Daydreams Ch. 04

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As the dreams build we share more and more. Thank you for sharing with us!

Daydreams 4: Slipping into Heaven


I can feel the tight wetness as your velvet soft pussy pulls my full rigid manhood deep into the warm abyss. The smell of your skin exciting my senses as I lay still basking in the feeling of complete sexual bliss. You are lying there so still, your breathing even and soft, the touch of your warm smooth skin ever present against my body. Your left leg rests gently on my thigh as I try and push even deeper into you. “God, this is surely heaven”.

My mouth finds the soft smooth skin of your neck. Nuzzling as I softly lick the surface, my mouth sucking the tender area…moving toward your ear. My hand pushes over your arm searching for your full breast while my hips begin to slowly gyrate under you. My hardness moves from side to side, pushing against the tight soft walls of your inner being.

Those wonderfully full breasts fill my hands as I slowly caress the fullness, the hard nipples teasing the palm of my hand. Caressing the fleshy globes, my thumb and forefinger lightly rolling an extended nipple. I can sense your body beginning to react, your hips pushing to meet my movements. Your pussy muscles tightening and releasing milking my hot hard manhood. Your hot pussy enveloping me completely sending jolts of esenyurt otele gelen escort erotic pleasure thru my conscious being. It is all I can do to prevent myself from savagely taking you. I want this to be long and slow, savor the wonderful utopia of mental pleasure, and bring us both to a place few people have ever had the opportunity to visit.

Ever so slowly my hips begin to rock, my dick sliding along the slick tight tunnel, feeling every ridge, crease and bump inside you. You cringe slightly as the ridge of the helmet slides over your hidden g-spot intensifying the building pleasure. Knowing what has just happened, I gently run the head back and forth across that spot, your body reacting to each pass, your muscles clenching squeezing my rigid hardness, trying to hold it in place. Pulling back slowly, the head nearly disengaging from the opening before my hips flex and drive the shaft deep into you. Smiling softly, my mouth gently sucks the lobe of your ear. “You are so wonderful!” I whisper as I begin to establish a slow smooth rhythm, pushing deep and then withdrawing to the entrance. My hands knead the soft pliable mass of your magnificent breasts, the nipple rolling gently in my fingers. The heat of your skin transfers to my own, our perspiration mixes to provide additional lubricant esenyurt rus escort to our sliding bodies.

Rolling carefully, making sure not to break the erotic connection, I roll you to your stomach. Pulling my knees under me, settled between your open legs I grasp your hips and pull you back to meet me. Your head resting gently on the pillow in front of you, your arms folded supporting your weight. Confident that you are comfortable, I begin to slowly pump my hard dick in and out of your wet pussy. My hands reaching under your body cupping your breasts, both nipples now being squeezed as my mind reacts to the stimulations your exquisite body is providing me. I can hear you softly moaning giving me an indication that I am performing just as we both had dreamed. Your body begins to tremble, showing signs of an impending release. Quickly I drag a hand down your smooth stomach, pausing just long enough to play with your soft well-trimmed road map to heavenly places. As my finger pushes lower it finds that small rigid button it seeks. Rubbing gently at first and then with more vigor I coax the hidden orgasm from deep within you, rising quickly your body tightens until it begins to wash over you.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Tim, right there, please don’t stop…don’t stop!” You cry out. “Ahhhhhh I’m cumming!”

I esenyurt türbanlı escort can feel the flood of hot wet fluid as it covers my throbbing cock. Knowing my own release is rapidly approaching I accelerate my movements. My hips pounding, driving me in and out of your hot pussy, juices running down your silky thighs, my balls picking up the moisture as they bang against you. Fucking you faster, deeper the sperm starting to rise. My fingers relentlessly rubbing your now wet swollen clit, working to prolong your quaking orgasm, wanting you to be there for me when I cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!” We moan in unison as a new wave of emotion races from your inner soul to meet my pounding cock.

My toes curl, the flood of hot liquid rising up the veins of my throbbing hot shaft.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my love I am cumming!!!” I shriek as the molten stickiness of my own sex erupts. Driving deep it explodes into your waiting pussy, filling the cavity, mixing with your own sweet releases. Stream after stream of sperm milked by your clenched muscles, pulling very drop from within me. My knees buckle, my weight slumps forward onto your smooth ass. Rolling back onto the bed, pulling you with me, my cock still embedded in the hot wet heaven of a woman. My breathing is erratic, labored as I spoon you, feeling you nurturing my manhood.

My mouth to your ear as I whisper. “Rita, you are the most compassionate, loving partner any man will ever meet. Thank you for choosing me!”

To be continued…

I wish to express my adoration and deepest thanks to a wonderful friend, Mityam for all his input and support with these stories. Without his contribution they would be but fantasy in my mind!

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