Deidre in the Islands Ch. 17

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Janine awoke from her night tired and still sore from all the sex the night and afternoon before but satisfied. The two women, her and Marjorie, now intimately familiar with the feel and taste of each other’s bodies, showered together to get the grit, sweat, and dried semen off before heading down to a late breakfast at the Caffeinery. There they sat, nude, both women sharing the seat in one extra-wide, low over-stuffed leather chair, Janine’s right leg over Marjorie’s left. Marjorie frequently reached down and stroked Janine’s pussy in plain sight of everyone while they munched their muffins.

They both knew that it might be the last time they spent time together. Janine had grown close to the Eastern European bombshell over the last several days and now that they had finally made lesbian love she felt sorry that she wasn’t going to see Marjorie again. Janine was scheduled to leave the next day but Marjorie was leaving the resort that afternoon. Marjorie had explained to Janine that she was leaving in a few hours for her regular weekend with Raul, the shadowy chief of the secret police in the Islands, not a man to be kept waiting! Lending Marjorie to Raul every weekend was insurance for Deidre — together with her own sexual services to the attorney general, they kept the Islands’ political leaders happy and more than willing to let Deidre do whatever Deidre wanted at Iznoma Hedonia!

Marjorie kept an overnight bag packed for these weekends but she didn’t need much in the way of clothes. Raul usually kept her naked or wanted her to wear clothes he bought for her and kept at the villa — these were always revealing and sexy: peasant blouses cut so low that her boobs always fell out, miniskirts (Raul preferred them without panties!), “come-fuck-me” shoes with impossibly high heels he got for her on trips to Miami, and hot pants with a see-through blouse (that style went out twenty years before, in the 1960’s!).

Marjorie had a full schedule at Iznoma Hedonia, between the resort job and servicing Raul. Every week by this time, Marjorie’s work at the resort was finished for a few days. The guests who weren’t getting any on their own had been treated to at least one carefully arranged pity fuck and the next week’s wave of guests hadn’t arrived yet. So for the weekend, Marjorie was sent to Raul and stayed in his villa — and mostly in his bed — for two or three days, with breaks for parties and occasionally being passed around to Raul’s friends, especially when Raul was out of town. It wasn’t so bad, Marjorie said. Raul was not the most sensitive lover in the world but he had a big cock and knew how to use it! The sex was actually the best part of the deal! But Raul was less exciting than he had been at the beginning of this arrangement, two years before. He was starting to act like screwing her was something written in on his schedule, like exercise at the gym, instead of indulging his old lecherous ways, when he thought up all kinds of imaginative ways to show her off and use her body and he used to grope her in front of his friends to get himself thoroughly roused before he boned her. She was getting the idea that maybe Raul was getting tired of her — she was certainly getting tired of Raul! — and maybe he wanted new pussy.

And on her side, Marjorie was getting a little restless in the arrangement, since she had been confined to the Island all this time. When she arrived, penniless and fleeing the political crackdown in her country, it was a fair trade. Deidre used Marjorie’s body to satisfy Raul, which protected both of them, not just Deidre and the resort, since in the early days Marjorie had nowhere else in the world to go where she would have protection provided for her, as a courtesy to the General (her powerful and secretive lover back in the old country). It wasn’t unfair, either, because Deidre gave herself up to the attorney general one a month, too. And when she wasn’t giving out sexual favors to guests, male or female, who hadn’t been able to get them for themselves, Marjorie was usually welcome in Deidre’s bed. But Marjorie was getting tired of the deal and she had talked to Deidre about leaving. She wanted to move on, now that she had a little money saved and the heat was off in her home country, not that she ever wanted to go back. What’s more, it was important to keep Raul happy because he was protection. Marjorie was worried that he was getting tired of her. She knew she was getting a little tired of him!

“Some things have changing to do,” Marjorie said. “I need to find another girl for Raul so I can go to Chick-a-go!” Marjorie had relatives in Chicago — nice people who hadn’t known anything about her except her name because the family in the old country had not shared much information with them about anything for years. Her cousin, Lucian, was an engineer for a company that did a lot of business in Japan. His sisters, her cousins too but she didn’t know their names, worked as secretaries in the city government. They were completely bahis firmaları unaware of her sordid past and had been surprised to hear from her a few months ago. They thought she was a recreation director at the resort, which in a sense was true! She thought it might be nice to go visit them for a while and see what opportunities there were in the big city. Maybe she could become the mistress of somebody rich! But that dream seemed to be a long way off! For the moment, Marjorie was going to go to Raul as she did every week and she couldn’t see any future here beyond it.

So, not long before noon, Marjorie excused herself and left, kissing Janine on the mouth and patting her left boob in front of everyone. She was going back to her room to take a shower. Later, she would put on street clothes before leaving Iznoma Hedonia and being driven to Raul by one of his leering security men. Her street clothes would be sexy but nothing like the loincloths, nudity, and erotic costumes of the resort.

As Janine sat there, one of the staff men, panting, ran up to Janine holding an envelope marked “Urgent Message!” Janine immediately concluded that the envelope contained a message and that it must be urgent, considering the effort the young man had exerted to bring it to her. She took it and thanked him and then settled back in the shade. The envelope was very thin. It was from New York!

I’m going to take my time and savor this moment, Janine thought to herself. 1985 is going to go down in journalism history as my year — the year I invented gonzo porn! Slowly she ripped the end off the envelope, reached inside, and pulled out a single sheet of slick fax paper. It was her future she was opening. It was the message that she expected from her editor at Against Moss, the magazine of her generation. It was a reply to her draft story from the hip man with a big inkpot who had assigned her to visit and then write an expose of Iznoma Hedonia, the libertine resort where she had just spent the last six days. The man who surely, more than anyone, would appreciate that she was taking the gonzo journalism for which this magazine was famous to new and undreamed of heights.

She was so excited she squirmed in her seat as she started to read.

“Are you out of your mind? What the fuck do you think you are doing? This is shit. You’re fired.” There wasn’t much else. Just a “Dear Janine” at the beginning and a “Sincerely” at the end. She read through the body of the letter again. She admired her editor for the concise but accurate way he expressed himself in simple but earthy language. On the other hand, she would have preferred a more positive response!

Deeply disappointed, Janine got up and walked slowly back to her room.

So that was it. No story, no fame, no job anymore. No job to go back to. Her life in New York revolved around her job — the only “friends” she had outside work were the ditzes she hung out with at bars and who competed with her to get the attention of guys. The rest of her life was — boring! And she never seemed to get ahead. Janine had been counting on this story for job advancement and more money. Her rent was due in a week but the landlord already was holding the deposit she paid when she took the place. Her furniture was from a thrift store and her bed carried no meaningful memories — a couple of one-night stands and sleepovers by that idiot Brad. Janine had nothing at home to speak of except a few bar dresses that were rapidly going out of fashion. She had brought her business suit, a few dresses and the little jewelry she had, the only things she had that were of value, to Iznoma Hedonia. Once she arrived, she found that she would be naked or half naked the entire assignment and didn’t need them after all, but she had them here.

What was she going to do?

Turning a corner, she bumped into a nice-looking man wearing the loincloth. That was a little unusual because by the end of the week most of the guests had dispensed with clothes altogether. Most of the men went nude after the first day, when they discovered they could.

“Hi there!” said the man, and the loincloth twitched as something under it moved. “You don’t remember me but I know you!” What he meant was that he knew parts of her intimately.

Janine was puzzled but welcomed the distraction from her difficult situation. “I don’t recall ever….”

“I thought so!” the man interrupted. He had curly black hair and the physique of a tennis player. “You were kind of wasted on Tuesday night. I found you lying on a buoy on the beach with your ass in the air. I just loved your pretty bubble butt. I asked you if you minded if I cornholed you right then and you said to help myself! I think you might have passed right out afterward but you sure seemed to like it at the time!”

“So you’re the guy!” Janine squealed. “You were my first anal at Iznoma Hedonia and I don’t remember any of it!” She thought back to the morning after, only three days before, when kaçak iddaa she woke up on that bouy. “Thanks for using a condom but you left it in my rectum!” She told him about finding it the next morning and how it spilled his come all over the back of her legs when she pulled it out.

“Yeah, it slipped off and I didn’t want to wake you by fiddling with your anus while you were asleep. I knew it would come out the next time you pooped, if not sooner.” Janine thought it was charming the way he said pooped instead of shit. “Sure, I always use a condom. I’d never do an unconscious girl bareback. It isn’t right. So, you like it in the ass?” he queried, with obvious interest in her answer. While he was talking he had put his hands on her hips and turned her around to look at her pretty little ass. She bend slightly at the waist and thrust it out for him. She was happy to show it off to someone who appreciated it!

“I didn’t think I did but since I’ve come here I’ve done it lots and it’s growing on me. I did a double penetration yesterday! People always like my tits but since I’ve come to Iznoma Hedonia my ass has been getting lots more attention, too.”

“Good for you!” the guy said, encouragingly. “Want to do anal with me again, conscious this time?” As he spoke he pulled aside his loincloth to show Janine why he was wearing it — his prick was very long and his balls were huge — like baseballs. The loincloth kept both from swinging from side to side while he walked.

“Sure! Don’t mind if I do!” Janine blushed a little, contemplating the ease with which this guy was talking himself into her ass. It didn’t seem to matter that she was standing there naked and showing it off to him. Well, it would be fun. This little encounter would take her mind off her bad situation. “But I think I need a drink first. I just got some shocking news and I need to settle down before I can enjoy this.” He took her arm and led her off in the direction he had been going when they met.

The man didn’t readjust his loincloth so as they walked his package bounced and moved enticingly. He took her to a bar she hadn’t been to yet — she favored the beach bars at Iznoma Hedonia and this was in the resort building. It was still morning so the bar wasn’t very crowded. He got her a “cream pie” — the delicious coconut and rum drink with a creamy texture and a slightly salty taste that was a specialty of the resort. It always felt slippery and delicious going down! He had a Dubonnet. They sat in the back on bar stools with a high table between them as they drank up and fondled each other.

It was dark in the back of the bar, a contrast with the bright tropical sunlight outside. That seemed appropriate to Janine, because after they had their drink, she thought, they would go somewhere private and she would take it where the sun didn’t shine. Here at least they would have a little privacy to make out and indulge themselves. Her double penetration by the pool the day before had been a little too public — too many people cheering them on and distracting her from the sensations being created deep inside her body, at least until she got so close to orgasm that she lost interest in everything around her. On the other hand, there was no question that it gave Janine rush to show off in public. Even back home in New York she didn’t mind guys she met in a club touching her on the dance floor or at the bar, although she drew the line when they slipped their hand under her short skirts. Here she didn’t mind being groped at all and there were no skirts — she was naked.

Soon Janine got off the bar stool and stood in front of him to let him feel her up, enjoying his hands as they gripped and kneaded and parted her buttcheeks. Soon, Janine had his big balls in her hand and was rolling them around under the table as his dick bobbed up and down. He pulled on her nipples to get them hard and they both knew she was getting wet from his touch. His dick was enormous now, long but still thin, just right for deep anal.

Janine was beginning to feel like she had felt the night before — stimulated to the max and impatient waiting for penetration but they were in a public place — the resort bar had other guests present and they were being watched with curious and lustful eyes from across the room. The man got a condom out of the basket on the table — one was always close at hand at Iznoma Hedonia — and Janine suddenly realized that he intended to take her right there, in front of other people!

Well, so what? She did not resist when he turned her around and pushed gently on her back to bend her over the bar stool. She didn’t stop him from putting his hands on her hips and pulling himself into her cunt, where he let her secretions coat the condom-covered prick and got her even more in the mood, as she sighed and enjoyed the feeling even though her pussy was still tender from the night before. Then he pulled out of her, she felt his hands spread her cheeks, then one hand went away, kaçak bahis and she gasped in shock! Something cold and wet was being poured into her butt! She looked up and saw that her anal-loving lover had poured the slippery drink right in her crack! and that they were surrounded by seven or eight other guests! He put the glass down and positioned his cock, still wet with the lube from her cunt, right at the hole and pushed! Janine felt her anus open and although her sphincter resisted at first, all that practice she had put in this week paid off because the man slipped inside her easily and her butt suddenly felt delightfully full!

Exactly where he wanted to be, her butt-lover took his time. He leaned over her and kneaded her abundant breasts as he thrust deeply into her. Whenever she felt dry, he poured more of the coconut drink into her ass, where it ran down her crack and lubricated his dick. She felt a burning from the rum on her sensitive tissues but it was not unpleasant and maybe the alcohol was giving her a little buzz. Mostly, she felt filled, churned, and ravished as he took his languid pleasure in her ass. She knew that everyone was watching her and she didn’t care.

Finally she reached down with one hand and started to frig herself, because she could sense that he was going to come and she didn’t think she could just from anal stimulation alone, as good as it felt. He got the idea and dropped both hands to her crotch, letting her boobs hang free and wobble, for the enjoyment of all the men around her, now numbering about twenty as guests who wandered into the bar saw that sexy something was going on in back! He pulled her tender cuntlips, still sore from the night before, put a finger up her and rubbed the palm of his hand right on her clit, keeping her up to speed with him, he thought, but miscalculating a little because Janine got ahead of him! With a loud moan, Janine’s entire body but especially her hanging, natural boobs shook in a delicious orgasm in front of all the bar patrons and underneath her anal lover. Just then, his strokes became deeper and longer and slower as he rammed her ass over and over again pounding her standing up through through her orgasm, keeping it going strong while his own built up. Finally, with a muted roar, he thrust into her so hard that he nearly pushed her and the bar stool over but she wouldn’t have fallen because he had such a tight grip on her hips that she had a bruise the next day. His penis gave a jerk and he bucked his hips and a long ejaculation, with several spurts and what Janine later learned was a massive load from those oversize balls filled the condom inside her rectum. It must have been like that the first time and Janine wished she could have been awake to enjoy it then!

It took a long time for both of them to come down but this time when the man pulled out of her butt he kept control of the condom, which had an impressive load in it. Janine suddenly felt empty. She stayed hunched over the bar stool for a minute, enjoying the feeling of her sphincter gaping and then slowly closing. The guy was watching it and several guys behind him had almost as good a view. It smelled like coconut and rum. When it was finally shut, she had an urge to pull her dress down over her ass and smooth it down for modesty and it took her a moment to remember that she wasn’t wearing any clothes. However when she touched herself she realized she was sticky from the drink the guy had poured in her butt. So she took a glass of water and splashed her ass crack with it to freshen up.

The bartender, who had been watching the whole thing closely, just laughed. He would be the one to mop up the floor after they left but he had mopped up much worse, usually at the end of a busy night.

“That was just what I needed. And it was a pleasure being sodomized by a real gentleman!” Janine gushed! “I like that you entered my cunt first — it got me more relaxed and in the mood. I really liked it when you put it in my ass slowly and I felt you enter me long and hard. You pounded me just fine. I could even feel your dick spurt inside me. You also diddled me just right to help me get off!”

The guy couldn’t believe his luck, of course, having such a pretty partner let him take her in the ass not only once but twice! “Thanks for letting me fuck your butt!” he said gallantly, “I loved every second! You have a tight anus and you have a beautiful ass! I hope we can do it again!”

She was sure that there would not be a third performance, since he was leaving the next day, but at Iznoma Hedonia you never kew, so she kissed him without actually saying good-bye, and left the bar, smiling at the bartender, who was grinning at her and giving her the “thumbs up” sign as she walked out. She was tempted but still ignored invitations from the other guests in the bar to do it again, with each of them! Her ass was satisfied now and her mind was focused on other things.

The orgasm from her anal encounter had relaxed her and taken away the tension. The anxiety Janine had felt after reading the letter had disappeared. The disappointment that had overwhelmed Janine that morning had gone. She was able to focus now, after getting her satisfaction.

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