David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 01

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I was dimly aware of the phone ringing in my dream. I was swimming underwater, breathing without any assistance, and cursing that someone should phone me when I was happily floating so effortlessly through the ocean depths. Funny how the brain takes external sounds while you’re sleeping and integrates them so perfectly into your dreams. Blending reality and unreality into a mish-mash that seems so right while you’re asleep, but when you awaken and reflect on the events, they actually seem terribly absurd.

The insistent ringing finally reached through my subconscious layer and smashed into my conscious brain, waking me with a start. I half sat up in bed, wondering for a moment where I was, what day it was. Bright sunlight streamed through the window, half blinding me. I fumbled for the phone, still dazed.

“Hello,” I croaked.

“Dave! Welcome back!!” yelled the familiar voice of my brother Mike on the other end of the line.

“God, what year is it?” I croaked. Thought was slowly returning. I had crashed into bed last night after the body destroying twenty hours flight back from the US. I had been away for the past three years travelling Europe, Asia, the mid-East and the Americas. Now I was finally home and needing to start ordinary life again.

“Hey, you sound like shit!” he said, stating the obvious.

“Yeah, I think I’m strung out over half a dozen time zones that haven’t all caught up together yet.”

“Jetlag. Bleh! I know what it’s like,” he said sympathetically. “Listen, you’ll be right in a day or two. Rest up.”

We chatted for a while. He filled me in on the family going ons that I didn’t get from our parents emails. I had known Mike met a girl, got married and had a child. Life was good.

“Can I ask a favour of you?” he enquired.

“Sure, anything.”

“Well, I’m in a bit of a bind.” he said. “Lisa and I have got a function to go to on Friday night and it’s going to be a late one. I’ve got a babysitter for Christopher and ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem, but she has a comp on the next day and has to be home by eleven pm.”

“What about Katherine or the folks?” I asked.

“The folks took off for a trip up country and Kate is out of town.”

Katherine, Kate as she is usually known by, is our older sister by a few years. Married with a couple of kids. I used to help out with looking after her first child a little, so looking after young children wasn’t foreign to me.

“No probs,” I assured.

“We’ll be back late,” he explained. “It’ll give you as chance to meet Lisa in the morning and we can have a breakfast and catch up.”

“Sounds good,” I replied. “Where you living these days?”

“Same place. The key is in the usual spot. I’ve worded up the babysitter so she won’t be surprised if you let yourself in. Could you give her a lift home? It’s only five minutes away, but I don’t want her walking home alone in the dark, if that’s ok?” he asked.

“Sure, sure. See you on Saturday morning.”

“Thanks a bunch!” he finished off enthusiastically before hanging up.

I put the phone down and fell back onto the bed. I lay there trying to get my brain working. I was feeling out of synch with the world and I knew it was going to take a few days to get back to normal. First order of business was a shower and breakfast. I could mull over my plans then.

I stepped into the shower, letting the sensation of the tingling hot spray draw the sleep from my body. Thoughts drifted to sex as I soaped myself and ran my hands over my semi turgid cock. My body wasn’t responding too well though. The long flight and jet lag had taken their toll. My libido was going to be down for a few days. Probably better that I wasn’t distracted for the next few days anyway. I had a lot of things to catch up on before the weekend and chasing pretty girls was going to have to wait until I got personal affairs sorted.

I always found the shower a great place to think. The falling water inducing a kind of disconnected state where the thoughts flowed easily and freely. Plans started to form. First was getting the motorbike up and running. It had been three years in storage, but properly prepared for it. I figured half a day to get it operational. Next was the business.

Before I had left on my world “tour” I had a small but successful photography business going. I decided that before it got too successful and consumed all my time, I’d stop, see the world and come back perhaps a little more knowledgeable, experienced and with some luck great shots for future use.

As it was I had taken thousands of photographs. Storage was easy with a digital camera. Cut a CD, mail it home, or upload to my web storage. I had managed to fund some of my trip as a freelance photographer, selling good shots. I kept the best ones for myself of course.

The day was glorious. Bright spring sunshine, the edge was off winter and whilst the morning air was still a little cool, the day would warm up. I decided to skip on making breakfast. The food situation was probably not the bizimkent escort best anyway. My flatmate had the unseemly knack of being unable to think far enough ahead to get food for meals. He was very bright in some respects, but generally lacked in some of the common sense areas.

I walked out the door and headed for my favourite coffee shop. It was time to rejoin local society and get back to work.


The next few days flew by. I had got the bike up and running, restocked the apartment (with food!), found a place to set-up my photography studio and caught up with old friends and started re-establishing relationships with old clients. Before I knew it Friday was on me and it was edging up on 10pm.

The insistent chiming on my mobile reminding me of my promise to Mike to baby-sit his kid. I had spent the day frantically running around arranging furniture and equipment for the studio. The estate agents had rung earlier in the day to say the place was going to be available a week earlier than expect, so I could effectively occupy the place next Wednesday.

The day had been unusually hot, typical of spring. A day or two of summer and then plunged back into a winter day just to taunt. There was no time to get back to the apartment and clean up. Easier to get washed up at Mike’s, eat and relax.

I jumped on the Duke and headed off. Twenty minutes later I was at the house. I cut the engine as I rolled up the driveway. I didn’t want to disturb the neighbours or wake anyone at this hour.

The outside light was on as I recovered the key from its hiding place and slipped it into the lock. Gently opening the door I looked in. The interior was dark except for the flicker of the television screen, the sound from it barely audible.

I figured the babysitter, I forgot to ask Mike her name, must be asleep on the lounge. I padded gently over to it and peeked over the back. She was curled up fast asleep. I felt my cock stir. She was probably about eighteen.

Her blonde hair was braided into a long ponytail that would run almost to the small of her back were it pulled straight. She was wearing a small top that exposed her midriff and a short summer skirt that had ridden up exposing a white thong. Ankle high socks completed her attire.

Whatever sport she did showed in her physique. As relaxed as she was in sleep, her muscle bellies were full and well defined. I couldn’t really make out her stomach as she was semi rolled over on to it, but her curled up legs displayed beautifully curved thighs that ended up in small tight buttocks. The string of the thong pulling up sharply between them and forcing her pussy lips to bulge out erotically between her closed legs. Her face was angelic as she slept oblivious of some stranger leering over her in the dark.

I backed away quickly, not wanting to wake her with a start, the image of her form burned in my mind. It was perhaps best to take a shower and cool off, make some general noise so she would wake up a little more naturally.

Mike did say she would be expecting me and that I’d let myself in, but I figured she’d be awake. Nothing is ever easy.

I made my way down the darkened corridor to the bathroom. Once in I locked the door and stripped off my leathers and sweaty clothes. The shower was magnificent and as the heat washed away the day’s efforts my hand absentmindedly started stroking my growing cock. Thoughts of the girl on the lounge outside filled my mind. I was mentally stripping her. What were her breasts like? Was her pussy trimmed, shaved, natural? Did she give head? Does she swallow?

Ok, getting ahead of myself here. My cock was growing into a full-blown erection and as much as I’d like to have continued the self-indulgence, I had to get cracking and take her home.

I stepped out of the shower, my erect cock waving before like a tree in a hurricane. I willed it to go down as I towelled dry. Getting it to a reasonable state I wrapped the towel around my waist. I had to look for clean clothes to wear. Mike and I were same. I’d raid his wardrobe.

Unlatching the door I peeked out. Still no sign of life. To get to Mike’s room I had to head back in the direction of the lounge room. Turning on the corridor light I made my way to the master bedroom. As I passed one door, I saw it was slightly ajar. I peeked in. Tucked up sleeping hard and fast was Mike and Lisa’s child. I pulled back and gently closed the door. As I turned to head back to Mike’s room, the gods intervened and must have decided to have a little fun with me.

As if it had a mind of it’s own the towel sprang off my waist and landed at the floor behind me. How is it that you can secure it so well that even a hangman would be proud of how it is strangling your waist only to have it fall off without the slightest provocation?

There I was standing in the middle of a well-lit corridor, stark naked, sporting a semi turgid cock. Of course the towel wouldn’t just drop off at this time for bostancı escort no reason now, would it? I bent down to recover it when I heard a slight gasp in front of me.

I looked up, still bent over, my hand inches from the traitorous garment. She was standing no more than ten feet in front of me.

“Oh, Mr Wilde,” she said surprised. “I wasn’t expecting you home.”

“Ummm, hi,” I said intelligently. “I’m, ummm, not Mike, I’m his brother David. You were expecting me?” I added hopefully.

“Ye, yessss,” she responded.

For some unknown reason I stood up forgetting to grab the towel on the way and stupidly forgetting my nakedness.

“I’m Amber, I was just going to see Chris,” her voice trailed off as I stood upright and her eyes dropped from mine to my groin.

An awkward silence ensued. I stood there staring at her as she stared at my cock. She stood about five foot six. Smallish breasts on a lithe form. She had a very pretty face with high set cheekbones, large green eyes and full lips. Her lithe body shone through the skimpy clothing she was wearing.

“Oh my god,” she uttered, her hand moving in front of her mouth. “I, I’ve never seen one that big before.” Her eyes had grown very wide.

Nature had been kind to me. At six foot one I had a good physique from years of sport and regular gym training. The years of travel had leaned me up a lot and I sported the classic washboard abs along with broad shoulders and the muscles to fill it all out with. My cock was bigger than the average I suppose. Eight inches soft and about nine and half erect and as thick as a woman’s wrist with large testicles to match.

Starting at Amber my cock started to grow. It had been months since my last sexual encounter and self-pleasuring never really fully satisfied the urge.

“Can I have a closer look?” she asked, eyes never leaving my cock. I liked the fact that she was an adventurous girl and hadn’t run screaming and embarrassed from our unusual introduction.

She didn’t wait for a reply. Closing the distance between us rapidly, she knelt on the floor before me, face inches from my thickening manhood. She reached out with her right hand and grasped my cock in the middle of its length. The fingers of her small hand couldn’t reach all the way around. She gave it a squeeze and it filled with blood, growing in her grasp.

“Wow!” was all she could say, mesmerised by the snake in front of her.

Her tongue darted out and penetrated hole in my knob. I groaned as she dug it in and twisted it around. Pulling back she stoked my now erect cock and beamed a smile up at me, her large green eyes pools of innocence that I was falling into. Locking eyes with me, she wrapped her moist lips around the head of my member, tongue flicking all over the sensitive flesh.

After months of abstinence, her ministrations were working me up to a climax faster than I wanted.

“Take your top off,” I commanded.

Amber released my aching cock and with big grin, grasped her top and pulled it over her head. She threw the garment to the side and reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Wiggling her torso shook the item to where she could pull it off her arms. It joined the top nearby.

She immediately returned to my engorged cock. Grasping it with both hands she pulled the foreskin back and plunged her mouth onto it, taking as much as she could. The incredible sensation of her hot sucking mouth was almost too much to bear and I held her head with both my hands to pulled her onto my pole.

She responded by trying to jam as much of my cock into her mouth as possible.

Here was this girl, whom I’d never met, kneeling topless in front of me attempting to force my cock down her throat. Her breasts, nicely rounded with long erect nipples, jiggled erotically. She had swallowed half my length before she gagged, the spasms sending shock waves through my body.

“Wait! Wait!’ I cried. “You don’t have to choke yourself.”

Amber pulled off my now very turgid cock, a stream of saliva running out of her mouth.

She took a few deep breaths. “But my boyfriend says I should deep throat him if I really want to make him feel good,” she panted out.

There was no arguing the logic.

“Yes, but he’s probably not as large as me then?” I enquired.

She was still holding onto my cock with both hands, a string of saliva dangling off the tip. She shook her from side to side, her big green eyes looking soulfully into mine.

“You can practice later,” I whispered as I reached down under her arms and stood her upright.

I stoked my hands lightly down her ribcage to her waist and holding her tight buttocks in my hands pulled her close to me, my cock trapped between us pushing into her belly. She craned her head up and our mouths met, tongues snaking out, sliding over each other, darting into each other’s mouth, sucking tongues. Her hands gripping my head, pulling my face onto hers.

We kissed like this for what seemed an eternity. Her breasts büyükçekmece escort crushed against my chest, nipples trying to spear my flesh. As she ground her hips into me I kneaded her buttocks, her belly pressing hard into my cock, massaging it between us. Precum leaked from the head, making the contact between us slippery and increasing the sensation on my throbbing glans.

Finally we broke the deep tongue kissing, both panting for breath. I moved my hands up her back as I lowered my self to kneel in front of her. I let my tongue trail a wet path down her neck and between her breasts as I pulled back my hands and held her tight orbs in them, feeling the hard nipples digging in. Her breathing became slightly ragged as I gently massaged her breasts pulling on her nipples and rubbing them on my palms.

I moved lower, letting my tongue slide over her taut stomach, ran a few circles around her belly button and down to the top of her skirt. Kissing her belly, my hands moved to her waist. Gently I pulled her skirt over her hips. As the strap of the thong met my fingers I grasped it and pulled both garments down.

Her hands were on my head, fingers entwined in my hair as the skirt and thong cleared her narrow hips and dropped to the floor. I kissed down past her belly to the pubic mound. Pulling back slightly I looked at her sex. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with a small blonde patch at the top of her slit. Her vulva was prominent. Thick outer lips thrust forward. Between them hung luscious inner lips that protruded almost an inch past her outer labia. My cock throbbed.

I leant forward again, closing my eyes and took a deep breath of her womanhood. Her scent was pungent and slightly musky. With an animal growl I grasped her buttocks and drew her hips to me, placing my lips at the top of her slit, my nose pushing into her pubic mound. I kissed the top of her vulva, relishing the softness of her labia on my mouth.

She responded by bucking her hips up onto my face, trying to grind her pussy onto me. Moving my hands under her buttocks I stood up lifting her slight form. She squealed and wrapped her around my legs around my waist, my cock wedged up between her ass cheeks. Thrusting my tongue into her mouth I carried her back to the lounge room while she sucked on my tongue.

I placed her onto the couch and knelt between her legs. Placing my hands on the backs of her thighs I pushed her legs up and apart. I stared in pure lust at the sight before me. Her pussy had split apart, the large outer lips giving way, leaving her beautiful long inner lips, still together and rising prominently out from her vulva.

I bent my head down, mouth opening.

“David,” she said softly.

I looked up over her tight belly, through the valley between her round breasts to her lovely face.

“You don’t have to, you know,” she trailed off.

I held her gaze, not answering.

“My boyfriend says it’s not very pretty down there and he won’t, you know,” she looked pained as she said it.

“Amber,” I said gently, “you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.” I was sincere. It was beautiful.

With that, I opened my mouth wide and took all of her inner labia into my mouth and bathed it in warm wetness. She took a sharp intake of breath and then a groaned deeply and gripped the cushions tight in her hands as I contacted her sex with my tongue.

“Oh god!” she exclaimed and tilted her hips upwards.

Keeping her labia in my mouth, I ran my tongue around them and then split them apart with the tip and opened them up as I drew it up the cleft, spreading the lips onto my upper palate. Releasing her from my mouth I proceeded to run long strokes up between her lips and down the gap between the inner and outer labia.

She was making little mewling sounds and her breathing was fast and shallow.

“Oh my god, that’s nice!” she moaned between breaths. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I lowered my face and dug my tongue into her pussy hole. Sweet nectar coated my tongue and I felt the soft ridges and folds of her hole.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed as I jammed my stiff tongue into her hole and lapped at the soft tunnel.

“Oh yessss, please, please,” she purred.

She had now gripped herself behind her knees and pulled her legs up and very wide. My hands left her thighs and placing my fingers each side of her pussy pulled her outer lips far apart, opening her vulva up completely. The shiny knob of her clit protruded out from its hood and I licked from the base of her pussy, over her open hole and up to her clit where I then took it and the surrounding flesh into my hot mouth and sucked gently.

“Oh god YES!!!” she cried. Her legs quivered and little spasms shook in the muscles of her thighs.

“Lick me, lick me,” she pleaded. Now becoming breathless. She was close.

I settled her clit up behind my top teeth and stroked the tip of my tongue from underneath, laying light strokes and then building the intensity.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” was all she could manage as she panted the words out.

I released my fingers from her labia and wrapped an arm around her upper thigh. My free hand reached under her and I stroked my middle finger on the sensitive area between her pussy hole and anus, gently pushing the area. Slippery liquid was seeping out of her hole.

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