Dark Cloud

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This is based on a true story as told to me by the person who experienced it. Actually a relative, but not a close one. The introduction is fairly long, but it almost has to be to set the stage, so bear with me. It gets hot after that. (Edited to protect identities.)

Well, it’s a long story and maybe it was bound to happen sooner or later. I got accused of rape. I’d kicked around a lot in my 45 years, most of them as either a single or divorced guy, and I’d fucked a lot of women. This particular woman was drunk when I fucked her, and her recollection of how that came about was entirely different from mine. I remember I fucked her a little rough, but that seemed to be what she wanted. I just considered it a one night stand and didn’t call her afterwards, and that may have been my mistake. I just knew that it was a dark cloud now.

The DA’s office didn’t really believe her story, but she had been persistent, and they offered me a deal to just make it go away. If I would voluntarily join a sex behaviors support group and attend weekly meetings for a certain amount of time, they would drop the whole thing. This particular group was for “sex and love behaviors”. I wasn’t sure what that meant but guessed I’d find out. I wasn’t happy about it, of course, but I could see the wisdom of what they were saying.

So there I was at my first meeting of the group. There were about 20 of us, 12 men and 8 women. and nearly all were younger than me. I said “nearly” all, but I’ll get to that in a minute. This group was similar to overeaters groups in that the goal was not total abstinence. Obviously if you stopped eating entirely you wouldn’t be around for very many meetings. This was similar in that the goal was not to give up sex entirely, but to avoid dysfunctional sexual behaviors as well as those in your love life.

As with nearly all support groups an important part was the “sharing” of experiences and goals with the other members. We went by first names, and mine is Bryan. When my turn came I begged off by saying I was new and would be better prepared next time. Now to the other person in the room who appeared to be about age 45. A woman whose name I found out was Linda. Sharp looking brunette lady, and very well groomed. She was wearing a casual shift type dress with buttons down the front. The top buttons were open showing some cleavage, and there was a gap at the bottom which showed off her nice bare legs. Flip flop sandals with small heels completed her outfit. Maybe just a little thick around the middle. I guessed her tits to be about a 34C. When her turn to share came, I didn’t really understand all she was saying, but it was clear she had some deep rooted problems related mostly to her love life but some sexual stuff as well.

I’m not a “hunk” in the usual sense, and I’m not a young guy anymore, but I’m fairly tall and well built and have a thick eight inch cock. I’m usually able to attract women (maybe too many) including some who were in the class of this Linda. I noticed she carefully avoided any eye contact or other recognition of me, although I glanced her way several times.

When the meeting was over I hung around for a few minutes and several people greeted me as a newcomer. Linda hung around also and chatted, but not with me. She seemed to know most of the people in the halkalı bdsm escort room. I didn’t stay long. They had given me some literature, and I decided to read it. I was stuck with this thing for six months for good or ill. There was some interesting stuff in there, and I could see myself in some of the dysfunctional sexual behaviors as well as the love life parts. Too bad I didn’t read this before the “rape” charges came up.

At the next meeting I was prepared to share a little, but not about the specific thing that had brought me here. Linda kind of continued with the story she had talked about last time, but now I understood it better. In her sharing it was pretty clear she had been practicing total abstinence from sex for the year she had been in the group and for some period even before that. This was not recommended in the literature I had read.

I was curious about that, and after the meeting I thought I’d see if I could talk to her and draw her out about it. She was polite but distant, and I could see I would get nowhere with any questions I might have. She asked me if I had read the literature, and I said yes, and it was very interesting. She said she noticed I was pretty generic with my sharing, and this group worked best if you were more open. I thanked her, and she drifted away.

Several months went by, and I did get more open with my sharing but still avoided the rape charge. I had a better understanding of Linda’s history now, and it was clear she had been beaten up pretty badly in her love life and felt she had been used sexually. She remained cool toward me, so I was surprised when one night after the meeting she asked me if I wanted to go for a cup of coffee. I said sure, and there we were sitting across from each other in a booth at a coffee shop.

She said, “I know I’ve been cool toward you, but somehow you remind me of some of the men I’ve been involved with in the past. Those relationships came to no good end, and I felt I was used and abused in them.”

I said, “I’m sorry I remind you of other people, but I’m just me. I am not them.”

Linda replied, “I think I’m coming to understand that now.” Then she added, “You’re not telling the truth about why you’re here, and that makes me suspicious of you.”

“How do you know I’m not telling the truth?” I said.

“I just know,” she replied.

Then I said, “I might tell you the truth about me if you’ll explain how your total abstinence for a long period of time is consistent with the overall purpose of this support group.”

“Okay, but you first,” she said.

I told her about the rape charge and how it was a bunch of crap, and the DA agreed it was, but assigned me here just to get rid of the thing.

She said, “Are you sure it was a bunch of crap?” and I angrily responded that I knew it was. She shot back, “Didn’t you think the fact she was falling down drunk might be reason enough to avoid that kind of thing rather than taking advantage of her?” She had me there, and she knew it.

Now it was her turn, and she said she knew total abstinence was not consistent with the purpose of the group, but she felt she had been used and abused in her sex and love life and was angry about it.

I came back with, “Don’t you think one of the purposes halkalı elit escort of this group is to help you be able to deal with those feelings of anger rather than retreating into a shell?” I had her there, and she knew it.

Linda and I declared a draw and a truce at the end of our little meeting. From then on we were friendlier, and I finally shared my real story with the group and admitted I shouldn’t have taken advantage of the woman. Linda met me right after the meeting and said, “That was great. I’ll buy you dinner sometime when you’re free if you like.” I said I was free this weekend, but I’d buy.” We set a date and time, and I picked her up. She looked hot in a short, low cut “little black dress” and strappy heels. I was dressed up a bit for the occasion myself. We lingered over dinner and had a fair amount of wine to drink. On the way back to her place she asked if I had anything planned for the next morning.

I said, “Nothing important, why?”

She said, “I’m a very sexual woman, and I feel that I’ve been taken advantage of by some, but I don’t sense that you would do that. You’re right, I’ve retreated into my little shell, but now I want to come out of it, and I want you to stay over and fuck and suck me senseless. In return, I’ll try to show you a good time, as they say.”

When we got to her place we were like those scenes you sometimes see in the movies when the couple has connected romantically and are all over each other to have sex for the first time. We were kissing passionately as we came in the door, and Linda started stripping off my jacket as I unzipped the back of her dress. She shrugged out of it to her waist as she unbuttoned my shirt. She got one leg wrapped around my thigh and was unzipping my pants as I kissed the top of her tits. We spun around in the direction of the bedroom, and most of our clothes were off as we tumbled on to the bed. Linda got her bra off and raised her ass as I jerked her panties down. I got my shorts off, and my dick was rock hard. She closed her eyes and whispered, “Fuck me, fuck me.” I rammed my cock home in her pussy. She gasped, but raised her ass off the bed to take all of me. By my tenth stroke she scissored her legs wide and was cumming, and about ten strokes later so was I. The neighbors might have heard our cries, grunts and moans.

Although my cock went down after I came each time, in some ways we never did really stop fucking until much, much later. I guess Linda’s self imposed abstinence had gone on long enough, and she was making up for it. Very soon after we finished she got on top and held her tits together as I sucked them while she rocked her pussy against my mostly soft cock. We hadn’t cleaned up at all, and we were wet and slippery from my cum and her juices. Soon my dick started to rise, and she put her hands on my chest and was doing sort of an “ocean wave” with her ass. She had her clit positioned in such a way that she was masturbating against me, and she soon reached orgasm again. It was an erotic sight as she gripped her tits, tossed her hair, and writhed and moaned above me with her head thrown back, and I was hard again when she finished.

Linda relaxed just a minute and then slid down and grasped and jacked my cock. She rubbed it in her slit until I was halkalı escort panting for it and then slid her wet pussy down on my cock to the balls. She dragged the fucking out longer than I thought possible. She would stop when she felt me getting close and just grip my cock with her pussy lips. Then she would start again slowly and sigh and shudder and moan as my cock thrust deep in her pussy. Finally, she got her hands down next to my chest and picked up speed and leverage. She was saying, “Yess, yess. Fuck me, cum in me,” and I almost shouted as we both came again. With her pussy on top, some of my cum leaked out and coated our thighs. I think I was more aroused than I’d ever been, and Linda was insatiable.

At my age I wasn’t sure how many rounds I had in me. Before the night was over I found out it was more than I thought. For now, she wanted me to suck her pussy. I got my head between her thighs as she was on her back with her knees up. I started licking, sucking and fingering her, and I had to fasten my mouth to her pussy as she moved around. I slid my tongue deep in her fuck hole and tasted my cum and her juices. She spread her arms and gripped the sheets, then moved her hands to my head, and then to my arms and back to the sheets as she whimpered and gasped. Again, it didn’t take long for her to cum with her head thrown back as she moaned loudly.

She licked the cum and juices off my thighs and balls and sucked my cock slowly and sensuously, stopping to rub it on her face and then her tits. Then going all the way down on it and sucking hard as she came back up. She knew she could do this for a while, because this would be my third round.

Then she got on her hands and knees and whispered, “Take me. Fuck my pussy from behind.” I knew her cunt was wet, so I entered her with one thrust and fucked it to her hard. Her tits swayed under her as she humped back against me. My balls and thighs made a slap, slap sound against her ass, and the fucking made a slight wet sucking sound in her cum soaked pussy. She was moaning, “Fuck meee,” and I gripped her hair partly for leverage and was doing just that with long forceful strokes. It took a while for both of us this time, but in the end we were cumming almost as hard as when we started. We were a sweaty, cummy mess before we finally cleaned up and settled down for the night.

Neither of us wanted it to end, and we woke up in the middle of the night and just kissed and stroked each other, and I licked and sucked her tits. We slept late, and fucked sensuously again in the morning..

When I left she said, “You don’t have to call me. If you like, I will sign a paper saying I did this of my own free will.” I said that wouldn’t be necessary, and I smiled and asked what if I wanted to call her? She smiled back and said that would be fine. I’m not the most romantic guy in the world, but I sent her flowers and a card later that day, and I called her, and again the following day, and the day after that.

At the next meeting Linda shared that she had come out of her shell and had sex with someone she cared about, and she didn’t feel that it was dysfunctional in any way and instead was quite normal. She said she was finally coming to terms with her anger and felt better days were ahead for her.

I was surprised when several people in the group looked pointedly at me with bemused expressions. I found out later they had all agreed from the beginning that Linda and I were a match if there ever was one, and were only surprised it had taken this long. They wished us well. It had started out as a dark cloud, but dark clouds have silver linings they say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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