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My wife, Kay, and I have been married for 20 years now. We are both 50 and in relatively decent shape. Okay, I am in decent shape. She looks fantastic. She is 5’2″, about 130, blonde, hazel eyes and very well-endowed chest-ily. Again, I am decent at 6’2″, 175, buzzed salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. For endowed, I would not consider myself as such, but Kay says that it is “perfect”. Clearly, she is just being kind.

As most married couples, we are looking to keep that spark alive and even fan those flames when possible. We talk about watching porn, but I feel too much pressure to pick a good one because she has never watched porn and I do not want to scar her with a crappy one. We talk about going to strip clubs, but there are none close to our house and we are rarely out late enough for the good talent. I suppose that is a byproduct of being 50 with two kids at home.

I stumbled across reading erotica while I was bored one day. I kind of liked it. It would light a spark for me, give me ideas and have me ready to please Kay when we made it to bed each night. One night as we were getting into bed, I was telling her about something I read earlier in the day. She was intrigued and asked more about it and where I read it. I told her about the website and we both started reading, sharing and comparing notes. It helped to keep the flames burning a little hotter. It also provided an avenue to discuss things we liked, things we wanted to try and some potential fantasies that we thought may be a little beyond our limits.

Typically, I would read about more about the exhibitionists. This likely stemmed from our recent history where Kay had been exposing herself. The exposure was primarily to me, as I do not think anyone else ever caught a glimpse of her being topless while we drove around. Those magnificent breasts just hanging out in the car as we drove places typically had me hard. And she knew it. There were occasions where she would strip completely and even start fingering herself and pinching her nipples. Those times, we did not make it home right away and had to find a place to stop and have sex. Tricky? Yes. Messy? Sometimes. Hot? Always!

Kay liked the stories about erotic couplings. Those chance meetings when strangers just had to have each other. I have to admit that the thought of her losing control and just wanting another man got me excited. We had talked about adding others to the mix, but I think she is still too reserved for that and likely too Catholic. It provided some role-playing ideas for us and usually led to great sex. When we were out, without the kids, I would ask her to point out the person she wanted to invite home with us. I would hope she would pick out a woman because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see their wife with another woman?!? Occasionally, she would select a woman, but it was typically our waitress because they chatted a lot and she gave us great service. I am guessing Kay would want to invite her back to show her our new kitchen and talk about other home improvement projects. Clothes would be staying on. Regardless, this was mostly just fantasy talk.

This year, we were out for St. Patrick’s Day and I started our game of who she would like to take home. She told me that she didn’t see anyone yet, but the evening was young. Since it was a Sunday and I did not want to be hungover for work the next day, I volunteered to be good and be our driver. This would allow her to partake a little more and lose some inhibitions. After about an hour, a young guy asks if he can get to the bar to order a drink. Since I am standing next to Kay, who is seated at the bar, I move behind her to allow him access to talk to the bartender. Kay, who is always personable and social, starts chatting with him while he is waiting. The music is a bit loud for me to clearly hear what they are saying and, to be honest, I am more interested in the music. After about 10 minutes, I have finished nursing my beer and am ready to order a water. I had been somewhat scanning the bar, people watching, halkalı ucuz escort and taking in the merriment, so I did not notice that the young man was still chatting away with Kay. He was leaning down and close to her. Interesting. As I look over Kay’s shoulder to attempt to get her or the bartender’s attention, I could not help but notice the view her new young friend had.

In the spirit of the day, Kay had worn a green vest with shamrocks on it and a green blazer. Since it was finally a warm day and we expected the bar to be packed and hot, Kay was giving me a thrill by not wearing a shirt under her vest. I was hoping that our ride home would be a good one. Her tight jeans hugged her curves in all right places completing the sexy look. Clearly, my lucky day.

However, it was also this guy’s lucky day as he had a nice view right down Kay’s vest to her ample cleavage. He must be engaging as Kay was quite animated and very giggly. And giggly means jiggly. Wow! I had not considered a scenario like this today. Perhaps, I was trying hard to be mature, always a struggle for me, and sober on St. Patrick’s Day. I was able to get the bartender’s attention and order my water. I asked Kay if she wanted anything, but she had a full pint in front of her. Apparently, Eric bought it for her while they were chatting. Eric?

As Eric excused himself to go to the restroom and meet his friends, I slid back in next to Kay and she filled me in on their conversation. His name is Eric, he is 29 and single, he is a home improvement contractor, and he is here to meet his friends, but he would much rather just talk to her. Huh? Seems like kind of a ballsy move to hit on a guy’s wife, right next to him, after the husband provided the needed space for him to order a drink. I was not sure if I disliked this guy or thought he was damn cool. Most of their conversation was about home improvement and the mistakes he has seen people make. Eric was not as tall as me, but he was certainly more muscular. He likely gets more exercise at his job since he is not seated and working in spreadsheets all day. I resumed my spot and I went back to enjoying the music and my wife’s attire, especially as she chair-danced to the music. Again, jiggly.

About an hour later, the bar was filling up and it was getting warm in there. Kay removed her blazer and I was quite pleased with that move. After another pint for her and a couple of waters for me, I was now off to the restroom. I wasn’t sure how much longer we would be staying, but I was anxious to get Kay in the car. I was hoping for a detour on the way home. As I was returning to the bar from waiting in the line for the men’s room, I noticed Eric was next to my wife again, leaning in close again and, I could only imagine, enjoying the view again. When I got back in behind Kay, I noticed that she had another full pint in front of her. Had Eric purchased another for her? Was he trying to get her drunk? Hopefully, that will help my cause a little later. I also noticed a business card on the bar.

Kay felt me behind her and said that she talked to Eric about our little conundrum about fishing cables through our wall and through a stud for our newly mounted tv and soundbar. He even gave her his card. At least there is a legitimate reason for him to provide his contact information to her. He is currently working on a job, but she is to contact him during the next week and he can stop by to provide an estimate and timeframe. From where I am standing, I cannot tell if he is looking her in the eyes during the discussion or straight down her vest. I am guessing the second option.

Once again, Eric excuses himself to rejoin his friends, after another five or ten minutes of chatting. I subtly take note of where he is headed so I can take a look at his group of friends. Fortunately, they are standing under a tv, so I can appear to be watching the basketball game while assessing the situation. As Eric arrives to his friends, I see him give the guys a high five and halkalı üniversiteli escort then makes the sign with his hands referencing big boobs. Kay has made an impression on him. I now feel Kay’s arm snake around my waist, and she says the she may have picked someone today that she wants to bring home. Whoa! Apparently, Eric made an impression on her. She then gives me a devilish smile and slides the card between her breasts. She then laughs, takes it out, stands and puts it in her back pocket. My head is spinning, and I am not sure what is going on. It is a damn good thing I am sober or I would assume that this is my imagination working overtime.

A little bit later, Kay asks if I am ready to go. She says that she has had enough for today. I asked about her wanting to talk to Eric again. She nudges me with her elbow and says that she was just joking about that to stoke my fire. She is ready to go with her man, puts on her blazer and then unbuttons one button on her vest. Boing! Check please! We settle up and head out. On the way out, she stops by to wish Eric and his friends a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and opens her blazer as if she is flashing them. She laughs and they chuckle at her mock display.

By the time I am pulling out of the parking lot, the blazer is in the back seat and the vest is completely unbuttoned. A minute later, the vest and her shear bra are off, and she is groping me through my pants. If she is checking to see if I am aroused, she has her definitive answer. We do not have a long drive home, but I am not ready for this to end. I ask her if she wants to head home or if she wants to take a detour. She replies that we should head home, and quickly, so I can take care of her properly. Meanwhile, she is still squeezing my dick and pinching her own nipple.

After we pull in the garage, Kay puts on her blazer and buttons it. It is a school night and our teenagers should be in bed, but she is prepared just in case they did not follow the rules. Fortunately, they did so we head straight for the bedroom. I have her blazer off and sit her on the bed to remove her boots and socks. She stands so I can peel her jeans down her sexy legs. As she steps out of them, I slide her sexy green panties down and do not miss my opportunity to kiss her trimmed pussy. My word she tastes good. As she sits on the edge of the bed and lays back, I kneel on the floor lapping up the best drink of the day. After she shudders to an orgasm and collects herself, she announces that she needs me inside of her NOW. I rip off my clothes and am on her right away. I kiss her lips, make my way to her neck and down to those spectacular tits, while trying to take my time and fuck her properly. She is having none of it and grabs my ass to pull me deeper and faster. After she orgasms for a second time, I know that I am not going to last much longer as I can feel her pussy milking me.

As we are cleaning up and getting ready for bed, I comment that was very hot and thank her for making my St. Patrick’s Day very lucky. She agrees that it was hot, gives my ass a smack and we go to bed. As we snuggle in, she can feel that I am still aroused thinking about the day. She pushes her ass back against me and reminds me it is Sunday night and that the alarm is not going to be kind in the morning.

A couple of days later, Kay says that Eric is coming by a week from Monday after we get home from work to look at the small project. Oh yeah, home improvement Eric, not guy hitting on my wife in the bar Eric. I almost forgot about the task. It will be nice to have that part of the project completed and without the frustration of doing it ourselves.

As we go through the week, we are having sex every night. It is not unusual for us to do it several times a week, a daily occurrence is unusual. She seems amped up and I am not complaining. Saturday night in bed, she describes some erotica that she read about the housewife paying the handyman with sex. Bingo! She is having sex with me, haramidere escort but she is thinking about Eric and his upcoming visit. I am conflicted. I have read enough of the stories to know I think it is hot, but am I prepared for that to be my reality? The thought does not linger long as I am attacked and she starts giving me a blow job. Blow jobs are fairly common as part of foreplay, but today she is going for it with gusto. I know she is not the biggest fan of cum, so I warn her that she has me close. Instead of stopping, she takes longer bobs of her head and cups by balls. My eyes roll back and I give her one last chance to avoid a mouthful, but she moans instead and the vibration around my dick sends me over the edge and I cannot help but cum in her mouth. She keeps sucking and swallowing.

This feels almost unprecedented. Spent, I just lay there while she continues. Next, she spins herself around and places her pussy on my face while continuing to lick and suck me. I gladly start to eat her and she is very wet. She has worked some magic as she has this 50-year-old hard again and she continues to suck. I am sucking on her clit when she cums and pushes hard on my face. Once it passes, she raises off my face and then mounts me. Her lips are on mine and our flavors are combining in our long, passionate kiss. She breaks the kiss and sits up so she can ride. Her lovely tits are flopping, so I grab them and pinch her nipples and this sends another orgasm through her. I can feel it and I know she has me on the verge again. One of her hands finds her clit and she starts rubbing, hard and fast. She gets off again and this feeling makes me cum as well.

Sunday morning, as I am in the shower, I hear the door to the bathroom open and then the door to the shower. She is naked and sexy as hell. She lathers up my dicks, rinses it and then sits on the little seat to give me another blowjob. Not assuming that last night is the new norm, I warn her after a few minutes that she has me close. This time, she kind of leans back and continues to jerk me while her other hand rubs her clit. The site of this porn-like scenario pushes me to the brink and she knows it. This time, she jerks me so I shoot my cum on her wet tits and then starts rubbing it in. Satisfied, she stands and we continue to actually shower and clean up. Since she needs to shave, I get out, dry off and get dressed for the day.

As with the previous week, it is nightly sex. During the day, it seems as if she is dressing a little more provocative as well. Nothing over the top for a mother, but subtle to me and likely most men. In the middle of the week, she reminds me again that Eric is coming on Monday. I asked if he was “coming” or “cumming” on Monday. She laughed and said, “Yes.” Wait! What?!?

Another weekend of hot sex and we arrive at Monday. I am sitting at my desk working hard on my spreadsheets when I get a text. I get a pic of Kay in a lacy bra and panty set with a message of “Looking forward to this evening.” I quickly respond with a fire emoji and “Me too!” She then texts me the usual parent logistical info that both kids have after school activities and her parents are picking them up and taking them to dinner. Confused, I ask what time Eric is supposed to arrive. She says that he is going to text her later to provide a more precise time, but she will leave work early to get there to be prepared. Prepared for what?!?

I arrive home to see a work truck in the driveway, but it is blocking me from getting into the garage. I just park to the side and go in the open front door. I see my wife’s jacket and shirt on kitchen island chair directly in front of me as I enter. I very quietly close the door. I walk toward the family room, where we would need the work done by Eric. As I approach the kitchen island, I see a very familiar lacy bra on the island itself. I turn the corner and do not see anyone in the family room but notice my wife’s skirt on the recliner. Freaking out a bit, I start up the stairs and notice those matching lace panties on the top step. My heart is pounding as I hear my wife say, “Eric that price is too high. I hope you will consider a significant discount for this.” I rush through the door. My wife is in yoga pants and a t-shirt. Eric is standing next to the tv in our bedroom and on the screen it says in big letters “April Fool’s Day! GOTCHA!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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