing, moving up from the base up to the head then back down. I unzip your pants and slip my hand inside to stroke you, pulling you out so I can watch. As beads of precum leak out of the head, I drop to my knees in front of you and collect them with my tongue. You push my breasts together so they are wrapped around your cock as I continue to lick and suck the head.

My tits are sliding up and down on you, fucking you in that soft warm tunnel. I lick the head of your cock every time it pushes up towards my mouth. Your hands release my tits as you push down on the back of my head, forcing your way into the back of my throat. My tongue rubs back and forth underneath you, caressing you as you go deeper and deeper. Your hands get tangled in my hair as you slide my head up and down on your cock. Moving faster and harder, I can feel your cock swelling inside my mouth as I suck on you. You taste so good. I look up at you, begging you with my eyes to cum for me. Your precum tasted so sweet esenyurt ucuz escort and salty, I can’t wait to feel you flooding my mouth as you explode. I want to feel your hot cum splashing over my teeth and tongue on its way down my throat.

You have other plans though and with your hands still tangled in my hair, you pull me back to my feet. With one arm around my waist you pull me down so I am straddling you. When we kiss, you can taste your cum in my mouth and remembering the way my mouth felt on you makes you arch your hips so that your cock is pressed tightly against my pussy. Even through my pants I can feel how hot you are and I grind my hips down on you.

Quickly you push me off your lap and begin to undo my pants. I pull you to your feet and start undoing yours as well, wanting us both to be completely naked. As our pants fall to the floor, you reach between my legs and expertly begin massaging my clit with your fingers. My knees are shaking as I wrap my warm, tight fist around you and begin stroking you.

Slowly you lower yourself back into the chair and pull me into your lap once more. As I sit down on you, you hold your cock out with one hand so that it enters me as I lower myself into your lap. The look on your face as you feel my hot wet pussy opening for you is beautiful. I wish I could capture that look forever. Just seeing it causes me to shudder with the knowledge of how much I please you.

Once you are deep inside me, you pull your hand away from your cock and it grazes against my clit. My quick indrawn breathe and the tightening of my body lets you know just how sensitive I am. As you stare into my eyes you continue massaging my clit, driving me closer and closer to the edge. I lean forward and begin tracing your eyebrows and eyelids with my tongue. Letting it trail over your cheekbones and across your nose to the other side. I let it wiggle down your nose to your mouth where it flicks in and out of the corner of your mouth before you capture it in your mouth and suck on it.

Being in the chair this way is awkward for me, as I cannot get the leverage I need to ride you the way I like, pounding against you hard and fast. Your finger against my clit is driving me crazy and all I can do is make rotating motions with my hips. As you feel me burning hotter and tighter against you, you remove your fingers from my clit causing me to cry out in frustration. I love the way you tease me but sometimes regret that you are so good at it!

You pull my head down on your shoulder and rub my back to help me relax some. As you listen to my breathing slow down, you know it is time to begin again. With your feet still on the floor, you push backwards, making the rocker swing into motion. Every time the rocker moves forward I can feel you pushing deeper inside me. I push my upper body as far away from you as possible without falling off you so that you are hitting the back of my pussy with every stroke.

One of your arms is wrapped around my waist to insure that I don’t fall but the other is free to rub my nipples. I love the way your large strong esenyurt üniversiteli escort hands squeeze my tits but it is the way you pinch and pull at my nipples that causes me to gasp in pleasure and pain. My hips are rotating around you faster now as I slip up and down on your hard cock. You can feel my pussy getting hotter and tighter knowing that I am about to cum. My head is tossing back and forth as one moan after another escapes from my parted lips.

Releasing my nipple from your pinching fingers, you wrap your hand around my neck and pull my mouth down to yours. As your tongue invades my mouth, your hand slips down my stomach to massage my clit. The first touch sends me over the edge and I wrap my arms around you as I call out your name, my pussy pulsing around you. You can feel my cum rolling down your hard thick cock and running over your balls to soak the chair under you. When my orgasm subsides, you push me off your lap and stand up as well.

“Bend over and put your face in the chair,” you whisper as you stand behind me. Moaning low in my throat at what I know is about to happen, I do as you request. The second my head touches the seat of the chair; you push the head of your cock inside me. When I try to push back at you, you slap my ass for trying to rush you. The sight of the bright red handprint on my white ass is a turn on like you have never known before so you deliver another stinging blow to the other side. After the initial cry of pain and surprise at each blow, I am once again moaning in delight at what you are doing to me, the feelings you are causing me to have.

Suddenly, your hands grasp my hips and your begin pounding into me hard and fast. My hands are gripping the fabric arms of the chair so tightly I am afraid my fingernails will actually tear them open. I lift my head up until my back is straight and begin rocking back at you, trying to push the pace even faster. Sensing I am once again on the edge of an orgasm, you withdraw from me.

Leaning over my back you whisper in my ear, “You have to beg me to let you cum” before you bite down on my earlobe.

“Please, baby,” I beg you, ” I love the way it feels when I cum all around you. My hot pussy squeezing your cock so hard and fast, trying to make you cum with me.”

“Not good enough,” you tell me as you use the head of your cock to rub from my clit to my asshole, spreading my cum even more. Making my body tremble in desire and passion.

“Oh, God, baby,” I cry, ” I want you to fuck me hard and fast. I need to feel you ramming in and out of my pussy until I explode all around you.”

“What’s the magic word?” you tease me even more.

I know how much you enjoy when we play that you are the Daddy and I am your baby girl instead of your grown wife. Looking over my shoulder, I can see the slightly evil grin disappear from your face as I whisper, “Please, Daddy.”

Hearing those words, you can’t resist any longer and slam deep inside my pussy. I can feel your balls slapping against my clit with every stroke and tilt my hips to allow them better access. etiler escort We are like animals the way we are pounding away at each other, not conscious of anything but the way we are each feeling and how good it must feel to the other.

“Don’t stop fucking me, Daddy,” I scream as I cum. “Please don’t stop!”

You wrap your hands in my hair and pull my head back as you continue to fuck me. I don’t know how you can stand feeling my pussy spasm around you and still hold back but I am soon to find out you have other plans in mind. You slow the pace of your cock as my orgasm ends, leaving only sudden, infrequent tremors like aftershocks of an earthquake.

Pulling your cock from my steaming pussy, you help me stand up. As I lean against you for extra support as my knees are still shaking, your hands caress my face and you gently kiss me. With our tongues sliding together, teasing each other, you lower me to the chair so that I am once again sitting only this time you stand in front of me. Moving your hand around to the back of my neck, you break our kiss and replace your tongue with your cock. Slowly you push past my lips until the head is in my mouth. As my tongue curls around you to stroke the ridge between the shaft and the head, my taste buds explode with the taste of my cum on you.

Moaning, I push my head forward to gain more of you in my mouth. I can feel drops of your precum raining down on my tongue. The way we taste together is indescribable. My hands move down to cup your balls as I continue to suck you into my mouth. I gently rub them with my fingers, hearing you moan as you push deeper into my throat.

You push both hands into my hair at the sides of my face, holding it back so you can watch me. I hold onto your cock with one hand as I allow you to slip from my mouth. Starting at your balls, I slowly wiggle my tongue up you until I am once again at the head. Using the tip of my tongue I tease the slit before working my way back down to your balls. Softly I suck them into my mouth, one at a time, and gently bounce them on my tongue before releasing them. I curl my tongue as far around you as possible and slip my mouth up you again, from the base of your shaft up to the head.

As soon as my tongue rolls over the head of your cock, you surge forward, forcing your way back into my mouth. Using the handfuls of hair you set the pace for my mouth to ride on you, moving from hard and fast to slow and gentle to prolong the feelings. I tilt my head back some so that I can look up at your eyes as you watch me sucking on you. Shaking one hand free of my hair, you gently stroke my face as you begin swelling in my mouth.

I can feel you starting to twitch and know it won’t be long until you cum for me. I slip one hand between my thighs and collect some of the cum from my pussy so that I can rub it into your balls. As my fingers once again close around your balls, a moan is torn from you at the way it feels to have my hot cum rubbed into them. Suddenly I can feel your hot cum as it splashes in my mouth. Moaning, I quickly swallow half of what you have given me but just holding onto the rest as I suck you dry.

Removing my fingers from your balls I once again slip them across my pussy coating them with my juices before offering them up to your mouth. I watch as you suck them dry and as you lean down to kiss me, I open my mouth to show you the cum I have held there before our lips meet, allowing us to taste our love for each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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