Daisy was a Clever Girl Ch. 02

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“HOLY CRAP!” Daisy’s eyes widened. “Five hundred bucks… what does Leroy expect me to do?”

“Be a clever-clever girl, same as always.” The head waitress winked and pointed to the parking lot.

Daisy hung up her waitress apron and walked nervously toward Leroy’s truck. Biting her lip she climbed in and felt her pussy jump when it saw Leroy’s lump… “Wh-what are you going to do to me mister?”

“At the No-Tell Motel.”

“I said what, not where mister.” But the black guy sped away. As he drove Daisy watched Leroy’s legendary lump grow bigger and bigger, making her heart race faster and faster. The poor girl wondered what she’d have to do to earn that much money.

He pulled up to the seedy motel. Leroy grinned wide and pointed up the stairs. Daisy walked up the squeaky stairs with Leroy behind her, laughing at every squeak and goosing her butt. As soon as they got in the room the guy tore off her top but fumbled with the bra.

“Here let me.” Daisy unhooked it, letting her big tits flop in his face.

“Bodacious boobies!” He greedily sucked her tits and pulled her nipples. “Now let’s see your sweet snatch.” He winked. “Miss Greta says your twat’s so tight you squeak when you walk.” Daisy blushed at the compliment.

Leroy unzipped his lump. Daisy watched in awe as the guy unrolled his prick like a firehose.

“Now show me that tight squeaker.” Daisy gulped and dropped her panties. Leroy tossed her on the bed and pushed her legs apart, spreading her like a feast. “I jus’ love fresh pussy meat.”

The black man began licking her cunt as if it were a vanilla ice cream cone, his tongue covering her bald pussy with spit. “Oooh…” Daisy squirmed as his long tongue swirled into her slit.

He pulled away. “Now sugar, your all lubed and ready for my Black Mamba.” His huge prick touched her tiny slit.

“Wait mister! That thing’s way esenyurt otele gelen escort too big for me!”

“It’ll fit. And sugar I’m gonna pound your squeaker so hard— it ain’t never gonna squeak again.” Daisy braced her thighs as his giant black prick thrust forward—and bounced off her pussy. “Ouch.” Daisy spread her legs wider. Leroy reared back and tried again… and again… and again.

Finally his fat prick punched into her fuck-hole. “OWW MY POOR PUSSY!” Leroy shoved his pole in so deep Daisy felt her pussy walls ripping. Golly… Cousin Cecil never ripped my hole. The man pounded away, his hard shaft hurt… but made her all tingly.

Soon Daisy felt a burning in her thighs… All at once her pussy clenched his prick as her back arched up in orgasm. “AIYEEE! …AIYEEE!” Leroy climaxed at the same time, spewing cum into her steamy love crack.

Leroy pulled his prick out, dripping cum down her ass crack. “Now sugar we got some company.” He opened the door and another big black man walked in the motel room.

“What-the-heck?” Daisy snapped her thighs shut.

“C’mon honey, earn your cash.” The new man grinned. “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” Daisy timidly spread her legs, exposing her sloppy fuck hole. The new guy pulled a prick the size of her arm. “How you like my big black snake?”

“OMG! It’s even longer than Leroy’s!” Daisy and her pussy stared at his long pole. “Gee I’m gonna start charging you guys by the foot!” The guy laughed and pressed his black prick to her white twat. “Wait! What’s your name mister?”

“Call me Donkey Dick.” He said and plowed into her wet pussy. “OUCH!” Donkey Dick pummeled so deep her toes curled. Daisy looked over and saw Leroy take a pic. “Hey, pics are extra mister.”

Donkey Dick laughed. “Lift your legs honey. I gonna pound your white pussy esenyurt rus escort ’til it’s beet red.” The brunette lifted her legs, and it felt incredibly naughty getting fucked by Donkey Dick while Leroy took pics.

“Hey bro, roll her over I wanna screw her sweet booty.” Without taking out his prick the guy rolled her over. Daisy immediately felt Leroy’s huge cockhead wedging into her tight anus. The girl squirmed. “Not in my ass! Please sir! Not there!”

“Sweetie ain’t you never been butt-fucked before?”

Daisy screamed “No Never!” Actually Cousin Cecil fucked her hiney hole all the time. But Cecil’s prick was a pencil— Leroy’s was a frikin’ baseball bat!

She felt Leroy spit into her butthole. The man gripped her tits as his black bat plunged into Daisy’s tiny asshole. “OOOUCH!!” Daisy couldn’t believe how much it hurt to have a big black cock shoved up her ass. “Not so hard please!”

“We gotta get our money’s worth sugar.” Leroy’s prick pushed deep up her anal canal. As he fucked her ass he nibbled on Daisy’s ear. Then both black pricks pounded her back and forth, stretching out her love holes. Daisy noticed herself in the motel mirror, her lily-white body sandwiched between two black studs.

Leroy laughed. “Girl you look like a double stuffed Oreo.”

And she felt like one too. Jeez! Daisy groaned as the picks double stuffed her harder and harder. Donkey Dick pounded her pussy and sucked her tits, while Leroy fucked her ass so deep his balls slapped her twat. “You like this, doncha’ you little ho?”

“I’m not a whore dammit—I’m clever! But with one guy fucking her pussy, and another reaming out her butthole… Daisy did feel a bit whorish.

Suddenly Leroy’s prick spewed into her ass. At the same time Donkey Dick groaned and shot load after load of cum into her pussy. After a dozen more spurts esenyurt türbanlı escort the pricks pulled out of her double stuffed holes. Looking down between her legs Daisy saw a cum puddle the size of a pizza.

The brunette started to get up but Donkey Dick grunted. “Nope. Now I wanna fuck that clever ass.”

Leroy took more pics as the big man lifted little Daisy in the air—and plunged her anal ring onto his long black spear. “OOOUCH!” It felt like it hit her tonsils. The girl gritted her teeth as Donkey Dick bounced her up and down his pole like a fuck puppet on a stick.

Thankfully the prick came quickly. Afterwards he tossed Daisy on the bed like a used Kleenex. She looked up. “Did you like my tight booty Mr. Donkey?

“Yep. You got a snug lil’ b-hole.”

Daisy smiled and rubbed her throbbing anus as the two pricks pulled out their wallets. Leroy handed her the money. “No sir, put it in my money slot so I don’t spend it.” Daisy spread her legs wide and Leroy shoved the money straight up her fuck slot. Little Daisy giggled but kept her legs spread.

“Mister Lumpy I need ten bucks extra for every fuck pic.” Leroy grumbled but shoved more bills up her love hole. Grabbing her uniform the naked girl ran out the door.

She dressed outside but kept the money locked tight in her little pink safe. It was safer than a bank. And she absolutely loved having a cunt-full of cash.

Daisy whispered to her pussy. “Girl, now don’t you dare let me stop at the shoe store. You need to save this money for rent… or you’ll be pissing in the alley.”

As she walked down the street Daisy felt her holes ache with each step. Gosh, the two pricks had fucked her inside out— and outside in! Little Daisy wasn’t a whore, but she vowed to never to get double-dicked again… maybe

And Daisy decided to start charging Cousin Cecil ten bucks a pop. “I mean a girl’s got to eat… right?”

Inside her apartment Daisy reached into her pussy safe and pulled out the cash, checking her hole twice to make sure she got it all. The girl hid the sticky bills in her panty drawer, right under her pink vibrator. Then little Daisy took a long shower, shaved her pussy and went to bed early.

She was fucking tired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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