Danielle’s Delight

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This is the third installment of the Danielle series. All characters are over the age of 18.

It was hard to put into words what I felt.

Disappointment. I had chickened out. I had wanted to feel Jacob’s cock in my mouth, but I still hadn’t worked up the nerve.

Shame. I had committed a homosexual act. The Bible says I will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity for what I’ve done. My family would disown me if they knew.

Scared. What if Jacob or Rick were to find out?

Exhilaration. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited in my life as I was on that afternoon with Debbie.

Longing. I had tasted forbidden fruit, and I wanted to savor it again.

But, there were also some positive things. Last month, Jacob had asked me to get him off with my hand when he realized I was on my period. I would try again this month, my plan was to get him turned on and then slip him into my mouth.

Debbie’s dad had suffered a stroke, she and Rick had flown back to help her mom out. She was still back there and I had no idea when she would be home. I miss her, and we really haven’t had a chance to be alone together since that one afternoon. There was so much I wanted to talk about with her, so many questions I had for her.

My fantasies have been changing. Increasingly, I find myself thinking about sex with women. There are times that just a picture in a magazine, or seeing an attractive woman on television is enough to start me masturbating.

After one particularly intense session an idea popped into my head. I would go see the man who gave me the last batch of dirty stories. I could ask him if he knew where I could find something along the lines of my fantasies. I blushed deeply when I thought of myself asking if he had stories of lesbians.

“Lesbian,” I whispered the word. I knew for a fact that it was the first time in my life that I had uttered that word.

“Lesbian,” I repeated the word again, it made me giddy saying it. And then feeling the heat of the blush rising through my body as I wondered what my mother would say if she heard me say it.

He looked up as I opened the door. A smile formed on his face as he stood to greet me. “Well, this is a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.”

My cheeks burned a bit, here I was a married woman, meeting a man my husband didn’t know of, and certainly wouldn’t have approved of. A man who was an obvious pornographer and quite certainly of questionable morals, I would never say this to anyone out loud, but I liked him. Not in a romantic way, there was just something about him that made me feel comfortable.

“I hope I’m not intruding.”

“No, no, not in the least.” He pointed at the chair across from his desk. “Please, sit down. Would you care for a cup of coffee or a coke?”

I shook my head. “No, no thank you.”

“So, what do I owe the honor of this visit today.” He leaned back in his chair and gave me a warm smile.

“I thought I should return these to you.” The blush returned to my cheek as I handed the envelope across the desk to him.

“You didn’t need to do that, you can keep them if you wish, I have the files stored on my computer.”

“Oh.” And that was the only reply I managed to eke out.

He seemed to sense my nervousness. His voice was calm and reassuring. “I take it there possibly could be another reason for your visit.”

I nodded my head. “Yes, I was just wondering.” My eyes closed as I felt my cheeks burn and a wave of shame washed over me. I could feel my head dropping down. “If you had any stories about women doing things to each other.

For a moment I prayed for a hole to appear in the floor and swallow me up.

He let out a warm chuckle. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. There was that same warm smile on his face.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. There are a lot of women out there that appreciate stories like that.”

“Really?” Astonishment overcame my embarrassment.

“Yes, really.” He nodded as he reached for his keyboard. “I think I have a couple of things you might enjoy.”

The printer behind him came to life. “It’s probably more common that you think, the fantasy that is. The reality is something altogether different.”

I felt my face grow hotter than I had ever felt it before. “Oh.”

His jaw literally dropped. “No!” He exclaimed. “Not you! You didn’t, you haven’t! Not you?”

My voice had disappeared. All I could manage was the briefest of nods.

There was silence, I finally looked up at him. He was staring at me with a look of astonishment on his face.

“I hope you’re not…” I began to apologize. I don’t know why, but it just seemed the appropriate thing to do.

“Shh,” He stopped me. “I’m not here to judge you, or to tell you what is right and what is wrong. I’m not disappointed in you, I mean, I barely know you. I’m just surprised.”

“Thank you.” I paused for a moment. “I appreciate that. I don’t know you either, but for reason güvenilir bahis I feel that I can trust you.”

“I’m glad you do. And for what it’s worth, you can always come here and talk to me. I don’t have many answers, but I do have big shoulders and I can always find time to listen.”

He reached behind him, retrieved the stack of pages the printer had produced, placed them in an envelope and handed them to me. “I hope you enjoy them.”

Again I blushed, I knew he knew what I did when I read his stories. But, I realized that it wasn’t shame I was feeling, this was sexual excitement. With a burst of new-found courage, I replied, “I will and maybe, just maybe, the next time we meet, I might tell you about it.”

For the briefest of moments I thought I saw a quick flush on his face. He smiled and nodded. “I will certainly look forward to that.”

My nipples hardened instantly and I could feel the wetness growing in my pussy. I was aghast at how my body was betraying me. I was getting turned on at the thought of him knowing that I masturbated while reading his writing. What was happening to me? For a moment I was afraid that I was about to get up, walk around his desk, get on my knees and offer to take him into my mouth.

I sat in my car and fought the urge to slip my hand under my dress right there in the parking lot. I looked at the envelope on the seat beside and licked my lips in anticipation. My nipples ached to be touched, I wish Debbie were here to suck on them.

A world record had been set with my dash from the parking lot to the apartment. An Olympic sprinter would have been impressed. As I locked the door behind me, my body seemed to buzz with anticipation. I was home! The drive which had only taken fifteen or twenty minutes had seemed interminable. I wanted to read the story in the envelope, I wanted to touch myself, I craved the emotional and physical release that my orgasm would give me.

For a fleeting moment I wondered if the youth pastor hadn’t been right. Was I becoming addicted to masturbation? No my astonishment, I found that I didn’t care what the answer was.

I stood in the mirror and began to remove my clothing. First the sweater, then I stopped and studied the reflection in the mirror. I wondered what it would be like to go out in public with a shorter skirt. I had nice legs, or so I thought. I tucked the material of the skirt under and appraised the results. I liked it. I undid my bra and let it fall to the floor.

I thought about the next time I visited the writer about wearing a short skirt and no bra under my blouse. I wonder if I would cause him to get an erection? I could see my face redden and felt my breath quicken.

I sat down on the bed and opened the envelope and began to read.

The last part of the restock was at the back of the store, where the shelves went almost to the ceiling. One would climb the ladder and stack the books on the highest shelves, while the other handed the books up.

They usually took turns climbing the ladder, and today was Laura’s day to be up high. Laura never liked being up on the ladder, but she took it in stride as being part of the job. As Gretchen handed the books , she placed them where they belonged. They were almost done when a terrible thought entered Laura’s mind.’I’m not wearing any panties.’

She had left them under her desk after masturbating in her office. They had felt damp, and she didn’t want to put them on. She knew Gretchen would be able to look up her dress and be able to see her pussy.

The thought made her dizzy, and if it wasn’t for Gretchen grabbing her legs, she would have fallen.

My hand drifted under my skirt. I was so wet and I hadn’t even touched myself yet. I thought of a pair of eyes staring up at my pussy. I moved my panties aside and felt my finger part my lust-swollen lips.

“Are you okay?” Gretchen asked as she held on to Laura’s legs.

“Yes, I’m okay.” Laura’s mind reeled. She had been turned on, and now with Gretchen’s hands on her legs, she was becoming even more turned on.

Laura was right. Gretchen had noticed almost from the start that Laura was sans underwear. She had been staring at Laura’s pussy the whole time. Her heart pounded in her chest. Should she?

When Laura almost fell, Gretchen’s hands grabbed for her legs and she had jumped on to the ladder. Her head was just below the hem of Laura’s dress, her eyes were glued to Laura’s open sex. Slowly she began to slide her hands up Laura’s legs, looking for any sign of resistance.

“Yes,” I whispered. I had leaned back against the headboard of the bed, with my knees up and legs spread wide. My hand alternated between tugging on my nipples and fingering my wet cunny.

‘Oh, God, what is she doing?’ Laura wondered as she felt Gretchen’s hands slide up under her dress. She wanted to scream for her to stop, but her mouth wouldn’t open. Her touch was so gentle, it was only in her dreams that she had felt the touch of another woman.

Each time Gretchen’s hand slid türkçe bahis up a littler further, moving closer and closer to Laura’s sex. Laura had a white-knuckle grip on the ladder. Her eyes were closed, she wondered how far Gretchen would go.

I desperately wanted to be touched by Debbie right now. The way her finger had felt on my pussy, the way she just seemed to know how to touch my clit. I wanted Debbie to be my Gretchen.

She felt Gretchen’s finger move over the top of her stockings. Her heart pounded with anticipation. As her hands got higher, they lingered and stroked a little longer each time. Laura felt her feet move apart on the rungs of the ladder, opening her legs as much as she could.

Gretchen’s fingers were just below her rapidly dampening pussy. Laura was aching to feel the other woman touch her. She lowered her hips a bit until she felt Gretchen’s finger touching her swollen lips.

Laura let out a soft moan as she felt Gretchen’s finger slip into her wetness. She had never been touched by another woman in this manner. She was scared, and she was excited. She felt her whole body trembling with fear, and excitement.

I let out more than a soft moan. My ass rose and fell from bed as I thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy. I could hear the squishy sounds of my fingers and I could smell the tangy aroma of my excited sex. I wish I had a toy like Debbie’s. I wanted to fill my pussy up with something other than my fingers.

Gretchen’s finger slipped deeper and deeper into Laura’s warm, wet tunnel. And then back out. Laura felt Gretchen take a step up the ladder and felt her finger slide back into her wanting pussy.

She was almost afraid to breathe when she felt Gretchen’s finger searching for her clit. It was aching once again with excitement. She could feel her nipples hardening and pressing against her bra. She wrapped her arms around the ladder for support, and teased her nipples through her blouse with her fingertips.

Gretchen buried one finger in her pussy, and teased her clit with another, rubbing it little circles. Her touch was exquisite. No man had touched her like that ever, too often they had just used their fingers to see if her pussy was ready for their cocks, sliding it in and out for a few moments, and then putting their swollen, fleshy spears at her entrance and driving it in.

I could relate instantly with Laura in the story. Jacob never touched me the way Debbie did. He just slid his finger in and out a few time to make sure it was ready for his stiff cock.

This was so different, so delicate. Laura found her hips moving up and down against Gretchen’s movements. Part of her wanted Gretchen to stop, this was wrong. But, the greater part of her wanted Gretchen to continue, to make her feel like a woman, make her feel the glow of orgasmic bliss.

“I know you were watching me in the stockroom.” Gretchen’s voice was soft and quiet. “I like being watched when I masturbate. I saw your shadow as you came through the door, I could feel your eyes on me. It turned me on even more.”

I thought of someone watching me as I masturbated right now, and I liked the thought. Right now it didn’t matter who, I thought of Debbie sitting in the chair across from my bed, her eyes transfixed on my finger rubbing my clit as fast as I could.

Laura was surprised, she had been sure that her presence was undetected. She was even more surprised at Gretchen’s confession that she enjoyed being watched. It had never even crossed her mind that the quiet, reserved woman she had known for three years harbored such kinky secrets.

Gretchen’s fingers were driving her wild, her own fingers continued to tease her aching nipples, she could feel them straining to poke through the soft lace of her bra.

“Were you playing with your pussy while you watched me?” Gretchen’s voice was just above a whisper. “I hope you were, that’s what was on my mind. I thought of you standing there watching me and masturbating.”

Laura’s hips moved more and more in time with Gretchen’s fingers. The feeling of the other woman’s finger fucking her wet pussy was driving her further and further down the road towards another climax.

“Did it turn you on to watch me fucking myself with that candle?”

A candle, I wish I had a candle, I could have used a candle to fuck myself in the pussy with. I could see Gretchen in my mind, her hand moving a white candle in and out of her pussy. And I thought of Debbie’s sex toy, and how much it had turned me on to just see it and touch it.

All Laura could do was nod slightly.

“When I looked up and saw that you had no panties on, it made me wet.” Gretchen whispered. “I wanted to touch you, and feel you. I love how your pussy feels. Your clit is so hard right now.”

Laura was lost in a fog of lust. All that mattered now was cumming. She no longer cared that it was another woman fingering her hot cunny, and playing with her clit.

“I wish you would have stayed and watched me cum. I wanted you to see that. I imagined you güvenilir bahis siteleri were still there watching me, and it made cum so much harder.”

Gretchen’s words were having as much effect as her fingers were on Laura. No one had ever talked to her like this, not even her husband. She felt her whole body shake as she began to climax. Despite her best efforts, she began to moan audibly.

“Yes, Laura, cum for me,” Gretchen whispered as she rubbed Laura’s clit hard and fast with two fingers.

Her world spun out of control as her orgasm hit with full force. She felt the burning in her pussy as she felt her juices flow over Gretchen’s hand. She wasn’t even aware that she was moaning,, “Yes, yes,” over and over.

My world dissolved into a kaleidoscope of light and color, I could hear Gretchen urging me to cum with Laura. One hand pulled and tugged at my nipples as my other hand rubbed my clit as hard and as fast as I could. I let out a long moan as my body surged over the brink.

I lay there, staring at the ceiling until the ringing of the phone brought me out of my reverie.

“Hey, I’m almost home, is there anything we need from the store?” I was shocked to hear Jacob’s voice.

My mind raced as I looked at the clock, it was no where near the time for him to be home. “What are doing coming home so early.” I hoped I was able to contain the panic in my voice. My thighs were sticky with my juices and the air carried the aroma of my sex.

“The system crashed and they decided it wasn’t worth having us just sitting there doing nothing. I may have to work late tomorrow to make up for it. I’m just about at the store, should I stop?”

‘God, yes, stop!’ My mind screamed out. “Yes,” I said, still trying to sound nonchalant. “I haven’t even thought of what to make for supper. So, you might as well stop and pick something up.”

“What?” He asked.

“It’s up to you,” I replied, knowing full well he would have to make at least two laps around the store before making any selection, and that would give me enough time to get the bedroom straightened up, and me cleaned up.

After supper was over and the dishes cleared away I went back to my sewing machine. I had decided to shorten one of my skirts. I was grateful that my mother had taught me the art of sewing, it was something I was good at, and enjoyed.

I held the skirt up and was delighted with the results, so much so, that I decided to try it on. I blushed as I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Perhaps I had shortened it bit too much. But, it was no shorter than what a lot of women were wearing when they went out at nights. I stood on tiptoes to emulate what I would look like in heels.

“Nice!” I complimented my reflection, the time I spent in the gym every day was definitely paying off.

The phone rang and Jacob called out, “Danielle, it’s for you.”

I went out to the living room and took the phone from Jacob.”Hello.”

“Ms. Milward?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“Oh good, this is Kelly from The Book Place, the book you ordered is in.”

“Great! I’ll pick it up in the morning.”

I handed the phone back to Jacob. Immediately I could tell he wasn’t happy about something, and I knew exactly what it was, my skirt.

“Danielle, don’t you think that skirt is a bit short? A good Christian woman is supposed to dress modestly.” He reminded me of my mother when he spoke in that tone of voice.

“And, I can see that you’re not wearing a bra,” He paused. “Again.”

I sat down on the sofa, beside him. “I thought we had this discussion once before. I’m in my own home and with my husband. You see me naked on a fairly regular basis.”

There was a bit of a flush in his face, and I suspected that I knew the cause. “I don’t think you mind the length of my skirt.” I reached over and touched the tip of his erection that was beginning to tent his sweatpants. “As a matter of fact, I think you like it.”

He was stiff, I ran my fingers over the gray material, savoring how hard he was. I could see tiny beads of sweat forming on his forehead. I continued teasing his erection with my fingers. “You don’t really mind that I’m not wearing a bra, do you?”

“No.” He shook his head. “Not really.”

I smiled as I grasped his still clothed cock between my index finger and thumb. “I bet you’d like to see my tits, wouldn’t you.” I froze for a moment, I had said, “Tits”, not a word that I had ever used in his presence.

Jacob nodded.

He must not have noticed. “Then tell me.” I could feel my pussy getting warm.

He licked his lips. “Undo your blouse, I want you to show me your tits.”

A surge of something electric flowed through me. He had never spoken to me like that before. And I liked it. I undid my top and opened it. My nipples were rock hard and I watched his eyes ogling my flesh.

I reached back between his legs and was shocked when he said, “Take it out, I want you to rub my.” He stopped for a moment and his voice got quiet. “I want you to rub my cock.”

My heart was pounding with excitement as I freed his erection from his sweatpants and underwear. He was stiff and the tip was swollen and wet. I wanted to lean down and taste his cock so badly, but I couldn’t work up the nerve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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