Dave Disciplines Kristen

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My husband and I are professionals in our mid-40’s. We have a solid marriage and a very good sex life. I thought all of our fantasies were shared, but on this particular day it became apparent that he held one back. His name is Dave, my name is Carina. This is a glimpse into our sex life. Welcome!

I arrived home a bit early from work and thought I would surprise my husband of fifteen years. In fact, without knowing it, he surprised me! This is the scene that greeted me as I gazed into our study: Our 24 year old housekeeper was laying over my husband’s lap with her skirt pushed up and her panties down around her ankles!

I stood in semi-shock, watching as my beloved husband repeatedly slapped the young girl’s bare butt. The sight before me was unbelievable. I didn’t know what to think or do next. I quickly turned and walked out. I needed time to think. What would I do now? They were having an affair. That was obvious. This was surreal.

My husband and I had spoken openly about his attraction to our housekeeper. She was a 24 year old red-head with firm C-cup breasts, 5’7″ tall and her body was amazing. She wore very short skirts that showed off her buttocks and legs and killer heels that showed her toned calves to perfection. (Odd choices for work, but they were her feet!) He would be a fool not to want her. He had always been faithful and she was about 20 years younger, so I never worried about them. He and I shared threesome fantasies and her name had come up, but always as a fantasy. I didn’t think he would cheat on me. Now, I realized, I had been mistaken.

As I drove around our posh neighborhood, I allowed myself to feel the full range of my emotions. I was hurt, to be certain. I thought we had an excellent honest marriage yet recent events gave lie to that formerly firmly held belief. Strangely, and embarrassingly, I was also feeling very turned on by the sight of my husband spanking that beautiful young girl’s bare ass (evidenced by my sopping wet panties!). They both looked so hot. It was the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed. In the few moments I had stared at the two of them, Dave seemed so completely involved canlı bahis in his task, so completely turned on by her…someone other than his wife! How could I be turned on by this?? What was wrong with me??

Early in our marriage, we had agreed that Dave could pursue outside relationships with other women as it totally turned me on. Over the years, we played with it, but he never pursued another girl in person unless I was present. He would flirt with girls at parties and bars and take me home to mind-blowing sex! At one time, we played with him chatting with a girl over the internet and I would give him insanely hot blowjobs as they discussed anything and everything sexual. It was hot. He got on the webcam a few times with girls and that was super hot for me, too! This thing with Kristen was different in many ways, though.

In my mind, it was understood that we would discuss it beforehand, should he ever decide to sleep with another girl. I now realized that we never spoke the words of full disclosure.

I have to find a way to make this work because I am staying married to Dave for life. We are best friends and soul mates. Sex outside for recreation will not destroy our bond, ever! There was never a thought that he was in love with this young girl because we are far too close for me to believe something like that. Now that my thinking was clearer, I began to realize that I possibly had a bigger part in this than I initially realized. I absolutely adore that man and I know he feels the same way, so we will work this out.

I decided to return home and face the music, so to speak. I made a lot of noise coming in and they quickly got themselves together. Kristen was out of breath and her face was flushed. Obviously surprised to see me at this hour (remember that I had arrived home early on this day), they said that they had been dancing; in fact, my husband laughed as he told me he had been showing Kris a few new moves. Bastard! They looked at each other as if it were an inside joke. Well, the joke was on them……I was in on this one, too!

At bedtime, Dave was still very excited because he had been interrupted earlier. We bahis siteleri began making love and I decided to play with the information I had. I started talking about Kristen and how hot she looked in her short skirts and tight tops. Hubby just lost it. He came so fast that it was unreal!

After our lovemaking, We held one another as we always do and I calmly told him what I had seen, in a loving way. He became excited after I explained that it was fine with me that they were sleeping together. He said that he wasn’t having sex with her at all, only spanking her bare bottom and providing discipline. He was instantly hard again as he spoke. I stroked him and we both got excited all over again.

I asked him why he never spanked me and he mentioned the abuse I had suffered from a much earlier relationship prevented that. I thought it was sweet that he didn’t want to risk psychologically scaring me further due to this past trauma. It was true that the thought of being spanked or disciplined left me cold. It simply wasn’t my thing. My sex drive was high and we had sex often, but this particular kink didn’t excite me one bit. I learned on this night that spanking was one of Dave’s major forms of excitement, but he was always afraid to tell me for fear of pushing me into trying something that wouldn’t be good for me. He is so sweet, my man.

He said that it was perfect with Kristen as she was hungry for discipline and adored being spanked and flogged. She was the ideal candidate and her submissive nature turned him on so much. She never had any sort of discipline in her childhood and she completely craved it.

Dave worked from home and he and Kris had developed a very close knit relationship over the year that she had been working for our family. Apparently they evolved into this type of relationship shortly after she started. She was caught doing something wrong and he was upset about it a few week after she started working for us. She apparently worried about being fired and suggest discipline. Considering the fact that this was a huge turn on for both of them, the discipline turned into routine spanking sessions.

He vividly bahis şirketleri described Kristen’s intense orgasms as he spanked her bare ass. He honestly admitted that he goes to our room and immediately masturbates after a session. There have been a few times where he actually masturbated on her reddened ass, but this was rare, according to Dave. At this point, he has no intention of ever having intercourse with her. He does not see anything wrong in what they are doing. It works for both of them and he does not think he has been unfaithful to me. He wanted my honest opinion and waited with baited breath as I thought it through.

One thing that came out of this is that Dave admitted that the reason our sex life has been so amazing in the past year is due to these sessions; they have helped him become a better lover. He says that he gets so hard and excited thinking of their spanking sessions during our lovemaking and this, for some odd reason, truly excites me. We have been having sex more often since she moved in, I will admit. It has never been better. This really seems to have worked out for all of us.

I had already decided that I would give him blanket permission to do whatever he wanted with Kris. After our sex tonight and hearing all of the story, I was completely on-board! He was thrilled and couldn’t wait to let Kris know that they could be completely open with their disciplinary relationship now.

I have since spoken to Kris and she admits that she enjoys their sessions. If he doesn’t find fault with her work, she purposely does things to get punished. She says that there is no feeling in the world like that of him pulling down her panties and preparing her for a spanking. The discipline has helped her in other areas of her life, as well. She feels she is better organized and actually feels ready to go back to school to pursue her graduate degree now that she possesses the core discipline that she previously lacked.

Is she in love with my husband? Maybe a little bit. But she is clear on the fact that we’re married and will stay that way. She may have a crush on him, more likely. He’s an authority figure to her. She maintains respect for our marriage and is very good at her job now!

In my book, this situation is a win-win-win. We’re all having fun so there are no losers! I may write more, especially if they graduate to the next level!

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